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Zion Cemetery
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Zion Cemetery
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Zion Cemetery
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Zion Cemetery
Fort Erie, Bertie Township, Welland County, Ontario

Part of Lot 1, 10th Concession, Bertie Twp.

This cemetery is on the north side of Hwy #3 (Garrison Road), just east of Ridge Road, in the Regional Town of Fort Erie. Ridge Road to the south leads into the old Village of Ridgeway. Also on this site, to the west of the cemetery is the Memorial Ridge Mausoleum. The Mausoleum is now kept locked and entry must be requested from the Town of Fort Erie.

Burials began on this property by the Anger family in 1827, 1831 & 1841. On Apr 03, 1865, Zechariah Teal deeded 1/2 acre of land to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada for a burying ground. This church, known as Zion Chapel, was directly across the street at the corner of Hwy #3, (Garrison Road) and Burleigh Road. At this point the cemetery was named Zion Cemetery and after the amalgamation in 1926, became Zion United Cemetery. This cemetery is now closed (no plots for sale) and is well maintained by the Town of Fort Erie.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Total records = 108.

Contributor's Index:

Anger, Catharine, d. 26/3/1878, age: 72yr, w/o H.C. Anger, [VW]
Anger, Charles, d. 2/6/1827, age: 1yr 6mo 21da, s/o Henry C and Catherine Anger, see John L. Anger, [VW]
Anger, Henry C, d. 13/7/1877, age: 76yr, [VW]
Anger, John C, d. 24/6/1852, age: 19yr 11mo 24da, badly weathered inscription, [VW]
Anger, John L, d. 17/3/1831, age: 5yr 9mo, s/o Henry C and Catherine Anger, John L. & Charles appear on a small stone that is now illegible, inscription added when stone erected for parents Henry C and Catherine, [VW]
Anger, John N., d. 10/3/1894, age: 63yr, S side of stone, [VW]
Anger, Louisa C., b. 1831, d. 1925, E side of stone, w/o John N. Anger, [VW]
Anger, Maggie, d. 2/9/1872, age: 23yr 6mo 9da, w/o Rev. J. W. Cutler, [VW]
Anger, Margaret C., d. 5/3/1861, age: 14yr 7mo 18da, "d/o John & Susanna Anger", [VW]
Anger, Margaret, d. 3/7/1841, age: 4yr 2mo 13da, d/o Henry C and Catherine Anger, Margaret had her own stone that is illegible, her inscription added to stone erected for Henry C & Catherine, [VW]
Anger, Susanna, d. 11/6/1862, age: 55yr, "w/o John Anger", [VW]
Athoe, Albert Wesley, b. 1863, d. 1926, s/o John & Eleanor Athoe, NW side of stone, with Wife Louise Hetherington, [VW]
Athoe, Edwin John, b. 1854, d. 1855, s/o John & Eleanor Athoe, SE side of stone, [VW]
Athoe, Eleanor Williams, b. 1823, d. 1903, w/o John Athoe, NE side of stone, [VW]
Athoe, James William, b. 1893, d. 1897, sons of Albert Wesley Athoe and Louise Hetherington, [VW]
Athoe, John Richard, b. 1889, d. 1891, s/w James William", sons of Albert Wesley Athoe and Louise Hetherington, [VW]
Athoe, John, b. 1817, d. 1895, large square stone for John & Eleanor and their children, NE side of stone, [VW]
Athoe, Louise Hetherington, b. 1866, d. 1925, w/o Albert Wesley Athoe, NW side of stone, [VW]
Athoe, Margaret E.W., b. 1861, d. 1863, d/o John & Eleanor Athoe, SE side of stone, [VW]
Athoe, Morley W., b. 1897, d. 1979, see wives below: Annie Hunter and Emma Kuhl Schmitt, [VW]
Bearss, Eliza Jane, d. 24/3/1891, age: 72y 1m 16ds, "In Memory of our Mother Eliza Jane, w/o Daniel Bearss, d/o Conrad & Charity Jansen, [VW]
Benner, Cortia Emmanuel, b. 11/09/1877, d. 5/11/1954, age: 76yr, Ridge Maus, [VW]
Benner, Dolly Belle, b. 07/01/1884, d. 3/31/1948, age: 64yr, w/o Court E Benner, d/o George Rose and Melissa Catherine Huffman, Ridge Maus, [VW]
Bowen, Frankie, d. 31/3/1881, age: 3yr 5mo 4da, SW side of main stone "Children of Wilson & Mary Bowen", Beside main stone is smaller stone for Maggie & Frankie. Dates have been transferred to main stone., [VW]
Bowen, Maggie, d. 31/3/1881, age: 3yr, SW side of main stone "Children of Wilson & Mary Bowen", Beside main stone is smaller stone for Maggie & Frankie, Dates have been transferred to main stone., [VW]
Bowen, Mary Jane Page, d. 7/7/1935, age: 89yr, SE side of stone: "w/o W.W.Bowen", [VW]
Bowen, Wilson W., d. 2/2/1905, age: 72yr, NE side of stone, [VW]
Climenhegg, William N., d. 27/5/1893, age: 2yr 9mo 7da, s/o Josiah & Hannah, verse at bottom is illegible", white marble stone, s/o Hannah Huffman (d/o Michael & Mary (Johnston) Huffman & her second husband (see Jacob Leander Teal), [VW]
Cutler, Ann Jane, b. 25/3/1870, d. 8/2/1946, "Daughter, Ann Jane Cutler" full", Single stone, [VW]
Cutler, Ellen Edith, b. 26/8/1874, d. 28/4/1930, "Daughter Ellen Edith" full", Single stone, [VW]
Cutler, Lancelot, b. 28/1/1843, d. 23/7/1943, "Father" full", Single stone, [VW]
Cutler, Mary Charlotte, b. 18/3/1872, d. 30/12/1923, "Daughter", Single stone, [VW]
Danner, Christopher, d. 27/11/1859, age: 75yr, [VW]
Danner, Joseph, d. 9/12/1870, age: 96yr 12da, White stone badly eroded, [VW]
Danner, Rebecca, d. 8/8/1883, age: 82yr 6mo 4da, "w/o Joseph Danner, White stone badly eroded, [VW]
Elsworth, Benjamin C., d. 15/9/1892, age: 66yr, W side, square monument, Benjamin, Franklin and Harriet, [VW]
Elsworth, Franklin E., d. 16/5/1900, age: 63yr, N side, [VW]
Elsworth, Harriet L., d. 14/4/1909, age: 82yr 3mo 16da, S side, name, "w/o B. Elsworth", [VW]
Haun, Charles, b. 1888, d. 9/17/1956, age: 69yr, Dk Grey Granite, inscribed on one side only, [VW]
Haun, Jessie Maude, b. 3/7/1887, d. 11/26/1918, age: 31yr, "Jessie Maud" w/o Charles Haun, "Gone but not forgotten", Dk Grey Granite, inscribed on one side only, [VW]
Huffman, Louis Livingston, b. 17/11/1877, d. 1937, age: 60yr, Large mainstone Dk Grey granite "Huffman", gravemarker depicted, shared plot with Stephen, son Louis Livingston has gravemarker in same plot, [VW]
Huffman, Arnold, b. 14/5/1889, d. 1/1/1890, age: 7mo, "sons of James & Samantha", see Jesse Huffman", Pillar stone, badly eroded, legible only with chalk, [VW]
Huffman, Edgar, b. 24/10/1879, d. 1/26/1941, no stone*, from family records, s/o James Richard & Samantha (Fretz) Huffman, [VW]
Huffman, Eva, b. 22/05/1848, d. 4/10/1825, age: 77, foot stone with Eva Huffman, "Mother", Large mainstone Dk Grey granite "Huffman", shared plot with Stephen, son Louis Livingston has gravemarker in same plot, [VW]
Huffman, James Richard, b. 22/8/1849, d. 4/2/1927, age: 77yr, large pink granite stone with Samantha, [VW]
Huffman, Jesse, b. 15/11/1883, d. 2/10/1905, age: 21yr, "sons of James & Samantha", see Arnold Huffman", Pillar stone, badly eroded, legible only with chalk, [VW]
Huffman, John Ferguson, b. 10/2/1891, d. 5/31/1933, age: 42yr "small, single stone, [VW]
Huffman, Mary, b. 1823, d. Nov 1870, age: 47yr, "Mary, w/o Michael Huffman", small single stone, [VW]
Huffman, Michael, b. 19/03/1820, d. 19/07/1873, age: 73yr, small, single stone, [VW]
Huffman, N. Mae Johnston, b. 1896, d. 1972, age: 76, Name and years of birth and death, Remembered Always, Ridge Maus, [VW]
Huffman, Samantha, b. 11/8/1857, d. 03/04/1948, age: 90, Wife (of James Richard), large stone with James Richard, [VW]
Huffman, Stephen Albert, b. 9/12/1847, d. 3/15/1920, age: 73yr, "Father", Large mainstone Dk Grey granite "Huffman", gravemarker depicted, parents Stephen Albert Huffman and Eva Near have gravemarkers in same plot, [VW]
Huffman, William Harold, b. 1/4/1895, d. 10/5/1933, age: 38yr, beloved h/o Mae Johnston, s/o William Wallace Huffman and Mary Vandervere, Ridge Maus, [VW]
Huffman, William, b. 3/23/1900, d. 5/2/1900, age: 40da, from provincial birth and death records, Illegitimate son of Effiel Huffman (d/o JR & Samantha), no stone*, [VW]
Hunter, Annie, b. 1895, d. 1937, On Athoe stone, w/o Morley W. Athoe, "Mother" footstone, [VW]
Jansen, Anderson Irvine, b. 1/1/1842, d. 10/31/1901, age: 59yr, Inscription difficult to read, weathering, [VW]
Jansen, Beulah, b. 1888, d. 1988, w/o Roy Jansen, small stone beside Wm H. Jansen/Mary Harrett/Esther Benner, [VW]
Jansen, Blanche, b. 17/2/1866, d. 1944, age: 78yr, In Memory of Blanche Teal, w/o Jesse G Jansen, d/o Jacob & Melinda Teal, Ridge Maus, [VW]
Jansen, Charity, d. 10/9/1877, In Memory of Mother" "Charity, w/o Conrad Jansen died" above break ….below "Sept 10, 1877 age 7? Yrs 6 ms", Very thick white marble, broken in half and badly weathered. in top oval, stone has been lying on the ground two rows and two graves behind original position - returned to proper place beside Conrad Fall 2008, [VW]
Jansen, Charles S., b. 2/12/1905, d. 5/7/1871, age: 1yr 7mo 6da, second son of Sylvester & Emily J. Jansen, White marble stone, weathering, [VW]
Jansen, Charles, b., d. 27/9/1876, age: 3mo 14da, "Charles son of Anderson & Mary Jansen", White marble stone, weathering, [VW]
Jansen, Chloe Pearl, b. 22/2/1884, d. 20/3/1884, age: 25da, "Chole Pearl" s/b Chloe,"Children of Jesse & Blanche Jansen", One stone for all four children: d/o Jesse G Jansen & Blanche Teal, [VW]
Jansen, conrad, d. 28/3/1870, age: 74 yr, "In Memory of Father" "Conrad Jansen" date of death, age", Very thick white marble stone with top oval, was vandalized October 2005 - broken diagonally, was propped up Fall 2008, [VW]
Jansen, Esther A. Benner, b. 16/3/1915, d. 2/28/1900, w/o Wm H Jansen, date of death, in her 59yr, [VW]
Jansen, Grace Fern, b. 5/7/1897, d. 31/7/1897, age: 26da, "Children of Jesse & Blanche Jansen", Same stone as "Chole", twin of Gladys Gaynell Jansen, d/o Jesse G Jansen & Blanche Teal, [VW]
Jansen, Infant son, b. 8/31/1901, d. 8/31/1901, age: 0d,"Children of Jesse & Blanche Jansen", Same stone as Chole, birth/death registered as Percy Orlan Jansen, s/o Jesse G Jansen & Blanche Teal, [VW]
Jansen, Jekoiakim, d. 3/12/1892, age: 69yr 4da, square monument to south of Conrad Jansen, [VW]
Jansen, Jesse Garibaldi, b. 6/6/1861, d. 7/16/1943, age: 82yr, s/o Alexander Lee Jansen & Mary Adeline Dunn, Ridge Maus, [VW]
Jansen, John N., d. 1/11/1883, aged 51yr, White marble, in good shape in comparison to others in same area. May have broken off or has sunk into the ground, [VW]
Jansen, Mary A. Harrett, b. 20/6/1839 Bertie, d. 9/9/1876, w/o Wm Henry Jansen, Inscription on east side (back) of stone for William Henry Jansen and Esther A. Benner, [VW]
Jansen, Mary Elizabeth, b. 17/1/1851, d. 5/31/1924, age: 73yr, s/w Anderson I Jansen, his Wife Mary E., d/o Philip Benner & Sarah Anger, [VW]
Jansen, Roy, b. 8/5/1887, d. 2/3/1920, At Rest, Wife Beulah on same stone, [VW]
Jansen, Unnamed male, d. 10/6/1866, only s/o John N & Sarah Jansen, Thin, white stone with badly eroded lamb near top, [VW]
Johnston, Clarence Leslie, b. 23/12/1907, d. 18/2/1926, age: 18yr 1mo 25 da, "Beloved son of Salathiel Johnston and his Wife Margaret Elizabeth Adams Sadly missed by family and members of Windmill Point Church of Christ of which he was a charter member holding many offices, and studying for the ministry at time of death. Lo - I am with you always Matt. 28:20 Your life on earth so brief - but so well lived living its mark - like a star shining then hastening on - leaving a radiance that time cannot dim. M.E.J., [VW]
Lee, Samuel, b. 20/1/1838, d. 14/1/1909, Large "L" at top of stone, [VW]
Lee, Oliver E, d. 11/1/1883, age: 11da, "son of S & R Lee", south end of parents' stone, [VW]
Lee, Rosanna, b. 14/6/1841, d. 5/3/1915, "his Wife, Rosanna", [VW]
Marshall, Keith Benjamin, b. 1/1/1940, d. 8/07/1941, age: 18mo., "s/o Ian & Mabel Marshall" below inscription for Margaret E. Sherk, On Sherk stone, Footstone is now missing but recorded by OGS in 1987& 1995, Twin of Kenneth Roy Marshall, [VW]
Marshall, Mabel Emily Sherk, b. 3/3/1916, d. 2/12/1966, age: 49yr, d/o Benjamin & Elsie (Huffman) Sherk, no stone, no inscription on main stone*, [VW]
Plato, Curtis J., d. 15/8/18??, age: 18y 11m 3d, In Memory of Curtis J. Plato, Gone to Rest", On same stone with parents, Jacob Wellington & Nancy L Jansen Plato, [VW]
Plato, David W., b. 25/2/1871, d. 10/4/1932, age: 60yr, Large monument with Plato Peace Perfect Peace at top and large urn at base, inscriptions on left and right of urn, s/o John & Mary Plato, [VW]
Plato, Jacob Wellington, b. 1834, d. 1901, Metal plaque fastened onto stone, [VW]
Plato, Melissa May, b. 19/6/1874, d. 12/13/1965, age: 90yr, w/o David W Plato", Inscription on same monument as husband, David Plato, d/o Stephen & Eva (Near) Huffman, [VW]
Plato, Nancy L. Jansen, b. 1840, d. 1903, [VW]
Roberts, Cecil D., b. 1878, d. 1966, "Father", [VW]
Roberts, Florence E., d. 10/4/1951, age: 32yr 1mo 19da, "Beloved w/o James L. Skiffington, On back (east side) of Roberts stone, [VW]
Roberts, Mabel E., b. 1886, d. 1932, "Mother" Mabel E. w/o Cecil D. Roberts, [VW]
Rose, Alice Morovia, b. 08/01/1873, d. 16/05/1873, age: 4mo 8da, "d/o George & Melisa", single white pillar stone with face "Little Alice", almost illegible" Alice M. Rose" dates of birth & death, on south side of parent's stone", White marble pillar stone, badly weathered, inscription also recorded on main Rose monument, d/o Melissa C.Huffman & George Rose, [VW]
Rose, Frederick, b. 21/2/1860, d. 28/8/1930,, Rose on base, [VW]
Rose, George, b. 14/05/1846, d. 5/26/1911, age: 65yr, base has full name "Rose", s/o Frederick Rose and ? Demming, [VW]
Rose, Louis Sylvester, b. 25/05/1892, d. 18/10/1898, age: 6yr, "Louis S. Rose", inscription on south side of parent's stone, below Alice M.", s/o Malissa C. & George Rose, [VW]
Rose, Lydia Sherk, b. 9/6/1860, d. 4/1/1923, w/o Frederick Rose. At rest in sad memory, w/o Frederick Rose, [VW]
Rose, Melissa Catherine, b. 11/12/1852, d. 4/4/1909, age: 56yr, inscription below husband, George Rose "his Wife Malissa C", d/o Michael & Mary (Johnston) Huffman, [VW]
Schmitt, Emma Kuhl, b. 1896, d. 1963, Athoe stone "Also his Wife Emma Kuhl Schmitt, "Wife" footstone, [VW]
Sherk, Benjamin, b. 30/10/1875, d. 5/29/1948, age: 72, "In Loving Memory" on west side of main Sherk stone, Foot stone to the south on grave marked "Benjamin", Inscription weathering badly, s/o Jonas & Lydia (Fretz) Sherk, [VW]
Sherk, Elsie, b. 19/09/1885, d. 1/11/1951, age: 70yr, "his Wife" (below insc. for Benjamin), Footstone on grave marked "Mother", d/o James Richard & Samantha (Fretz) Huffman, [VW]
Sherk, Emerson, b. 12/8/1871, d. 1929, age: 57yr, Inscription re-cut recently, s/o Jonas & Lydia (Fretz) Sherk, [VW]
Sherk, Grace, b. 12/25/1900, d. 09/07/1911, age: 10yr 6mo, d/o E. & M., Inscription re-cut recently, d/o Emerson & Mary (Huffman) Sherk, Mary is buried at Tucker's Corners, Fonthill, [VW]
Sherk, Jonas, b. 14/7/1844, d. 4/13/1923, age: 78yr, weathering badly, crack up side, h/o Lydia, [VW]
Sherk, Lloyd Glenford, b. 9/10/1907, d. 01/11/1979, age: 72yr, Light Grey granite with wild roses at top, s/o Benjamin & Elsie (Huffman) Sherk, [VW]
Sherk, Lydia, b. 7/11/1850, d. 3/20/1915, age: 64yr, Wife (of Jonas), [VW]
Sherk, Margaret Elsie, b. 16/12/1912, d. 9/9/1914, age: 20 mo, d/o Benj. & Elsie Sherk, Inscription on south end of main Sherk stone, Foot stone on grave "Margaret", [VW]
Teal, Anna, d. 17/2/1874, age: 77y 6m 21 d, "w/o Zechariah Teal", [VW]
Teal, Jacob Leander, b. 22/5/1843, d. 28/10/1887, age: 41yr 6mo, Almost completely illegible, broken off and lying on ground, s/o Henry & Charlotte Elizabeth Teal, [VW]
Teal, Zechariah, d. 14/7/1865, age: 75y 2m 8d, "Zechariah Teal", Deeded land for this cemetery formally, [VW]
Tuttle, James E.,, no dates or age available, "I am gone home", stone broken off and jammed into the ground, [VW]
Warner, Gladys Mae Sherk, b. 6/19/1922, d. 28/09/2005, Beloved w/o Howard Glen Warner", d/o Benjamin & Elsie (Huffman) Sherk, Rooftop Laurentian pink granite with forget-me-nots in corners, Warner on back, [VW]
Warner, Howard Glen, b. 2/24/1919, d. 10/9/2007, [VW]

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