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Culross-Teeswater Cemetery
Municipality of South Bruce, Bruce County, Ontario

GPS: 43.980004, -81.302149

Concession #4, Culross Township
Muncipality of South Bruce, Ontario

Last updated: March 13, 2021
Total records: 2,297

Cemetery is located 1-1/4 miles south of Teeswater and 1-1/4 miles west of Highway #4 on Concession #4.

Culross-Teeswater Cemetery is managed by a board of directors.

Cemetery Records

Cemetery records below were compiled by volunteers and cemetery staff...

Adams, Mrs Beatrice (Keith), d. 1/1/1982, F, bur. Sec. N-54-2
Agnew, Margaret, d. 11/3/1869, F, bur. Sec. O-184-5
Agnew, Mary Ann, d. 4/16/1875, F, bur. Sec. O-184-1
Aitchison, Hope Stovell, d. 1/1/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-190-3
Aitken, Jessie (McLean), d. 7/10/1995, F, bur. Sec. O-194-5
Aitken, John Abram, d. 8/27/1943, M, bur. Sec. NC-23-2
Aitken, Josephine Florence (Campbell), d. Oct 22, 2005, bur. Sec. O Lot 327, grave 2
Aitken, Mrs. T. B., d. 12/4/1971, F, bur. Sec. NC-23-4
Aitken, Robert M., d. 5/26/1977, M, bur. Sec. NC-23-1
Aitken, Robert, d. 6/15/1987, M, bur. Sec. O-194-4
Aitken, Thomas B., no dates, bur. Sec. NC-23-5
Aitken, Thomas Kenneth, b. 10/8/1917, d. 8/22/2001, M, bur. Sec. NC-23-3
Alexander, David, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-228-4
Alexander, Jane, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-228-5
Alexander, John, b. 1/1/1907, d. 1/1/1924, M, bur. Sec. O-283-3
Allen, Joe, d. 11/1/1970, bur. Sec. N-257-4
Allison, James, d. 12/5/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-69-1
Allison, Jane (McAllister), b. 1/1/1834, d. 1/1/1920, F, bur. Sec. O-69-4
Allison, Thomas, b. 1/1/1836, d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-69-5
Anderson, Charles A., d. 1/31/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-178-2
Anderson, Eliza (Forsythe), b. 1/1/1835, d. 1/1/1914, F, bur. Sec. O-132-1
Anderson, Evelyn, d. 2/9/1990, F, bur. Sec. N-178-1
Anderson, John George, b. 1/28/1912, d. 11/26/1999, M, bur. Sec. N-16-2
Anderson, Mary Edna, d. 10/25/1994, F, bur. Sec. N-16-1
Arkell, Alice Hedge, d. 3/30/1964, F, bur. Sec. NC-20-4
Arkell, Annie Margaret, d. 10/13/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-27-2
Arkell, Elizabeth, d. 7/29/1874, F, bur. Sec. O-27-5
Arkell, Helen Kathleen, b. 2/20/1908, d. 9/19/1996, F, bur. Sec. N-151-3
Arkell, Henry, d. 3/23/1902, M, bur. Sec. O-27-4
Arkell, Herbert, d. 1/31/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-151-1
Arkell, Lillis Glenna (Kerr), b. ","Apr 1, 1921, d. Aug 29, 2020, Circle Lot 20, Grave 1
Arkell, Lottie Eveline, d. 9/12/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-27-1
Arkell, Mrs. Peter, d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-224-4
Arkell, Peter, d. 1/1/1980, M, bur. Sec. NC-20-2
Arkell, Peter, d. 11/8/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-224-5
Arkell, Wm. H., d. 9/18/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-151-5
Armstrong, Anne, d. 1/4/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-170-3
Armstrong, Bert, d. 1/1/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-21-5
Armstrong, Charlotte, d. 10/21/1939, F, bur. Sec. N-16-5
Armstrong, Donald, d. 9/3/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-265-4
Armstrong, Douglas, M., b. Jul 2, 1926, d. Apr 23, 2006, bur. Sec. N, lot 192, grave 2
Armstrong, Effie (Goodfellow), b. 1/1/1868, d. 1/1/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-298-4
Armstrong, Elsie Thompson, d. 7/25/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-19-1
Armstrong, Euphemia, d. 10/24/1952, F, bur. Sec. N-21-4
Armstrong, Florence, d. 9/10/1953, F, bur. Sec. N-160-4
Armstrong, G. Watson, b. Aug 20, 1931, d. Dec 25, 2006, bur. Sec. N, Lot 266, grave 2
Armstrong, Geo. B., d. 4/21/1949, M, bur. Sec. N-19-2
Armstrong, George K., d. 5/17/1965, M, bur. Sec. N-160-5
Armstrong, Hugh Robert, d. 1/24/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-21-1
Armstrong, Irene Sharpe, b. 1/1/1899, d. 10/16/1963, F, bur. Sec. N-192-4
Armstrong, James Goodfellow, b. 1/1/1895, d. 9/17/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-298-2
Armstrong, Jenny (Watson), d. 1/1/1974, F, bur. Sec. N-265-3
Armstrong, John McDonald, d. 9/29/1929, M, bur. Sec. O-101-4
Armstrong, John S., b. 1/1/1865, d. 8/1/1942, M, bur. Sec. O-298-5
Armstrong, John Stewart, b. 1/1/1921, d. 9/3/1931, M, bur. Sec. O-298-3
Armstrong, Lisa Marie, b. 10/5/1965, d. 8/21/2001, F, bur. Sec. N-265-1
Armstrong, Llewella E. Pletch, d. 10/27/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-21-2
Armstrong, Mary (Thompson), b. 1/1/1900, d. 1/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-298-1
Armstrong, Nancy, b. 4/18/1848, d. 4/14/1926, F, bur. Sec. N-145-4
Armstrong, R. Cormach, d. 10/25/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-265-2
Armstrong, Robert James, b. 1/1/1899, d. 10/8/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-192-5
Armstrong, Robert, d. 1/18/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-19-5
Armstrong, Wm., d. 1/27/1942, M, bur. Sec. N-18-5
Arscott, Caroline, d. 3/13/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-69-4
Arscott, Robert, d. 3/1/1933, M, bur. Sec. N-69-5
Attwood, Amos, d. 1/11/1988, M, bur. Sec. N-206-5
Attwood, Harriet Ruth, b. 8/5/1929, d. 9/24/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-206-2
Attwood, Pearl Elizabeth, d. 8/26/1956, F, bur. Sec. N-206-4
Atwell, Ann, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-41-5B
Austin, John, d. 9/6/1891, M, bur. Sec. O-7-1
Babb, Aurelias Moses, d. 12/10/1940, M, bur. Sec. N-131-5
Babb, Jean, d. 10/5/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-131-2
Babb, Mrs. Annie McQuarrie, d. 9/27/1946, F, bur. Sec. N-131-4
Baetz, Margaret Elizabeth (nee McDonald), b. 18-Dec-1943, d. 9-Jun-2013, Sec 66-0, grave 1
Baker, Harry, b. 1/1/1861, d. 1/1/1927, M, bur. Sec. N-144-5
Ballagh, Alexander, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-45-4
Ballagh, Annie, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-208-4
Ballagh, Arthur, d. 2/28/1983, M, bur. Sec. N-129-5
Ballagh, Calara Mildred, d. 7/2/1901, F, bur. Sec. O-133-3
Ballagh, Elizabeth (Hall), d. 12/1/1944, F, bur. Sec. O-274-3
Ballagh, Elsie Clara, d. Feb 17, 2009, bur. Sec. N, Plot 126, grave 3
Ballagh, Evelyn May, d. 10/8/1950, F, bur. Sec. N-129-4
Ballagh, Fleming Alexander, d. 8/20/1950, M, bur. Sec. O-208-3
Ballagh, Fleming Sr., d. 11/19/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-134-2
Ballagh, Hamilton Hugo, d. 1/23/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-24-1
Ballagh, Hamilton, d. 6/12/1901, M, bur. Sec. O-48-3
Ballagh, Henry, d. 3/4/1991, M, bur. Sec. N-273A-1
Ballagh, James, b. 1/1/1847, d. 1/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. O-133-2
Ballagh, John Lloyd, d. 12/19/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-24-2
Ballagh, Katie S. (Rowland), b. 1/1/1859, d. 1/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-133-1
Ballagh, Lavonne Nelda, d. 1/26/1997, F, bur. Sec. N-28-2
Ballagh, Lina J. (Jeffary), d. 3/20/1900, F, bur. Sec. O-133-5
Ballagh, Lois Carol (nee Wall), b. 11-Oct-1956, d. 12-Feb-2013, Sec 259-N,grave 1
Ballagh, Lorne MacDonald, b. 02-04-1930, d. 05-12-2015, 126-N, #3
Ballagh, Mabel, d. 11/1/1982, F, bur. Sec. O-274-2
Ballagh, Margaret (McDaniel), d. 12/23/1887, F, bur. Sec. O-134-1
Ballagh, Margaret Ruth (nee Bradburn), b. 07-01-1925, d. 07-12-2016, 128-N, #1
Ballagh, Marie, d. 6/16/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-47-1
Ballagh, Mary Grace (nee Sewers), b. 9-Mar-1921, d. 26-May-2014, Sec 81-0, grave #4
Ballagh, Mrs. Ann, d. 10/16/1874, F, bur. Sec. O-48-4
Ballagh, Mrs. Annie (Rowland), d. 5/18/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-88-4
Ballagh, Mrs. Fleming (Margaret), d. 12/10/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-134-3
Ballagh, Mrs. Mary (Hyslop), d. 2/28/1966, F, bur. Sec. O-207-5
Ballagh, Mrs. Rowland, b. 1/1/1901, d. 11/19/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-28-4
Ballagh, Mrs. Wilhelmina, d. 6/1/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-126-2
Ballagh, Mrs. William (Jane), d. 5/30/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-207-1
Ballagh, Ramona Katherine (nee Murray), b. 24-Sep-1919, d. 29-Apr-2013, Sec 273A-N, grave 2
Ballagh, Robert, b. 1/14/1849, d. 6/19/1938, M, bur. Sec. O-274-4
Ballagh, Roland, d. 10/24/1984, M, bur. Sec. N-28-5
Ballagh, Sarah Ann (Wylie), b. 1/1/1859, d. 8/5/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-254-4
Ballagh, Sarah J., d. 5/9/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-57-1
Ballagh, Wallace Arthur, b. 3-Jun-1930, d. 11-Dec-2013, Sec 128-N,grave 2
Ballagh, Walter Hall, d. 1/2/1983, M, bur. Sec. N-126-3
Ballagh, William J., d. 9/25/1912, M, bur. Sec. O-254-5
Ballagh, William, d. 11/20/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-207-2
Ballagh, William, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-208-5
Ballagh, Wm. John, d. 9/13/1939, M, bur. Sec. O-24-5
Balser, Leverett Dean, M., b. Aug 1, 1923, d. Jun 1, 2006, bur. Sec. E 1, grave 60
Balser, Velma Catherine (Scott), b. 3/29/1917, d. 5/29/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-187-1
Bannerman, George, d. 10/13/1969, M, bur. Sec. O-163-2
Bannerman, Jean Marie (Keith), b. 2/21/1927, d. 5/9/2019, age 92, plot 179-0, #1
Bannerman, Midford, d. 4/9/1977, M, bur. Sec. O-164-4
Bannerman, Mrs. George (Caroline), d. 7/20/1966, F, bur. Sec. O-163-1
Bannerman, Mrs. Winnifred (Sims), b. 1/1/1897, d. 1/1/1976, F, bur. Sec. O-164-2
Bannerman, Wm. E., b. 9/5/1895, d. 1/26/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-164-3
Baptist, Eileen, d. 10/28/1983, F, bur. Sec. N-188-5
Baptist, James, d. 10/20/1918, M, bur. Sec. N-95-5
Baptist, Maggie, d. 11/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. N-95-2
Baptist, Mary Elizabeth, d. 11/14/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-202-4
Baptist, Russell, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-188-4
Baptist, Willard, d. 6/22/1952, M, bur. Sec. N-188-1
Baptist, Wm., d. 5/29/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-202-5
Barbour, Elizabeth (Overholt), b. 1/1/1832, d. 1/1/1922, F, bur. Sec. O-260-3
Barbour, Robert, b. 1/1/1829, d. 1/1/1914, M, bur. Sec. O-260-5
Barraclough (nee Sutherland), Patricia Dorothy, b. 17-Mar-1938, d. 15-Feb-2017, age 78, Sec. 68A-0,#1
Bartlett, Elsie Irene, d. 2/25/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-83-1
Bates, Arthur William, b. 3/8/1919, d. 3/1/2003, M, bur. Sec. N-247-1
Bates, Jessie Helen Jenkins, b. 3/3/1922, d. 8/14/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-247-2
Bates, Robert, d. 9/4/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-247-5
Battershell, F., d. 10/13/1984, U, bur. Sec. O-220-4
Battershell, Mildred, d. 8/17/1989, F, bur. Sec. O-220-4B
Beaumont, Hipsy, b. 10/1/1861, d. 7/18/1911, U, bur. Sec. O-2-4
Becking, Agnes, d. 12/19/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-106-1
Becking, Emma Anna Marie (Doepel), d. 4/3/1934, F, bur. Sec. O-241-2
Becking, Harold George, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-241-1B
Becking, Hugh, d. 5/9/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-106-5
Becking, John, d. 2/9/1939, M, bur. Sec. N-106-2
Becking, John, d. 6/22/1919, M, bur. Sec. O-241-4
Becking, Margaret Alice, d. 2/9/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-106-4
Becking, Mrs. John (Margaret), d. 12/18/1898, F, bur. Sec. O-241-5
Becking, Vera E., d. 9/2/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-241-1
Becking, William, d. 11/3/1933, M, bur. Sec. O-241-3
Bell, Agnes (Shaw), b. 1/1/1840, d. 1/1/1883, F, bur. Sec. O-229-5
Bell, Ann Bernice (nee Leeson), b. 07--3-1923, d. 20-07-2016, 101B-N, #2
Bell, Clara Annie Alexy, b. 17/06/1909, d. 2/11/2004, F, bur. Sec. O-109-2
Bell, Donald, d. 10/16/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-293-5
Bell, Douglas Morell, b. Sep 16, 1930, d. Jan 3, 2010, Sec.O, Lot 174, Grave 2
Bell, Eliza Jane, b. 1/1/1853, d. 1/1/1932, F, bur. Sec. N-9-3
Bell, Eliza Jane, d. 9/12/1883, F, bur. Sec. O-100-1
Bell, Elva (Lamont), d. 6/23/1965, F, bur. Sec. N-205-1
Bell, Eramus, b. 1/1/1831, d. 1/1/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-229-4
Bell, George, d. 10/1/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-109-4
Bell, George, d. 12/6/1922, M, bur. Sec. O-100-4
Bell, Irene M. (Hanna), b. 1/1/1902, d. 1/1/1975, F, bur. Sec. O-174-1
Bell, Jeremiah, d. 5/16/1890, M, bur. Sec. O-100-2
Bell, Mary (stewart), d. 7/13/1917, F, bur. Sec. O-100-5
Bell, Mathew, b. 1/1/1910, d. 1/1/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-101B-2
Bell, Morrell, d. 2/19/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-174-3
Bell, Mrs. Jeremiah (Francis), d. 9/28/1892, F, bur. Sec. O-100-3
Bell, Mrs. Mary, d. 3/14/1964, F, bur. Sec. O-109-5
Bell, Mrs. Wm., d. 1/1/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-205-4
Bell, Samuel, d. 4/29/1967, M, bur. Sec. N-205-2
Bell, Wm., d. 8/13/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-205-5
Benedict, Adeline May, b. Jan 19, 1928, d. Nov 29, 2010, Sec. AO, Lot 71, Grave 2
Benedict, Ian Beverly, b. Mar 02, 1926, d. Dec 11, 2007 bur. Sec. AO, Plot 71, grave 1
Bestward, Jennifer Rose (nee Verkerk), b. 24-Dec-1949, d. 20-May-2015, Sec 298-N, grave 33
Bestward, Keith Bruce, (age 56) d. 2-Oct-1996 Sec 298-N, grave #3
Betts, Jean (MacLeod), d. 10/24/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-224-1B
Betts, Lorne, d. 8/5/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-224-1
Binner, Janet, d. 1/24/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-258-5
Bird, Mrs. Margaret, d. 10/30/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-218-3
Birkmeyer, Anne (Sewers), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-221-1B
Birkmeyer, Frederick, d. 7/17/1968, M, bur. Sec. O-221-2
Blackwell, Earl, d. 4/1/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-253-4
Blackwell, Harry, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-253-2
Blackwell, Jean Isabel, d. 3/22/1997, F, bur. Sec. N-253-1
Blackwell, John Glenn, b. 4/20/1930, d. 8/9/1999, M, bur. Sec. N-254-1
Blackwell, Mary, d. 4/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-253-3
Blackwell, Mildred Matilda (Rettinger), b. 1932-Jan-15, d. 2020-Apr-29, age: 88, plot: 254-N, #2
Blair, Archibald, d. 5/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-112-5
Blair, Mary Edna (Whiteman), b. 12/24/1907, d. 3/6/2003, F, bur. Sec. N-112-4
Blair, Mrs. Janet (McDonald), d. 3/6/1935, F, bur. Sec. NC-14-2
Blair, Mrs. Mary Bell (Robertson), b. 7/13/1867, d. 3/4/1927, F, bur. Sec. NC-14-4
Blair, Samuel Blair, d. 8/28/1937, M, bur. Sec. N-112-3
Blair, Samuel, d. 8/22/1956, M, bur. Sec. NC-14-5
Bloomfield, Fred, b. 1/1/1922, d. 7/9/1984, M, bur. Sec. O-278-1
Bloomfield, Mary Ester, d. 2005, bur. Sec. O Lot 278, grave 1
Bolton, Ms, no dates, U, bur. Sec. N-1-1
Booth, Robert, d. 6/18/1864, M, bur. Sec. O-195-1
Bowin, Ermine J., d. 2/21/1948, U, bur. Sec. O-213-5
Boyd, Elizabeth, d. 7/24/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-121-4
Boyd, James, d. 10/16/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-121-5
Boyd, John James, d. 7/20/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-121-3
Braden, Samuel, b. 7/19/1863, d. 7/13/1921, M, bur. Sec. NC-4-1
Bragg, Joyce Louise Donalda, b. Aug 27, 1935, d. Aug 25, 2007, bur. Sec. O, Lot 75, grave 1
Bragg, Vibert Wilburn Bernie, b. 2/15/1933, d. 6/11/2019, age 86, plot 75-0, #2
Brasjen, Jan, d. 12/11/1985, M, bur. Sec. O-254A-1
Brasjen, Klaase (Kaye), d. 2/19/1995, F, bur. Sec. O-254A-2
Breadley, Annie Louise, d. 11/21/1942, F, bur. Sec. N-63-4
Bregman, Keith Allan, b. 1957, d. 3-Sep-2017, Sec. 296-N,#3
Bregman, Robert Abraham, b. 1930-Oct-10, d. 2020-Sept-20, age: 89, plot: 291-N, #1
Brill, Louisa E., b. 5/15/1910, d. 10/10/2001, F, bur. Sec. O-66-2
Brill, S. R., date unknown, U, bur. Sec. O-66-5
Brink, L. A., no dates, U, bur. Sec. O-31-3
Brooks, Beatrice, F., b. Sep 15, 1924, d. Mar 12, 2006, bur. Sec.N lot 311 grave 1
Brooks, William, b. 2/4/1920, d. 6/9/1998, M, bur. Sec. N-311-2
Brown, Albert, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-185-5
Brown, Alfred P., b. 1/1/1856, d. 1/1/1913, M, bur. Sec. O-185-4
Brown, Ann, d. 11/2/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-48-2
Brown, Beatrice Margaret, d. 2-Aug-2009, Sec 94-N, grave 1
Brown, Bonnie Lee, d. 7/19/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-94-3
Brown, Eleanor Gordon, d. 12/25/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-163-2
Brown, Elizabeth (Ronson), b. 1/1/1816, d. 1/1/1890, F, bur. Sec. O-185-2
Brown, Hanna H., d. 6/8/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-72-3
Brown, Harold Wilfred, d. 17-Sep-1997, Sec 94-N, grave 1
Brown, James R., b. 1/1/1840, d. 1/1/1895, M, bur. Sec. O-185-2B
Brown, James Wallace, d. Jul 20, 2008, bur. Sec. N, Plot 158, grave 3
Brown, James, d. 5/29/1911, M, bur. Sec. O-138-3
Brown, Mary Ann (Chisholm), d. 1/19/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-138-4
Brown, Mary Ann, b. 1/1/1829, d. 1/1/1907, F, bur. Sec. N-3-3
Brown, Mrs. Wm. (Ann), d. 4/1/1872, F, bur. Sec. O-138-5
Brown, Percy, b. 3/29/1922, d. 1/25/2000, M, bur. Sec. O-247A-1
Brown, Peter B., b. 1/1/1816, d. 1/1/1874, M, bur. Sec. O-185-1
Brown, Sarah J., b. 1/1/1856, d. 1/1/1887, F, bur. Sec. O-185-3
Brown, Twyla Irene, b. 15-Aug-1928, d. 13-Aug-2012, Sec 158-N, grave 3
Brown, Yvonne Eleanor, b. 6/19/1931, d. 6/19/2003, F, bur. Sec. AO-247-2
Bruder, Irene, d. 8/30/1982, F, bur. Sec. N-71-4
Buie, Alma, d. 2/27/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-199-4
Bullard, Abraham, d. 7/28/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-205-5
Bullard, Mrs. Abraham (Jane), d. 9/9/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-205-4
Bunton, Elizabeth (Bayley), d. 1/25/1893, F, bur. Sec. O-212-2
Bunton, Ellen (Hooey), d. 1/17/1917, F, bur. Sec. O-212-4
Bunton, John, d. 5/31/1895, M, bur. Sec. O-212-1
Bunton, Mathew W., d. 7/25/1893, M, bur. Sec. O-212-5
Bunton, Nellie, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-212-3
Burns, Jessie (McKay), b. 1/1/1903, d. 1/1/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-189-2
Butchart, Mrs.W. J.(Margaret H.), b. 1/1/1883, d. 1/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-181-2
Butcher, Edna & Llola, d. 8/30/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-8-3
Butcher, Elizabeth, d. 2/7/1955, F, bur. Sec. O-8-1
Button, Annie May, d. 11/18/1966, F, bur. Sec. NC-22-3
Button, Cecil, b. 1/1/1901, d. 7/14/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-268-3
Button, Charles, d. 10/19/1967, M, bur. Sec. O-159-2
Button, Charles, d. 7/25/1919, M, bur. Sec. O-160-2
Button, Charloute H. (Smith), d. 7/26/1910, F, bur. Sec. O-160-4
Button, Elizabeth May, b. 1/1/1877, d. 1/1/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-160-5
Button, George, d. 3/2/1943, M, bur. Sec. NC-21-5
Button, Inez M. (Sacerty), b. 1/1/1917, d. 9/22/1988, bur. Sec. O-268-4
Button, Isabel Tennant, d. 9/9/1943, F, bur. Sec. NC-22-1
Button, James, d. 7/23/1932, M, bur. Sec. NC-22-5
Button, Mary Jane, d. 2/19/1944, F, bur. Sec. NC-21-4
Button, Mrs. Wm. (Mary Ann), d. 11/27/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-159-4
Button, Murray, d. 7/28/1954, M, bur. Sec. O-160-1
Button, William, d. 10/12/1879, M, bur. Sec. O-159-5
Caesar. Donald "Dan" Charles, b. 8-May-1931, d. 10-Mar-2015 Sec 313-N, grave #2
Caesar, Doris (Struthers), d. 2020-Mar-25, age: 83, plot: 313-N, #1
Cameron, Alex., d. 4/20/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-113-3
Cameron, Alexander, d. 10/20/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-13-2
Cameron, Kenneth, d. 4/17/1861, M, bur. Sec. O-13-4
Campbell, Alexander, d. 6/19/1883, M, bur. Sec. O-155-1
Campbell, Catherine (McLennan), b. 1/1/1843, d. 1/1/1916, F, bur. Sec. O-191-4
Campbell, John, b. 1/1/1844, d. 1/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. O-191-5
Campbell, John, d. 6/20/1866, bur. Sec. O-285-5
Campbell, Midford, d. 9/3/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-23-1
Campbell, Mrs. Alex. (Margaret), d. 2/24/1902, F, bur. Sec. O-155-2
Campbell, Mrs. John (Ann), d. 9/13/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-91-3
Campbell, Mrs. Midford S, d. 4/9/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-23-2
Campbell, Robert, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-85-4
Carmichael, Donald, d. 12/29/1869, M, bur. Sec. O-206-4
Carson, Isabella, d. 2/15/1899, F, bur. Sec, O-195-2
Carson, Isabella, d. 2/15/1899, F, bur. Sec. O-195-2
Carson, James, d. 12/27/1899, M, bur. Sec. O-195-3
Carter, Millicent, d. 12/30/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-258-5
Case, Adam, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-61-4
Case, Charlotte, d. 10/14/1954, F, bur. Sec. N-184-4
Case, Eliza (McNaughton), d. 2/12/1963, F, bur. Sec. O-250-2
Case, George, b. 1/1/1864, d. 1/1/1866, M, bur. Sec. O-250-5B
Case, Georgina, b. 1/1/1866, d. 1/1/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-236-1
Case, John M., b. 1/1/1864, d. 1/1/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-250-1
Case, John, d. 11/11/1956, M, bur. Sec. N-184-5
Case, Margaret (McIntyre), b. 1/1/1864, d. 1/1/1916, F, bur. Sec. O-250-4
Case, Mrs. Adam, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-61-5
Case, William, d. 6/3/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-250-5
Caslick, Elizabeth (Grant), d. 7/11/1941, F, bur. Sec. O-149-2
Caslick, Evelyn Grace (McAllister), b. 1927, d. 5/30/2019, age 91, plot 165-N, #1
Caslick, Jane Agnes (Harkness), d. 10/4/1954, F, bur. Sec. O-269-4
Caslick, John, b. 1/1/1873, d. 1/1/1960, M, bur. Sec. O-269-5
Caslick, John, d. 8/27/1933, M, bur. Sec. O-149-3
Caslick, Robert, d. 5/14/1951, M, bur. Sec. N-165-3
Caslick, Vera May, d. 1/1/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-269-3
Caslick, William Thomas, d. 29-Mar-2014 Sec 165-N, grave #2
Cerson, Albert, d. 2/15/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-229-5
Cerson, Calvin W., d. 8/31/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-175-3
Cerson, Dorene Mary (nee Clay), d. 17-Jul-2017, age 89, Sec. 175-N,#1
Cerson, Douglas James Calvin, d. May 6, 2009, bur. Sec. N, Plot 175, grave 2
Cerson, Gordon Albert, b. 13-Apr-1933, d. 9-Apr-2012, Sec E, row 1,grave 92
Cerson, Kenneth, d. 6/13/1965, M, bur. Sec. N-175-4
Cerson, Mrs. Hanna, d. 5/24/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-229-4
Chadwick, D. K., d. 1/26/1892, U, bur. Sec. O-97-5
Chadwick, Nina Mary (Barker), d. 7/15/1953, F, bur. Sec. O-97-4
Chafe, Wayne, d. 12/21/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-141-3
Chaffe, Ernest, d. 1/1/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-141-5
Chapman, Agnes, d. 3/17/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-275-2
Chapman, Fanny, d. 7/29/1976, F, bur. Sec. N-166-4
Chapman, Jannett (Henderson), d. 12/6/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-275-1
Chapman, John, b. 1/1/1839, d. 1/1/1923, M, bur. Sec. O-275-5
Chapman, Mrs. John (Sophia Krohn), b. 1/1/1843, d. 1/1/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-275-4
Chapman, Mrs. Robert (Goodfellow), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-82-4
Chapman, Robert, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. N-82-5
Chapman, Wm., d. 8/3/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-166-5
Chapple, Mrs. Spencer, d. 1/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-293-1
Chapple, Spence, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. O-293-2
Chisholm, Bertha, d. 8/17/1949, F, bur. Sec. O-3-4
Chisholm, James, d. 2/22/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-3-2
Chisholm, Sarah, d. 6/10/1861, F, bur. Sec. O-3-1
Chittick, Andrew William, b. Apr 14, 1868, d. Jun 06, 1948, M, bur. Sec. N-62-5
Chittick, Ellen (Manser), b. Nov 21, 1868, d. Mar 23, 1949, bur. Sec. N-62-4
Chittick, Leonard Bailey, b. Nov 12, 1902, d. Jul 12, 1950, bur. Sec. N-62-3
Christie, Helen Irene (Donnel), b. 4/27/1919, d. 10/27/2019, age 100, plot 259-0, #1
Church, Mrs. W. G., d. 12/17/1972, F, bur. Sec. O-125-5
Church, W. G., b. 1/1/1900, d. 9/23/1969, M, bur. Sec. O-125-4
Clark, Emma (Smith), d. 9/1/1945, F, bur. Sec. NC-4-4
Clark, John McIntyre, d. 5/31/1931, M, bur. Sec. NC-4-5
Clark, Peter, b. 1/1/1827, d. 1/1/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-57-1
Clayton, Elmer, b. 1/1/1910, d. 4/10/1989, M, bur. Sec. N-171B-1
Clayton, Mrs. Elmer, d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-171B-2
Clements, Eugene Conrad, M., d. Dec. 4,2005, bur. Sec E 1 grave 18
Clydsdale, David, d. 1/16/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-155-3
Clydsdale, William, d. 4/24/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-155-5
Collison, Joseph Clarence, b. 6/16/1939, d. 6/16/2003, M, bur. Sec. N-312-1
Colvin, Andrew R., d. 1/4/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-244-2
Colvin, Christena (McKenzie), d. 9/17/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-273-1
Colvin, David, d. 1/24/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-68-4
Colvin, Donald, d. 7/6/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-281-3
Colvin, Elda Irene, b. 1/1/1893, d. 1/17/1970, F, bur. Sec. O-273-3
Colvin, Fanny (Johnston), d. 8/5/1932, F, bur. Sec. O-215-5
Colvin, Fleming, d. 11/25/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-57-4
Colvin, Fred, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. O-182-4
Colvin, George, d. 1/18/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-243-2
Colvin, Gladys (Pletch), d. 3/22/1987, F, bur. Sec. O-273-5
Colvin, Harland, b. 1/1/1906, d. 1/1/1963, M, bur. Sec. N-236-5
Colvin, James S., d. 1/8/1897, M, bur. Sec. O-244-1
Colvin, John McCullough, d. 6/30/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-68-5
Colvin, John, d. 3/12/1987, M, bur. Sec. O-273-4
Colvin, John, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-182-2
Colvin, John Duffy, b. 19-Jan-1930, d.9-Nov-2011, Section N, lot 236, grave 2
Colvin, Krista Ann, b. Jan 3, 1976, d. Jan 3, 1976, bur. O273, grave 3A
Colvin, Margaret (Smith), b. 1/1/1841, d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-243-4
Colvin, Margaret Jones, d. 5/27/1940, F, bur. Sec. N-57-3
Colvin, Margaret, d. 12/3/1882, F, bur. Sec. O-68-2
Colvin, Margaret, d. 6/30/1863, F, bur. Sec. O-68-1
Colvin, Mary (Rice), d. 3/5/1863, F, bur. Sec. O-243-1
Colvin, Mrs. Freda, b. 1/1/1902, d. 10/5/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-236-4
Colvin, Mrs. John (Sara Jane), d. 3/3/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-182-1
Colvin, Robert, d. 2/5/1944, M, bur. Sec. O-273-2
Colvin, Robert, d. 8/31/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-68-3
Colvin, Velma Florence, b. Feb 27, 1931, d. Jan 20, 2007, bur. Sec. N, Lot 281, grave 5
Colvin, Wm. R., d. 4/27/1936, M, bur. Sec. N-57-2
Comber, Mary, d. 4/15/1934, F, bur. Sec. O-39-3
Comrie, Rita Myrtle Dickison, d. 7/12/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-217-4
Cook, Susanna, b. 5/28/1826, d. 4/15/1900, F, bur. Sec. O-2-3
Cooke, Marjorie Marion (nee Herd), b. 29-Oct-1919, d. 28-Sep-2013, Sec 209-N,grave 3
Cooke, Mrs. Flo, d. 12/1/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-76-4
Cooney, S. E., d. 7/24/1875, U, bur. Sec. O-38A-5
Cosgrove, George, d. 1/29/1877, M, bur. Sec. O-294-1
Couch, George and Tuck, no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-44-2
Couch, James H., d. 5/13/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-44-5
Cox, George M., b. Nov 23. 1938, d. Sep 12, 2007, bur. Sec. AO. Lot 67, grave 1
Cronin, Robert J., b. 4/28/1927, d. 10/24/1997, M, bur. Sec. N-229-1
Curran, Robert, d. 5/31/1908, M, bur. Sec. N-76-5
Curran, Thomas, b. 1/1/1883, d. 1/1/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-141-1
Currie, John Alexander, d. 2/12/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-262-5
Currie, Mrs. Rev. Peter (Jessie), b. 3/20/1867, d. 12/4/1931, F, bur. Sec. O-262-1
Currie, Rev. Peter, d. 4/29/1892, M, bur. Sec. O-262-3
Currie, Robertson, d. 1/19/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-262-4
Dagg, Birdie June, d. 3/2/1951, F, bur. Sec. N-158-4
Dagg, Ernest M., d. 3/5/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-158-5
Dagleish, Mary Ann, d. 10/2/1941, F, bur. Sec. N-94-4
Dalmer, Horace Arthur, d. 4/1/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-274-3
Dalmer, Mrs. Annette E. (Hardy), b. 5/14/1914, d. 7/27/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-274-3B
Davidson, Audrey Jean (nee Petteplace), d. 03-10-2016, 98-N, #1
Davidson, Garnet John, b. 10/17/1929, d. 3/18/2002, M, bur. Sec. N-98-1
Davidson, Jane, d. 4/26/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-125-4
Davidson, John, d. 4/22/1862, M, bur. Sec. N-124-3
Davidson, Peter Allan, b. Mar 16, 1955 (stillborn) bur. Sec. N., Plot 98, grave 4
Davidson, Thomas, d. 5/25/1910, M, bur. Sec. N-124-5
Davidson, Vernon Alfred, d. 9/30/1934, M, bur. Sec. O-128-2
Davis, Harold, d. 1/11/1986, M, bur. Sec. N-253B-1
Davis, Mary Lou (Wall), b. 8/12/1954, d. 3/16/2000, F, bur. Sec. O-245A-1
Davis, Mrs. Harold, d. 10/14/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-253B-2
Daw, Bessie Lavina (Willie), b. 12/22/1912, d. 9/25/1992, F, bur. Sec. O-75A-2
Daw, Fred, b. 1/1/1906, d. 12/4/1984, M, bur. Sec. O-75A-1
Day, Emma, d. 3/20/1947, F, bur. Sec. N-119-5
Day, Isabella McKenzie, d. 11/16/1942, F, bur. Sec. N-119-1
Day, Myrtle, d. 1/1/1978, F, bur. Sec. N-119-4
Day, Walter, d. 12/24/1943, M, bur. Sec. N-119-2
DeBoerr, Peter, b. 1/1/1925, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. O-243A-2
Dellow, Dorothy (Chaffe), d. 12/21/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-141-4
Deneau, James, d. 9/10/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-219-3
Detheridge, Audrey Florence (nee Armstrong), b. Aug 1, 1923, d. 29-Sep-2017, age 94, Sec. 227-N,#2
Detheridge, Kelvin V., d. 9/20/1993, M, bur. Sec. N-227-1
Dever, Frank C., d. 1/1/1000, M, bur. Sec. N-113-5
Dever, Mary Ann (Reynolds), d. 10/31/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-177-4
Dever, Mary, d. 1/1/1000, F, bur. Sec. O-177-2
Dever, William, d. 1/6/1892, M, bur. Sec. O-177-3
Dezeeuw, Lloyd George, b. 1/13/1993, d. 1/13/1993, M, bur. Sec. O-262A-2
Dezeeuw, Pieter Jan Ernest, b. 9/9/1993, d. 9/9/1993, M, bur. Sec. O-262A-2B
Dick, John, d. 1/1/1000, M, bur. Sec. O-251-2
Dick, Mrs. John (Mary), d. 7/24/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-251-1
Dick, Norman, b. 1/1/1902, d. 1/1/1903, M, bur. Sec. O-251-5
Dickison, Baby, d. 10/12/1958, U, bur. Sec. N-23-3
Dickison, Charles, d. 1/9/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-141-2
Dickison, Emily (Day), b. 1/1/1894, d. 10/24/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-201-4
Dickison, Evelyn Marie (McInnes), b. 3/15/1921, d. 10/28/1992, F, bur. Sec. N-200-2
Dickison, Glen, d. 5/2/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-201-3
Dickison, Gordon J., d. 1/30/1989, M, bur. Sec. O-85-1
Dickison, James, d. 12/28/1962, M, bur. Sec. N-217-5
Dickison, Joseph, b. 1/1/1886, d. 3/20/1953, M, bur. Sec. N-201-5
Dickison, Mrs. Mary, d. 10/23/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-141-1
Dickison, Mrs. Thirza (McBurney), b. 4/24/1904, d. 4/17/2000, F, bur. Sec. O-85-2
Dickison, William Earl, b. Jul 4, 1919, d. Oct 23, 2006, bur. Sec N Lot 200 Gr #1
Dickson, Gordon J., b. 1/1/1921, d. 1/22/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-200-4
Dillion, Suzanne Ages Lucinda (nee Harris), d. 14-Dec-2010, Section N -lot 164, grave 2
Dobson, Alice Gertrude, b. 5/8/1912, d. 8/17/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-140-4
Dobson, Elizabeth, d. 2/11/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-140-1
Dobson, Frank, d. 7/28/1993, M, bur. Sec. N-70-5
Dobson, Howard, d. 4/30/1966, M, bur. Sec. O-35-2
Dobson, Ida May (Edgar), d. 6/5/1964, F, bur. Sec. N-70-4
Dobson, Jean Marie, d. 4/5/1931, F, bur. Sec. N-70-3
Dobson, Margaret, d. 6/4/1895, F, bur. Sec. O-36-1
Dobson, Melvin, d. 2/28/1962, M, bur. Sec. O-35-1
Dobson, Robert John, d. 2/18/1936, M, bur. Sec. O-36-2
Dobson, Robert John, d. 5/26/1967, M, bur. Sec. O-35-4
Dobson, Roy, d. 5/17/1997, M, bur. Sec. N-140-3
Dobson, Terrie, b. 4-Oct-1958, d. 25-Feb-2013, Sec 140-N, grave 4
Doede, Mary Anne Doreen, b. Dec 8, 1940, d. Oct 21, 2010, Sec. E. Row 1, Grave 61
Doede, Ronald Carl, b. Nov 27, 1942, d. Sep 02, 2005, bur. Sep 07, 2005
Donahue, Chris, b. 12/25/1854, d. 4/30/1914, M, bur. Sec. N-49-5
Donahue, Margaret, d. 1/3/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-49-1
Donahue, Mel, d. 5/24/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-49-2
Donahy, James, d. 7/27/1930, M, bur. Sec. N-60-5
Donahy, Mary, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-60-1
Donaldson, David, b. 10/1/1856, d. 2/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. N-121-5
Donaldson, David, d. 8/4/1981, M, bur. Sec. O-83-3
Donaldson, Donald, d. 4/30/1972, M, bur. Sec. N-64-2
Donaldson, Edna, d. 1/1/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-153-3
Donaldson, Elizabeth Campbell, d. 7/30/1946, F, bur. Sec. N-121-1
Donaldson, James Kenneth, b. Jun 6, 1925, d. Jul 01, 2005, bur. Sec. N 13,3
Donaldson, Jennie Elliott, d. 9/18/1941, F, bur. Sec. N-121-4
Donaldson, Mable, d. 12/22/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-25-4
Donaldson, Mrs. Robert, d. 9/1/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-64-4
Donaldson, Robert Douglas, b. Feb 3, 1942, d. May 8, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 300, Grave 1
Donaldson, Robert, b. 1/1/1884, d. 7/3/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-121-2
Donaldson, Robert, d. 9/1/1969, M, bur. Sec. N-64-3
Donaldson, Thirza Elizabeth (nee Wharton), b. 11-Jul-1914, d. 15-May-2012, Sec 83-0, grave 2
Douglas, Andrew, d. 1/16/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-246-1
Douglas, Velda Margaret (Thornton), b. Dec 20, 1918, d. Jul 17, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 246, Grave 2
Downing, John, d. 4/13/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-143-5
Downing, Mary Ann, d. 2/22/1948, F, bur. Sec. O-143-4
Drehmann, George, b. 9/7/1912, d. 9/5/2000, M, bur. Sec. O-168-2
Drehmann, Sadie Marguerite (Reta) F., d. Dec. 11, 2005, bur. Sec.O, lot 168, grave 1
Dubeau, Charles Stewart, b. 9-Dec-1929, d. 10-Sep-2012, Sec 98B-N, grave 2
Dubeau, Dorothy Christine, b. May 18, 1930, d. Sep 9, 2006, bur. Sec BN 98 Gr #2
Duck, Douglas Valentine, b. 1/1/1929, d. 4/25/1992, M, bur. Sec. O-70A-1
Duck, Nadine Mildred, b. 4/20/1932, d. 4/20/2004, F, bur. Sec. AO-70-2
Duffy, Cora (Becking), b. 3/1/1901, d. 3/1/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-244-4
Duffy, Herbert, b. 12/12/1908, d. 3/18/1986, M, bur. Sec. N-244-5
Duffy, Jack, d. 5/2/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-244-2
Duggan, Annie Robena, b. 9/10/1877, d. 9/10/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-164-5
Dunbar, Nathaniel, b. 1/1/1837, d. 1/1/1921, M, bur. Sec. N-37-5
Dunbar, Nathaniel, d. 5/29/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-37-1
Dunlop, James Cameron, b. 25-Jun-1924, d. 20-May-2013, Sec 72A-0,grave 1
Dunlop, Mary Eileen, b. May 27, 1928, d. Jul 16, 2008, bur. Sec. AO, Plot 72, grave 2
Dunn, Carol Joanne (nee Murray), b. 22-Dec-1942, d. 23-Jun-2013, Sec 248-N, grave3
Dunn, Ronald, Edwin, b. 30-May-1935, d. 12-Jul-2013, Sec 24B-N, grave 3
Edgar, Albert, d. 6/5/1958, M, bur. Sec. O-54-2
Edgar, Bonita, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-54-3
Edgar, Charles, b. 1/1/1828, d. 9/28/1914, M, bur. Sec. O-53-3
Edgar, David, d. 12/22/1930, M, bur. Sec. N-61-5
Edgar, Donald Norman, b. 12-Jan-1946, d. 1-Feb-2018, age 72, plot 70-N,#2
Edgar, Frances, d. 8/6/1937, F, bur. Sec. N-14-4
Edgar, George, d. 6/6/1873, M, bur. Sec. O-53-5
Edgar, Harvey H., b. 7/10/1896, d. 5/12/1904, M, bur. Sec. N-14-3
Edgar, Henrietta, b. 8/26/1853, d. 5/29/1919, F, bur. Sec. N-80-2
Edgar, James E., b. 5/5/1854, d. 6/25/1918, M, bur. Sec. N-14-5
Edgar, James Earl, b. 2-Jan-1919, d. 9-Jul-2012, Sec 274-N, grave 1
Edgar, James, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-61-3
Edgar, Julia, d. 3/16/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-144-4
Edgar, Mrs. Henry, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-54-5
Edgar, Mrs. Mary, d. 12/15/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-61-2
Edgar, Sarah, d. 12/27/1940, F, bur. Sec. N-61-4
Edgar, Wilma Eileen, b. Sep 23, 1923, d. Dec 30, 2008, bur. Sec. N, Plot 274, grave 2
Elliot, Bella, d. 7/14/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-141-2
Elliot, Leroy, d. 10/9/1976, M, bur. Sec. N-93-1
Elliott, Harold, d. 10/1/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-252-4
Elliott, Helen (Welsh), d. 3/9/1912, F, bur. Sec. O-141-4
Elliott, James A, b. 1/1/1860, d. 1/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-93-5
Elliott, Jean, d. 3/22/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-30-2
Elliott, Margaret Dorothy (nee Andress), b. 9-Apr-1943, d. 28-Jan-2014 Sec E, row 1, #80
Elliott, Mrs. Leroy, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-93-2
Elliott, Mrs. Robert, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-142-1
Elliott, Phronie, d. 6/21/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-252-5
Elliott, Thomas, d. 6/3/1864, M, bur. Sec. O-141-5
Emmit, Jane Anne (Moffat), d. 2/26/1943, F, bur. Sec. O-28-1
Erwin, E. W., d. 10/14/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-281-4
Erwin, Elizabeth, d. 10/24/1888, F, bur. Sec. O-281-5
Ewing, Ann Fallon, d. 7/15/1939, F, bur. Sec. NC-12-3
Ewing, Charles Sinclair, d. 10/30/1937, M, bur. Sec. NC-17-5
Ewing, Donald, b. 9/8/1909, d. 3/26/1988, M, bur. Sec. NC-17-3
Ewing, Louise Belle, b. 1/1/1869, d. 1/1/1937, F, bur. Sec. NC-17-1
Ewing, Mrs. Alice, d. 12/2/1939, F, bur. Sec. NC-12-4
Ewing, Mrs. Mary, d. 3/31/1967, F, bur. Sec. NC-17-4

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