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Culross-Teeswater Cemetery
Municipality of South Bruce, Bruce County, Ontario

GPS: 43.980004, -81.302149

Concession #4, Culross Township
Muncipality of South Bruce, Ontario

Last updated: March 13, 2021
Total records: 2,297

Cemetery is located 1-1/4 miles south of Teeswater and 1-1/4 miles west of Highway #4 on Concession #4.

Culross-Teeswater Cemetery is managed by a board of directors.

Cemetery Records

Cemetery records below were compiled by volunteers and cemetery staff...

Nabrotzky, Gottfried, d. 5/2/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-173-3
Nabrotzky, Irmgard, d. 2/1/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-173-2
Newman, Mrs. John (Margaret), d. 7/23/1900, F, bur. Sec. O-121-2
Nicholson, Fanny, d. 5/28/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-47-4
Nicholson, John Bruce, b. 1926, d. 5-Nov-2011, Section E, row 1, grave 13
Nicholson, John Bruce, d. Nov 5, 2011, bur. E grave 13
Nicholson, Thomas Wilson, d. 3/1/1956, M, bur. Sec. N-47-3
Nicholson, Thomas, d. 1/11/1931, M, bur. Sec. N-47-1
Nicholson, Wilson, d. 7/5/1948, M, bur. Sec. N-47-5
Nixon, George, d. 7/13/1931, M, bur. Sec. N-77-2
Nixon, Isabella M., d. 4/2/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-77-5
Nixon, James, d. 6/12/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-153-2
Nixon, Jas. Franklin, d. 7/9/1883, M, bur. Sec. O-153-1
Nixon, Mrs. James (Ellen), d. 11/14/1930, F, bur. Sec. O-153-3
Orr, Alexander, d. 7/22/1908, M, bur. Sec. O-281-2
Orr, H. E., d. 10/10/1978, F, bur. Sec. O-280-2
Orr, Helen Elizabeth, d. 5/6/1917, F, bur. Sec. O-281-1
Orr, Sarah Jane, d. 6/18/1885, F, bur. Sec. O-281-3
Paisley, Annie (Colvin), d. 8/13/1961, F, bur. Sec. NC-2-2
Paisley, David, b. 1/1/1848, d. 3/1/1919, M, bur. Sec. NC-2-3
Paisley, Laura, b. 1/1/1883, d. 1/1/1883, F, bur. Sec. NC-2-4
Paisley, Loisa, b. 1/1/1885, d. 1/1/1885, F, bur. Sec. NC-2-4B
Park, Edith Addilla, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-196-1
Parker, Bruce James, d. 8/17/1967, M, bur. Sec. N-174-3
Parker, Everett, d. 11/17/1987, M, bur. Sec. N-174-1
Parker, Harold Elmer, d. 2/18/1993, M, bur. Sec. O-286-4
Parker, Lillian Mary, b. 24/09/1919, d. 7/12/2003, F, bur. Sec. N-174-2
Parker, Sarah, d. 7/13/1927, F, bur. Sec. N-58-4
Parker, Tom, d. 1/23/1978, M, bur. Sec. N-258-2
Passmore, Annabelle (Hunter), b. 1/1/1872, d. 9/18/1959, F, bur. Sec. O-271-4
Passmore, John Alexander, b. 1/1/1872, d. 8/8/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-271-5
Patterson, Mary, d. 5/24/1952, F, bur. Sec. N-23-4
Patterson, Richard, d. 3/14/1931, M, bur. Sec. N-23-5
Peabody, Anne, d. 3/17/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-31-3
Pellett, Marlene (Burchill), b. 6/23/1953, d. 5/14/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-309-2
Penner, Abraham, b. Jun 11, 1921, d. Mar. 3, 1975, Sec. N., Plot 135, grave 3
Penner, Abraham, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-135-3
Penner, Carol Mary, d. Oct 10, 2004, bur. Sec N-135A, Gr #3
Penner, Florence Elizabeth (Lathbury), b. 12/4/1920, d. 11/20/2002, F, bur. Sec. O-172-2
Penner, John, d. 10/10/1966, M, bur. Sec. O-172-3
Pennington, Donna Marie (nee Osborne), b. 10-Feb-1941, d. 9-Jun-2014, Sec 326-0, grave #5
Pennington, Evely Roy, d. 1/1/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-261-1
Pennington, Ina Alivia, b. 1/1/1882, d. 1/1/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-261-2
Pennington, Jabez, b. 1/1/1852, d. 1/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. O-261-5
Pennington, John Everett, b. 1930-Dec-4, d. 2020-May-6, age: 89, plot: 297-O, #1
Pennington, John Kenneth, b. 29-Nov-1954, d. 26-Mar-2015, Sec 247-0, grave #1
Pennington, Lancy, b. 1/1/1897, d. 11/21/1965, M, bur. Sec. O-261-3
Pennington, Maria M. (Braden), b. 1/1/1852, d. 8/23/1939, F, bur. Sec. O-261-4
Percy, Catherine Jane, b. 1/1/1872, d. 1/1/1947, F, bur. Sec. N-6-4
Percy, Infants (2), b. 1/1/2004, d. 1/1/2005, M, bur. Sec. N-6-3
Perkins, Henry Richard, d. 1/1/1945, M, bur. Sec. N-127-5
Perkins, Mrs. Mary Nelson, d. 10/11/1944, F, bur. Sec. N-127-4
Perrot, Andrew, d. 10/7/1986, M, bur. Sec. O-262A-1B
Perrot, Gordon, d. 9/15/1986, M, bur. Sec. O-262A-1
Perrott, Mary Molly, b. Jun 25, 1926, d. Dec 6, 2008, bur. Sec. O, Plot 262A, grave 1
Petteplace, Barney, d. 7/20/1970, M, bur. Sec. N-241-3
Petteplace, Bud, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-241-2
Petteplace, Charles Garfield, d. 11/16/1949, M, bur. Sec. O-211-5
Petteplace, Edna Mary, b. Jul 18, 1900, d. Jun 07, 1955, bur. Sec. N., Plot 183, grave 4
Petteplace, Edna, d. 6/7/1955, F, bur. Sec. N-183-4
Petteplace, Edward, d. 1/23/1949, M, bur. Sec. O-211-2
Petteplace, Elsie, b. 6/28/1911, d. 3/13/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-241-4
Petteplace, Emma, d. 2/3/1983, F, bur. Sec. O-255A-2
Petteplace, Gary (Chips), d. 4/14/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-241-1
Petteplace, Gordon, b. 1/1/1935, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-23B-2
Petteplace, Kenneth, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-136-3
Petteplace, May, d. 26-Feb-2017, age 84, Sec. 183-N,#2
Petteplace, Morley, b. Aug 10, 1904, d. May 30, 1985, bur. Sec O Lot 255A grave 1
Petteplace, Mrs. Loretta (Willie), b. 1/1/1910, d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-23B-1
Petteplace, Olwyn Mary, b. May 17, 1940, d. Feb 8, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 258, Grave 3
Petteplace, Victor Francis, b. Oct 17, 1898, d. Feb. 2, 1975, Sec. N., Plot 183, grave 5
Petteplace, Victor, b. 1/1/1898, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-183-5
Petteplace, Vincent, d. 10/31/1957, M, bur. Sec. N-98-5
Pickell, Mrs.Gladys E. (Johnson), b. 10/15/1903, d. 5/4/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-170B-2
Pickell, Nelson, b. 2/13/1907, d. 1/4/1999, M, bur. Sec. N-170B-1
Pinnel, Mrs. George, b. 1/1/2000, d. 1/1/2000, F, bur. Sec. O-265-5
Pinnell, Essie, d. 10/24/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-56-4
Pinnell, George, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-265-4
Pinnell, Walter John, d. 3/30/1964, M, bur. Sec. N-156-2
Pletch, Wallace, d. 10/1/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-278-4
Pletch, Yvonne (McGlynn), b. 1/1/1936, d. 7/30/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-278-5
Porter, Andrew, d. 5/15/1956, M, bur. Sec. N-182-5
Porter, John, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-250-3
Porter, Mae, d. 1/1/1976, F, bur. Sec. N-182-2
Porter, Mrs. John, d. 1/1/1976, M, bur. Sec. N-250-4
Porter, Mrs. Maud Sharp, d. 12/31/1961, F, bur. Sec. N-182-4
Pratt, Agnes Jane (Worral), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-245-4
Pratt, Baby, b. 9/12/1940, d. 2/12/1941, U, bur. Sec. O-245-3
Pratt, Elizabeth, d. 5/3/1917, F, bur. Sec. N-79-4
Pratt, Floyd, d. 11/18/1988, M, bur. Sec. O-245-1
Press, Jean Elizabeth (Norman), d. 2020-April-27, age: 94, plot: 258A-O, #2
Press, Kaye Craig, d. 1/14/1998, U, bur. Sec. O-258A-1
Pringle, John S., b. 1/1/1854, d. 1/1/1921, M, bur. Sec. N-114-5
Pringle, Malcolm, d. 3/31/1925, M, bur. Sec. O-142-5
Pringle, Miss Annie, b. 1/1/1893, d. 4/25/1987, F, bur. Sec. N-114-3
Pringle, Sinclair, d. 1/1/1978, M, bur. Sec. N-114-2
Purdon, Russell Wilbert, b. 9-Aug-1925, d. 12-Oct-2017, age 92, Sec. 135-N, #1
Purdon, Violet Myrtle (Penner) (nee Scott), b. 5-May-1922, d. 10-Nov-2012, Sec 135-N, grave 2
Quinn, Mrs. Betty, no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-224-3
Quinn, Ross, d. 1/1/1987, M, bur. Sec, O-263A-1
Quinn, Ross, d. 1/1/1987, M, bur. Sec. O-263A-1
Quinn, Viola, d. 1/16/1986, F, bur. Sec. O-263A-2
Racher, Harvey, b. 1/1/1911, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-257B-2
Rae, Eliza, d. 3/22/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-30-4
Redburn, Myrtle, b. 1/1/1884, d. 1/1/1966, F, bur. Sec. O-299-1
Reddon, Annie McMillan, b. Apr 21, 1862, d. Mar 02, 1947, F, bur. Sec. N-52-4
Reddon, James, b. Apr 16, 1853, d. Dec 20, 1920, M, bur. Sec. N-52-5
Rehill, Eliza A., d. 3/18/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-125-1
Rehill, Mrs. Wm. (Elizabeth), d. 4/1/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-130-4
Rehill, Sadie A., d. 5/3/1897, F, bur. Sec. O-129-2
Rehill, William, d. 6/12/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-130-5
Reid, Catherine (McKenzie), d. 4/20/1871, F, bur. Sec. O-135-1
Reid, Catherine McDonald, d. 6/14/1963, F, bur. Sec. N-150-1
Reid, Dave, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-21-2
Reid, Elizabeth, d. 1/9/1882, F, bur. Sec. O-21-3
Reid, Georgina Emily, d. 7/7/1962, F, bur. Sec. N-207-4
Reid, Grace, d. 8/27/1898, F, bur. Sec. O-21-5
Reid, Guthrie, d. 1/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-150-2
Reid, James J., d. 10/28/1963, M, bur. Sec. N-207-5
Reid, James M, d. 2/28/1991, M, bur. Sec. N-194-2
Reid, James, b. 1/1/1825, d. 1/1/1913, M, bur. Sec. O-135-2
Reid, Janet, b. 1/1/1849, d. 1/1/1917, F, bur. Sec. N-46-4
Reid, Jessie, d. 6/5/1899, F, bur. Sec. O-208-1
Reid, John, d. 11/13/1870, M, bur. Sec. O-21-1
Reid, Katherine Telford, b. Oct 29, 1947, d. Sep 20, 2007, bur. Sec. N, Plot 194, grave 3
Reid, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1/4/1942, F, bur. Sec. N-150-4
Reid, Myrna Dorothea, d. 11/21/1967, F, bur. Sec. N-194-3
Reid, Robert W., b. 1/1/1886, d. 1/1/1912, M, bur. Sec. O-135-5
Reid, William, d. 1/1/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-258-3
Richardson, Elizabeth, no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-145-1
Richardson, Grace Elizabeth, d. 9/5/1953, F, bur. Sec. N-74-2
Richardson, James Gavin, d. 7/7/1965, bur. Sec. N-217-3
Richardson, Janet, d. 11/5/1954, F, bur. Sec. N-74-4
Richardson, John A., d. 1/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-74-5
Richardson, Mary, d. 1/7/1966, bur. Sec. N-156-1
Richardson, Walter, d. 1/29/1948, M, bur. Sec. N-56-5
Richardson, Walter, d. 3/6/1939, M, bur. Sec. N-145-5
Richardson?, Mrs. May, d. 12/19/1990, F, bur. Sec. N-56-2
Richarson, Robert, d. 1/22/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-74-1
Riley, Gordon Lloyd, d. 1/8/1980, M, bur. Sec. O-77-3
Riley, Lloyd, d. 1/5/1990, M, bur. Sec. O-77-4
Riley, Mrs. Lloyd (Verna), d. 7/15/1989, F, bur. Sec. O-77-5
Rising, Charles Compton, no dates, bur. Sec. O., Plot 369, grave 5 (cremation)
Rising, Ellen, b. 1860, d. Feb 01, 1925, bur. Sec. O., Plot 369, grave 5
Rising, George, b. 1889, d. Jan 24, 1917 Sec. O., Plot 369, grave 4
Ritchie Sr., David, d. 11/27/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-22-5
Ritchie, David A., d. 4/12/1963, M, bur. Sec. N-212-5
Ritchie, David, b. 1/1/1828, d. 1/1/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-49-5
Ritchie, Ena May (Gamble), b. 5/3/1906, d. 8/4/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-212-4
Ritchie, James, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-22-2
Ritchie, Janet, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-22-4
Ritchie, John, b. 1/1/1870, d. 1/1/1870, M, bur. Sec. O-49-1B
Ritchie, Mary O., b. 1/1/1862, d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-22-1
Ritchie, Mrs. Hattie (Vincent), b. 1/1/1879, d. 1/1/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-49-1
Ritchie, Mrs. Mary (McKell), b. 1/1/1838, d. 1/1/1920, F, bur. Sec. O-49-4
Ritchie, Mrs. Mary Jane (Vincent), d. 7/5/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-49-2
Ritchie, Thomas, d. 1/29/1935, M, bur. Sec. O-22-3
Ritchie, William, d. 1/7/1941, M, bur. Sec. O-49-3
Rivers, Albert Eldon, b. Aug 22, 1900, d. May 24, 1901, Sec. O, Lot 75, Grave 4
Rivers, Albert Franklin, b. Jan 11, 1894, d. Mar 22, 1894, Sec.O, Lot 75, Grave 4
Rivers, Annie Dobson, b. Jul 29, 1891, d. Sep 20, 1891, Sec. O, Lot 75, Grave 4
Rivers, Annie Smith, b. Apr 1896, d. Aug 12, 1896, Sec. O, Lot 75, Grave 4
Rivers, Annie Smith, b. Oct 1863, d. Apr 12, 1896, Sec. O, Lot 75, Grave 5
Rivers, Eldon Fleetwood, b. Jul 29, 1891, d. Sep 29, 1891, Sec. O, Lot 75, Grave 4
Rivers, Mary Jane Sproal, b. Apr 2, 1875, d. Apr 17, 1923, Sec. O, Lot 333, Grave 1
Rivers, Nelson Russell, b. Nov 13, 1868, d. Jun 12, 1918, Sec. N, Lot 48. Grave 5
Rivers, Oscar Howard, b. Dec 30, 1874, d. 1955, Sec. N, Lot 172, Grave 4
Roane, Gerald Ray, b. 3-Dec-1926, d. 10-Oct-2014, Sec 230-N, grave #1
Roane, Lenore Viola, 17-Nov-1923, d. 20-Apr-2012, Sec 230-N, grave 2
Roane, Mary Ann, d. 12/7/1963, F, bur. Sec. O-284-1
Roane, Mrs. Thomas, d. 7/14/1976, F, bur. Sec. N-230-4
Roane, Mrs. Wm. (Martha Jane), d. 12/4/1935, F, bur. Sec. O-201-1
Roane, Murray Alexander, d. Apr 20, 2009, bur. Sec. N, Plot 22B, grave 1
Roane, Myrtle Elizabeth (nee Switzer), b. 12-Oct-1928, d. 13-Feb-2013, Sec 22B-N, grave 1
Roane, Thomas, d. 1/27/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-230-5
Roane, Wm. Henry, d. 2/26/1944, M, bur. Sec. O-284-2
Robertson, James, d. 6/25/1933, M, bur. Sec. NC-16-5
Robertson, Mrs. Caroline (Fairbairn), b. 11/24/1851, d. 1/7/1928, F, bur. Sec. NC-16-4
Robinson, Mrs., date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-257-1
Rome, Elizabeth, d. 1/17/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-290-5
Rome, Francis McKay, d. 5/21/1953, M, bur. Sec. N-99-4
Rome, Isabella (Mundell), d. 12/22/1904, bur. Sec. O-290-2
Rome, John Mundell, d. 2/3/1952, M, bur. Sec. N-99-5
Rome, Margaret, d. 12/28/1934, F, bur. Sec. O-290-1
Rome, Mary (McPherson), d. 7/13/1992, F, bur. Sec. N-221-4
Rome, Melvin, d. 3/4/1980, M, bur. Sec. N-221-3
Rome, Mrs. Aggie, d. 4/25/1959, F, bur. Sec. O-289-4
Rome, Wm., b. 1/1/1872, d. 1/1/1924, M, bur. Sec. O-289-5
Rome, Wm., d. 5/30/1901, M, bur. Sec. O-290-3
Roseborough, Margaret, d. 12/29/1896, F, bur. Sec. O-31-2
Rosewell, Edna Margaret, d. 4/11/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-20-1
Rosewell, Gladys, d. 9/16/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-20-2
Rosewell, Lucy Ann, d. 11/6/1939, F, bur. Sec. N-20-4
Rosewell, Thomas, d. 4/5/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-20-5
Ross, Afred Milton Scott, d. 10/22/1991, M, bur. Sec. O-44-2
Ross, Alfred Wm., d. 2/19/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-44-5
Ross, Caroline (Fulford), d. 9/27/1903, F, bur. Sec, O-178-1B
Ross, David, d. 9/24/1894, M, bur. Sec. O-178-1
Ross, Ellen, d. 3/21/1874, F, bur. Sec. O-30-5
Ross, Flossie (Scott), d. 4/24/1963, F, bur. Sec. O-44-4
Ross, Georgina Jane, d. 3/22/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-294-2
Ross, James E., d. 2/12/1980, M, bur. Sec. N-97-2
Ross, Mabel Edna (Bannerman), b. 7/26/1908, d. 9/9/2000, F, bur. Sec. O-44-1
Ross, Mrs. Pearl, d. 8/3/1951, F, bur. Sec. N-157-1
Ross, Ronald, d. 5/22/2001, M, bur. Sec. N-97-3
Ross, Sydney Belle Isabelle (Moffat), d. 7/3/1995, F, bur. Sec. N-97-1
Ross, Thos, d. 2/11/1947, M, bur. Sec. N-97-5
Ross, Walter, d. 1/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-157-2
Rowe, A. G. (Mike), d. 2/6/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-279-4
Rowe, Laura (Kirton), b. 10/17/1915, d. 5/29/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-279-5
Rowland, Emma, d. 6/17/1954, F, bur. Sec. O-165-5
Rowland, Mary Ann, d. 6/16/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-165-2
Rowland, Robert, d. 10/17/1911, M, bur. Sec. O-165-1
Russel, Allia Couch, d. 1/1/1957, F, bur. Sec. N-172-3
Russel, Infant, d. 9/16/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-34-5
Russell, Andrew, d. 10/9/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-202-2
Russell, David, d. 5/4/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-279-1
Russell, Gordon, d. 1/1/1969, M, bur. Sec. N-172-2
Russell, John Edward, d. 11/13/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-169-3
Russell, Margaret, d. 3/28/1954, F, bur. Sec. N-202-1
Russell, Thomas Henry, d. 6/16/1948, M, bur. Sec. N-44-1
Sander, Edwin C., b. 1/1/1909, d. 1/1/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-85B-2A
Sander, Nora, b. 11/4/1910, d. 7/4/1996, F, bur. Sec. N-85B-2
Schaub, Audrey Eldeen (nee Turnball), b. 07-06-1926, d. 02-02-2013, 308-0, #2
Schaub, Howard William, b. 25-03-1924, d. 16-01-2016, 308-0, #2
Schefter, Francis Paul, d. 11/15/1944, M, bur. Sec. N-47-2
Scheurwater, Hendrika Janna Anna (TenPas), b. 6/15/1928, d. 5/6/2019, age 90, plot 229-0, #2
Scheurwater, Peter Jan, b. 7-Jul-1931, d. 16-Nov-2018, age 87, plot 227-0,#1
Scheurwater (nee Booi), Sheena Caroline, b. 11-Dec-1985, d. 15-Jun-2018, age 32, plot 299-N,#1
Schiestel, Joseph Donald, b. Apr 5, 1931, d. Apr 4, 2007, bur. Sec. AO, Lot 73, grave 1
Schneider, Johann, b. 1/21/1924, d. 10/5/1996, M, bur. Sec. N-97B-1
Schneider, Joseph, b. 1/1/1904, d. 1/1/1978, M, bur. Sec. O-225-2
Schneider, Juanita, b. Oct 4, 1966, d. Oct 4, 1966, bur. O350, grave 3
Schneider, Mrs. Reba, d. 4/11/1991, F, bur. Sec. N-153B-2
Schneider, Vera (McKenzie), b. May 20, 1902, d. May 18, 1997, bur. O225, grave 1
Schneider, William, b. 1/1/1919, d. 8/1/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-153B-1
Schuler, George Richard, b. 2/28/1918, d. 8/26/1998, M, bur. Sec. O-64A-1
Schumacher, Edward, d. 11/10/1958, M, bur. Sec. O-235-5
Sclanders, James, d. 5/5/1870, M, bur. Sec. O-74-1
Scott, Andrew, d. 5/28/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-50-2
Scott, Annie Viola, b. 1/1/1900, d. 9/29/1901, F, bur. Sec. O-271-1
Scott, Arnold, d. 4/21/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-39-1
Scott, B. Douglas, b. Aug 20, 1930, d. Aug 27, 1977, M, bur. Sec. N-52-3A
Scott, Belle, d. 4/29/1990, F, bur. Sec. N-271-2
Scott, Catherine Messer, b. 2/28/1915, d. 5/12/2001, F, bur. Sec. N-39-2
Scott, Elvert, d. 4/25/1980, M, bur. Sec. N-6B-1
Scott, Elvin, d. 1/1/1979, bur. Sec. N-6B-1A
Scott, Fanny, d. 8/23/1905, F, bur. Sec. N-15-4
Scott, Jack, d. 1/1/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-271-1
Scott, James, d. 6/23/1898, M, bur. Sec. O-76-1
Scott, James, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-148-5
Scott, Jan (Tom), d. 12/30/1903, F, bur. Sec. O-148-4
Scott, Jean (Reddon), b. 1/1/1899, d. 1/1/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-52-3C
Scott, Jessie (McTavish), d. 5/4/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-50-1
Scott, John E., d. 5/3/1930, M, bur. Sec. N-38-5
Scott, Lancy K., d. 4/30/1905, M, bur. Sec. N-39-5
Scott, Lloy L, d. 3/20/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-52-3B
Scott, Lorne, b. Jan 01, 1903, d. May 28, 1976, M, bur. Sec. N-52-3
Scott, Mary (Kneplar), d. 12/12/1938, F, bur. Sec. O-38-1
Scott, Mrs. Maud H. (Fairburn), d. 8/11/1888, F, bur. Sec. O-26-5
Scott, Mrs. Robt. (Annie Grant), d. 8/16/1987, F, bur. Sec. O-255-5
Scott, Price Alexander, d. 8/31/1957, M, bur. Sec. N-38-1
Scott, Robert P., b. 1/1/1881, d. 1/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. O-255-4
Scott, Wm., no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-38-2
Semple, Chrissie, d. 3/22/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-30-3
Semple, Hugh R., d. 9/23/1944, M, bur. Sec. N-120-1
Semple, James, b. 1/11/1842, d. 7/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-30-5
Semple, Mary A, d. 7/11/1936, F, bur. Sec. N-30-1
Sewers, Charles, d. 2/25/1966, M, bur. Sec. O-227-2
Sewers, Charles, d. 6/23/1939, M, bur. Sec. O-39-4
Sewers, Harry, d. 1/1/1972, M, bur. Sec. O-81-2
Sewers, Mrs. Harry, d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. O-81-3
Sewers, Muriel Jeanette (nee Keith), b. 28-Jun-1935, d. 8-Mar-2017, age 81, Sec. 211-N,#4
Sewers, William Lorne Mac, b. 3/1/1934, d. 3/5/2019, age 85, plot 211-N, #5
Sewers, Wm., d. 1/1/1927, M, bur. Sec. O-39-2
Sharpe, Anne, d. 10/20/1886, F, bur. Sec. O-98-5
Sharpe, Annie Gertrude (Dickison), d. 9/11/1951, F, bur. Sec. O-154-1
Sharpe, Barbara (McDonald), d. 6/23/1948, F, bur. Sec. O-154-4
Sharpe, Helen, d. 9/3/1992, F, bur. Sec. O-154-3
Sharpe, John A., d. 2/3/1938, M, bur. Sec. O-154-5
Sharpe, Mrs., date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-71-5
Sharpe, Walter, d. 11/12/1968, M, bur. Sec. O-154-2
Shaunessy, Dr. J. O., b. 1/1/1898, d. 1/1/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-100B-1
Shaunessy, Mrs. J. O. (Ruth), b. 1/1/1905, d. 1/1/1976, F, bur. Sec. N-100B-2
Sillick, Lloyd Elmer, b. 1-Jan-1920, d. 6-Jan-2014, Sec 63A-0, grave #1
Sillick, Myrtle Belle, d. 2/26/1983, F, bur. Sec. N-180-2
Sillick, William T., d. 7/29/1976, M, bur. Sec. N-180-3
Simpson, Agnes Doreen (Currie), b. 11/16/1929, d. 5/15/2019, age 89, plot 166B-N, #1
Simpson, Arthur, b. 1/1/1915, d. 7/26/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-96B-1
Simpson, Currie, d. 10/4/1986, M, bur. Sec. N-26-1
Simpson, Hugh, d. 11/24/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-95B-1
Simpson, Mary Elizabeth, d. Feb 14, 2010, Sec. BN, Lot 95, Grave 2
Simpson, Mrs. Wm. D., d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-26-4
Simpson, Murden Elizabeth, d. 3/26/1943, F, bur. Sec. N-26-2
Simpson, Walter Douglas, b. 18-Oct-1924, d. 18-Jun-2014, Sec 166B-N, grave#2
Simpson, Wm. D., d. 7/4/1960, M, bur. Sec. N-26-5
Small, Gordon, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. O-294-5
Small, Mable, d. 3/21/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-294-4
Smith, Beatrice, d. 12/17/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-217-2
Smith, Bernice, d. 12/24/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-159-2
Smith, Betty Doreen (nee Hyslop), d. 6-Aug-2011, Section N, lot 208, grave 2
Smith, Elizabeth Matilda, b. 1/1/1866, d. 1/9/1933, F, bur. Sec. NC-4-2
Smith, Emily Paisley, d. 1/9/1964, bur. Sec. N-159-5
Smith, Gary Michael, d. 3/9/1996, M, bur. Sec. N-305-2A
Smith, James, b. 1/1/1901, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. O-244A-1
Smith, Jean (Donaldson), b. 1/1/1907, d. 1/1/1973, F, bur. Sec. O-244A-2
Smith, Jennie (Willie) Houston, b. 3/21/1920, d. 4/25/1998, F, bur. Sec. O-37-2
Smith, Kenneth James, d. 8-Oct-2011, Section N, lot 208. grave 2
Smith, M, no dates, U, bur. Sec. N-1-1B
Smith, Marion Isobel, d. 9/8/1965, F, bur. Sec. N-159-4
Smith, Mrs. Ellen B., d. 7/24/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-213-1
Smith, Priscilla, d. 11/19/1942, F, bur. Sec. N-86-4
Smith,, d. 10/21/1971, U, bur. Sec. N-218-5
Smyth, Agnes, d. 1/4/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-287-4
Smyth, Evan John, d. Jun 17, 2009, bur. Sec. N, Plot 287, grave 2
Smyth, John, d. 1/1/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-287-3
Smyth, Mrs. Lillie, d. 8/4/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-154B-2
Smyth, Ronald, d. 3/23/1986, bur. Sec. N-287-5
Smyth, Warner, b. 1/1/1899, d. 1/1/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-154B-1
Snider, Rebecca M. (Colvin), d. 5/8/1995, F, bur. Sec. O-259A-2
Snider, W. C., d. 1/1/1985, M, bur. Sec. O-259A-1
Sorley, Gary Frances, b. 10-Nov-1944, d. 17-Mar-2012, Sec 298-N, grave 4
Southey, Wm. Marshall, d. 3/16/1929, M, bur. Sec. O-55-2
Spooner, Charles N., d. 4/2/1931, M, bur. Sec. N-48-2
Spooner, Lois, d. 6/1/1992, F, bur. Sec. N-48-1
Spooner, Lois, d. 9/9/1945, F, bur. Sec. N-48-1A
Sproal, Charles, d. Jun 10, 1900, bur. Sec O Lot 333, Gr #4
Sproal, Charles, no dates, age: 17yr, bur. Sec O Lot 333 Gr #3
Sproal, John, d. Nov 28, 1961, bur. Sec O Lot 333 Gr #2
Sproal, Mary Jane, d. 1898, w/o Charles, bur. Sec O Lot 333, Gr #5
Spurway, Alice Evelyn, b. Feb. 13, 1921, d. Sep 26, 2008, bur. Sec. BN, Plot 1, grave 1
Spurway, John, b. 6/19/1915, d. 7/1/1996, M, bur. Sec. N-85B-1
Steel, Gladys May, b. 10/28/1904, d. 2/17/1998, F, bur. Sec. NC-9-2
Steel, John McKay, b. 1/1/1918, d. 1/29/2001, M, bur. Sec. NC-9-1B
Steel, John, d. 1/1/1976, M, bur. Sec. NC-9-5
Steel, Mrs. Mac, b. 1/1/1922, d. 11/27/1984, F, bur. Sec. NC-9-1
Steel, William, (87 years), d. 5-Feb-2015, Sec 203-N, grave #2
Steele, Charles F., d. 11/29/1952, M, bur. Sec. N-203-5
Steele, Mrs. Bessie, d. 2/13/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-203-4
Steffen, Douglas, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-171-3
Steffen, Paul, d. 7/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-171-5
Steffen, Ronald Paul, d. 5/1/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-171-2
Steffen, Violet Irene, b. 7/2/1912, d. 12/4/1992, F, bur. Sec. N-171-4
Stephens, Isabella Gillies, d. 10/31/1938, F, bur. Sec. N-99-1
Stephens, Wm. H., d. 2/12/1953, M, bur. Sec. N-99-2
Stephenson, Matilda, d. 4/28/1872, F, bur. Sec. O-162-5
Stewart, Charles, d. 9/9/1951, M, bur. Sec. O-5-1
Stewart, Dolina, d. 5/1/1946, F, bur. Sec. N-92-4
Stewart, Donald Carman, b. 9-Feb-1933, d. 15-Nov-2017, age 84, Sec. 273-N, #2
Stewart, Dugald, M.D, d. 8/22/1913, M, bur. Sec. N-92-5
Stewart, Emma, d. 11/18/1949, F, bur. Sec. O-5-2
Stewart, Gladys Marie (nee Blake), b. 12-Apr-1936, d. 7-Dec-2017, age 81, Sec. 273-N, #1
Stewart, Ian, d. 7/5/1989, M, bur. Sec. O-210-4
Stewart, John, d. 6/17/1894, M, bur. Sec. O-146-1
Stewart, Margaret Irene, b. 6/7/1921, d. 10/26/1993, F, bur. Sec. O-183-4
Stewart, Mary (McGarr), d. 12/22/1898, F, bur. Sec. O-146-2
Stewart, Mrs. James (Jane), d. 5/7/1885, F, bur. Sec. O-63-5
Stewart, Mrs. Robena, d. 5/25/1984, F, bur. Sec. N-273-4
Stewart, Robert, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-273-3
Stobo, David Robert, b. Dec 1, 1942, d. Jan 14, 2007, bur. Sec. AO, Lot 251, grave 1
Stobo, Donald John, b. 1-Dec-1942, d. 13-Sep-2012, Sec 104-N, grave 2
Stobo, Gordon, d. 1/17/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-154-1
Stobo, Leotta W. Kirkland, b. 1/1/1906, d. 5/18/1990, F, bur. Sec. N-154-2
Stobo, Mrs. Elizabeth (Spencer), d. 7/9/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-51-4
Stobo, Mrs. Robert, b. 6/4/1907, d. 4/1/1969, F, bur. Sec. N-104-3
Stobo, Robert, d. 5/1/1972, M, bur. Sec. N-104-4
Stobo, S. D. A. A., d. 3/18/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-51-5
Stokes, James Clarence, b. 6/22/1914, d. 10/1/2000, M, bur. Sec. N-155B-2
Stokes, Margaret, d. 8/15/1959, F, bur. Sec. O-24-4
Stokes, Mrs. Bertha, b. 1/1/1919, d. 7/16/1984, F, bur. Sec. N-155B-1
Strauss, Mrs. Jerome, d. 1/1/1975, F, bur. Sec. N-257-5
Strome, A. J., d. 1/22/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-145-5
Strome, Angus, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. O-167-2
Strome, Carolina Strome, b. 1/1/1858, d. 1/1/1916, F, bur. Sec. N-75-4
Strome, Irwin, d. 1/1/1972, M, bur. Sec. N-75-1
Strome, John, d. 8/8/1962, M, bur. Sec. O-167-1
Strome, Mary, d. 7/11/1964, F, bur. Sec. N-75-2
Strome, Mrs. A. J. (Myrtle), d. 4/20/1954, F, bur. Sec. O-145-4
Strome, Noah, b. 1/1/1848, d. 1/1/1916, M, bur. Sec. N-75-5
Strong, Susanna, d. 10/11/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-23-4
Struthers, Bertha Margaret (nee Harkness), b. 20-Jan-1914, d. 18-Nov-2012, Sec 12-0, grave 2
Struthers, Esther (Elliott), d. 3/27/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-12-2
Struthers, James, Jr., d. 9/15/1977, M, bur. Sec. O-12-1
Struthers, James, b. 1/1/1861, d. 1/1/1928, M, bur. Sec. O-12-4
Struthers, James, no dates, bur. Sec. O-14-5
Struthers, Mrs. James, no dates, bur. Sec. O-14-4
Struthers, Mrs. Sr, no dates, bur. Sec. O-14-1
Struthers, Robert, no dates, bur. Sec. O-14-2
Stuart, Annie, d. 7/27/1931, F, bur. Sec. N-50-2
Stuart, James, d. 2/1/1914, M, bur. Sec. N-50-5
Stutt, Albert E., d. 9/6/1962, M, bur. Sec. O-231-2
Stutt, Archibald, b. 1/1/1840, d. 1/1/1916, M, bur. Sec. O-231-5
Stutt, Archie Martin, d. 1/14/1991, M, bur. Sec. O-282-2
Stutt, Baby, d. 7/17/1940, U, bur. Sec. O-282-4A
Stutt, Elizabeth, d. 1/25/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-45-2
Stutt, Margaret (Brown), b. 1/1/1845, d. 1/1/1920, F, bur. Sec. O-231-4
Stutt, Nina (Martin), d. 10/29/1938, F, bur. Sec. O-282-4
Stutt, Stella Marion Jane, d. 10/29/1950, F, bur. Sec. O-282-1
Stutt, Thomas E., d. 1/1/1885, M, bur. Sec. O-231-1
Stutt, Wm. James, d. 6/3/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-282-5
Sutcliffe, Clarence, d. 2/13/1994, M, bur. Sec. O-62A-1
Sutcliffe, Marjorie Agnes (nee Fleming), b. 28-Dec-1918, d. 20-Jan-2012, Sec 62A-O, grave 2
Switzer, Joseph, d. 5/18/1936, M, bur. Sec. O-74-5
Switzer, Mary Louise, d. 12/20/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-4-2
Switzer, Mrs. Mary Jane, d. 12/23/1930, F, bur. Sec. O-74-4
Switzer, Robert, d. 2/12/1940, M, bur. Sec. O-74-2
Symons, Blanche Pearl, d. 2/4/1949, F, bur. Sec. O-144-1
Symons, Catherine, d. 4/6/1960, F, bur. Sec. O-169-4
Symons, Chas., d. 8/9/1950, M, bur. Sec. O-169-5
Symons, George, d. 1/29/1950, M, bur. Sec. O-169-1
Symons, Grant, d. 1/1/1977, M, bur. Sec. O-144-2
Symons, John Andrew, d. 4/19/1939, M, bur. Sec. O-169-2
Symons, Robert, d. 10/1/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-144-5
Tapscott, Sarah Alice, d. 3/26/1904, F, bur. Sec. O-27-3
Taylor, Sarah A., b. 3/30/1886, d. 8/24/1909, F, bur. Sec. N-14-1
Thacker, Anna Isobel, d. 6-Nov-2015, Sec 368-0, W1/2, #3
Thacker, Donna, d. 1/22/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-102-4
Thacker, Edward Harold, b. 29-Jan-1949, d. 8-Oct-2011, Section 0, lot 368, grave 3
Thacker, Elizabeth Barbara, no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-7-1
Thacker, Ernest, d. 4/16/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-203-5
Thacker, John A., no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-7-5
Thacker, Latchford, no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-7-2
Thacker, Mary Alvina, b. Sep 17, 1922, d. May 20, 2008 bur. Sec. N. Plot 102, grave 5
Thacker, Mrs. Ernest, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-203-4
Thacker, Mrs. Percy, d. 10/8/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-240-4
Thacker, Percy, d. 9/19/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-240-5
Thacker, Viola Margaret, b. 17/17/1919, d. 24/06/2003, F, bur. Sec. N-240-2
Theobald, Albert, d. 1/17/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-137-5
Thompson, Betty (Wilson), d. 12/27/1994, F, bur. Sec. N-211-1
Thompson, Celeste, d. 5/14/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-132-2
Thompson, Clarence, d. 4/9/1893, M, bur. Sec. N-9-4B
Thompson, Clayton, b. 1/1/1932, d. 8/27/1987, M, bur. Sec. N-99B-1
Thompson, Duncan, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-226-2
Thompson, Edith, d. 9/1/1932, F, bur. Sec. N-51-4
Thompson, Eldon, d. 6/7/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-147-1
Thompson, Ella, d. 12/4/1895, F, bur. Sec. N-9-4C
Thompson, Fred H., d. 10/3/1958, M, bur. Sec. O-62-2
Thompson, Gertrude, d. 9/18/1890, F, bur. Sec. N-9-4A
Thompson, Irene Michelle, d. 18-Mar-2010, Sec 99B-N, grave 2
Thompson, J. Carman, d. 10/13/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-182-3
Thompson, Jane, d. 3/26/1916, F, bur. Sec. N-12-4
Thompson, Kathy Mae (Alton), b. 5/10/1959, d. 8/16/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-147-2
Thompson, Mac, d. 12/29/1962, M, bur. Sec. N-211-2
Thompson, Margaret (Porter), d. 3/28/1995, F, bur. Sec. N-182-1
Thompson, Mary (Clayton), no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-133-4
Thompson, Mary Etta, d. 7/27/1970, F, bur. Sec. N-226-3
Thompson, Miss Eliza, d. 4/3/1948, F, bur. Sec. O-62-5
Thompson, Mrs. Francis G., d. 11/19/1948, F, bur. Sec. O-62-1
Thompson, Mrs. R. W., d. 12/5/1940, F, bur. Sec. N-132-4
Thompson, Robert E, d. 5/6/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-132-1
Thompson, Robert Lloyd, b. Aug 20, 1934, d. Mar 24, 2010, Sec. E, Row 1 grave 102
Thompson, Robert W., d. 5/25/1951, M, bur. Sec. N-132-5
Thompson, Ronald Warren, b. 3/10/1923, d. 10/3/2003, M, bur. Sec. O-317-2
Thompson, Sarah Annetta, d. 12/20/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-190-4
Thompson, Wilfred, d. 1/31/1962, M, bur. Sec. N-190-5
Thompson, William, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-133-3
Thompson, Wm. R., d. 7/11/1903, M, bur. Sec. N-9-5
Thornton, Alongo, d. 5/23/1958, U, bur. Sec. N-29-1
Thornton, James Norman, d. 8/7/1933, M, bur. Sec. N-27-5
Thornton, James Wallace, d. 7/18/1917, M, bur. Sec. N-29-5
Thornton, Louise, d. 3/16/1970, F, bur. Sec. N-27-2
Thornton, Wm., no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-246-5
Thorton, Bert, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. N-27-1
Thorton, Mrs. Wm., d. 1/1/1984, F, bur. Sec. N-246-4
Tilker, Eldine, d. 6/17/1958, U, bur. Sec. N-62-1
Tilker, Mae, d. 3/20/1996, F, bur. Sec. N-62-2
Tilson, Bernice, d. 11/25/1995, F, bur. Sec. O-81A-1
Tilson, John Carman, b. Mar 10, 1932, d. Apr 13, 2010, Sec. AO, Lot 81, Grave 1
Tindale, Aggie H., d. 7/12/1896, F, bur. Sec. O-192-3
Tindale, Annie, d. 5/22/1924, F, bur. Sec. O-192-4
Tindale, Harriet, d. 12/22/1888, F, bur. Sec. O-192-2
Tolton, Ronald, d. 10/8/1961, M, bur. Sec. N-177-5
Topley, Abraham, d. 6/20/1873, M, bur. Sec. O-143-1
Tousignant, Louise Amelia, b. Apr 20, 1920, d. Oct 16, 2008, bur. Sec. E. grave 8
Trench, Audrey, no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-V-10
Trench, Audrey Mae (Henderson), b. 1917-Jan-04, d. 2020-Jan-27, age: 103, plot: Circle 1, #10
Trench, Charlotte, d. 4/24/1934, F, bur. Sec. N-V-4
Trench, Jennie, b. 1/1/1882, d. 1/1/1929, F, bur. Sec. N-V-11
Trench, Morley, d. 1/1/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-V-9
Trench, Mrs. Robert, d. 7/1/1979, F, bur. Sec. N-V-3
Trench, Mrs. Wilhelmina (Paisley), no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-V-1
Trench, Robert Douglas Paisley, b. 11/14/1915, d. 10/1/2000, M, bur. Sec. N-V-12
Trench, Robert, d. 7/1/1951, M, bur. Sec. N-V-2
Trench, Sarah Edith, d. 2/25/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-V-8
Trench, William, d. 5/30/1953, M, bur. Sec. N-88-5
Troyer, Jacob & Lucy, d. 1/1/1877, bur. Sec. O-6-2
Tucker, Robert John, d. 11/17/1960, M, bur. Sec. N-98-3
Tunney, Freeman, d. 2/7/1997, M, bur. Sec. N-284-2A
Tunney, Mona (Miller), F., b. Oct 7, 1922, d. May 3, 2006, bur. Sec. N, lot 284, grave 4
Tunney, Ronald, d. 3/5/1991, bur. Sec. N-284-3
Turnbull, Janet W., b. 1/1/1860, d. 1/1/1928, F, bur. Sec. N-4-4
Turnbull, Miss Marion, d. 5/31/1951, F, bur. Sec. N-4-1
Turner, Annie, d. 12/30/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-51-3
Turner, Elizabeth, d. 7/3/1941, F, bur. Sec. O-129-1
Turner, Emma (Thompson), d. 5/23/1942, F, bur. Sec. O-130-1
Turner, Francis (Rehill), d. 11/6/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-129-3
Turner, George Albert, d. 10/7/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-130-2
Turner, James, d. 5/25/1895, M, bur. Sec. O-129-4
Turner, Mary, d. 12/27/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-129-5
Turner, Miss Pearl, d. 1/1/1973, F, bur. Sec. N-51-2
Turner, Richard, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. N-51-5
Turner, Stewart, d. 1/1/1983, M, bur. Sec. O-130-3
Turner, Wm. Charles, d. 11/21/1948, M, bur. Sec. N-51-1
Valhoe, Infant, b. 8/1/1882, d. 8/1/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-294-3
VanderKlippe, Meijeringh "Roely" (Roelofje), b. 1930=Oct-8, d. 2020-Apr-27, age: 89, plot: 243A-O, #1
Verbeek, Antonio, d. 5/8/1978, M, bur. Sec. N-169B-2
Verbeek, Mrs. Johanna W. (Loef), d. 10/11/1993, F, bur. Sec. N-169B-1
Von Hatten, Edith Mary, d. 12/11/1997, F, bur. Sec. O-78A-1
Waddel, Mathew, d. 10/2/1917, M, bur. Sec. O-96-4
Waddel, Mrs. Mathew (Mary), d. 2/15/1862, F, bur. Sec. O-96-5
Wakefield, Arnold, d. 8/25/1879, M, bur. Sec. O-110-5
Waldo, Anne, d. 8/30/1878, F, bur. Sec. O-20-4
Waldo, Julia, d. 11/28/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-20-3
Waldo, Mary, d. 5/20/1869, F, bur. Sec. O-20-5
Waldo, Samuel, d. 8/9/1894, M, bur. Sec. O-20-2
Walker, Mrs. Robt. (Jessie Inglis), d. 6/29/1873, F, bur. Sec. O-213-4
Wall, Anna Belle, b. Apr 10, 1916, d. Sep 5, 2009, bur. Sec. O, Plot 245A, grave 1
Wall, Daisy (nee Ritchie), b. 29-Sep-1918, d. 6-Jan-2013, Sec 233-N, grave 2
Wall, Dorothy Jean (nee Whitehead), b. 11-Sep-1925, d. 29-Jul-2013, Sec 216-N, grave 2
Wall, Elizabeth Pearl (Thacker), b. 7/22/1928, d. 1/4/2019, age 90, plot 249-0, #2
Wall, Elmer Henry, b. Feb 02, 1917, d. Jun 06, 2005, bur. Sec N-233, Gr #1
Wall, George Lincoln, d. 4/15/1937, M, bur. Sec. N-149-1
Wall, Grant Conley, b. 1/1/1928, d. 1/1/1994, M, bur. Sec, O-249A-1
Wall, Ira, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-245A-1A
Wall, Irma (Hackett), b. 1/1/1920, d. 1/3/1999, F, bur. Sec. O-224-5
Wall, John H., d. 8/4/1942, M, bur. Sec. O-224-2
Wall, John Leslie, no dates, bur. Sec. N-149-5
Wall, John, d. 4/24/1952, M, bur. Sec. N-15-1
Wall, John, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. N-15-5
Wall, Joseph Henry, d. 12/10/1956, M, bur. Sec. N-233-5
Wall, Marjorie Elizabeth (Arthur), b. Jan 4, 1921, d. Jun 30, 2010, Sec. E. Row 1, Grave 86
Wall, Mary Hannah, d. 4/15/1964, F, bur. Sec. N-143-4
Wall, Midford, d. 4/13/1995, M, bur. Sec. O-224-4
Wall, Morley, b. 8/17/1923, d. 4/17/2000, M, bur. Sec. N-216-1
Wall, Mrs. Anne Jane, d. 1/18/1983, F, bur. Sec. N-233-4
Wall, Mrs. Annie, d. 8/1/1957, F, bur. Sec. N-149-2
Wall, Suzan (Hamilton), d. 12/1/1950, F, bur. Sec. O-224-1
Wall, Wilson Ira, d. 2/26/1962, M, bur. Sec. N-149-4
Wall, Wm. Henry, d. 3/26/1945, M, bur. Sec. N-143-5
Wallace, Mrs. Mary Ann, d. 3/17/1947, F, bur. Sec. N-128-4
Wallace, Samuel W., d. 6/26/1938, M, bur. Sec. N-128-5
Wamsley, Charles Bruce, b. Mar 13, 1921, d. Jun 2007, bur. Sec. O, Plot 128, grave 5
Wamsley, Lois Ruth (Schulze), b. Aug 7, 1924, d. Jul 3, 1995, bur. Sec.O, Plot 128, grave 5
Wardrope, Rev. David, b. 1/1/1824, d. 1/1/1911, M, bur. Sec. N-36-5
Watson, Alexander, d. 12/6/1869, M, bur. Sec. O-72-5B
Watson, Alexander, d. 6/5/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-72-4
Watson, Jane, b. 7/1/1824, d. 10/1/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-78-4
Watson, Jane, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-72-1
Watson, Margaret, d. 12/7/1868, F, bur. Sec. O-72-5
Watson, Mrs. Wm., date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-26-2
Watson, William, d. 4/24/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-72-2
Watson, Wm., d. 2/10/1898, M, bur. Sec. O-1-1
Waugh, George, b. 1/1/1842, d. 1/1/1916, M, bur. Sec. N-4-5
Waugh, Mrs. William, d. 1/1/1973, F, bur. Sec. N-232-4
Waugh, William, d. 3/9/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-232-5
Weaver, Janetta Ida (nee McDonald), b. 13-Jul-1950, d. 5-Jul-2013, Sec 295-N. Grave 4
Webb, Lewis Charlie Joseph, b. 1/1/1896, d. 1/1/1992, M, bur. Sec. N-163-5
Webb, Mrs. Alice, d. 10/25/1954, F, bur. Sec. N-163-4
Weins, Margaret (Mighton, Wilkinson), b. 1/1/1913, d. 8/28/2001, F, bur. Sec. N-256-5
Weir, David J., d. 8/31/1936, M, bur. Sec. O-213-3
Weir, Mrs. David (Mary Theressa), d. 9/28/1945, F, bur. Sec. O-213-2
Weir, Mrs. Thomas, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-123-4
Weir, Nora Guendalyn (Hiscox), d. 11/19/1997, F, bur. Sec. NC-12-1C
Weir, Robert, d. 3/1/1991, M, bur. Sec. NC-12-1B
West, Eric Winston, d. 15-Mar-2013, Sec 167-N, grave 2
West, Harry, d. 5/22/1967, M, bur. Sec. N-167-5
West, Helen Kathleen (Nee Lockridge), b. 22-Jun-1928, d. 28-Feb-2015, Sec 167-N, grave # 1
West, Marjorie Olive, d. 5/26/1963, F, bur. Sec. N-167-3
West, Marjorie Olive, d. 6/8/1950, F, bur. Sec. N-167-4
West, Roger Douglas, b. 4-Sep-1936, d. 18-Jan-2018, age 81, plot 167-N,#1
Weston, Hanna, d. 5/18/1963, F, bur. Sec. N-178-4
Weston, R. C., d. 4/1/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-178-5
Wharton, David, d. 1/1/1951, M, bur. Sec. O-83-5
Wharton, Hugh, d. 2/6/1987, M, bur. Sec. N-255-2
Wharton, Mrs. Hugh, d. 8/1/1979, F, bur. Sec. N-255-1
Wharton, Thomas A., b. 5/1/1919, d. 5/9/1993, M, bur. Sec. N-255-5
White, Geraldine Rosella (nee Butler), b. 27-Jun-1930, d. 6-Oct-2012, Sec E, row 1, grave 67
Whitehead, Alice, d. 10/26/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-216-5
Whitehead, Audrey Sophia, d. 12-Jun-2012 Sec 258-N, grave 4
Whitehead, Everett, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-169-4
Whitehead, Mrs. Remelda, d. 8/1/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-169-2
Whitehead, Norman, d. 10/10/1996, M, bur. Sec. N-216-4
Whitehead, Pearl Annie Rae, b. 3/12/1924, d. 18/09/2004, F, bur. Sec. N169-5
Whiteman, Jack, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-73-5
Whiteman, Jack, d. 1/1/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-198-3
Whiteman, James, d. 2/21/1932, M, bur. Sec. N-72-5
Whiteman, John, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-248-5
Whiteman, Louisa May, d. 6/17/1958, F, bur. Sec. N-73-1
Whiteman, Margaret J., d. 12/28/1917, F, bur. Sec. N-73-3
Whiteman, Mary Alice, d. 1/1/1977, F, bur. Sec. N-73-4
Whiteman, Mary Jane, d. 8/19/1880, F, bur. Sec. O-248-1
Whiteman, Mrs. John (Ann Jane), d. 1/23/1901, F, bur. Sec. O-248-4
Whiteman, Mrs. Robt. (Annie Jane), d. 9/6/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-247-1
Whiteman, Robert, d. 8/5/1918, M, bur. Sec. O-248-3
Whiteman, Wm., d. 1/23/1941, M, bur. Sec. N-72-1
Whyte, James, d. 1/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. N-122-5
Whytock, Alan James, M., b. Dec 13, 1931, d. Apr 27, 2006, bur. Sec. N, lot 225, grave 1
Whytock, Alexander B., d. 5/23/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-242-2
Whytock, Edna, b. 1/1/1901, d. 8/9/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-225-4
Whytock, Everette Alexander, b. 1930-Feb-1, d. 2020-July-23, age: 90, plot: z242-N, #4
Whytock, Harold, b. 1/1/1942, d. 1/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-242-3
Whytock, Hilaria, d. 2/14/1994, F, bur. Sec. N-32-3
Whytock, Howard, d. 12/1/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-32-5A
Whytock, Howard, d. 12/1/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-32-5
Whytock, Ivy Marie (Husk), b. 2/23/1935, d. 9/27/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-242-5
Whytock, James, b. 10/1/1812, d. 1/1/1912, M, bur. Sec. N-78-5
Whytock, Janet, d. 9/2/1935, F, bur. Sec. O-135-4
Whytock, Jennie, d. 2/7/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-103-4
Whytock, Jennie, no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-7-4
Whytock, Lorne, d. 10/15/1940, M, bur. Sec. N-32-2
Whytock, M. Merle, d. 11/17/1970, F, bur. Sec. N-204-4
Whytock, Mrs. Ethel (Bannerman), d. 12/3/1993, F, bur. Sec. N-242-1
Whytock, Rae Gordon, b. 4/27/1937, d. 4/26/2002, M, bur. Sec. N-32-5B
Whytock, Wesley J., d. 7/22/1964, M, bur. Sec. N-225-5
Wicks, Benjamin J., b. 2/1/1877, d. 1/1/1896, M, bur. Sec. O-87-1
Wicks, Bertha, d. 12/12/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-87-5
Wicks, Eliza, d. 9/9/1917, F, bur. Sec. N-45-2
Wicks, Esther, d. 10/23/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-87-3
Wicks, Henry, b. 4/15/1836, d. 7/28/1919, M, bur. Sec. N-45-5
Wicks, Mrs. Mary (Collins), d. 8/24/1894, F, bur. Sec. O-87-2
Wicks, Robert, b. 3/1/1838, d. 7/4/1925, M, bur. Sec. N-45-1
Wicks, Wm. A., d. 10/21/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-87-4
Widdis, Edith Belle (Pinnell), b. Mar 25, 1906, d. Feb 13, 2002, F, bur. Sec. O-265-2
Widdis, Thomas, b. Jan 29, 1909, d. Jun 28, 1972, M, bur. Sec. O-265-3
Wilkinson, Kenneth, d. 5/19/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-256-4
Wilkinson, R. Bertram, d. 3/22/1993, M, bur. Sec. N-271-5
Wilkinson, Ruby Elizabeth (Scott), b. 1928-Jan-19, d. 2020-May-16, age: 92, plot: 271-N, #4
Williams, Sarah J., b. 1/1/1855, d. 1/1/1915, F, bur. Sec. N-59-4
Willie, Clifford Norman, b. 3/1/1916, d. 8/11/1992, M, bur. Sec. O-77A-1
Willie, Elizabeth (Peterman), d. 12/15/1942, F, bur. Sec. O-76-4
Willie, Robert, b. 1/1/1900, d. 6/1/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-186-3
Willie, Thresa, d. 6/11/1941, F, bur. Sec. N-98-4
Willie, William, d. 12/17/1955, M, bur. Sec. O-76-5
Willowley, Ethel, d. 4/12/1959, F, bur. Sec. N-172-1
Wilson, Alfred, d. 1/1/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-274-5
Wilson, Elizabeth, b. 1/1/1858, d. 1/1/1933, F, bur. Sec. NC-22-4
Wilson, James, d. 11/18/1992, M, bur. Sec. N-143-2
Wilson, James, d. 8/29/1865, M, bur. Sec. O-95-3
Wilson, Mrs. James (Elizabeth), d. 3/11/1866, F, bur. Sec. O-95-2
Wilson, Mrs. James (Jessie), d. 6/28/1862, F, bur. Sec. O-95-5
Wissler, Joan Wilkinson, b. 16/03/1933, d. 2/3/2004, F, bur. Sec. N-256-2
Wissler, Leonard, d. 6/27/1978, M, bur. Sec. N-256-3
Wocks, Christina ), d. 7/14/1893, F, bur. Sec. O-287-4
Wocks, Franklin B., d. 3/19/1933, M, bur. Sec. O-283-5
Wocks, Fred, d. 2/2/1941, M, bur. Sec. N-40-1
Wocks, Frederick, d. 10/16/1892, M, bur. Sec. O-287-5
Wocks, Hazel, b. 1/1/1896, d. 6/30/1980, F, bur. Sec. O-283-1
Wocks, John, d. 6/19/1906, M, bur. Sec. N-40-5
Wocks, Mrs. John, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-40-3
Woods, Frank, d. 2/13/1985, M, bur. Sec. O-162-2
Woods, Mrs. Frank (Linda), d. 10/11/1958, F, bur. Sec. O-162-1
Woods, Mrs. Wm. J. (Amelia Jane), d. 10/31/1945, F, bur. Sec. O-161-1
Woods, William John, d. 12/23/1946, M, bur. Sec. O-161-2
Woodward, Martin, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-236-5
Woodworth, Rubina, d. 3/24/1908, F, bur. Sec. O-86-2
Worrall, Albert J., d. 1/1/1976, M, bur. Sec. N-139-2
Worrall, Alice M., d. 3/3/1984, F, bur. Sec. N-139-1
Worrall, David, d. 4/27/1949, M, bur. Sec. N-139-3
Wylie, Angus McKenzie, b. 5/13/1884, d. 4/24/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-254-1
Yahbee, Annie (Dobson), d. 11/26/1942, F, bur. Sec. O-36-3
Yeo, George, d. 11/7/1930, M, bur. Sec. N-59-2
Yeo, Mrs. George, d. 1/1/1930, F, bur. Sec. N-59-5
Young, Elizabeth, d. 1/7/1916, F, bur. Sec. N-50-4
Young, J. W., d. 7/1/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-131-2
Young, John Fletcher, d. Nov 16, 2007, bur. Sec. AO, Lot 76, grave 1
Young, Verna Catherine (Willie), d. 11/14/1997, F, bur. Sec. O-76A-2
Young, William Hector, b. 30-Jan-1933, d. 2-Jul-2011, Section B_N, lot 93, grave 1
Yuile, Mary Florence, b. 7/3/1919, d. 7/3/2003, F, bur. Sec. O-335-1
Zagorodny, Betty Ann (nee Johnson), b. 26-Oct-1943, d. 27-Sep-2015, Sec E, row 1, #44

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