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Oliver Corner Cemetery
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Oliver Corner Cemetery
Stanstead County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Nov 17, 2006 . Total records = 64.

From Magog, take Route 247 toward Georgeville. After several kilometers start watching for property number 2460 on your left. The cemetery is located here. There is no place to park unless you turn into a private driveway.

This old cemetery has stones that date from 1813. The latest burial appears to have been in 1954. In the 1800s this location was referred to as Oliver Corner but the name is not used today. Although some stone restoration has been done at this cemetery, many stones are moss covered, some are lying flat, and some have been propped up.

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery on Nov 16, 2006 and made a complete recording of all legible tombstones.

- Leslie Nutbrown

s/w = sealed with or shares a stone with

??, Eunice,
d. 21 Jan 1856, age: 90y, wife of ?, stone damaged
??, Ruth, d. ?, stone is broken
Abbott, Ellery P., d. 5 Jan 1887, age: 35y 3m 22d, son of Joseph & Sarah
Abbott, Esther V., d. 4 May 1869, age: 2y 4m, daughter of J. & S. Abbott
Abbott, Joseph, d. 22 May 1879, age: 59y
Abbott, Olive A., d. 26 Dec 1882, wife of Henry Camber
Abbott, Sarah Amy, d. 17 Mar 1905, age: 77y 10m 11d, wife of Joseph Abbott
Abbott, Walter, d. 12 May 1895, age: 5y, son of Warren & Mary
Abbott, Warren E., b. 4 Apr 1880, d. 23 Aug 1922, s/w & husband of Mary Emery
Bachelder, Elmer H., b. 15 Aug 1890, d. 4 Mar 1892, son of W. H. & C. L.
Bachelder, Harlow H., d. 24 Mar 1899, age: 71y, s/w & husband of Margaret Reid
Batchelder, Sias W., d. 23 Mar 18?5, son of Hartlow & Margaret
Brunning, Jemima, d. 18 Apr 1903, age: 75y 11m 27d, wife of Chauncey Rexford
Butterfield, Diadama, d. 22 Feb 1869, age: 50y 10m, wife of William Rexford
Call, Nancy M., d. 27 Feb 1879, age: 80y 10m, wife of Eben Oliver
Chamberlain, Marilla, d. ?, wife of George Oliver, stone is broken
Embury, Catherine M., d. 13 Nov 1887, age: 51y, wife of M. F. Wood
Emery, Mary J., b. 1 Oct 1887, d. 25 Dec 1954, s/w & wife of Warren Abbott
Fletcher, Sarah A., d. 10 Oct 1865, age: 26y 8m
Hogg, James, d. 24 Dec 1842, age: 91y 9m
Hogg, Sarah, d. 3 Dec 1834, age: 76y 9m, wife of James
Hovey, Hester M., d. 18 May 1897, age: 79y 3m 8d, s/w & wife of George Oliver
Merrill, Bernice H., d. 25 Dec 1902, age: 8y 3m 21d, daughter of Robert R. & Ellie
Mix, Enos, d. 31 Mar 1848, age: 75y
Mooney, Lydia H., d. 26 Jan 1871, age: 63y, wife of Edward Remick
Murch, Lydia, d. 1 Jul 1871, age: 95y, wife of Elisha Rexford
Oliver, Achsa S., b. 16 Dec 1856, d. 18 May 1935, s/w & wife of Adams Oliver
Oliver, Adams P., b. 18 Jun 1852, d. 10 Dec 1914, s/w & husband of Achsa
Oliver, Aza A., d. 16 Oct 1853, age: 10y 3m, daughter of Edward B. & Mary Q.
Oliver, Capt. William, d. 15 Mar 1881
Oliver, Celia Ezma, b. 30 Mar 1879, d. 8 Dec 1905
Oliver, Doc. William, d. 10 Aug 1819, age: 53y
Oliver, Eben, d. 6 May 1869, age: 71y 5m
Oliver, Elizabetrh, d. 20 Dec 1828, age: 78y, wife of Dr. William Oliver
Oliver, Esther, d. 22 Mar 1830, age: ?y 6m
Oliver, George, d. 26 Feb 1813, age: 47y
Oliver, George, d. 26 Jan 1898, age: 75y 1m 13d, s/w & husband of Hester Hovery
Oliver, James, d. 6 Jul 1835, age: 40y
Oliver, John, d. 16 May 1836, age: 36y 2m
Oliver, Lydia, d. 24 Mar 1849, age: 45y 8m, wife of John Oliver
Oliver, Marion B., d. 6 Dec 1882, age: 64y 10m 14d, wife of Joseph Perry
Oliver, Minnie, d. 16 Sep 1865, age: 4y 8m, s/w & daughter of William & Sarah
Oliver, William W., b. 14 Oct 1821, d. 11 Aug 1908
Page, Sally, d. ? Jul 1851, age: 77y, wife of Enos Mix
Patterson, Harlow, d. 8 Jan 1915, age: 10y, son of W. H. & C. E.
Perry, Charlie W., d. 7 Aug 1867, age: 23 Nov 1868, son of O. W. & A. A.
Perry, Joseph, d. 5 Sep 1889, age: 71y
Perry, Sarah C., d. 23 Jan 1892, age: 70y 10m, s/w & wife of William Oliver
Reid, Margaret R., d. 18 Jun 1917, age: 86y, s/w & wife of Harlow Bachelder
Remick, Edward, d. 1 Apr 1881, age: 70y 6m
Remick, Ludcinda L., d. 4 Jan 1888, age: 41y 6m 6d, wife of W. H. Embury
Rexford, Benjamin, d. 22 Jul 1869, age: 67y
Rexford, Chauncey, d. 25 Sep 1875, age: 58y 4m
Rexford, Elisha, d. 13 May 1859, age: 88y
Rexford, Ellen, d. 7 Apr 1870, age: 23y 11m, wife of Henry H. Fogg
Rexford, Lawson, d. 29 May 1848, age: 16y 6m 10d, son of Samuel
Rexford, Samuel, d. 11 Apr 1882, age: 73y 4m
Rexford, Samuel, d. ?, stone is broken
Rexford, Turton M., b. 20 Feb 1855, d. 16 May 1894
Rexford, William, d. 29 Jul 1858, age: 54y
Turner, Betsey, d. 13 May 1851, age: 62y 8m
Turner, Betsey, d. 16 ? 1846, daughter of Timothy & Betsey
Whitehead, George E., d. 3 Aug 1890, age: 10y 3m, son of G. E. & Maria
Whitehead, Sidney J., d. 8 Aug 1890, age: 8y 11m, son of G. E. & Maria

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