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Old Hall Stream Cemetery
East Hereford, Compton County, Quebec

old hall stream cemetery east hereford quebec
Old Hall Stream Cemetery, East Hereford, QC
old hall stream cemetery east hereford quebec
Old Hall Stream Cemetery, East Hereford, QC

GPS: 45.033662, -71.498295

Route 253
East Hereford, QC, J0B 1S0

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown [mail], Jun 11, 2006, last updated May 15, 2020
Total records: 207

Driving Directions

From Hereford, follow Owen Road over Hereford Mountain to East Hereford. When you get to Route 253 turn right and you will pass the Herbert Lawton Cemetery on your left. Continue south about 1 km and you will see the Old Hall Stream Cemetery  on your left. Alternatively, you could take Route 253 from Sawyerville to East Hereford.

Cemetery History

There were burials in this cemetery as early as 1836 so many of the monuments are old. It is still used today. It is well maintained and easy to walk about. It has a fence and gate and situated in a scenic area not far from the Canada/United States border.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Leslie and Susan Nutbrown during visits to the cemetery on July 8, 2006 and again in 2016.

Abbott, Mariam T., d. 15 Apr 1900, aged 65y 2m 21d, wife of Stephen J. Swain
Bennett, Susan, b. 1850, d. 1869, daughter of Ed & Hannah
Blanchard, Fred H., b. 1869, d. 1871, only son of N. F. & Helen A.
Blanchard, Marriet, d. 1916, wife of S. W. Hibbard
Blanchard, N. F., b. 1828, d. 1890, husband of Helen Luther
Blood, Eliza F., d. 23 Sep 1876, aged 89 yrs
Blood, Samuel, d. 9 Aug 1855, aged 68 yrs
Brainard, Ida M., b. 1 Jul 1858, d. 25 Jan 1927, buried in Colebrook, NH, second wife of William G. Luther
Carr, Everett E., b. 10 Dec 1855, d. 9 Mar 1898
Carr, George W., b. 18 Dec 1847, d. 28 Nov 1929
Carr, Infant (boy), b. 28 Jan 1880, d. 5 Feb 1880
Carr, Jesse W., b. 30 Apr 1887, d. 10 Sep 1887
Carr, Jessie W., b. 4 Jun 1816, d. 2 May 1895, husband of M. J. Parks
Carr, Sidney, b. 1858, d. 1936
Chamberlin, Eunetia, b. 1852, d. 1875, daughter of Francis & Phebe
Chamberlin, Francis, b. 1812, d. 1875, husband of Phebe Nichols
Chase, George W., b. 1818, d. 1909
Chase, Lilla Belle, d. 13 Sep 1870, aged 13y 9m 6d, daughter of George W. & Sarah B.
Chase, Sarah B., d. 16 Jul 1886, aged 59y 7m, wife of George W.
Colby, Lavina, d. 7 Dec 1856, aged 47 yrs, wife of Hiram Wells
Dailey, John S., d. 28 Mar 1876, aged 4y 5m 13d, son of Richard R. & Susan L.
Dailey, Susan L., d. 3 Jan 1874, aged 32y 7m 15d, wife of Richard K. Dailey
Dean, Aurilla, d. 2 Jan 1858, aged 47 yrs, wife of Davis Graham
Dean, Hosea, b. 16 Apr 1842, d. 11 Feb 1860, son of Levi R. & Pamela
Dean, Jared, d. 11 Feb 1862, aged 76y 7m 22d
Dean, Susan, d. 19 Feb 1861, aged 79y 9m
Farnum, Betsey, d. 11 Feb 1848, aged 55y 17d, wife of Asa
Flanders, Betsey, d. 21 May 1842, aged 89y 12d, wife of Ezekiel
Flanders, Ezekiel, d. 27 Jul 1846, aged 85y 9m 19d
French, Jeremiah, d. 1904
French, Luella Owen, d. 1892
Giberson, Rosa Belle, d. 26 Aug 1880, aged 10m, daughter of H. & I.
Glenn, Bridget, b. 1832, d. 1912, wife of W. H. Weston
Green, Ellen E., d. 29 Mar 1875, aged 1y 8m 7d, daughter of C. N. & L. B.
Hall, Albert C., b. 22 Jan 1824, d. 28 Mar 1896
Hall, Albert C., b. 7 Sep 1872, d. 6 Jan 1873
Hall, Charles B., b. 19 May 1852, d. 19 Nov 1863
Hall, Fred A., b. 20 Mar 1858, d. 20 Nov 1863
Hall, French L., b. 15 Jul 1862, d. 23 Nov 1863
Hall, Helen M., b. 20 Nov 1850, d. 16 Nov 1863
Hardy, Charles Z., d. 5 Apr 1887 Pittsburgh, New Hampshire, aged 44y 1m 2d
Hardy, Nettie A., b. 8 May 1869, d. 22 Mar 1893, wife of Grant Parker
Hardy, Seneca A., b. 1878, d. 1947, husband of Hattie Smith
Hardy, Sidney Albert, d. 28 Jun 1877, aged 10y 6m 21d, son of Charles & Esther
Hart, Emma N., b. 1861, d. 1945
Hart, John, b. 20 Oct 1828, d. 31 Jan 1898
Hart, Nancy M., d. 2 Oct 1860, aged 27y 7m, wife of John Hart
Hart, Susan, d. 3 Mar 1887, aged 79y 3m, wife of Thomas Hart
Hart, Thomas C., d. 19 May 1894, aged 56 yrs
Hart, Thomas, d. 22 Jan 1879, aged 70 yrs
Hart, William, d. 6 Feb 1879, aged 47y 11m
Harvey, Edna H., b. 28 Mar 1860, d. 16 Apr 1860, daughter of Harris & Mary
Harvey, Elbert, b. 30 Nov 1858, d. 10 Apr 1860, son of Harris H. & Mary H.
Haynes, George R., d. 23 Mar 1887, aged 5m, son of Franklin H. & Carrie
Heath, Abigail, d. 17 Jan 1853, aged 47y 7m 6d, wife of Joseph Heath
Heath, Betsey, d. 7 Feb 1906, aged 72y 24d, wife of Thomas Weston
Heath, Edwin, d. 20 May 1914, aged 84y 3m
Heath, Henry K., b. 1839, d. 1909
Heath, James D., d. 26 Aug 1847, aged 69y 7m
Heath, Joseph P., d. 29 Nov 1857, aged 54y 9m 19d
Heath, Laura M., d. 11 Jun 1884, aged 72 yrs, wife of Thomas Heath
Heath, Mary A., d. 18 Sep 1881, aged 49y 7m 27d, wife of Hiram Wells
Heath, Theo. P., d. 12 May 1883, aged 67y 1m 23d, wife of Joel Hibbard
Heath, Thomas B., d. 1 May 1868, aged 54y 10m
Hibbard, Betsey E., d. 22 Mar 1880, aged 79 yrs, wife of Luther Hibbard
Hibbard, Charles F., d. 8 Feb 1855, aged 7m 3d, son of Clark D. & Ruby A.
Hibbard, Charles O., d. 23 Dec 1906, aged 76y 5m, husband of Eliza Nichols
Hibbard, Eliza E., b. 1 Feb 1816, d. 27 May 1896, wife of Cephas Munn
Hibbard, Esther, d. 30 May 1842, wife of Joel Hibbard
Hibbard, H. Erastus, d. 8 Oct 1874, aged 39y 10m
Hibbard, Joel, d. 29 Mar 1879, aged 70y 2m 24d
Hibbard, John M., d. 22 dec 1893, aged 32 yrs
Hibbard, John M., d. 29 Oct 1846, aged 14 yrs, son of Joel & Esther
Hibbard, John, d. 22 Dec 1893, aged 32 yrs
Hibbard, Luther, d. 22 Jul 1863, aged 67 yrs
Hibbard, Mariett, d. 1916, wife of S. W. (only one date of 1916 on the headstone)
Hibbard, Mary E., d. 28 Apr 1903, aged 75y 1m 15d, wife of Arthur M. Nichols
Hibbard, Polly, d. 22 Mar 1845, aged 71 yrs, wife of Luther Hibbard
Hibbard, S. W., d. 1916, husband of Mariett Blanchard, (only one date of 1916 on the headstone)
Hibbard, Sterling, d. 17 Dec 1878, aged 74y 11m, husband of Rachel Rogers
Hibbard, Susan, d. 30 Apr 1890, aged 67y 10m
Hodge, Amanda M., d. 16 Mar 1885, aged 41y 9m
Hodge, David, d. 29 Dec 1876, aged 74 yrs, husband of Mary Titus
Hodge, Etta M., d. 10 Sep 1879, aged 14 yrs, daughter of Amanda M. Hodge
Hodge, Gilbert, d. 6 Oct 1920, aged 90y 1m 21d
Hodge, Hannah, d. 11 May 1882, aged 92 yrs
Hodge, Hiram, d. 12 Dec 1865, aged 6y 8m, son of Gilbert & Anna
Hopkins, Freddie, d. 11 Mar 1891, aged 1 month
Hopkins, Jonathan, b. 31 Dec 1822, d. 20 May 1899, 2nd Lt. 14 U.S. Cld HV arty
Hopkins, Katie, d. 10 Jun 1869, aged 7y 6m, daughter of Jonathan & Mary
Howe, Hannah C., d. 15 Apr 1858, aged 36y 4m 17d, wife of Sidney Luther, daughter of Tilly & Marie Howe
Huggins, Harry, d. 30 Sep 1890, aged 7 months
Hunting, L. J., d. 10 Oct 1868, aged 1y 6m
Keysar, Belinda, d. 27 Aug 1886, aged 75y 2m 15d, wife of Benjamin Y. Keysar
Kingsley, Ellen L., b. 29 Mar 1847, d. 27 Jul 1927, wife of Heman Nichols
Legro, Eliza J., d. 7 Aug 1877, aged 11 yrs, daughter of Joseph & Martha
Luther, Abbie P., d. 23 Jun 1890, aged 5y 4m 23d, daughter of E. B. & E. S.
Luther, Abigail L., d. 21 May 1879, aged 56 yrs, wife of James Laughton
Luther, Esther M., b. 23 Jun 1843, d. 3 Nov 1919, wife of Charles Hardy
Luther, Hattie E., d. 20 Sep 1883, aged 3m 10d, daughter of E. B. & E. S.
Luther, Helen A., b. 1847, d. 1913, wife of N. F. Blanchard
Luther, Henry D., d. 1 Jul 1890, aged 3y 4m 13d, son of E. B. & E. S.
Luther, James, d. 10 Sep 1870, aged 20y 21d, son of Sidney P. & Hannah C.
Luther, James, d. 13 Jan 1865, aged 72y 5m
Luther, Lucia A., d. Feb 1901, aged 83 yrs, wife of Sidney P.
Luther, Martin S., b. 8 Feb 1912, d. 27 Feb 1912, son of S. P. & B. P.
Luther, Mary A., d. 23 Jul 1877, aged 14 days, daughter of Israel & Marie
Luther, Phebe N., d. 14 Sep 1904, aged 78 yrs
Luther, Phebe, d. 4 Apr 1870, aged 82y 7m 20d, wife of James
Luther, Sidney P., d. 17 Mar 1891, aged 69y 3m 12d
Luther, Sidney P., d. 4 Apr 1863, aged 17m 4d, son of Israel & Marie
Luther, Tilly H. N., d. 10 May 1857, aged 1y 5m 27d, son of Sidney & Hannah
Luther, William G., b. 30 Sep 1853, d. 23 Jul 1912, husband of Susie Tirrill & Ida Brainard
Marshall, Lucina F., d. 3 May 1860, aged 40y 1m 11d, wife of Sidney P. Luther, daughter of Abel & Martha P. Marshall
McDonald, Mary, d. 14 Nov 1874, aged 41y 6m, wife of Jonathan Hopkins
Munn, Cephas R., b. 21 Apr 1818, d. 23 Mar 1901, husband of Eliza Hibbard
Munn, Fanny H., d. 9 Apr 1844, aged 43y 6m 27d
Munn, Hannah, b. 18 Jun 1824, d. 11 Aug 1909, wife of Samuel Parsons
Nichols, Alvin A., d. 26 Mar 1859, aged 2y 2m 18d, son of Wellington & Mary E.
Nichols, Arthur W., d. 28 Aug 1891, aged 65y 6m 9d, husband of Mary Hibbard
Nichols, Charles H., d. 22 Aug 1888, aged 56 yrs
Nichols, Eliza J., d. 19 Apr 1881, aged 47y 7m, wife of Charles Hibbard
Nichols, Ellen, d. 9 Jun 1875, aged 39 yrs, wife of C. H. Nichols
Nichols, Heman, b. 27 Dec 1832, d. 3 Apr 1895, husband of Ellen Kingsley
Nichols, Infant, b. 27 Jul 1882, daughter of J. R. & Florence
Nichols, Nathaniel B., d. 24 Feb 1876, aged 76y 7m 15d
Nichols, Phebe J., b. 1814, d. 1867, wife of Francis Chamberlin
Nichols, Samuel, d. 10 Feb 1870, aged 26y 10m, son of M. B. & P. Nichols
Owen, Dianne, d. 12 Jun 1959, daughter of Sherley & Gertrude
Owen, Dorathy P., d. 3 Apr 1887, aged 78y 11m, wife of William H. Owen
Owen, Sherley A., b. 1913, d. 1977, husband of Gertrude Wheeler
Owen, Waldo Munn, b. 3 Aug 1920, d. 17 Feb 2006
Paige, H. H., d. 5 Jun 1873, aged 35 yrs, wife of Alva Prouty
Paige, Persis J., d. 7 Jan 1907, aged 80y 3m 24d, wife of Otis Parker
Parker, A. D., d. 5 Dec 1889 Scotstown, Quebec, 30y 6m 4d
Parker, Abbie Jane, d. 30 Sep 1871, aged 28y 2m 17d, wife of John H. O. Parker
Parker, Alfred John, d. 12 Aug 1872, aged 11m 3d, son of J.H.O. & A. J.
Parker, Dot, b. 23 Dec 1890, d. 11 Jan 1891
Parker, Eunice, d. 18 Aug 1844, aged 31y 5m 18d, wife of Otis Parker
Parker, Grant, b. 15 Mar 1868, d. 28 Mar 1902, husband of Nettie Hardy
Parker, Infant, d. d. 29 Aug 1868, aged 1 day, child of J. H. O. & A. J.
Parker, Ira Otis, d. 9 Oct 1869, aged 1m 19d, son of J.H.O. & A. J.
Parker, John, d. 28 Feb 1852, aged 72y 2m 6d
Parker, Lyford W., d. 14 Jul 1873, aged 15y 11m
Parker, Mary Ann, d. 14 May 1850, aged 14y 9m 6d, daughter of Eunice & Otis
Parker, Otis, d. 26 Jun 1882, aged 74y 4m 23d, husband of Persis Paige
Parker, Perley, b. 29 Mar 1887, d. 30 Mar 1887
Parker, Robins Otis, b. 23 Jul 1911, d. 29 Aug 1911, son of Lewis & Etta
Parker, Seneca W., b. 13 Sep 1892, d. 14 Aug 1893
Parks, Abigail, d. 18 Feb 1867, aged 66y 1m, wife of Cyrus
Parks, Cyrus, d. 2 Jun 1871, aged 73y 25d
Parks, Emeline A., d. 17 Oct 1865, aged 36y 6m 18d, wife of Erastus W. Ingham
Parks, Leonard, d. 4 Jul 1852, aged 20y 11m
Parks, M. J., b. 18 Mar 1821, d. 6 Jan 1900, wife of Jessie Carr
Parsons, Infant, d. 12 Apr 1857, son of Samuel H. & Hannah
Parsons, John, d. 27 Nov 1834, aged 54y 1m
Parsons, Samuel H., b. 21 Sep 1820, d. 3 Oct 1905, husband of Hannah Munn
Perkins, Mildred M., d. 2 May 1893, aged 2m 29d, daughter of Allen & Minnie
Potter, Arthur Leonard, d. 7 Aug 1867, aged 11m, son of N.W.H. & Julia
Potter, Julia E., d. 4 Mar 1867, aged 23y 6m, wife of N. W. H. Potter
Potter, Mary A., d. 20 Sep 1868, aged 3y 8m 10d, daughter of Nathan W. H. & Julia E.
Potter, Nathan W. H., d. 28 Nov 1875, aged 43y 5m
Prouty, Betsey S., d. 29 Dec 1870, aged 54y 4m 23d, wife of G. W. Prouty
Prouty, Calvin, d. 20 Feb 1869
Prouty, Hannah S., d. 25 Apr 1863, aged 22y 4m, daughter of G. W. & Betsey S.
Rogers, Deborah A., d. 22 Feb 1876, aged 33 yrs, wife of Hiram Wells
Rogers, John P., d. 6 Apr 1882, aged 66y 8m
Rogers, Nancy B., d. 3 Oct 1878, aged 82y 5m, wife of Abner Hyland
Rogers, Pamelia, d. 16 Dec 1880, aged 80y 26d, wife of Nathaniel B. Nichols
Rogers, Rachel F., d. 26 Aug 1879, aged 76y 7m, wife of Sterling Hibbard
Ross, Percis, d. no dates
Rowell, Betsey, d. 5 Jun 1842, aged 34y 6m 24d, wife of John
Rowell, Infant, d. Mar 1833, aged 1y, daughter of Moses & Marcissa
Rowell, Infant, d. Nov 1831, aged 2m, daughter of Moses & Marcissa
Rowell, Ira, d. 8 Jul 1865, aged 24y 2m
Rowell, Malinda P., d. 8 Dec 1863, aged 59 yrs, wife of John
Rowell, Moses, d. 3 Mar 1868, aged 66y 9m
Rowell, Narcissa, d. 6 Jul 1884, aged 81y 8m, wife of Moses Rowell
Smith, Hattie M., b. 1877, d. 1966, wife of Seneca Hardy
Swaine, Dwight L., b. 1877, d. 1920
Swaine, Stephen J., d. 4 Apr 1898, aged 63y 7m 23d
Sweetland, Elijah, d. 19 Jan 1863, aged 88 yrs
Tibbetts, Mary E., d. 15 Jul 1878, aged 32y 3m, wife of N. W. H. Potter
Tirrill, Susie, b. 2 Jul 1855, d. 3 Oct 1886, wife of William G. Luther
Titus, Mary, d. 23 Feb 1896, aged 92y 4m 26d, wife of David Hodge
Vandyke, Abby Jane, b. 22 Apr 1841, d. 26 Aug 1882, wife of John Wheeler
Vandyke, Mary, d. 24 Apr 1883, aged 87 yrs, wife of Jubel Wheeler
Wells, Anna, d. 11 May 1890, aged 60y 2m 11d, wife of Gilbert Hodge
Wells, George A., d. 7 Feb 1884 Hereford, Quebec, 7y 2m 2d, son of Hiram & Mary
Wells, Hiram, d. 22 Apr 1870, aged 73y 11m
Wells, Hiram, d. 7 Apr 1895, aged 67 yrs
Wells, Horace S., d. 3 Dec 1849, son of Hiram & Lavina
Wells, Roy A., d. 28 Mar 1892, aged 2y 9m 6d, son of William & Alice
Wells, Sidney P., d. 25 Feb 1904, aged 38 yrs
Weston, Horace, d. 12 May 1838, aged 8y 8m 20d, son of Joseph & Mary
Weston, Joseph, d. 10 Apr 1870, aged 80y 3m
Weston, Mary H., d. 7 Aug 1864, aged 72 yrs, wife of Joseph Weston
Weston, Thomas G., d. 28 Feb 1904, aged 82y 4m 15d
Weston, William H., d. 13 Mar 1888, aged 70y 2m
Wheeler, David, b. 1831, d. 1910
Wheeler, Gertrude L., b. 1924, d. 1999, wife of Sherley Owen
Wheeler, Helen M., b. 24 Apr 1900, d. 15 May 1986, wife of E. L. Wheeler
Wheeler, Infants (twins), d. 1919, children of Jubel & Lillian
Wheeler, John, b. 12 Oct 1828, d. 15 Jan 1906, husband of Abby Vandyke
Wheeler, Jubel, d. 2 Nov 1866, aged 73 yrs, husband of Mary Vandyke
Wheeler, Mary, b. 2 Dec 1868, d. 8 Jul 1907, wife of Oliver Ranclois
White, David (Capt.), d. 5 Sep 1843, aged 73y 1m 26d

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