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McIntosh Cemetery
Waterville, Compton County, Quebec

mcintosh cemetery waterville quebec
McIntosh Cemetery, Waterville, QC

GPS: 45.294470, -71.869610

Chemin Nichol
Waterville, QC, J0B 3H0

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown [mail], Aug 13, 2005, last updated May 15 ,2020.
Total records: 37

Driving Directions

From the town of Lennoxville, take Route 143 South a few kilometers. After passing through the roundabouts watch for Nichol Road on your left. The cemetery is located several kms on Nichol Road on the right side of the road just after Carrier Road. 

Cemetery History

This old cemetery now situated in the Coaticook MRC was active from about 1820 to 1905. It is named McIntosh after a local landowner but there are no McIntosh burials. It has also been referred to as the Bill Cemetery as the Bill family have a section within this cemetery. It was restored a few years ago by concerned citizens.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Leslie and Susan Nutbrow during visits to the cemetery in August 2005 and 2017. Additional records came from local church records.

Ayer, Betsey, d. 4 Jul 1882, aged 77y 8m, wife of Bela Langmade
Banfil, John, d. 9 May 1896
Beebe, Noah P., d. 23 Mar 1853, aged 7 yrs, son of Calvin & M. ??
Bill, Amanda H., d. 24 Nov 1863, aged 32y 7m 11d
Bill, H. Samuel, d. 4 Mar 1863, aged 8m 8d, son of H. A. & M.
Bill, Horace A., d. 29 Apr 1866, aged 29y 8m, son of Horace & Achsa
Bill, Horace, d. 1846
Bill, Stephen, d. 18 Oct 1851
Bill, Xenopher, d. 11 Jan 1854
Carbee, Andrew, d. 28 Aug 1854, aged 52 yrs
Carbee, Delphina, d. 1 Mar 1872
Caswell, Susan, d. 11 Sep 1854, aged 33y 4m, wife of Alden Caswell
Fisher, Charlotte Augusta, d. 4 May 1860
Fisk, Achsa, d. 21 Mar 1892, aged 88y 6m, wife of Horace Bill
Fisk, Sullivan S., d. 21 Oct 1873, aged 59 yrs, husband of Vienna Lindsay
Fleming, Asa, d. 4 Jul 1842, aged 33y 3m
Fleming, Jane H., d. 17 Jul 1849, aged 25y 4m
Fleming, Mary, d. 7 Apr 1857, wife of Ephraim Fleming
Hammnd, Eugney, d. 19 Sep 1859, aged 7 yrs, daughter of Thomas & Ann
Hammond, Slina Ann, d. 25 Mar 1842, aged 7y 3m, daughter of Thomas & Ann
Hammond, Thomas, d. 10 Jul 1860, aged 55y 6m
Hart, Henry, d. 2 Sep 1905, aged 6 yrs
Hyatt, Adela, d. 10 Feb 1858, aged 42 yrs, wife of Samuel Powers
Langmade, Bela E., d. 21 May 1877, aged 77y 8m
Langmade, William, d. 8 Jul 1860, aged 26 yrs
Lindsay, Vienna, d. 5 Nov 1850, wife of Sullivan Fisk
Osgood, Elvira, d. 28 Apr 1859
Osgood, George W., d. 21 Jun 1860
Osgood, James, d. 24 Nov 1863
Osgood, Sammy, d. 20 Jun 1862
Pennoyer, W. Benton, d. 14 Feb 1862, aged 31 yrs, husband of Adeline Smith
Smith, Adeline, d. 30 Dec 1861, aged 33 yrs,  wife of W. Benton Pennoyer
Smith, Julia Melvina, d. 16 Apr 186?, wife of John Hancock Carbee (CR)
Smith, Levi, d. 27 Apr 1864, aged 88y 9m
Stone, Hattie J., d. 10 Oct 1869, aged 27 5m, daughter of J. W. & Irene
Stone, Sally, d. 11 Dec 1890
Stone, Simon, d. 1 Jul 1849, aged 26 yrs

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