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Cochrane Sleeper Cemetery
Compton, Compton County, Quebec

cochrane sleeper cemetery compton quebec

GPS: 45.210200, -71.803141

Chemin de Cochrane
Compton, QC J0B 1L0

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown , Jul 19, 2005. Last updated September 5, 2019.
Total records = 154

Driving Directions

From the town of Compton, take Cochrane Road (branches off from Route 208) and follow this road past the Compton Cemetery into the scenic countryside for a few miles. The cemetery will be on your right.

Cemetery History

The land for this cemetery was originally owned by Jesse Pennoyer, Benjamin Sleeper and Matthew Cochrane. This old cemetery dating from 1803 is one of the oldest burial grounds in the Eastern Townships. It was restored some time ago and is in good shape despite its age. Many of the old stones are hard to read, however, and some are illegible. It is sometimes referred to in church records as Sleeper Hill Burial Ground or Sleeper School House Burying Ground.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were originally transcribed from all legible tombstones by Leslie and Susan Nutbrown during a visit to the cemetery in July 2005, and were then revised again during a subsequent visit in July 2016.

In the listing below, those marked with asterisks (*) are either stones that are presently unreadable or no longer exist. These were compiled when the cemetery was restored.

Some burials listed here were obtained from church records and indicated by (CR).

?, Moses
Adams, James, d. 31 Jul 1886, aged 90 yrs
Aulis, Daniel E., d. 29 Dec 1920, aged 70y 4m 18d, husband of Fannie
Aulis, Eliza, d. 1 Jun 1884, aged 62 yrs, wife of John Lafrance
Aulis, Elizbeth, d. 12 Oct 1865, aged 67 yrs, wife of William Aulis
Aulis, Fannie E., d. 17 Mar 1886, aged 32y 9m, wife of Daniel
Aulis, George Henry, d. 23 Sep 1888, aged 1y 6m, son of William & Jane
Aulis, Minnie, d. 1887, son of Samuel
Aulis, William A., d. 8 Aug 1892, aged 38y 5m 3d
Aulis, William, d. 15 Mar 1861, aged 82 yrs
Aulis, William, d. 27 Jul 1901, aged 78 yrs
Belanger, Lewis, d. 22 Mar 1898, aged 69 yrs, husband of Lete Brown
Belanger, Nancy A., b. 16 Jul 1862, d. 1 Sep 1919, wife of Alexander Hauver
Benway, Artie P., d. 31 Dec 1899, aged 8 wks 3d, son of W. & E. Benway
Benway, E. Russ, d. 2 Jun 1911, aged 21y 9m, son of W. & E. Benway
Benway, Eric, d. 10 Oct 1922, aged 1y 6m 7d, son of Ira & Olga
Benway, Idella Jane, d. 23 Sep 1865, aged 3y 8m 28d, daughter of Francis G. Benway & Ellen M. Straw
Benway, Ira, b. 1880, d. 1946
Benway, L. Scott, d. 21 Apr 1902, aged 10y 11m
Benway, Ormie, d. 11 Aug 1920, aged 2y 7m 5d, son of Ira & Olga
Benway, Phillip, b. 1932, d. 1932
Benway, Turner B., d. 26 Jan 1934, aged 34y 3m, son of W. & E. Benway
Benway, W. Scott, d. 21 Apr 1902, aged 18y 11m, son of W. & E. Benway
Benway, Willis C., d. 17 Dec 1933, aged 70y 4m 6d, husband of Estella Brown
Brown, Charles A., Co. C. 1st New Hampshire Cav.
Brown, D. T., b. 1864, d. 1936, husband of May Naylor
Brown, Espria E., b. 4 Jul 1836, d. 2 Oct 1912, wife of Reuben Merrill
Brown, Estella, d. 29 Jun 1940, aged 79y 6m, wife of Willis Benway
Brown, Fred, d. 11 Aug 1870, son of William & Abby
Brown, Jane, b. 16 Feb 1831, d. 6 Jan 1907, wife of William Aulis
Brown, Lete, d. 27 Jun 1902, aged 71 yrs, wife of Lewis Belanger
Brown, Thomas, d. 29 Oct 1884, aged 50y 1m
Brown, Violet, d. 9 Nov 1924, aged 6 wks
Carr, George, d. ?? *
Carr, Thedora, d. 11 Nov 1873, aged 59y 5m, wife of Zebina Sanders
Carr, Willie, d. 1867, son of H. & Mary, *
Chesley, Elizabeth, d. 26 Oct 1842, aged 63 yrs
Cummings, J. W., d. 29 Aug 1853, aged 64 yrs
Cummings, Lucy, d. 20 Oct 1834, aged 85 yrs, wife of Joseph Cummings
Cummings, Luvina, d. 2 Jul 1827, aged 2 yrs, daughter of J. W. & Mary
Cummings, Priscilla, d. 20 May 1828, daughter of John W. & Mary
Cummings, Sarah J., d. 4 Oct 1846, aged 18 yrs, daughter of J. W. & Mary
Davis, Jane, d. 29 Jan 1894, aged 76 yrs, wife of Joseph Benway
Farnham, Elvira May, b. 1819, d. May 1902, wife of Thomas Fuller
Ferren, Anna, d. 14 Feb 1867, aged 32y 9m 11d, widow of ?
Fletcher, Mary Ann, d. 26 Aug 1830, aged 22 yrs, wife of Isaac
Flint, Nancy, d. 24 Mar 1878, aged 65y 6m 14d, wife of T. D. Merrill
Flint, Rachel, d. 8 Dec 1895, wife of Joseph Hool
Fuller, Albert, b. 17 Jul 1834, d. 29 Dec 1905
Fuller, Alice, b. 3 Mar 1855, d. 23 Jan 1932,  daughter of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Amanda, d. 19 May 1848, aged 17y 7m, daughter of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Charlotte, d. 17 Feb 1858, aged 12y 3m 12d, daughter of Thomas & Eliza
Fuller, James, d. 29 Jul 1840, aged 29 yrs, son of Thomas & Susanna
Fuller, Jane Eliza, b. 24 Dec 1848, d. 27 Feb 1866, daughter of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Jane, d. 9 May 1831, aged 17 yrs, daughter of Thomas & Susanna
Fuller, Loran, d. 1 Mar 1855, aged 22y 5m, son of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Lydia E., d. 28 Dec 1840, aged 10m, daughter of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Malvina, b. 12 Apr 1836, d. 11 Mar 1902, daughter of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Mary Louisa, b. 17 Oct 1838, d. 8 May 1866, daughter of Samuel & Lydia
Fuller, Samuel, d. 8 May 1876, aged 70y 7m, husband of Lydia Huntington
Fuller, Sarah, d. 17 Aug 1875, aged 78 yrs
Fuller, Susanna H., d. 18 Jun 1849, aged 72 yrs, wife of Thomas
Fuller, Thirza, b. 20 Aug 1848, d. 24 Sep 1872, daughter of Thomas & Elvira
Fuller, Thomas, b. 5 Jun 1810, d. 28 Jul 1874, husband of Elvira Farnham
Fuller, Thomas, d. 28 Aug 1830, aged 64 yrs
Gage, Mariah, b. 20 Aug 1858, d. 29 Oct 1925, wife of Thomas Hool
Gilson, Clara Amelia, d. 28 Sep 1853, aged 3y 10m 15d, daughter of Jacob & Emeline
Gilson, John, (Rev.), d. 1846
Gilson, Mary, d. 1838*
Graves, Esther M., d. 29 Oct 1859, aged 2 yrs, daughter of Isaac & Sarah
Hall, Ezekiel, d. 14 Sep 1842, aged 54y,  husband of Betsey Hewes
Harvell, Amanda, daughter of James & Martha
Harvell, James,
Harvell, Martha, d. 9 Jan 1830, wife of James H. Harvell
Haseltine, Lodoiska, d. ??, wife of Samuel Carr
Hauver, Alexander, b. 1 Jan 1854, d. 5 Nov 1943, husband of Nancy Belanger
Hewes, Betsey, d. 1 Mar 1872, aged 86y, wife of Ezekiel Hall
Hills, Albert, d. 12 Sep 1824, son of Giles & Permelia
Hills, Alphonse, d. 21 Jun 1874
Hills, Celestia A., d. 17 Jul 1868, aged 39y 7m 4d, 2nd wife of Albert A. Crosby
Hills, Dency M., d. 11 Oct 1863, aged 45 yrs
Hills, Giles, d. 27  May 1848, aged 66 yrs 24 days
Hills, Matilda G., d. 1870
Hills, Nancy A., d. 27 Aug 1870, aged 53y 5m, wife of Ozro Hills
Hills, Orange H.,
Hills, Orange, d. 1868, aged 59 yrs, husband of Betsey Kennedy
Hills, Permelia, d. ??, wife of Giles Hills
Hills, Philena P., d. 13 Oct 1865, aged 29y 6m, wife of Dennison G. Judd
Hool, Daniel T., d. 4 Mar 1897, aged 15y 11m 18d, son of Thomas J. & Maria N.
Hool, Daniel, b. 1881, d. 1897, son of Thomas & Mariah
Hool, Earl, b. 4 Feb 1888, d. 6 Aug 1916
Hool, Emily, daughter of Joseph & Sarah
Hool, Emma M., d. 4 Apr 1913, aged 27 yrs
Hool, Emma, b. 1886, d. 1913, daughter of Thomas & Mariah
Hool, Ira J., b. 2 Nov 1882, d. 29 Oct 1925, son of Thomas & Mariah
Hool, Sarah J., d. 3 Aug 1863, aged 30y 2m 8d, first wife of Albert A. Crosby
Hool, Thomas J., b. 1855, d. 1949, husband of Mariah Gage
Huntington, Lydia, d. 29 Jun 1895, aged 85 yrs, wife of Samuel Fuller
Kennedy, Betsey, d. 1891, aged 55y 8m 25d, wife of Orange Hills
Kirkpatrick, Ellen, d. 6 Apr 18?8, wife of William Kirkpatrick
Libbey, Laura J., d. 9 Oct 1892, aged 77y 8m 14d, wife of John Sanders
Lothrop, Nancy, d. 5 Jun 1838
Lynch, Martha, d. 29 Jun 1874, aged 81yrs, wife of James Adams
McClary, Eva May, d. 30 Oct 1882, aged 20y 5m, daughter of Wallace & Melissa
McClary, J. W., d. 8 Feb 1863, aged 23y 5m
McClary, John, d. 14 Apr 1890, aged 87 yrs, husband of Jane Wallace
McClary, Melissa, d. 18 Aug 1862, aged 20 yrs, wife of J.W.
Merrill, Calvin, d. 1913, aged 43 yrs
Merrill, Elisabeth, d. 15 Jun 1927, aged 88y 5m 20d, wife of Thomas Brown
Merrill, Jane, d. 1930, aged 65 yrs
Merrill, Timothy D., d. 12 Mar 1875, aged 69y 6m 21d
Morgan, Patience, d. 1832 *
Naylor, May, d. 11 May 1926, aged 52y 3m 19d, wife of D. T. Brown
Nevers, Mary, b. 23 Aug 1802, d. 27 Jul 1886, wife of Henry Stanton
Parsons, Cora, d. 23 Jul 1869, aged 35 yrs, daughter of Joseph S. & Lydia P.
Parsons, Joseph S., d. 18?9, aged 71y 5m
Parsons, Lydia P., d. 6 Feb 1883, aged 75y 6m, wife of J. N.
Parsons, Mary N., d. 30 Sep 1862, aged 16 yrs, daughter of Joseph & Lydia
Pennoyer, ?, daughter of Truman & Priscilla
Pennoyer, Betsey, d. 1832, daughter of E. & Priscilla
Pennoyer, Truman, d. 1832, son of Truman & Priscilla
Pennoyer, William, d. 1832, son of E. & Priscilla
Richards, Betsey, d. 5 Aug 1870, aged 98 yrs, wife of David Wallis, (CR)
Richardson, Joseph P., d. 24 Aug 1858
Richardson, William A., d. 30 Mar 1850, aged 24y 1m
Sanders, Ada M., b. 27 Feb 1851, d. 27 Mar 1887, wife of Z. H. Hills
Sanders, Betsey, d. 28 Jan 1848, wife of John
Sanders, Charles W., d. 13 Feb 1880, aged 34y 6m 8d
Sanders, John, d. 13 Jun 1865, aged 82y 11m
Sanders, John, , b. 11 Sep 1819, d. 1 Feb 1904, husband of Laura Libbey
Sanders, Susan L., d. 23 Apr 1865, aged 22y 8m 13d, daughter of John & Betsey
Sanders, Zebina, d. 15 Jun 1876, aged 58y 10m, husband of Thedora Carr
Saunders, A. W., d. 10 Oct 1899, aged 77 yrs
Sleeper, Benjamin, d. 1838 *
Sleeper, Betsey, d. 7 Dec 1805, aged 89y, wife of Benjamin
Sleeper, Sewell, d. 1818 *
Smith, Charles G., d. 10 Jun 1875, aged 87y 3m
Smith, Hannah, d. 11 Aug 1837, aged 49 yrs, wife of Charles G. Smith
Stanton, Ada, b. 30 Oct 1850, d. 3 May 1910, daughter of H. W. & Mary Ann
Stanton, Henry, b. 31 Jan 1803, d. 14 Jan 1867, husband of Mary Nevers
Stanton, Mary Ann, b. 8 May 1830, d. 10 Jul 1851, wife of H. W. Stanton
Stephens, Sarah A., d. 9 Apr 1841, aged 23y 3m
Stevens, Coit, d. 10 Mar 1844
Stevens, Elder Norman, stone has sunk in ground
Stevens, Eliza C., wife of Richard Blanchard
Stevens, Sally, d. 8 Oct 1857, widow of Coit Stevens
Wallace, Jane A., d. 20 Mar 1893, aged 78y 4m, wife of John McClary
Wallis, David, d. 12 Feb 1851, aged 81y 8m
Wallis, Philena, b. 19 Mar 1797 in Mass., d.  5 Apr 1876, daughter of David & Betsey (Richards), & wife of Benjamin Brown (CR)
Wells, Caroline, d. 20 Oct 1851, aged 41 yrs
Wells, Dorothy, d. Jul 1855, aged 87y 6m, wife of Levi Wyman
Wells, James, d. 6 Oct 1866, aged 55 yrs
Wyman, Levi, d. 13 Aug 1844, aged 86 yrs
Wyman, Mary

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