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Brown's Hill Cemetery
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Brown's Hill Cemetery
Ayer's Cliff, Stanstead, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jan 12, 2005, last edited Jun 14, 2007 . Total records = 183.

From the town of Ayer's Cliff, head west on Main Street (Rte 141). At the edge of town before you get to Lake Massawippi, take Dustin Road (on your left) and stay on this road for several kilometers until you reach Brown's Hill Road (also spelled Colline Brown in French). Turn right and go up over the hill past a couple of farms. Be watching as you come over the hill as the cemetery is on the left side of the road beside a farmer's field. There is no place to park off the road. You will have to drive further and turn around and then park alongside the cemetery.

This is a very old rural cemetery, the first burying ground of the early settlers and the earliest stone dates back to 1803. Some stones are difficult to read and some are impossible to read. Some have sunk into the ground, some are broken. There are probably numerous unmarked graves or burial sites whose markers have been eroded and removed.

The cemetery is maintained by the Brown's Hill Cemetery Corporation, made up of descendants of those buried here. If you have relatives interred here or you are interested in helping to maintain this cemetery, please send contributions to Brown's Hill Cemetery Corporation, C/O Leta Dustin, 2011 Apt. 1 Dubreuil Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1H 3T7

I read this cemetery in Oct of 2004. It is a complete recording of all existing and legible stones.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, ??, d. 4 Feb 1894, age: 70y 8m 4d, "Gone to her rest"
??, Homer R., d. 12 Mar 1816, age: 6m 5d, son of John
??, Statira, d. 2 Nov 1851, age: 57yrs, wife of Joseph ???, *could be wife of Joseph Getty
Ayer, Gardner M., b. 16 Oct 1808, d. 10 Dec 1879
Ayer, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1853, wife of W.M. Ayer
Ayer, Matilda, d. 11 Apr 1843, age: 32yrs, wife of Gardner Ayer
Ayer, Osgood, d. 10 Sep 1883
Ayer, Sylvia, d. 18 Mar 1860, age: 82yrs, wife of Thomas Ayer
Ayer, Thomas, d. 8 May 1842, age: 68yrs
Ayer, Wildar, d. 1 Jan 1851, age: 32yrs
Ayer, William A., d. 10 Jan 1858, age: 81y 1m
Bachelder, Sophia, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Abigail K., d. 30 Aug 1863, age: 45y 3m, wife of John Q. Brown
Brown, Alfred W., b. 9 Sep 1883, d. 7 Feb 1911, s/w Evelyn Rexford
Brown, Alvira, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Ann, d. 2 Aug 18?5, daughter of Sherburn & Hannah
Brown, Ann, d. 30 Sep 1835, daughter of Theo & Polly
Brown, Asa W., b. 20 Sep 1833, d. 21 Jan 1918
Brown, Carroll, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Catherine, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Charles A., b. 14 Oct 1888, d. 2 Aug 1950, s/w Katherine Ruiter
Brown, Charles Robie, b. 1859, d. 1948, s/w Ida May Reed
Brown, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1847, d. 1929, s/w William M. Clark
Brown, Ella A., d. 7 Sep 1879, age: 19y 6m 6d, wife of Charles H. Towle
Brown, F. Pearl, b. 1888, d. 1975, s/w Gordon Temple
Brown, Florence H., d. 26 Aug 1889, age: 33y 8m, wife of C.A. Brown
Brown, Florence, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Hannah M., d. 6 Apr 1873, age: 89 or 39yrs
Brown, Hannah, d. 13 Dec 1855, age: 49yrs, wife of Sherburn Brown
Brown, Harold, no dates, no headstone
Brown, James, d. 23 May 1808, son of Theo & Polly
Brown, James, no dates, no headstone
Brown, John, no dates, s/w Mehitable Brown
Brown, Josiah G., d. 25 Aug 1847, age: 2y 6m
Brown, Julia Ann, d. 21 Oct 1852, age: 51y 1m 10d, dau of John Q. & Abigail
Brown, Louisa, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Mary, d. 16 Sep 1847, age: 63yrs, wife of Theophilus Brown
Brown, Mehitable, d. 11 Dec 1829, age: 19yrs
Brown, Mehitable, no dates, s/w John Brown
Brown, Minnie A., no dates, daughter of E..D. & M.J.
Brown, Nancy, d. 9 Mar 1837, age: 57y 3m 14d, widow of Amos Shirtleff
Brown, Nelson, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Ozro Harvey, b. 16 Jul 1887, d. 20 May 1957, s/w Ethel Vaughan
Brown, Robie G., no dates
Brown, Robie, b. 22 Mar 1808, d. 22 Oct 1903, s/w Flavilla Horkins
Brown, Robie, d. 11 Jan 1862
Brown, Sanborn, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Sarah A., b. 12 Aug 1830, d. 25 Feb 1917, s/w & wife of Harvey Libby
Brown, Sarah L., d. 9 Jul 1891, age: 45yrs, wife of Edward Hill
Brown, Sarah, d. 1861, s/w & wife of Eleazer Clark
Brown, Sewall, d. 1 Aug 1838, son of Sherburn & Susan
Brown, Sherburn S., d. 17 Apr 1892, age: 88yrs
Brown, Susan, no dates, no headstone
Brown, Theophilus, no dates
Brown, Velma, d. 19 Mar 1937, age: 86yrs, wife of L. Adams Jr.
Brown, Wilder, b. 2 Apr 1832, d. 27 Nov 1911, s/w Sula Smith
Burdett, Fannie A., d. 6 Feb 1857, age: 24y 9m, wife of Fred E. Wells
Buzzell, Homer, no dates, no headstone
Buzzell, John, no dates, no headstone
Clark, Charlotte, d. 19 Jul 1858, age: 63y 6m, 3rd wife of Jonathan Dustin
Clark, Eleazer, d. 1830, s/w Sarah Brown
Clark, Gordon, no dates, s/w William & Elizabeth Ann
Clark, Nathaniel, d. 26 Nov 1849, age: 42yrs
Clark, Osborn, b. 15 Feb 1829, d. 5 Nov 1893
Clark, Sewell, b. 8 Jan 1805, d. 3 May 1886
Clark, William M., b. 22 Jul 1848, d. 12 Jan 1906, s/w Elizabeth Ann Brown
Coburn, Alexander, d. 1 Jun 1877, age: 82y 6m, s/w Ruhamah Parker
Cole, Alvin, d. 13 May 1846, age: 27y 9m
Cole, Asa Wellman, d. 26 Sep 1830, age: 1m 18d, son of Asa & Lovisa
Cole, Asa, d. 26 Jan 1833, age: 42yrs
Cole, Miranda E., d. 9 Sep 1852, age: 21y 1m 11d
Cole, Thomas, d. 9 Apr 1836, age: 49y 20d
Cox, Jennie, d. 30 May 1887, age: 18y 11m, wife of M. H. Getty
Cox, Joseph, no dates, no headstone
Cox, Oliver, d. 10 May, 1921, no headstone
David, Artemus, d. 17 Mar 1881, age: 76y 9m
David, Sabrina, d. 27 Mar 1863, wife of Artemus David
Davis, Augusta M., d. 2 Feb 1904, age: 53yrs, wife of V.W. Eaton
Davis, Mattie Wade, d. 31 May 1912, no headstone
Davis, Rozina, b. 27 Jun 1821, d. 19 Jul 1903, wife of Gardner Ayer
Davis, Walter, no dates, no headstone
Dodge, Lovisa, no dates, buried beside Asa Cole
Dresser, Harriet, b. 2 Sep 1818, d. 29 Sep 1896
Dunn, Frederick, b. 1857, d. 1940
Dustin, Florinda, d. 1901, wife of Rodney Towle
Dustin, Jonathan, d. 1 Oct 1848, age: 80y 9m
Dustin, Lizzie M., d. 4 Jul 1878, daughter of William S. & Mary B. Dustin
Dustin, Ozro, b. 1864, d. 1955, s/w & husband of Nettie Hartwell
Dustin, William S., d. 6 Aug 1896, age: 75y 8m, husband of Mary Bullock Dyer
Dyer, Mary B. , b. 1826, d. 1905, wife of William Sargent Dustin
Dyer, Mehetebel P., d. 7 Nov 1871, age: 46y 6m, In remembrance of a dear sister
Eaton, Augusta J., d. 12 May 1871, age: 21y 8m, wife of Howard K. Wells
Eaton, Rosetta L., d. 1865, daughter of of V.W. & M.
Eaton, V. W., b. 1821, d. 1914
Gladden, Mary D., d. 17 Oct 1881, daughter of W.H. & A.M.
Glidden, Miranda, d. 9 Aug 1837, wife of Noah Glidden
Glidden, Noah, no dates
Glidden, Orpha, no dates, wife of Winthrop Foy or Fox
Hartwell, Nettie, b. 1877, d. 1903, s/w & wife of Ozro Dustin
Heath, Gilman, no dates
Heath, Lydia, d. 3 Mar 1862, age: 66y 11m, wife of Gilman Heath
Heath, Philip, d. 9 Dec 1836, age: 30yrs
Heath, Ruth A., d. 26 Jan 1858, age: 30y 9m, wife of Marshall Lincoln
Horkins, Flavilla S., b. 18 May 1818, d. 19 Aug 1903, s/w Robie Brown
House, James, d. 22 Nov 1853, age: 39yrs
Hovey, Mary, b. 1818, d. 1897, s/w & wife of J.B. Shirtleff
Huckins, Melvina, b. 1852, d. 1934
Jewell, Mr., no dates, no headstone
Jewell, Mrs., no dates, no headstone
Lee, Almira E., d. 11 Aug 1870, age: 27yrs, wife of William M. Lee
Libby, Edwin, no dates, no headstone
Libby, Erwin, no dates, no headstone
Libby, Harvey H., b. 5 Jun 1834, d. 9 May 1908, s/w Sarah A. Brown
Libby, Katie, no dates, no headstone
Litch, Hannah, d. 29 Dec 1867, age: 81yrs, wife of Bracket Towle
Locke, Peter, b. 14 Apr 1800, d. 2 Apr 1962
McPherson, Betsey, no dates, no headstone
McPherson, Elsie, no dates, no headstone
Morrill, Abigail C., b. 12 May 1824, d. 28 Sep 1910, wife of Osborn Clark
Moulton, Mary, d. 31 Jan 1870, wife of John B. Towle, mother of Mary & Acshsah Towle Thurston
Moulton, Ora H., no dates, no headstone
Nevers, Alexander, no dates, no headstone
Nevers, Elsie, no dates, no headstone
Nevers, George S., d. 23 Aug 1866, age: 19y 23d, son of Alex and Elsie
Nevers, Harriet, no dates, no headstone
Nevers, Isaac, d. 29 Oct 1892, age: 91y 7m
Nevers, Mary, no dates, no headstone
Nevers, William, no dates, no headstone
Norton, Nehemiah R., d. 4 Apr 1849, age: 2yrs, son of Joseph & Mary
Norton, Sarah A., no dates
Parker, Ruhamah, d. 19 Jun 1885, age: 68yrs, s/w & wife of Alexander Coburn
Pool, Achsah B., d. 6 Jul 1866, wife of John B. Towle
Reed, Ida May, b. 1861, d. 1940, s/w & wife of Charles Brown
Rexford, Evelyn, b. 29 Apr 1882, d. 29 Jul 1978, s/w Alfred Brown
Richerson, Sylvia, d. 23 Dec 1891, age: 82yrs, wife of Sherburn Brown
Rider, Elizabeth, d. 10 Apr 1911, age: 67yrs
Roby, Priscilla, no dates
Ruiter, Katherine Brown, b. 4 Apr 1874, d. 19 Nov 1943, s/w Charles A. Brown
Sharon, Verna, b. 1881, d. 1972, s/w James Waite
Sherman, Elizabeth, b. 2 Mar 1755 Woodbury, Conn., d. 2 Dec 1835, wife of Simeon Cole
Shirtleff, Amos, d. 3 Mar 1837, age: 62y 1m 12d
Shirtleff, Flavilla, d. 11 Nov 1815, age: 1y 4m 14d
Shirtleff, J.B., d. 3 Oct 1888, age: 81y 2m 25d, s/w Mary Hovey
Shirtleff, John, d. 30 Jul 1815, age: 4y 4m
Shirtleff, Lathrop, d. 23 Feb 1842, age: 37y 7m 1d
Shirtleff, Sanborn, d. 7 Dec 1803, age: 1y 3m 8d
Small, Isaac, no dates, no headstone
Smith, Sula A., b. 27 Feb 1840, d. 2 May 1916, s/w Wilder Brown
St. Marie, Harry, no dates, no headstone
St. Marie, Robie, no dates, no headstone
Temple, Gordon L., b. 1888, d. 1966, s/w F. Pearl Brown
Towle, Ada F., no dates, no headstone
Towle, Anthony, d. 19 Apr 1843, age: 53yrs
Towle, Bracket, d. 2 Feb 1851
Towle, Charles H., no dates
Towle, Dustin A., no dates, no headstone
Towle, Fred, no dates, no headstone
Towle, Hannah, no dates, daughter of Anthony & Priscilla
Towle, John B., d. 6 Jan 1883, age: 62y 8m
Towle, Jonathan, d. 10 Feb 1881, age: 65y 11m 5d
Towle, Lyman E., b. 24 Nov 1854, d. 6 Jul 1913
Towle, Mary, d. 29 Jan 1844, daughter of Bracket & Hannah
Towle, Mehitable, d. 13 Oct 1888, age: 71yrs, wife of Henry Towle
Towle, Rodney, d. 1898
Tryon, Emily Caroline, b. 1 Jul 1826, d. 9 May 1912, wife of Enoch Wait
Varnum, James, d. 1 Nov 1897, age: in 83rd yr
Vaughan, Ethel, b. 3 Apr 1879, d. 1 May 1862, s/w & wife of Ozro Brown
Waid, Mary, no dates, no headstone
Waid, Philander, no dates, no headstone
Wait, Eddie, b. 8 Feb 1860, d. 5 Dec 1862, son of Enoch & Emily
Wait, Emaline, d. 10 May 1885, age: 55y 9m, daughter of E.S. & H.
Wait, Enoch, d. 24 Oct 1869
Waite, Alonzo, d. 2 Feb 1912, age: 64yrs
Waite, Briggs, b. 1857, d. 1926, s/w Verna Sharon
Waite, Emily, no dates, no headstone
Waite, Hiram H., b. 7 Mar 1850, d. 8 Apr 1898
Waite, James E., b. 23 Apr 1852, d. 18 Oct 1916
Webster, Nancy A. Brown, b. 24 Jan 1845, d. 26 Sep 1915, widow of Wm. L. Ayer & wife of E.R. Webster
Wellman, Asa, no dates, no headstone
Wells, Mary, d. 26 Aug 1873, age: 72y 1m, wife of Willard Ayer
Wheeler, Edmond, no dates, no headstone
Wright, Deborah, b. 30 Apr 1834, d. 30 Apr 1897
Wright, Louisa, d. 19 Jul 1840, age: 26yrs, wife of Ira Wright

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