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Coloured Cemetery
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Coloured Cemetery
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Coloured Cemetery
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Coloured Cemetery
Bertie Township, Welland County, Ontario

Pt. Lot 9, Concession 7, Bertie Twp.

Contributed by Vanessa Warner, Nov 29, 2008, Last edited May 20, 2009 [vanessa.warner@rogers.com]. Total records = 50.

To reach this cemetery, turn off Bowen Road north on Ridgemount (past Saint John Anglican Church) and turn east onto Curtis Road. Cemetery is on north side.

This cemetery is also known as "Little Cemetery Around the Corner from Saint John Anglican Church", "Dennahower Cemetery" and "The Black Cemetery"

The earliest burial date listed in this cemetery is 1813. It was originally on Dennahower property, but may have been an early burial ground for members of Saint John Anglican Church, prior to burial on the church grounds.

Between 1830 and 1860 this area became known as "Little Africa", a place where black people settled after coming to Canada via the Underground Railway. There is only one stone (Bright) that appears to be for black persons. The rest of the stones are for early white settlers in Bertie Twp, including one UE Loyalist and several sons and daughters of UE Loyalists.

Previous to me, his cemetery was recorded by Thomas B. Wilson in 1970 and by the Town of Fort Erie Cemetery Transcription Project in 1984. OGS has also recorded this cemetery.

The cemetery is well maintained, but the stones are deteriorating rapidly. The fence and gate along Curtis Road were removed by the Town of Fort Erie in 2008, however fence still remains around the west north and east sides of the cemetery. Those perimeters are tree lined. Black walnut trees line Curtis Road.

All stones except one (Bright stone) are thin, white marble slabs, many with willow tree design. Usually one name per stone, except for Bowen, Bright, Stevens & Watterhorn (multiple children per stone). Total of 43 stones above ground recorded. The Bowen stone was dug up in the Fall of 2008 (it does not appear on any earlier transcription of this cemetery).

I walked and read this cemetery on Oct 10, 2008. It includes all existing and legible stones and markers at that time.

- Vanessa Warner

Anger, Abigail, d. Mar 2, 1851, age: 81yr, wife of John C.
Anger, John Charles, d. Feb 27, 1813, age: 77yr, UE Loyalist, Private, Butler's Rangers
Bowen, Almeda S, d. Feb 26, 1837, age: 1yr 9mo 9da, Henry & Barbary Bowen, Fall 2008. Broken in two pieces
Bowen, Almira S, d. Feb 17, 1837, age: 1yr 9mo, Children of, This stone found buried under the turf
Bright, Elsie, d. Mar 21, 1910, age: 3mo, Top Holy Bible "Save in the arms of Jesus"
Bright, Slema A., d. Feb 20, 1912, age: 17yr s, d/o Sylvester & Mary, Both Slema & Elsie on same stone
Cregar, Eliza Jane, d. May 6, 1872, age: 38yr 10mo 6da, d/o Mary Cregar; "Goodbye Eliza"
Cregar, George, d. Oct 12, 1908, age: 87yr 5 mo, "Gone but not forgotten"
Cregar, Mary, d. Apr 25, 1872, age: 61yr 20da, w/o George Cregar; "Goodbye Mother"
Cregar, Wm, Sr., d. Jun 5, 1851, age: 71yr
Foreman, Elizabeth, d. Sep 12, 1830, age: 28yr 6mo 20da, w/o Jacob Foreman
House, Augustus, d. May 11, 1855, age: 71yr 2mo 1 day
Huffman, George, d. Aug 5, 1877, age: 82yr 5mo 18 d,, Veteran War of 1812; stone broken off at bottom of inscription; footstone "G.H."
Huffman, Hannah, d. May 1, 1864, age: 72yr 2mo 17da, w/o George Huffman
Huffman, Jacob, d. Aug 28, 1849, age: 58yr 8mo 29 d,, Veteran War of 1812
Huffman, Michael, Jr., d. Jul 31, 1857, age: 54yr,, deaf mute
Jansen, Eliza, d. Apr 20, 1844, age: 28 y, w/o John Jansen & d/o John Maxwell, Footstone as well "E.J."
Jansen, Jacob, d. Jul 30, 1887, age: 78yr 7mo 8da
Jansen, John J., d. Jan 10, 1892, Stone is broken and lying flat
Jansen, Margaret, d. Jun 29, 1855, age: 49yr 4mo 25da, w/o Jacob Jansen
Jansen, Mary, d. Apr 7, 1872, age: 78yr, w/o Peter Jansen
Jansen, Maryanna Catharine, d. Mar 24, 1854, age: 9yr 11mo 22d, d/o John & Eliza Jansen, Stone broken
Jansen, Peter, d. May 14, 1864, age: 66yr 1mo 16d
Rohr, Adam, d. Jan 26, 1884, age: 25yr 8 mo, s/o Adam & Catharine Rohr
Rohr, Adam, d. Nov 21, 1895, age: 74yr, "Gone but not forgotten"
Rohr, Catharine, b. Feb 9, 1821, d. Dec 3, 1873, w/o Adam Rohr
Rohr, John, d. Jul 1, 1884, age: 33yr 7da, s/o Adam & Catharine Rphr
Russell, Elizabeth, d. Sep 30, 1866, age: 52 y, w/o Benjamin Russell
Russell, James A, d. Feb 1, 1864, age: 22yr 11 mo, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Russell, Children all on one stone
Russell, Martha A. C., d. Feb 19, 1863, age: 10mo 25da, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Russell
Russell, Mary Jane, d. Jul 29, 1861, age: 16yr 24da, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Russell
Russell, Philip R., d. Aug 2, 1861, age: 13yr 11mo 28da, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Russell
Russell, Theophilus G. R., d. Feb 4, 1864, age: 3yr 11mo 14da, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Russell
Sager, Frederick, b. Oct 29, 1803, d. Apr 15, 1873
Scarlet, Lydia, d. Jan 11, 1905, age: 60yr, w/o Wm Scarlett
Scarlet, Samuel, d. Apr 1, 1857, age: 61yr 3mo
Scarlet, William, d. Jul 15, 1848, age: 61yr 3mo
Scarlett, John, d. Jan 30, 1874, age: 85yr 7mo 26da
Scarlett, Mary, d. Aug 19, 1870, d/o John & Charity Scarlet, stone broken
Scarlett, Stephen, d. Aug 28, 1885, age: 78yr 8mo
Scarlett, Thomas, d. Dec 24, 1881, age: 56yr 11mo
Scarlett, William, d. Nov 11, 1898, age: 67yr 22da
Steffens, Hellen E., d. Aug 16, 1853, age: 3yr 3mo 1da, d/o George & Christina Steffens
Steffens, Nancy J., d. Aug 26, 1847, age: 4yr 6mo 11da, d/o George & Christina Steffens
Stevens, Christiana, d. Apr 17, 1888, age: 82 y, w/o George Stevens
Stevens, George, d. Jul 21, 1865, age: 63 6 11mo 19da
Stevens, William, d. Sep 28, 1860, age: 22yr 15da
Teal, Anne Catharine, b. Jan 7, 1779, d. Oct 7, 1861, age: 81yr 9mo, w/o Henry Teal, stone is broken and lying on the ground
Watterhorn, Francis E., d. Jun 30, 1843, age: 3mo 11da, s/o (Geo?) & Sarah T. Watterhorn, stone is extremely worn - referred to May 1970 transcription by Thomas B. Wilson
Watterhorn, Warren S., d. Aug 30, 1846, age: 3mo 26da, s/o (Geo?) & Sarah T. Watterhorn

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