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Bowen Cemetery
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Bowen Cemetery
Stanstead County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Aug 06, 2005, last edited Oct 22, 2012 . Total records = 52.

About halfway between the towns of Hatley and Compton and branching off Route 208 is Chemin Pouliot. The cemetery is located on this gravel road on the left side heading south.

This old 19th century cemetery is maintained by members of the Bowen family. Quite a few stones are hard to read.

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery in June of 2005.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, ??, b. 28 Nov 1860, d. 12 Jul 1878
??, ??, d. 10 Dec 1868, age: 18days
Bean, Betsey J., b. 9 Aug 1831, d. 15 Mar 1916, wife of Peter Bowen
Bond, Betsey, d. 1869, age: ?y 5m 6d, wife of Jonathan Snow
Bowen, ??, d. 16 Jan 1863, age: 11y 6m, dau of R.F. & M.A.
Bowen, ??, d. 17 Dec 1863, age: 11y 1m 1d, dau of John H. & Jerusha E.
Bowen, ??, d. 6 Mar 1872, age: 14y 9m 7d, son of R.F. & M. A.
Bowen, Albert, d. 20 Jan 1853, age: 11y 5m, son of Benjamin F. & Martha
Bowen, Anna M., b. 31 Dec 1882, d. 28 Aug 1883, dau of John C. & Sarah
Bowen, Anthony, d. 15 Jan 1835, age: 54yrs
Bowen, Benjamin F., d. 11 May 1894, age: 71y 4m 23d
Bowen, Catherine, d. 7 Aug 1842, age: 86yrs, s/w & wife of John Bowen
Bowen, Charlotte, b. 1847, d. 1916, s/w & wife of Henry Kent
Bowen, John C., b. 5 May 1827, d. 14 May 1892
Bowen, John, d. 2 Sep 1832, age: 89yrs, s/w & husband of Catherime
Bowen, Joseph F., d. 25 May 1880, age: 84y 7m 18d
Bowen, Louisa, d. 11 Mar 1832, dau of P. & P.
Bowen, Lucy Turner, b. 1842, d. 1909, s/w & wife of Henry Knapp
Bowen, Martha, d. 28 Jun 1849, wife of Benjamin F. Bowen
Bowen, Mary Ann, d. 28 Mar 1853, age: 3y 3m 5d, relict of F. Bowen
Bowen, Mary Ann, d. no date, wife of Israel Bowen
Bowen, Mary, d. 8 Aug 1842, age: 41yrs
Bowen, Nathan A., d. 15 Feb 1853, age: 17yrs, son of Joseph & Mary
Bowen, Peter, d. 28 May 1882, age: 59y 9m 27d
Bowen, Polly, d. 29 Jul 1852, age: 64yrs, wife of Peter
Bowen, Rebecca G., d. 22 Aug 1872, age: 52yrs, wife of Isaac Lord
Bowen, Sarah C., d. 18 Sep 1836, age: 9y 4m, dau of P. & P.
Bowen, Sarah, d. 11 Jun 1833, age: 28yrs, dau of Anthony & Sharlotte & wife of Daniel Henry
Bowen, Unnamed, d. 24 Mar 1813, son of ??
Bowen, Walter, d. 26 Mar 1896, age: 24y 2d, son of William & Luvia Bowen
Bowen, William, b. 29 Aug 1839, d. 6 Feb 1879
Bowen, Willie, d. 11 Sep 1897, age: 17y 5m 4d, son of William & Luvia
Cleaveland, Caleb, d. 20 Jul 1848, age: 78yrs
Couch, Dorcas S., d. 11 Jun 1830, age: 19yrs, dau of S. E. & S.
Couch, Mahlon, d. 1 Aug 1882, age: 56y 7m 24d
Couch, Sarah H., d. 16 Mar 1852, age: 61y 9m, wife of S. E. Couch
Couch, Stephen E., d. 12 Mar 1833, age: 39y 9m
Kent, Henry, b. 1840, d. 1898, s/w & husband of Charlotte Bowen
Kezar, Dorothy, d. 9 Apr 1886, age: 71y 1m 17d, wife of Benjamin F. Bowen
Knapp, Henry Otis, b. 1841, d. 1909, s/w & husband of Lucy Bowen
Knapp, Luvia A., b. 4 Jul 1848, d. 27 Jan 1904
Lord, Permelia, b. 2 Sep 1827, d. 21 Aug 18??, wife of John C. Bowen
Magoon, Mira J., d. 5 Jan 1871, age: 29y 7m 6d, widow of J. B. Thompson & wife of B. F. Bowen
Putney, Ariel S., d. 31 Aug 1836, son of Caleb & Betsey
Putney, Betsey, d. 31 Mar 18?1, wife of Caleb Putney
Putney, Caleb, d. 15 Jul 18??, age: 75yrs
Putney, John, d. 5 Aug 1842, son of Caleb & Betsey
Snow, Zervia, d. 17 Mar 1855, dau of Betsey & Jonathan
Spafford, Sidney J., d. 29 Nov 1893, age: 28y 5m 13d
Taylor, Sarah E., b. 14 Jul 1859, d. 31 Aug 1911, wife of John C. Bowen
Woodward, Harry, d. 14 Nov 1889, age: 16y 1m 6d, son of J. A. & E. A.
Woodward, Herman A., d. 14 May 1892, age: 20y 7m 2d, son of J. A. & E. A.

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