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Red Bay Anglican Cemetery
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Red Bay Anglican Cemetery
Red Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Submitted by Charles Gravel, May 01, 2006 [charles_gravel@hotmail.com]. Total records = 24.

Red Bay is the last village of the Labrador Straits Area. The Anglican Cemetery is located on the right side of 510 E, behind the Anglican Church.

It is the first cemetery of the Anglican Church Mission established in Labrador, and is maintained by the Anglican Church.

Archeologic discoveries about fishing whales by Europeans around 1540 have made Red Bay a well known and important historical site. With its population of about 350 people, Red Bay have four cemeteries which represent four different churches: Anglican, Methodist, United and Gospel.

I visited and read this cemetery in Oct of 2001. It includes all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Charles Gravel

Gibbons, Cicily, d. 26 Aug 1877, age: 26y, w/o Gibbons, James
Mainer, Elizabeth Ann, d. 26 Jun 1881, w/o Mainer, Thomas
Penney, John, d. 01 Jul 1869, age: 29y, s/o Penney, William & Mary, native of Carbonear and deceased at Red Bay, Labrador."
Penny, Mark Davis, d. 11 May 1856, age: 3y 3m, s/o Penny, John & Charlotte
Perham, James, d. Oct 1868, age: 63y
Perham, Jesse Allerton, d. 28 Aug 1878, age: 1y
Perham, Osamus, d. 23 Mar 1877, age: 22y
Perram, Jessie, d. 24 Aug 1879, age: 1y, d/o Perram, John C.
Perram, John C., d. 06 Mar 1879, age: 42y, native of Carbonear, Nfld"
Pike, Amazah Baxter, d. 26 Sep 1954, age: 11m, s/o Pike, John & Sarah
Pike, Archibald James, d. 02 Feb 1876, age: 38y
Pike, Clarissa Robertson, d. 21 May 1876, age: 8y, d/o Pike, Archibald James
Pike, Florena, d. 29 Aug 1877, age: 60y, w/o Pike, Nathaniel
Pike, Frances Mary, d. 07 Jul 1875, d/o Pike, Albert & Lydia
Pike, Helene Susanah, d. 27 Sep 1862, age: 6y 8m, d/o Pike, John & Surah
Pike, Horatia William, d. 24 Feb 1862, age: 24y, s/o Pike, John & Sarah
Pike, Joseph, d. 26 Jul 1882, age: 67y, deceased at Blanc Sablon
Pike, Nathaniel, d. 04 Feb 1886, age: 79y
Pike, Sarah Rachel, d. 31 Dec 1978, age: 84y, w/o Pike, John
Yeatman, Amelia Ann, d. 04 May 1876, age: 33y, w/o Yeatman, James
Yeatman, Caroline, d. 24 Aug 1876, age: 25y, w/o Yeatman, Elias
Yeatman, Juddson, d. 24 May 1876, age: 3y 9m, s/o Yeatman, James & Amelia Ann
Yeatman, Mary, d. 13 Apr 1879, age: 75y, w/o Yeatman, William, broken tombstone
Yetman, James, d. 05 Feb 1866, age: 68y

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