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Buckland Cemetery
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Buckland Cemetery
Stanstead County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Aug 16, 2005, last edited Dec 27, 2005. . Total records = 73.

From the village of Way's Mills, follow Madore Road to Jordon Road. On Jordon Road you will pass by the Way's Mills Cemetery. Continue on this gravel road until you reach Buckland Road (on the right) which takes you to the cemetery which is on your left.

This small rural cemetery in farming country is maintained by the Crystal Lake Cemetery Company. I believe the stones were moved into two long rows so the cemetery is easy to get about and it is mowed and kept tidy. It was used mostly from the mid to late 1800s with a few burials after that date.

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery in Aug of 2005.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, Amanda, d. no date, stone broken
??, Zephan??, d. 18 Apr 1852, age: 40yrs
Arms, Martha, b. 7 Oct 1837, d. 6 Sep 1902, s/w & wife of William Sage
Bachelder, Elvesta H., d. 19 Jan 1868, age: 8m, dau of B. & S.
Bachelder, Laura, d. 8 Mar 1869, age: 51yrs, wife of Daniel Colby
Bachelder, Smith E., d. 20 Apr 1883, age: 68y 2m, s/w & husband of Sally Dresser
Bacon, Louisa, b. 16 Mar 1831, d. 4 Dec 1884, s/w & wife of Hollis Wheeler
Bellows, Elias, b. 1821, d. 1851, s/w & husband of Lydia Dresser
Bishop, Hattie J., d. 31 May 1878, age: 10y 21d, dau of A. M. & S.
Blake , Israel N., d. 1 Jun 1885, age: 72y 2m 26d
Bowker, Cynthia, b. 23 Nov 1835, d. 7 May 1919, wife of Elias Dresser
Buckland, Allen W., d. 20 Apr 1873, age: 6y 1m, son of E. H.
Buckland, Elvesta, d. 18 Nov 1864, age: 22yrs, wife of Sias Bachelder
Buckland, Norman C., d. 30 Jul 1871, age: 31yrs
Buckland, William, d. 31 Jan 1886, age: 82yrs, s/w & husband of Clarissa Heath
Carpenter, Sally P., d. 25 Sep 1889, age: 73yrs, wife of Asa Hastings
Cleveland, Sylvester, d. 31 Aug 1839, age: 14yrs, son of Samuel & Mary
Clifford, Dea. Samuel, d. 21 Jul 1845, age: 78yrs
Clifford, Philander, d. 25 Jul 1865, age: 63y 1m
Clifford, Sarah, d. 17 Jul 1842, age: 75yrs, wife of Dea. Samuel Clifford
Colby, Daniel, d. 21 Nov 1892 Boston, Mass, age: 79y 10m 8d
Cool, Sarah, b. 23 Aug 1799 Whitehall, NY, d. 26 May 1883 Barnston, Que, wife of Ebenezer Southmayd
Corey, Arthur W., d. 10 Jan 1858, age: 8m 18d, son of Nelson & Chlo
Davis, Celia A., d. 1 Sep 1891, age: 45y 2m 5d, wife of H. J. Lincoln
Davis, Freddie Eugene, d. 1 Feb 1881, age: 1m 24d, son of H. W. & I. G.
Dresser, Elias, b. 11 Jun 1838, d. 19 Dec 1897
Dresser, Lydia, b. 1826, d. 1903, s/w & wife of Elias Bellows
Dresser, Mahitable, d. 26 May 1865, age: 69y 11m, wife of William Dresser
Dresser, Ozro, d. 5 Sep 1842, age: 7y 4m 10d, son of Wm & Mahitable
Dresser, Ruth C., d. 12 Mar 1899, age: 69y 3m, wife of John Marsh
Dresser, Sally, d. 10 Jun 1867, age: 44y 10m 20d, s/w & wife of Smith Bachelder
Dresser, William, d. 12 Nov 1879, age: 86y 5m 24d
Gibson, Maggie, d. 7 Feb 1890, age: 35y 11d, wife of H. O. Buckland
Hastings, Asa, d. 1 Oct 1886, age: 82y 8m, son of J. & R. Hastings
Hastings, Augustus W., d. 7 Nov 1876, age: 22y 7m 23d
Hastings, Sarah J., d. 11 Nov 1879, age: 32yrs, wife of A. M. Bishop
Heath, Clarissa, d. 28 Oct 1890, age: 82yrs, s/w & wife of William Buckland
Hill, Lucy A., d. 1 Aug 1868, age: 52yrs, wife of Meshael Shanyo
Humphry, Nancy, d. 20 Jun 1862, age: 61y 9m, wife of David Redway
Kinney, Ellen P., d. 6 Nov 1856, age: 5y 3m, dau of Charles & Sarah
Knight, Irena C., d. 24 Sep 1877, age: 50y 6m, wife of Daniel Colby
Libby, Ozro, d. 7 Jan 1861, son of Charles & Releaf
Libby, Releaf, d. 31 Jul 1855, age: 37y 10m, wife of Charles Libby
Lincoln, Henry J., d. 15 Oct 1919, age: 78yrs
Marsh, John, d. 12 Jun 1876, age: 49y 11m
Marsh, Lillie, no dates, dau of John & Ruth
Marsh, Luvia A., d. 14 Dec 1899, age: 47y 9m 12d, wife of W. J. Kinney
Marsh, Willie, d. 30 Mar 1861, age: 1y 7m, son of John & Ruth
Murphy, Charles Edward, d. 14 Feb 1884, age: 3y 5m, son of Joseph & Mary
Otis, Arvilla D., d. 24 Aug 1889, age: 54y 6m 16d, wife of Charles D. Smith
Otis, Hezekiah, b. 9 Feb 1795, d. 26 Jan 1885
Parsons, Ella A., b. 8 Mar 1851, d. 1 Aug 1910
Redway, Chlora, d. 11 Mar 1841
Redway, David, b. 10 Aug 1793, d. 15 Nov 1876
Redway, David, d. 20 Mar 1851, age: 90yrs, s/w & husband of Elizabeth Westcoat
Redway, Josephine N., d. 5 May 1853, age: 20y 5m, dau of David & Nancy
Redway, Lucina, d. 25 Mar 1904, age: 74y 15d, wife of Israel N. Blake
Sage, J. Albert, d. 12 May 1893, age: 23y 11m 24d
Sage, Samuel, b. 1 Feb 1833, d. 27 Jan 1905, s/w & husband of Sarah Wood
Sage, William, b. 22 Dec 1835, d. 24 May 1913, s/w & husband of Martha Arms
Sanborn, A. R. P., b. 1823, d. 1896, s/w Sarah Southmayd
Sanborn, Henry C., b. 1 Sep 1850, d. 2 Apr 1872, son of A. & Sarah
Sanborn, Sarah M., b. 1863, d. 1869, dau of A. & Sarah
Senter, Susan R., d. 7 May 1869, age: 70y 4m, wife of Hezekiah Otis
Smith, Henry C., d. 24 Jul 1869, son of Charles
Southmayd, Ebenezer S., b. 16 Jan 1800 Middleton, CT, d. 19 Sep 1884 Barnston, Que.
Southmayd, Ebenezer, b. 28 Mar 1828, d. 6 Feb 1912
Southmayd, Sarah C., b. 1824, d. 1900, s/w A.R.P. Sanborn
Westcoat, Elizabeth, d. 6 Mar 1845, age: 84yrs, s/w & wife of David Redway
Wheeler, Gilbert Fred, d. 1 Jan 1901, age: 3y 9m 25d, son of Fred H. & Mary
Wheeler, Hollis S., b. 26 Mar 1818, d. 13 Sep 1904, s/w & husband of Louisa Bacon
Wood, Mary J., d. 9 Sep 1891, age: 49y 11m 22d, wife of Joseph J. Murphy
Wood, Sarah A., b. 17 Jul 1831, d. 10 Nov 1904, s/w & wife of Albert Sage

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