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Saint Abner Landon Cemetery
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Saint Abner Landon Cemetery
Brant County, Ontario, Canada

77 Henderson Road, Mount Vernon, Brant County Ont

Contributed by Murray Fair, Mar 17, 2010, Last edited Mar 30, 2010 [murrayfair@rogers.com]. Total records = 26.

o reach this cemetery take Colborne Street west from Brantford, a.k.a. Highway # 53. Travel through the village of Mt Vernon. Continue to the intersection with traffic lights. At the intersection turn right on to Bishopsgate Road and travel north for 1.8 kms, you will come to Henderson Road on your right, turn right and go a short distance where you will see the cemetery on your left, the north side of Henderson road.

This cemetery is inactive. It is a very old cemetery dating back to the 1800s when the burials took place. aka Saint Abner Bishopsgate Cemetery.

The cemetery is under the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the County of Brant. The grass is kept cut. The stones have all been moved and placed in a row embedded in concrete in the central part of the cemetery.

I walked this cemetery in March of 2010, reading and recording the inscription from each monument or grave marker that I was able to read. Two stones had no inscription on them.

- Murray Fair

Dickey, Sarah, no dates, w/o Hector Dickey
Dickie, ??, d. 29 Apr 1848, 26 d, child/o Isaac & Lucinda Dickie
Dickie, Ann (Walker), d. 1 May 1871, 81 y, w/o Hector Dickie
Dickie, Elizabeth Ann, d. 29 Apr 1848, 3 yrs, dau/o Isaac & Lucinda Dickie.
Dickie, John, b. 13 Dec 1817, d. 29 Nov 1883, born at New Brunswick
Dickie, Maria A., d. 22 Aug 1850, 33 y, 9 m, w/o John Dickie
Doyle, Sarah, d. 23 Jun 1840, 42 y, w/o William Doyle
Doyle, William, d. 17 Oct 1847, 62 yrs
Flanagin, Charity (Phillips), d. 15 May 1844, 26 y, w/o Charles H. Flanagin
Flanagin, Elfrida E., d. 1 Sep 1870, 18 y, 7 d, dau/o Charles H. & Margaret J. Flanagin
Flanagin, Elfrida, d. 31 Mar 1843, dau/o C. H. Flanagin
Flanagin,Charles H., d. 10 Jun 1869, 58 y, 11 m, 20 days
Grinings, ??, d. Jun 1856, child/o John Grinings
Herrett, Margaret Ann, d. 11 Jun 1840, 12 y, 6 m, 17 d, dau/o Stephen & Mary Herrett
King, Hannah G., d. 1 Apr 1852, 59 y, w/o Henry H. King
Landon, Almena, d. 23 Mar 1852, 17 y, 5 m, dau/o S. & A. Landon
Landon, Hannah, d. 20 Mar 1836, 77 y, 11 m, 7 d, w/o Nathaniel Landon
Landon, Nathaniel, d. 14 Nov 1850, 93 y, 10 m, 14 days
Landon, Stacy Alfred, d. 15 Sep 1862, 1 y, 9 m, 20 d, son/o Stacy & Elizabeth Landon
Latimer, John, d. 10 Sep 1856, 1 d, son/o Andrew & Celinda Latimer
Messacar, Hannah, d. 28 Feb 1870, age not legible, w/o Wesley Messacar
Molaskey, Caroline, d. 12 Jul 1845, 24 y, w/o James H. Molaskey
Molaskey, James H., d. 28 Mar 1890, 83 y, 6 m. Erected by his children
Pickle, Jane, d. 11 Jul 1849, 75 y, w/o Rev. Francis Pickle
Pickle, Sarah, d. 18 Sep 1842, w/o Nichalas Pickle, Esq
Tisdale, Edwin J., d. 4 Aug 1842, 1 y, 14 d, son/o Sanford & Elizabeth Tisdale

??, ??, d. 15 Sep 18??, 25 y, broken stone with top portion missing
??, ??, d. 6 Aug 1853, 1 y, broken stone and the name is missing
E. C., small upright rectangular stone with the initials
E. F., small upright rectangular stone with the initials
H. D., small upright rectangular stone with the initials
J. W. D., small upright rectangular stone with the initials
M. A. D., upright rectangular stone with the initials

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