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Bickford Corner Cemetery
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Bickford Corner Cemetery
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Bickford Corner Cemetery
Barnston, Stanstead County, Quebec

GPS: 45.057899, -71.921130

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, May 11, 2006 . Total records = 43.

From Barnston go south on the Barnston/Baldwin Mills Road. After several miles and before you get to the fish hatchery, turn right on Stanstead Road (Chemin Stanstead). At the top of this gravel road you will bear right and at the next corner look down in the field you will see the cemetery.

There is no access road. You have to walk down from Stanstead Road across the field. If it is summer then the cemetery may not be visible at all due to corn or other crops blocking the view.

This cemetery seems to have been used for about a 100 year period from 1814- 1916. A few stones are hard to read and there are quite a few marker stones indicating more burials without headstones. This cemetery is being restored by the Barnston Heitage Cemetery Association.

I walked and read this cemetery in May, 2006.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, ?, d. 25 Apr 1873, age: 44y 6m
??, Abby, no dates
??, Allie H., no dates
Bacon, Addison E., b. 1891, d. 1912, s/w Foster & Mary
Bacon, Allie M., b. 1900, d. no date, s/w Foster & Mary
Bacon, Annie C., b. 1896, d. no date, s/w Foster & Mary
Bacon, Archie Turner, b. Feb 1888, d. 7 Mar 1900, s/w Foster & Mary
Bacon, Arnold S., d. 2 Jul 1883, age: 36yrs, s/w & husband of Sarah Forbes
Bacon, Arthur L., b. 1889, d. no date, s/w Foster & Mary
Bacon, Berthenia B., b. 27 May 1863, d. 24 Mar 1887
Bacon, Foster O., b. 1856, d. 1928, s/w & husband of Mary J. Smith
Bacon, Jarread E., d. 2 Jan 1901, age: 29yrs
Bacon, O. W., b. 5 Oct 1826, d. 25 Jun 1909
Belknap, Elsea C., d. 11 Jan 1843, age: 37y 8m, wife of Mitchel Belknap & dau of Richard & Jane Mosher, Stone erected in 1972 by gr. grandchildren E. B. Adams & Ella E. Barrett
Chapman, Thomas C., d. 12 Jan 1814, age: 38yrs, M. D.
Corliss, James, d. 3 Jan 1854, age: 3yrs, son of James M. & Elmira
Corliss, John, d. 10 Mar 1869, age: 82yrs
Forbes, Sarah, d. 27 Aug 1916, age: 67yrs, s/w & wife of Arnold S. Bacon
Gibson, Bertha, d. 7 Aug 1912, age: 54y 7m, wife of Charles D. Hill
Gibson, Philinda, d. 2 Apr 1916, age: 77yrs, wife of Henry Perkins
Hall, Benjamin, d. 26 Sep 1850, age: 85yrs
Hall, Clara F., d. 8 Jan 1860, age: 5y 9m, dau of Joseph & Elsie J.
Hall, Willie, no dates
Heath, Salley, d. 11 Sep 1865, age: 71yrs, wife of John Corliss
Hill, Charles D., b. 6 Jul 1862, d. 12 Jun 1909
Hill, Flora Ann, d. 28 Jan 1851, age: 1y 2m 13d, dau of W. & M. H.
Hill, Isaac, d. no date, There is a sign that reads "Isaac Hill's family moved from Lot 9 Range 15"
Hill, Lelia Augusta, d. 27 Jan 1855, age: 6m 16d, dau of W. & M. H.
May, Almedia, d. 9 Jul 1842, age: 25y 8m 10d, wife of Sylvester
Moulton, Mary J., d. 22 Jan 1858, age: 40y 11m 9d, wife of Samuel
Perkins, Abbie M., d. 7 Jul 1875, age: 31yrs, wife of L. L. Belknap
Perkins, Amon J., d. 7 Nov 1872, age: 2y 9m 6d, son of M. N. & E.
Perkins, Emma J., d. 2 May 1866, age: 10y 2m, dau of J. & R.
Perkins, Henry M., d. 24 Nov 1903, age: 75y 26d, eldest son of Joseph & Eliza of Barnston
Perkins, Joseph, d. 5 Oct 1880, age: ?y 7m 23d, a sign reads: "Joseph Perkins moved from Lot 9 Range 10"
Perkins, Rachel, d. 1 May 1861, age: 24yrs, dau of J. N. & R.
Perkins, Rachel, d. 12 Aug 1855, age: 47yrs
Peteys, Mabel, d. 19 Feb 1880, age: 89y 8m 17d, widow of Benjamin Hall
Smith, Mary J., b. 1867, d. 1916, s/w & wife of Foster Bacon
Sullivan, Emeline, d. 26 Jul 1874, age: 42yrs, wife of Reuben
Turner, Caroline J., d. 19 Jan 1885, age: 62y 24d, wife of O. W. Bacon
Turner, Timothy, d. 2 Jul 1865, age: 84y 8m 28d
Watson, Lizzie L., b. 21 Aug 1853, d. 19 Dec 1880, dau of J. & S.

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