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Murray River Pioneer Cemetery
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Murray River Pioneer Cemetery
Kings County, Prince Edward Island

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jun 25, 2006, last edited Sep 16, 2006 . Total records = 90.

From the town of Murray River take Route 18 east toward Murray Harbour. Watch for Pioneer Cemetery Road on your left. Take this red gravel road and you will see the cemetery on your right.

The cemetery was established in 1834 and after being abandoned for some 50 years, it was restored in 1973. Most stones are legible, and the cemetery is fenced and gated with a small access road.

Susan Nutbrown and I made a complete recording of all legible tombstones in June of 2006.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, ??, d. 22 Oct 1888, age: 74yrs, a native of Gloucestershire, England, stone broken
Bell, Sarah, d. 11 Feb 1899, age: 67yrs, wife of Thomas J. Lowe
Bishop, Flora, d. 7 Apr 1889, age: 34yrs, wife of Leverett J. Bishop
Bishop, Harvey, d. no date
Bishop, Levarit H., d. 13 Aug 1875, age: 5y 6m, son of Harvey & Mary
Blackmore, Selina, d. 24 Apr 1866, age: 39yrs, s/w & wife of Samuel McLeod
Bonnell, George W., d. 6 Aug 1889, age: 2y 7m, son of John W. & Mary
Bonnell, Isabella P., d. 17 Aug 1889, age: 6y 7m, dau of John W. & Mary
Bowles, John, d. 1 Feb 1889
Brennan, Elizabeth Ann, d. 18 Feb 1915, age: 59y 10m, wife of John R. Brennan
Bull, Flora, d. 3 Jan 1941, age: 87yrs, s/w & wife of John Thomas Richards
Godfrey, Emily Jane, d. 30 Sep 1884, age: 8yrs, dau of Noah & Mary Jane
Hawkins, Albert Watson, b. 1897, d. 1899, age: dau of David M. & Jane
Hawkins, David M., b. 1867, d. 1948
Hawkins, Florence E., b. 1890, d. 1912
Hawkins, George Albert, d. 21 Aug 1894, age: 21y 10m
Hawkins, Jane Isabell, b. 1869, d. 1922, age: wife of D. M. Hawkins
Hawkins, Louisa Ann, d. 13 Apr 1912, age: 43yrs
Hawkins, Margaret Ann, b. 1892, d. 1893, age: dau of David M. & Jane
Hawkins, William, d. 20 Nov 1890, age: 1y 6m
Horton, Adelia, b. 30 Oct 1850, d. 1 May 1912, s/w Capt. John & Mercy
Horton, Ambros, b. 1824, d. 1912, s/w & husband of Jane Lowe
Horton, Capt. John W., b. 28 Dec 1822, d. 11 May 1904, s/w & husband of Mercy
Horton, Joseph H., d. no date, age: son of Ambros & Jane
Horton, Margaret, d. no date, age: dau of Ambros & Jane
Horton, Mercy Caroline, b. 27 Nov 1825, d. 13 Feb 1918, s/w & wife of Capt. John Horton
Hume, David H., d. 5 Jul 1925, age: 72yrs, s/w & husband of Sarah Singleton
Livingstone, Flora, b. 1882, d. 1884, age: dau of Samuel & Mary
Livingstone, George, b. 1880, d. 1891, age: son of Samuel & Mary
Livingstone, Mary C., b. 1859, d. 1933, s/w & husband of Samuel
Livingstone, Samuel, b. 1852, d. 1941, s/w & husband of Mary C.
Lowe, Frances L., d. 28 May 1882, age: 8yrs, dau of John & Elizabeth
Lowe, Francis D., d. 26 Sep 1904, age: 33yrs
Lowe, James W., d. 5 Feb 1886, age: 8yrs, son of John & Elizabeth
Lowe, Jane R,, b. 1830, d. 1916, s/w & wife of Ambros Horton
Lowe, John E., d. 13 Oct 1871, age: 6yrs, son of John & Elizabeth
Lowe, Minnie A., d. 18 Aug 1888, age: 1y 3m, dau of John & Elizabeth
MacIntosh, Mary Jane, b. 1851, d. 1917, s/w & wife of Matthew McLure
MacLeod, Catherine, b. 1835, d. 1929, s/w & wife of James
MacLeod, James, b. 1831, d. 1878, s/w & husband of Catherine
McKay, John, d. 8 Dec 1880, age: 56yrs, s/w & husband of Mary
McKay, Mary, d. 25 Oct 1894, age: 64yrs, s/w & wife of John
McLeod, David, d. 15 Apr 1877, age: 49yrs, s/w & husband of Elizabeth McLure
McLeod, Eliza R., d. 4 Dec 1892, age: 3yrs, dau of Donald & Maria
McLeod, Gavin, d. 1 Jul 1962, age: 95yrs
McLeod, John M., d. 18 Dec 1892, age: 9yrs, son of Donald & Maria
McLeod, Samuel, d. 12 Jan 1893, age: 74yrs, s/w & husand of Selina Blackmore
McLure, Elizabeth, d. 16 Feb 1911, age: 80yrs, s/w & wife of David McLeod
McLure, Jane, d. 2 Feb 1873, age: 34yrs, wife of John Murdock
McLure, Margaret, b. 28 Mar 1865, d. 1868, age: dau of David & Elizabeth
McLure, Matthew, b. 1840, d. 1927, s/w & husband of Mary MacIntosh & Barbara Whiteway
McLure, William, d. 26 Oct 1879, age: 20yrs, son of David & Elizabeth
Murdock, ?, d. 1 Jun 1880, age: 25yrs, wife of William Murdock & dau of William White
Nickerson, Capt. James, d. 26 Apr 1864
Nickerson, Sarah, b. 29 Nov 1832 Guysborough, Nova Scotia, d. 25 Apr 1924, s/w & wife of Charles G, White
Richards, Bertha Mable, d. 15 Apr 1894, age: 1yrs
Richards, Infant, d. 11 Mar 1895, age: 5days, son of John & Flora (Bull)
Richards, John Thomas, d. 24 Apr 1924, age: 58yrs, s/w & husband of Flora Bull
Roberts, Flora, d. 22 Nov 1880, age: 54yrs, wife of Edwin J. Roberts
Sanders, Albert W., d. 10 Jan 1892, age: 18y 3m, son of Robert & Elizabeth
Sanders, David, d. 29 Jan 1899, age: 29th yr
Sanders, John H., d. 14 Jan 1892, age: 14y 5m, son of Robert & Elizabeth
Sanders, John, d. 28 Aug 1900, age: 69th yr
Sanders, Lavina S., b. 5 Jun 1870, d. 26 Nov 1921, s/w & wife of Robert White
Sanders, Philip, d. 24 Jul 1854, age: 85yrs, a native of Devonshire, England, Emigrated to this island in 1819
Sanders, Sarah, d. 28 Dec 1891, age: 51yrs, wife of James Bain
Sharam, Annie, d. 3 Jul 1889, age: 33yrs, wife of Henry Sharam
Sharam, Francis Elwood, d. 12 Nov 1905, age: 23yrs, son of Henry & Annie
Sharam, Henery H., d. 17 Aug 1895, age: 7m, son of James & Charlotte
Sharam, James, d. ?, cannot read rest of stone
Sharam, John Thomas, d. 17 May 1884, age: 20y 10m
Sharam, Lemuel Parker, d. 15 Nov 1883, age: 16y 5m, son of James & Caroline
Sharam, May B., d. 13 Apr 1899, age: 1y 16d, dau of James & Charlotte
Sharam, Pringle P., d. 10 Sep 1905, age: 8y 8m, child of James & Charlotte
Sharam, Samuel, d. 27 Jan 1880, age: 2y 1m 14d, son of William & Jemima
Sharem, Priv. James M., d. 21 May 1918, age: Nova Scotia Regiment C. E. F. 3294319
Singleton, Donald, d. 11 Mar 1876, age: 49yrs
Singleton, Sarah A., d. 15 Jul 1901, age: 41yrs, s/w & wife of David Hume
Weatherbe, Unnamed, b. 1 Apr 1872, d. 1 Apr 1872, age: son of Thomas & Sarah
Weatherbe, Unnamed, b. 3 Apr 1873, d. 3 Apr 1873, age: son of Thomas & Sarah
Wheeler, George, d. 3 Nov 1879, age: 22yrs
Wheeler, James R., d. 11 Dec 1894
Wheeler, John, d. 28 Apr 1887, age: 57yrs
White, Charles G., b. 7 Jan 1823 Gloucestershire, England, d. 16 Oct 1888, s/w & husband of Sarah Nickerson
White, Robert, b. 11 Mar 1856, d. 20 Apr 1900, s/w & son of Charles & Sarah & husband of Lavina Sanders
Whiteway, Barbara, b. 1855, d. 1884, s/w & wife of Matthew McLure
Whiteway, Huldah, d. 30 Jul 1873, age: 20y 3m, dau of Robert & Barbara
Whiteway, William, d. 20 Jan 1895, age: 7yrs
Wight, Archibald, d. 11 Oct 1887, age: 71yrs, s/w & husband of Sarah
Wight, Sarah, d. 28 Jun 1891, age: 65yrs, s/w & wife of Archibald

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