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Jarrahdale Cemetery
Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire, Peel Region, Western Australia

Atkins Street, Jarrahdale, Peel, Western Australia

Contributed by Lorna Jewell, Nov 25, 2003, last edited Mar 10, 2008 [lkjewell@bigpond.com]. Total records = 340.

Jarrahdale is situated 50 km south east of Perth, in the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire.

The name "Jarrahdale" describes the nature of the area which is in some of the best Jarrah forest in Western Australia. The area was settled because of the granting of timber licences in 1872.

The cemetery was established in 1872, and is owned and controlled by the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire Council, 6 Paterson Street, MUNDIJONG WA 6123, 9526 1111 or email info@sjshire.wa.gov.au

When we visited the grounds there was no grass but a lot of tree and leaf debris covered the area, h owever access to all the sites was easy, and flies were in abundance. The cemetery is still in use, is fenced to exclude stock, and there are no facilities.

This is not a complete list of markers and monuments within the cemetery as some sites only display a plot number, some are difficult to accurately determine, and a number are in the newer section that I haven't completed yet, are not included. I intend to add to this as soon as able, so for not it is a work in progress

I have transcribed this cemetery from digital information collected on 26 Oct 2003. Pictures of individual monuments and markers are available, if you wish one, please contact me.

- Lorna Jewell

Cemetery Records

Anderson, Antoni, b. 11/12/1967, d. 9/12/1991, 2 stones, cherished, devoted son of Gina, special, loving brother of Edmund and Lisa
Angove, Ruby Hilda, d. 1/2/1951 Perth, WA, age: 64 years, our loving mother, re-united, loved and longed for always, s/w William Paul Angove
Angove, William Paul, d. 4/26/1947 Jarrahdale, age: 67 years, 2 stones, our loving father, re-united, loved and longed for always, s/w Ruby Hilda Angove
Armstrong, Andrew James, d. 2/11/1939, age: 74 years, Our dear father
Armstrong, Susan, d. 2/12/1947, age: 76 years, Our Darling mother
Armstrong, Vivan Andrew, b. 1896, d. 1944, son of Andrew and Susan
Ayers, William Charles (Bill), b. 5/4/1958, d. 7/27/2001, Dearly loved husband of Deborah
Baker, Elizabeth, d. 9/16/1941, age: 68 years, Oh God, our help in ages past, s/w Samuel Baker
Baker, Joan Mary, b. 2/2/1930, d. 8/27/1991, dearly loved wife of Don, love mothe of Penny, Helen and Louisa
Baker, Samuel, d. 11/20/1947, age: 81 years
Batt, Henry Francis, d. 8/9/1960, age: in his 89th year, resting where no shadows fall in perfect peace he awaits us all
Bendtsen, Erik, b. 11/28/1927, d. 2/2/1992
Berry, Ross Albert, b. 7/19/1967, d. 9/8/2001, Loved son of Robin and Darryl, adored father of Zacari, cherished brother of Tracey, brother-in-law of Trevor, l, s/w Albert George Slingsby
Bett, George, d. 1/5/1965, age: 76 years, beloved husband of Kath
Bett, Kathleen, d. 9/18/1977, age: 86 years, beloved wife of George
Bett, Shaun, d. 4/28/1958, Darling son of Ted and Joy
Biddlestone, Bernice, b. 5/4/1933, d. 8/17/1998, loving mother of Kay, Rick (Dec)
Biddlestone, Ricky Shane, b. 3/17/1963, d. 6/17/1994, love of June, father of Shane and Kate, Peace, Perfect Peace
Blakemore, Kenneth Roy, b. 5/1/1931, d. 12/21/1996, beloved husband of Irene, loved father of Angela and Rosemarie
Bowman, Eric C.F., b. 1916, d. 1989, loved by wife and son, until the Lord comes
Bowtell, Benjamin, d. 24/10/1899, age: 20 years, accidentally killed, Erected by his mourning parents, 'Watch therefore'
Boyd, Victor Henry, b. 9/21/1928, d. 7/26/1976, loved husband of Rayma, loving father of Margaret, Robyn and Tracy
Breen, Albert George, d. 1/13/1996, age: 79 years, loved and remembered always, s/w wife Amelia Breen
Breen, Amelia Elizabeth, d. 3/19/2002, age: 89 years, loved and remembered always
Breen, William James, d. 12/29/1987, age: 79 years, second son of Isabella and David Breen, loved brother of Jack, Kathleen, Ernie, David, Albert, Doris and Les
Bright, Janet Elaine, b. 4/5/1941, d. 8/26/1995, loving wife of Russell, devoted mother of Malcolm and Ian
Brighton, Dorothy A., d. 3/9/1988, age: 82 years, remembered with love by all her family
Brown, Ian, b. 2/26/1947, d. 12/15/2001 Perth, WA, in memory of Ian, dearly beloved husband of Jo, Born in Scotland
Brunalli, Mary Josephine, d. 12/26/1997, age: 85 years, wife of Fiori, loving mother of Sydney, Lina, Fiore, Donna and Josephine
Buckland, Annie, d. 8/1/1981, age: 91 years, beloved wife of Ben (decd), loved mother of Betty, John Colin and Dorothy
Buckland, Edward (Ted), d. 7/9/1923 Jarrahdale, age: 32 years
Buckland, Margaret, d. 7/4/1951, age: 84 years 10 months, Our dear mother, at rest
Buckland, S.B., d. 10/12/1963, age: 74 years, ARA plaque, 4990 Private, 28 Battalion
Buckland, Sylvanus Thos., d. 8/27/1936, age: 71 years 8 months, our dear husband and father
Bulpitt, Linda, d. 3/25/1988, age: 15 years, beloved daughter of George and Lyn, loved sister of Brenda, Adrian and Jason
Campbell, Joyce Patricia, b. 5/16/1930, d. 8/10/1992, Registered Nurse, wife of Dudley, mother of Deborah, Julitha, Susanne, Merrin and Tracey
Campbell, Rebecca Eliza, d. 4/5/1928, age: 60 years, Beloved wife of Richard John Campbell
Campbell, Richard John, d. 1/13/1934, age: 78 years, Beloved husband of Rebecca Eliza
Caporn, Douglas, no dates, age: 3 months, loved son of Arn and Lil, always in our hearts
Carlson, Davis Walter, b. 1969, d. 1998, Now at home in God's garden
Catchpole, Elsie Elizabeth, d. 3/18/1902, infant daughter of George and Rebecca
Ceriani, Achille Robert, b. 9/16/1926, d. 6/5/1993, beloved husband of Lena, loving father of Gaye, Gary and Lynette
Chisholm, Kenneth, d. 12/28/1907, age: 50 years, beloved husband of Charlotte.
Christie, John, d. 18-2-1893, husband of Susan Christie, who came to West Australia from Paisley Scotland on the 4th Oct 1883
Christie, Susan, d. 10/4/1904, wife of John Christie, who came to West Australia from Paisley Scotland on the 4th Oct 1883.
Clancy, James, d. 6/20/1931, age: 59 years, beloved husband of Jessie Clancy
Clancy, Jessie, d. 3/22/1949, Beloved wife of Jim
Clayton, Patricia Ann, b. 1945, d. 1996
Clough, Alice Maud, d. 8/1/1915
Clough, Henry, d. 5/24/1920
Colyer, Dr. Noel Henry Maxwell M.B.E. K. St.J. E.D., d. 10/2/1993, age: 76 years, dearly loved husband of Jean Margaret
Connory, Mark F, b. 1968, d. 1992
Cook, Ernest James (Jim), d. 12/15/1992, age: 79 years, in loving memory of our dear old dad and pop, Joined with Vera
Cooper, Kenneth E., d. 10/23/1959, beloved husband of May, devoted father of Lloyd, Barbara, Una, Kelvin, Phyllis and Ross
Cooper, May A., b. 5/19/1913, d. 6/19/1997, reunited with Dad, s/w husband Kenneth E. Cooper
Cope, Andrew, no dates, s/w his father Thomas J. and brother James
Cope, Ellen, d. 7/29/1917, age: 72 years, Our dear mother, s/w James and Herbert Martin
Cope, James, d. 5/29/1900, age: 76 years, lage of H.M. 67th Regiment. Farewell my wife, my life is passed, my love to you so long did last. But as for me no sorrow take, but love my children for my sake., s/w Thomas Cope
Cope, James, no dates, s/w father Thomas J. and brother Andrew
Cope, Laura, d. 19/8/1898, age: 24 years, beloved wife of Thomas Cope, and third daughter of George Woolston
Cope, Thomas J., d. 4/9/1920 Jarrahdale, age: 47 years, erected by his brother and sisters, accidentally killed, s/w James and Andrew, his infant sons
Cope, Thomas, d. 26/11/1897, age: 77 years, late of H.M Service
Cornwall, Alfred James, d. 2/6/2001, age: 80 years
Cousens, W.E., d. 20/12/1920, age: 34 years
Craig, Adrian Ernest, d. 10/14/1958, also his loving wife Jessie
Craig, Jessie, d. 7/6/1989
Creasey, Valerie, b. 12/27/1933, d. 3/24/2003, In loving memory of Val
Crock, Charlotte, b. 31-12-1840, d. 26-4-1898, s/w William John Crock
Crock, Henry, d. 5/28/1910, age: 84 years, s/w Edward Hanrahan
Crock, William John, b. 26-2-1868, d. 18-8-1887
Cronin, Alice Agnes, d. 2/24/1931, age: 72 years, beloved wife of Edward George Cronin
Curo, Lucy (nee Lyons), d. 1918 Jarrahdale Hospital, age:, mother of Eva Ellen Kiernan
Curo, Patrick (Paddy), b. about 1843, d. 9/9/1907, age: 64 years, father of Eva Ellen Kiernan, born in England, died on the steps of Jarrahdale Post Office
Curran, John, b. 4-5-1899, d. 16-5-1899, Only child of Mary Ann and the late John Curran of Jarrahdale
Dare, Harry Hymus, d. 1910 1963, age:, beloved husband of Freda, loved father of Allan, Trevor and Shirley
Daws, Samuel, d. 4/20/1901, age: 27 years
Daws, Thomas, b. 29-8-1830, d. 23-6-1899
Day, Alice Jean, d. 6/17/1951, age: 27 years, beloved wife of Horace Frederick Day, loving mother of Beverley, Pat and Margaret
Day, Frederick George, b. 1/12/1904, d. 5/29/1988, beloved husband of Bess, loved father of Ena and ??
Day, H.F. (Hodge), b. 5/6/1924, d. 7/29/1993, husband of Mary
Day, Jack Vernon, d. 4/10/1990, age: 73 years, Beloved husband of Kath, loved father of Brian, Don and Kay, s/w Kathleen Isabella Day
Day, Kathleen Isabella, d. 5/30/1997, age: 80 years
Day, Mary Jane, d. 1/21/1985, age: 79 years, Beloved wife of Roy, love mother of George and Lillian
Day, Roy Albert, d. 11/13/1980, age: 81 years, Beloved husband of Mary, loved father of George and Lillian
Day, Victor, no dates, from his relatives
Day, Virtue, d. 9/26/1958, age: 79 years, our dear mother, s/w husband William Frederick
Day, William (OBE), b. 10/11/1921, d. 8/29/2000, s/w Victor Day
Day, William Frederick, d. 10/2/1953, age: 87 years, our father, s/w wife Virtue
De Banks, Lucinda, d. 4/1/1908, age: 10 months
De Bont, Eileen Mavis, d. 8/21/1981, age: 56 years, Loved wife of John
De Bont, Johannes, b. 4/14/1918, d. 7/20/1998, Beloved husband of Eileen Mavis, loving father of Clarrie & Kaye, Wayne & Narelle, Dianne & Michael
Deveson, Barry Howard, b. 4/11/1969, d. 3/15/1988, Eldest son of Pat and Fred, brother of Glenn, Picture of Barry on stone
Dougles, Elizabeth Ann, d. 8/17/1980, age: in 79th year, nee Scrivener
Dryden, Evan Edward, b. 8/13/1934, d. 5/7/1992
Dunn, Leslie Hugh, d. 5/11/1994, age: 39 years
Dunn, Leslie Neal, b. 1909, d. 1968, Brass plaque
Dyson, Albert Henry, b. 12/18/1917, d. 1/1/1995
Edgley, Arthur William, d. 10/31/1985, age: 91 years
Farina, Antonio, d. 8/12/1966, age: 64 years, beloved husband of Elizabeth, and devoted father of Mario, Romeo and Nelli., s/w wife Elizabeth Farina
Farina, Elizabeth, d. 2/12/1981, age: 76 years, his loving wife and our beloved mother and grandmother, s/w husband Antonia Farina
Feast, Darryl John, d. 7/18/1992, age: 30 years
Ferrari, Lorenzo Mario, b. 11/25/1921, d. 5/19/1988, age: 66 years, beloved husband of Mary. Much loved parents of Lorraine and Michael, s/w wife Mary Ferrari
Ferrari, Mary Frances, b. 5/23/1927, d. 3/20/1995, age: 67 years, beloved wife of Laurie (Dec) much loved parents of Lorraine and Michael, s/w husband Lorenzo Ferrari
Feuerriegell, Jason Patrick, b. 8/1/1976, d. 8/14/1991, Dad and Fiona, Mum, Katrkina, Shane, Yasmine and friends
Feuerriegell, Shane David, b. 5/20/1979, d. 5/15/1995, Dad and Fiona, Mum and Don, Katrina, Yasmine and friends
Flaherty, Kenneth Howard, b. 5/25/1931, d. 7/29/1998, loving husband of Joan, devoted father of Gary and Cheryl
Fowler, Joseph, d. 5/16/1900, age: 72 years, beloved husband of Sarah Fowler.
France, Brian Gordon, b. 01/07/1951, d. 11/02/1989, beloved husband of Maureen, loving father of Troy, Marli
French, Michael Daniel, b. 11/19/1907, d. 8/23/1993
Fuhrmann, Glayds, d. 6/1/1907, age: 5 1/2 years, Dearly beloved daughter of F. and R. Fuhrmann
Gaffin, Selina, d. 2/27/1916, age: 58 years, beloved wife of David and mother of Beatrice, Cecil, Wilfred and Evelyn Caffin
Gandossi, Angelo, d. 9/10/1952, age: 35 years, Fedele Marito di Emma, Padre di Natale, Mamma, Fratelli e Sorelle Addolorati per il destino. I parenti e Amici Concorrono
Gandossi, Costante, b. 2/2/1902, d. 4/18/1975
Gandossi, Elsie Maria, b. 8/17/1931, d. 6/13/1992, beloved wife of Mario. Loved mother Sylvia and John
Gianatti, Bruno A., d. 1/27/1980, age: 47 years, Dearly loved husband of Lorna, loved father of Kevin and Garry
Gianetti, Eugenia, d. 4/24/1972, age: 79 years, his beloved wife, fond parents of Maria, Olga, Bruno and Erminia
Gianetti, Luigi, d. 2/26/1942, age: 51 years, Beloved husband of Eugenia, fond parents of Maria, Olga, Bruno and Erminia, Is/w wife, Eugenia Gianetti
Gilbride, Florence, d. 11/17/1949, age: 56 years, beloved wife of William Gilbride, fond mother of Stella and Vernie, s/w William P Gilbrind
Gilbride, William P., d. 9/9/1970, age: 84 years, loving husband of Emma, s/w Florence Gilbride
Glover, Bridget A., b. 1884, d. 1982, Mother of Don, Joe, Percy
Golding, Florence May, b. 12/3/1935, d. 7/31/1999, age: 64 years, Beloved wife of Albert (Mick), beloved mother of Michael and Troy
Hack, Bedford Percy, d. 8/6/1954, age: 84 years
Hack, Pearl, d. 12/12/1929, age: 37 years
Haddow, David William, d. 1/5/1976, age: 65 years, beloved husband of Kathleen, dear father of Margaret, Kathleen (Dec), Merle and David
Haddow, Maria Maxine, d. 8/6/1987, age: 40 years, beloved wife of David, mother of Ellen
Hall, Margaret Dorothy Mary, b. 4/26/1919, d. 7/19/1992, loved mother of Edward, William, Andrew, Julia, Barbara
Hamilton, Gordon, d. 7/10/1982, of Jarrahdale, father of Alan and Ian, husband of Marolyn
Hanrahan, Clare, d. 10/3/1908, age: 13 years, s/w Edward Hanrahan
Hanrahan, Edward, d. 9/23/1928, age: 80 years, My dear husband
Hanrahan, Mary, d. 12/17/1943, age: 84 years
Harris, Allan Edward, d. 12/28/1986, age: 65 years
Heaney, W. W. (Bill), d. 6/13/1989, much loved husband and father of Laura, Valerie, Adrian, David
Hedington, Alfred T., b. 10/13/1907, d. 6/11/1934
Hedington, Elizabeth A., b. 21-11-1886, d. 4/3/1944, s/w her son Alfred T. Hedington
Hettich, George, d. 5/11/1940, age: 78 years
Hettich, Harriet Mary, d. 12/3/1935, age: 73 years, Re-united, s/w husband George Hettich
Higgins, Mavis G., b. 1/28/1926, d. 5/12/1980, beloved wife of William, loved mother of Andrew, Margaret, Maureen and Barbara, Born Blackburn Langs
Holmes, Elizabeth Jane, b. 6/19/1900, d. 11/1/1980, age: 80 years, fond parents of Margaret, William, Brian, Francis (Dec'd), James, Thelma (Dec'd) Robert (Dec'd), s/w husband William Holmes
Holmes, Francis Ambrose, b. 5/7/1930, d. 8/20/1981, third son of William and Elizabeth, loved father of Linda, Robert, Patricia and Teresa
Holmes, Robert H., b. 12/8/1928, d. 1/4/1931, Third son (and second daughter) of Bill and Bessie Holmes., s/w sister Thelma
Holmes, Thelma L., b. 11/11/1923, d. 12/12/1923, (Third son and) second daughter of Bill and Bessie Holmes., s/w brother Robert H
Holmes, William George, b. 6/18/1901, d. 6/26/1963, age: 62 years, fond parents of Margaret, William, Brian, Francis (Dec'd), James, Thelma (Dec'd) Robert (Dec'd), s/w wife Elizabeth Holmes
Holmes, William John, b. 2/23/1925, d. 3/22/1998, Eldest son of Bill and Bessie, brother of Elizabeth, Brian, Frank, Jim, Robert and Thelma, RAAF 83032
Horn, William Henry, d. 29/7/1896, age: 11 years 9 months
Ivatts, Steven James, b. 2/20/1962, d. 12/8/1982
Jackson, Sylvia, d. 9/28/1983, age: 54 years, beloved wife of Cliff, devoted mother of Marilyn, Barry and Steven
Johnson, George, no dates, We love you
Jolly, Nicholas James, b. 11/11/1982, d. 11/15/1982, my special son
Jones, Alan W., b. 1936, d. 1989
Jones, Elizabeth Margaret (nee Yates), b. 1/22/1903, d. 6/13/1999, Dear wife of Victor, loving mother of Val and Wendy, s/w husband Victor
Jones, Verdun, b. 1916, d. 1995
Jones, Victor Derwin, b. 6/5/1908, d. 1/18/1998, Dearest poppy of Wendy, friend and companion of Georgembered., s/w wife Elizabeth
Keeffe, Stanley Joseph, d. 1/3/1987, age: 58 years, cherished husband of Valmai, beloved father of Paul, Natalie, Justine and Deirdre
Kiernan, Charles Reynolds (Ray), b. 8/19/1914, d. 7/4/1972, son of Eva Ellen Kiernan
Kiernan, Charles Reynolds, b. 29-5-1883, d. 8/16/1944
Kiernan, Eva Ellen, b. 1893, d. 7/31/1920, age: 27 years, wife of Charles Reynolds Kiernan
Kiernan, Patrick John (Jack), b. 8/23/1916, d. 6/20/1966, son of Eva Ellen Kiernan
Kiernan, Stanley Francis (Cob), b. 5/2/1917, d., son of Eva Ellen Kiernan
King, Eliza, d. 26-10-1895, age: 41 years, s/w husband George King and daughter Mary
King, George, d. 6/20/1926, age: 74 years, s/w wife Eliza and daughter Mary
King, Mary, d. 10-5-1899, age: 15 years, s/w mother Eliza and father George
Klemzack, Edmund Stanislaw, d. 5/24/1970, age: 41 years, dearly beloved husband of Joyce, loved and respected father of Delia, Noela and Loreen
Kneale, Gladys May (nee Paine), b. 5/8/1923, d. 11/21/1981, age: 58 years, loving wife of John, loving mother of Maxine, Ginnie and Bruce, s/w son Robert Bruce Kneale
Kneale, Robert Bruce, b. 6/20/1954, d. 2/20/1982, age: 28 years, beloved son of Glad and Ron Kneale, loved husband of Meg, loved brother of Maxine and Ginnie, s/w wife Glayds May
Lang, Edith Marion, b. 5/27/1901, d. 4/5/1995, beloved wife of William 1898-1943, mother of Bill and Sam
Leeson, William G., b. ??/4/1911, d. ??/9/1993
Leonard, Kathleen Anne, b. 6/30/1953, d. 24-1-1983, Dearest only daughter of Rita and Ron Wharram, beloved wife of Norman
Lewis, Joseph, d. 8/27/1927, age: 63 years, husband of Maryann
Lillee, Edna, b. 1924, d. 1998, Dearly loved wife Of Mark, loving mother of Lynne and Rod
Lillee, Ellen May (Possie), d. 12/27/1998, age: 76 years, loving wife of Joseph, s/wh husband Joseph
Lillee, Henry M., b. 1885, d. 1970, erected by your beloved family, s/w wife Maud
Lillee, Joseph William, d. 8/27/1981, age: 64 years, beloved husband of Ellen May, loved father of Cheryl, Kerry, Kevin, Lynette and Josephine, s/w wife Ellen
Lillee, M., d. 9/30/1993, age: 80, Dear husband, father, pa of Edna, Lynne, Rod, Trina, Dean, Maria and Zak, A.I.F Emblem, WX1215 Sapper, 2/3 Field Company R.A.E
Lillee, Maud, b. 1890, d. 1969, erected by your beloved family, s/w Husband Henry
Lindsay, Percy Frederick, b. 1897, d. 1939, parents of Ernest, Joan, Ronald, Betty, Colin and Enid, s/w Ruby Lindsay
Lindsay, Ruby Isabel (Nee Armstrong), b. 1905, d. 2000, parents of Ernest, Joan, Ronald, Betty, Colin and Enid, s/w husband Percy Lindsay
Lippe, Valma Joyce, d. 5/7/1994, age: 65 years, s/w Henry and Mary Sparkman (their daughter)
Loller, Gilbert Edgar, b. 7/18/1918, d. 8/27/2001, husband of Pearl, father of Karen, Ann and Ken
Loosley, Sydney Charles, b. 1/1/1935, d. 7/2/1988, Janet and Tania
Lupino, Alma June, d. 1/13/1996, age: 66 years
Lupino, Francesco Aldo, d. 1/22/1980, age: 59 years, beloved husband of Alma, dear father of Teresa, Francis and Frank
Lynas, Mark, b. 4/7/1975, d. 1/11/1995
Lyster, John Wesley, b. 10/7/1950, d. 11/13/1987, Our John, loving husband of Barbara
Lyster, Marcus William, b. 2/23/1981, d. 10/11/1982, darling son of John and Barbara, s/w father John Lyster
Lyster, Norman Grenville, b. 4/5/1926, d. 5/7/1995, beloved husband of Lorna, loved father of Ron, Don, Maurie, Julie and Gene
Lyster, Susan Caroline, b. 1896, d. 1982, never forgotten by their sons John, Ralph and Norman and their families, s/w husband William George
Lyster, William George, b. 1893, d. 1963, never forgotten by their sons John, Ralph and Norman and their families, s/w wife Susan Caroline
MacAlpine, Marianne Margaret, d. 3/17/2001, age: 26 years, beloved daughter and sister
Machin, Caroline Florence 'Queenie', b. 1913, d. 1996, resting in her sunburnt country
Mackie, Diane, b. 2/24/1945, d. 11/22/1982, Loved wife of Brian, and mother of Shirley, Corrina, Melinda and Christopher
Mackinnon, Duncan Mcleod, b. ??/12/1857, d. ??/6/1890
Maddy, Debra Faye, d. 3/13/1992, age: 25 years
Malarkey, F., d. 2/13/1988, age: 75 years, In loving memory of Frank, A.I.F emblem, WX3211 Private, 2/16 Infantry Battalion
Malarkey, Lenard, d. 1/10/1990, age: 68 years, In loving memory of Lenard, beloved husband of Rita, loved father of Brian and Fiona, 1939-1945 WX 10494 Malarkey. L 2/16 A.I.F Rising Sun Emblem
Mann, Elizabeth, d. 5/23/1906, age: 63 years, the beloved wife of Edwin Mann
Manning, Simon Anthony, b. 4/28/1969, d. 11/22/1990, Son of George and Connie, brother of Leah
Martin, A.H. (Harry), d. 9/12/1961, age: 87 years, husband of Ellen nee Cope
Martin, Ellen Mary, d. 11/13/1955, age: 81 years, beloved wife of Henry Martin
Martin, Herbert, no dates, beloved grandchildren of (Ellen Cope).
Martin, James, no dates, beloved grandchildren of (Ellen Cope).
Matthews, Laurence W., b. 1939, d. 1966, Father of Raymond (decd) Marlene, Clifford
Maxwell, Betty, d. 6/4/1985, age: 55 years, beloved wife of Alexander, loved mother of Linda, Colin, Janette and Heather
McAlister, Edmond James, d. 1/10/1955, age: 79 years, our dear husband and father
McAlister, Eliza, d. 12/5/1968, age: 88 years, loving wife of Edmond
McAlister, Henry Norman, d. 6/19/1947, age: 23 years, beloved youngest son of Edmund and Eliza McAlister
McCombe, William Herbert George, d. 5/5/1897, age: 21 years, killed
Mcevoy, Benjamin Arthur, d. 1/24/1938, age: 53 years, our dear husband and father, Late A.I.F
McGregor, Ann Elizabeth, d. 6/19/1955, age: 87 years, s/wRob Roy McGregor
McGregor, Rob Roy, d. 9/6/1943, age: 83 years, s/w Ann Elizabeth McGregor
McKay, Alice Maud, d. 5/20/1951, age: 48 years, beloved wife of William, fond mother of Shirley, Alma and Colin
Mclean, Mary, d. 12/6/1947, s/w husband Neil Mclean
Mclean, Neil, d. 10/9/1931, s/w wife Mary
Menegola, Giorgio, b. 28-2-1898, d. 12-10-198-, dearest parents of Giovanna and Tony
Menegola, Veronica, b. 10/3/1905, d. 9/2/1976, beloved wife of Giorgio, s/w husband Giorgio
Miller, Annie Ruth, d. 11/3/1918, age: 32 years, Beloved wife of William H. Miller
Miller, Lonia Elizabeth, d. 4/30/1995, age: 86 years
Miller, Olga Violet, b. 1930, d. 1990, wife of Desmond, mother of Dale, Marion, Glenn, Gregory, Julie
Miller, William Henry Charles, d. 2/11/1969, age: 62 years
Moore, Douglas Powell, b. 8/4/1914, d. 9/10/1914, Beloved son of Sam and Ada Moore.
Morskate, Anthony Gerald, b. 1/9/1936, d. 5/7/1993, dearly loved husband of Giovanna, precious dad of Carol, Debbie, Sharon and Vanessa
Mullings, Brenton John, d. 8/16/1986, Darling baby sons of Peta and Michael, loved brothers of Nicole and Sharna
Mullings, Glen Michael, d. 6/24/1984, Darling baby sons of Peta and Michael, loved brothers of Nicole and Sharna
Nettleton, Ada May, d. 8/4/1954, age: 60 years, beloved wife of Joseph Lennox Nettleton, s/w husband Joseph Lennox
Nettleton, Edward, d. 6/25/1907, age: 72 years, our dear father and mother, s/w wife Ellen Nettleton
Nettleton, Ellen, d. 11/6/1919, age: 76 years, our dear father and mother, s/w husband Edward Nettleton
Nettleton, Isobella, d. 6/1/1964, age: 72 years, s/w husband Thomas Nettleton
Nettleton, Joseph Lennox, d. 7/30/1957, age: 72 years, our loved father, re-united, s/w wife, Ada May
Nettleton, Thomas, d. 5/4/1959, age: 76 years, beloved husband of Isobella
Newboult, Raymond Eric, d. 7/26/1984, age: 56 years, loving husband of Doreen, dear father of Kim, Glyn, Neil and Mandy
Newton, David Laurence, b. 2/14/1957, d. 8/28/1986, loved son of Doreen and Ross
Newton, Laurence Ross, b. 5/8/1919, d. 9/27/2001, loving parent
O'Connell, John Francis, b. 10/4/1945, d. 9/26/1995, loved husband of helen, loving father of Kate
Pacey, Lily May, b. 4/3/1907, d. 9/1/1994, Much loved wife of Reg (dec), mum of Brenda
Parolo, Alfred Jack, d. 12/17/1972, age: 44 years, beloved son of Maria and Luigi
Parolo, Erica, d. 4/19/1979, age: 35 years, Beloved wife of George, loved mother of Julie
Parolo, Giovanni Batista, d. 7/8/1972, age: 78 years, always remembered by Emma and Family
Parolo, Luigi Pietro, d. 6-4-1004, age: 95 years, parents of Jim, Lucy, Alfred, Mary and Corinne, s/w wife Maria
Parolo, Maria F., d. 12/6/1948, age: 43 years, beloved wife of Giovanni, fond mother of Mario, John, Elsie, George, Sylvia and Wendy
Parolo, Maria, d. 7/22/1996, age: 97 years, parents of Jim, Lucy, Alfred, Mary and Corinne, s/w husband Luigi
Partington, Ronald Lindsay, b. 1952, d. 1992
Patterson, Leanne, b. 7/13/1961, d. 4/15/1995
Pearson, E.J., d. 8/6/1924, age: 44 years
Peskett, Charles John, d. 9/5/1988, age: 66 years, Beloved husband of Hilda, loved father of Susan, Ian and Ann
Pitman, Ruth, d. 5/31/1950, age: 10 months, Darling baby of Mr and Mrs R Pitman.
Polinelli, Elisa, d. 2/28/1924, age: 10 years, also our beloved daughter and sister, s/w Giacomo
Polinelli, Giacomo, d. 3/23/1929, age: 51 years, our dear husband and father, s/w Elisa Polinelli
Polinelli, Maria, d. 11/25/1965, age: 82 years, dearest mother of Anita, Maria, Ines and Olga
Prosser, Rhys, d. 12/7/1994, In memory of our dear baby, son of Wal and Stephanie, brother to John
Raiskums, Peter Bernhard, b. 3/31/1942, d. 4/22/2002, age: 60 years, dearly loved husband of Stephanie
Ralphs, Elaine Anne, d. 9/8/1991, age: 33 years, beloved wife of Ian
Rando, Ernesto, b. 2/6/1903, d. 1/20/1993, special friend of Menegola and Morskate families
Rhodes, Geoffrey Richard, b. 1917, d. 2000, age: 82 years, beloved husband of Violet
Riley, Elizabeth, b. 1891, d. 1987, beloved wife of Harry, re-united, s/w and Harry Riley
Riley, Harry Hymus, b. 1890, d. 1940, loved husband of Elizabeth, dear father of Elizabeth, Janet, Nora and John, s/w wife Elizabeth
Robertson, Elizabeth, d. 1/25/1987, age: 3 yrs 8 months, God bless love you, Mummy
Robinson, William Joseph, d. 8/5/1991, age: 58 years, beloved husband of Louise
Ronan, Alan, d. ??/01/1986, age: 56 years, Erected to mark the occasion of Alberts & his sons (Alan) deaths
Ronan, Albert, d. ??/12/1985, age: Almost 88 years, his brother
Ronan, Catherine, d. 1938, age: 26 years, and sister
Ronan, Catherine, d. 1942, age: 72 Years
Ronan, Maurice, d. 1937, age: 72 years
Ronan, Patrick, d. 6/16/1905, age: 1 day, In an unmarked grave lies his parents
Rubery, John Charles, d. 2/6/1981, age: 73 years, s/w Robert John and Mary Rubery
Rubery, Mary, d. 4/29/1972, age: 61 years, s/w Robert John and John Charles Rubery
Rubery, Robert John, b. 2/20/1929, d. 6/22/2000, son of Mary and Jack (John), s/w Mary Rubery and John Charles Rubery
Ryan, Barry Maxwell, b. 4/30/1937, d. 5/12/1986, Love always, wife Mabs
Sander-David, Angharad Morgan, d. 5/22/1993, our darling daughter
Scrivener, Frederick William, b. 8/31/1913, d. 7/10/1987, Beloved husband of Mary Ann
Scrivener, Joseph Henry, d. 5/11/1979, age: 75 years, RIP
Scrivener, Mary Ann, b. 8/2/1913, d. 7/24/1994, dearly loved wife of Frederick William., born Brisbane
Scrivener, William, d. 10/21/1908 Jarrahdale, age: 27 years, erected by his loving wife Phoebe G. Scivener, accidentally killed at Jarrahdale
Shepherd, Lisa Marie, b. 8/5/1972, d. 12/13/1992, age: 20, loving daugher of Margaret & Don, Picture of Lisa Marie
Shepherdson, Brendan, b. 9/13/1972, d. 11/26/1979, Son of Barbara and Lew
Shields, Ian William (Bill) Pollock, b. 9/23/1909, d. 12/29/1996, age: 87 years, s/w wife Julie Violet
Shields, Julie Violet, b. 4/9/1908, d. 7/3/2002, age: 94 years, s/w husband Ian William Shields
Siford, Charles, d. 4/18/1970, age: 84 years
Siford, Ethel May, no dates, age: 65 years, beloved wife of Charles, beloved parents of Alfred, Lilian, Luke (Decd) and James, s/w husband Charles
Siford, Luke, d. 12/17/1936, age: 18 years 11 months, loving son of C. & E. Siford, dear brother of Alfred, Lillian and James
Simpson, Maxwell Arthur (Simmo), d. 8/10/1995, age: 61 years, in loving memory of our Dad
Slingsby, Albert George, d. 2/24/1980, age: 54 years, beloved husband of Elsie, loved father of Robin and Maureen, R.A.A.F emblem, 83880 L.A.C
Smith, Niamh Hope, b. 8/14/2992, d. Born Still, Our much loved baby
Sparkman, Henry Montague, d. 2/2/1971, age: 64 years, his wife of 43 years, s/w wife Mary Stewart Sparkman and daughter Valma Joyce Lippe
Sparkman, Mary Stewart, d. 10/20/1996, age: 88 years, s/w husband Henry Montague Sparkman and daughter Valma Joyce Lippe
Splatt, Philip A., d. 9/6/1984, age: 33 years, beloved husband of Verna
Staer, Alfred Lansell, d. 6/19/1997, age: 88 years, s/w wife Gladys
Staer, Gladys May, d. 8/30/1998, age: 90 years, at peace
Star, Kolman Hirsh, b. 6/6/1931, d. 1/9/1990, suffer no more
Stevens, Valerie Anne, d. 4/30/1977, age: 35 years, devoted wife of Bill
Storey, Doris Muriel, b. 2?/9/19??, d. ?7/5/1992, Waiting the resurrection
Storey, Thomas Davison, b. 6/29/1914, d. 1/28/1991, Loved and missed very much
Summers, Mary Maud, d. 4/1/1897, age: 28 years, s/w William Summers
Summers, William John Pierce, d. 2/4/1897, age: 4 months, s/w Mary Maud Summers
Swash, John, d. 5/28/1905, age: 62 years, s/w Mary Swash
Swash, Mary, d. 5/7/1914, age: 70 years, s/w John Swash
Swayn, Jessie Beaux David, b. 5/6/1982, d. 3/18/1992, much loved JBD, Mum and Dad
Tan, Peter Michael, b. 10/3/1936, d. 2/21/1988, caring and much loved husband of Traudl
Temporini, John Remo, b. 5/25/1968, d. 8/24/1992, dearly loved only son of Luigi and Wendy
Tenardi, Albert, b. 11/6/1927, d. 5/23/1993, Rest in Peace
Thompson, Berth, d. 8/2/1987, age: 79 years, beloved wife of Jack
Thompson, Jack, d. 2/21/1966, age: 63 years, beloved husband of Bertha, loving father of Shirley, Doreen, Lorna, John and Ray
Thompson, Margaret, b. 9/4/1901, d. 5/16/1987, Mother of seven.
Thorpe, David B., d. 2/28/1962, age: 83 years, fond brother of Harry
Thorpe, George, d. 7/29/1954, age: 65 years, beloved husband of Bertha, devoted father of Clarrie, Dolly, Lily and Alf
Thorpe, Henry W., d. 11/8/1965
Timmings, William, d. 8/1/190, age: 44 years
Turner, Robert, b. 4/5/1921, d. 6/15/2000, beloved husband of Ellen
Tuxford, Eliza, d. 6/8/1947, age: 80 years
Tuxford, Marjory, no dates, loving sister of Jessie
Unknown, Cody, d. 5/2/1989, Forever loved. Mum, Dad
Usher, Joan Adele, b. 9/7/1915, d. 9/6/1990
Valli, Joseph George, b. 1912, d. 1987, loving husband of Ella
Van Lieshout, Camelia, b. 10/4/1959, d. 11/27/1987, age: 28 years, loved daughter of Euphemia and Harry
Vasoli, Renzo (Laurie), b. 8/26/1926, d. 2/8/1990, age: 63 years, beloved husband of Erminia
Walsh, Becky Lynn, b. 2/7/1945, d. 3/27/1992 Roleystone, W.A., age:, born Southbend Indiana, U.S.A. Loved wife of Clifford
Walter, William Laurence, d. 6/24/1993, age: 58 years
Watkins, George Watkin Glyn, d. 6/20/1948, age: 75 years
Webb, George Victor, b. 1920, d. 1994, from his loving wife Nellie
Webb, Jennifer Lee, d. 6/11/1984, age: 26 years, dearly loved daughter of Betty and Ron, photo on stone
Webb, Nellie Louisa, b. 1921, d. 1997, from her loving daughters Ruth and Christine and families
Webb, Sarah Anne, d. 6/26/1967, age: 90 years
Webb, Thomas, b. 5/2/1914, d. 23/3/1898
Webb, Thomas, d. 10/4/1958, age: 74 years
Weeks, Graham 'Squire', d. 1995, age: 34 years
Welcher, George, d. 10/10/1923, age: 45 years
Wellings, Barbara Anne, b. 8/2/1947, d. 6/18/2000, age: 52 years, beloved wife of Jim
Wells, George, b. 2/13/1919, d. 7/12/2001, beloved husband of Nellie
Wilson, Leslie Harmston, d. 10/5/2001, age: 72 years, Dearly loved son of Marion and Les, s/w mother Marion Wilson
Wilson, Leslie Thomas, d. 6/4/1985, age: 81 years, Devoted husband of Marion
Wilson, Marion Walter Lillian, d. 10/22/1976, age: 70 years, Beloved wife of Les, devoted mother of Les and Barbara, s/w son Leslie Wilson
Wilson, William, d. 1-6-1897, age: 48 years, accidentally killed in Jarrahdale
Witnish, Dorothy Belle Lavinia, d. 12/5/1976, age: 86 years, Re-united, s/w William Witnish
Witnish, William John, d. 12/13/1947, age: 56 years, Beloved husband of Win, s/w Dorothy Witnish
Wragg, Alexander Henry, b. 2/17/1926, d. 5/6/1986, always remembered by his wife, children, grandchildren, Picture on stone, served in H.M.S. 1943-1957
Yates, Edward James, d. 6/5/1951, age: 81 years, our devoted husband and father
Yeadon, Neville, b. 3/13/1941, d. 2/26/1991, beloved husband of Aileen
Yeadon, Sylvia, b. 1947, d. 1951
York, Clara, d. 4/25/1967
York, Gwendolin, b. 2/18/1930, d. 9/5/1995
York, J. D. L, d. 8/28/1962
York, Ray Albert, b. 5/28/1920, d. 11/17/1972, s/w wife Gwendoline
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