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Shefford Mountain Cemetery
Saxby Corner, Shefford County, Quebec

Contributed by Marilyn Davis, Jul 10, 2003, last edited Nov 30, 2006 [davismarilyn@axion.ca]. Total records = 33.

This cemetary is found on the Saxby Rd, leading towards Bromont, Qc, off the 112 highway between Granby, Qc & Waterloo, Qc.

Well taken care of, but some stones, as in all the cemetaries that we compiled, are no longer decipherable or they are broken.

Marjorie-Anne Smith and I compiled this from tombstone inscriptions in the month of June 2003. These are basically all that were there in the cemetary.

- Marilyn Davis

Bruce, Charlotte, d. Aug 11 1861, age: 70yr 4 mos, w/o John A Camber
Butler, Ellen Amelia Savage, d. Jan 18 1880, age: 29yr 7 mos 18da, w/o Herchel Butler
Butler, William, d. Feb 6 1880, age: 4 mos. 28da, s/o Herschel & Ellen A. Butler
Camber, Caroline, b. Dec 22, 1819, d. Jan 27, 1884, age: 65yr 1mo 5da, w/o Daniel R. Savage
Camber, John A, d. Oct 29, 1862, age: 71yrs 6 mos 5da
Craig, Infant, d. Jan 17 1867, age: 5da, s/o Ashley Colin & Elizabeth Stearns Craig
Cutler, Anthony, b. 1763, d. 1831, First Settlers on this farm 1797
Cutler, infant, no dates, s/o Anthony & Jemima Cutler
Knowlton, Betsey A., w/o Charles A. Savage, d. Jun 8 1865, age: 21yr
McConkey, Jemima, b. 1776, d. 1807
Patenaude, V. Robert, d. Dec 15, 1872, age: 6m's, s/o Vilda & E. Clarra Patenaude
Patenaude, Vilda A., b. May 14, 1875, d. Oct 8, 1875
Patenaude, Vilda, b. Oct 9, 1848, d. Jul 23, 1875
Pepin, Angelique Paquette, d. Feb 17, 1884, age: 84y's, w/o Pierre Pepin
Pepin, Pierre, d. Oct 9, 1876, age: 71y's
Savage, Albert B., d. 9 Feb 1844, age: 11 mos 14da, s/o Daniel R. & Caroline Savage
Savage, Aylmer, d. Nov 4, 1855, age: 1 yr & 2da, s/o Benj. & Elizabeth Savage, b. Nov 2, 1854
Savage, Carlton, d. Nov 4, 1844, d. Feb 1845, age: 3mos 4da, s/o Benj. & Elizabeth Savage
Savage, Charlotte Malinda, b. Aug 24 1848, d. Nov 20 1925, d/o Daniel R. & Caroline Savage, w/o Andrew Doonan
Savage, Clarrie M., d. 28 Dec 1878, age: 17yr, 9 mos 11da, d/o Daniel R. & Caroline Savage
Savage, Daniel Remmick, b. Sep 2, 1816, d. Feb 19, 1899, age: 82y's 5mo 17d's
Savage, Edward Wyman, b. Nov 19, 1844, d. Jun 8, 1899, age: 54 y's 6 m's 19da, s/o Daniel R. & Caroline Savage
Savage, infant, d. Feb 15, 1858. age: 11mos, s/o Ch. & Ellen C. Savage
Savage, infant, no dates, d/o Benj. & Elizabeth Savage
Savage, infant, no dates, s/o Benj. & Elizabeth Savage
Savage, John (Captain), d. Dec 14, 1856, age: 78y's 2m's 2d's
Savage, Joseph A., d. Jun 29 1881, age: 71yr 2ms 29da
Savage, Lucy Kelborn, d. Feb 16, 1850, age: 65y's 10m's, w/o John Savage
Savage, Malcolm O., d. Jul 23 1885, age: 1mo 22da, s/o J.H. & M.O. Savage
Saxby, Ruth, d. Apr 13 1867, age: 13yr, d/o William & Mary Ann Saxby
Saxby, William, d. Feb 27 1866, age: 1 mo 6da, s/o William & Mary Ann Saxby
Shepard, Rachel Anne, d. Nov 10, 1901, 76yr 4mo
Shepard, Sophronia L, b. Aug 3, 1818, d. Jan 4, 1875, age: 56y's 5m's 1d, d/o Thomas & Anna Shepard w/o Joseph H. Savage

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