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L'Anse Amour Cemetery
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L'Anse Amour Cemetery
Labrador, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Submitted by Charles Gravel, Apr 22, 2006 [charles_gravel@hotmail.com]. Total records = 37.

To reach L'Anse Amour, you must drive about 20km from the Quebec/Labrador ferry on the 510 E. road, then follow Anse Amour Branch Road for about 3km. The cemetery is on the left side of this road.

The village of L'Anse Amour is situated in the Labrador Straits area of Labrador. It is well-known for its major archeologic finding of the most ancient burial site of North America. About ten people living mainly from seal hunting and cod fishing live there nowadays.

I visited and read this cemetery in July of 2001. It includes all existing and legible stones and markers. There appear to be some unmarked.

- Charles Gravel

Bashford, H., d. 1922, (STO I.) *
Davis, Albert Stewart, b. 29 Oct 1932, d. 20 Apr 1979, age: 46y 5m 22d, h/o Davis, Dianna
Davis, Annie, d. 21 Jul 1935, age: 68y, w/o Davis, George
Davis, Charles H., b. 5 Aug 1904, d. 21 Apr 1983, age: 78y
Davis, Chas F., b. Jul 1868, d. May 1912
Davis, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jan 1937, age: 72y, w/o Davis, Charles
Davis, Elizabeth, d. 18 Jul 1849, w/o Davis, Mr. George, Forteau, Labrador
Davis, Flora, d. 5 Oct 1951, age: 42y 6m, w/o Davis, Charles
Davis, Frederick A., d. 10 Aug 1963, age: 71y, h/o Davis, Mary Ann
Davis, Fredericka, b. 25 Mar 1827, d. 28 Sep 1898, s/o Davis, George & Ann, from Halifax, N.S.
Davis, George, d. 18 Apr 1946, age: 81y, h/o Davis, Annie
Davis, Hollis Stewart, d. 28 May 1938, age: 19y, s/o Davis, Frederic A. & Mary A.
Davis, Isabella A., b. 1898, d. 10 Apr 1991
Davis, James Campbell, d. 1 Jun 1915, age: 20y 4m, s/o Davis, John & Jessie
Davis, Jeffrey, d. 28 Jan 1986, s/o Davis, Barry & Dale
Davis, John, d. 13 Aug 1940, age: 81y
Davis, Mary Ann, b. 11 Jun 1894, d. 29 Sep 1984, w/o Davis, Frederick A.
Davis, Susanna C., b. 12 Feb 1820, d. 25 Apr 1907, w/o Davis, Frederick H., deceased at L'Anse aux Morts, Labrador
Davis, William H., b. 1895, d. 1976
Effard, E. P., d. 1922, (S.P.O.) *
Elworthy, Emma Eliz., d. 28 Nov 1868, age: 2y, d/o Elworthy, Will & Alice
Elworthy, William R., d. 28 Jul 1894, age: 77y, native of Devonshire, England´┐Ż
Field, S., d. 1922, (STO I.) *
Fisher, G., d. 1922, (STO I.) *
Gifford, Annie, b. 23 Aug 1851, d. 23 Aug 1851, d/o Gifford, The.rey.. Alser..on & Sarah Anne
Ginman, Ernest, b. 30 Jun 1834, d. 6 Dec 1907, native of Chertsey Surrey, England, by his friends of the Canadian Marconi Service,
Gooby, Hiram, d. 04 Apr 1854, age: 71y, who was drowned off Capstan Island while taking seals from the drifting ice
Hardy, Baby, no dates
Jameson, Annie Maria, d. 19 Aug 1879, w/o Milley, Thomas, sister of Jameson, Joseph & Rebecca
Lloyd, J. E., d. 1922, (S.P.O.) *
March, Jessie, d. 2 Jan 1942, age: 74y, w/o Davis, John
Sowden, W. J., d. 1922, (LDG STO) *
Thornhill, G. M., d. 1922, (STO I.) *
Tripp, S. G., d. 1922, (LDG. STO) *
Tyler, R., d. 1922, (LDG. STO) *
Whitton, W. R, d. 1922, (A.B) *
Yetman, James, b. 1834 Carbonear, d. 1918, l'Anse au Mourt

* = one of those who lost their lives in the wreck of H.M.S. Raleigh off the coast of Labrador and had served here in Aug-Sep of 1922
broken stone, ?, illegible

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