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Griggs-Steel Pioneer Cemetery
Noyan, Missisquoi County, Québec

Contributed by Bill MacCallum, Sep 30, 2003 [willmacc@enoreo.on.ca]. Total records = 12.

Cemetery is in back of 22 South Shore Road (Bord de L'eau Sud). It is surrounded by farmland. This is in the southwest corner of the Municipality of Noyan. It is about 20 metres north of the U.S. border and 150 metres east of the shoreline of the Richelieu River / Lake Champlain.

Originally, in the 18th century, this land was part of Seigneurie de Foucault. The area became known as Caldwell's Manor in the 19th century. Since 1815, it has also been part of the Parish of St. Thomas. This is essentially a small United Empire Loyalist cemetery used originally by some of the families who arrived from the United States during the American revolution on the British ship 'Maria' captained by John Steel. It was used from 1795 to 1862 and is not accepting new burials.

The farm on which the cemetery is situated is now owned by my father, John MacCallum. It was owned by Abraham Griggs until 1795, his son-in-law Commodore John Steel until 1826, his grandson Abraham Griggs Steel until 1850. In 1850, John Dewar MacCallum paid 300 pounds for the land. It has been owned by the MacCallum family ever since.

This represents all known burial records. This was originally compiled by my grandfather, Donald MacCallum, in 1980 from the tombstones. His transcription was compared with the tombstones by me in August, 2003. Some inscriptions are now difficult to read.

- Bill MacCallum

Dewar, Alexander, 1 Aug 1832, aged 34
Dewar, Daniel, d. 12 Aug 1799, aged 45 years
Dewar, Duncan, d. 13 Jun, 1862, aged 69 years 3 months
Dewar, John, d. 23 Mar 1824, aged 45
Griggs, Abraham, d. 10 Sep 1795, aged 54 years, husband of Sarah Griggs
Griggs, Mary, d. 24 May 1806, aged 11 years 1 month, dau. of Simon and Letty Griggs
Griggs, William M., d. 3 Sep 1803, aged 6 years 3 months, son of Simon and Letty Griggs
Hammond, Sandford, 28 Aug 1830, aged 10 days, son of William and Catherine Hammond
Hoxcie, Nancy, d. 11 Mar 1838, aged 32 years, wife of Duncan Dewar
McCallum, Jane, d. Jan 1843, aged 84 years, wife of Daniel Dewar
Mott, Sally, d. 31 Jan 1798, aged 22, wife of John Mott
Steel, John, 13 May 1826, aged 89, husband of Nancy Griggs

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