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Anderson Creek Cemetery
Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia

Blair Street, Warrandyte, Victoria.

Warrandyte is a semi rural suburb located north east of metropolitan Melbourne about 30 klms from the city centre. The cemetery which is in excellent condition is managed by the Anderson Creek Cemetery Trust. For information on burials you can visit the on-site office where the staff person is extremely helpful, or contact them on:

Email: andersonscreekcemetery@bigpond.com.au
Post: P.O Box 144 Warrandyte, Victoria 3113
Phone: (61 3) 98443850
Fax: (61 3) 98443180

The cemetery was established in 1867. In 1939, the area was ravaged by a severe bushfire. A number of grave stones were damaged and wooden markers lost. In addition the cemetery register was destroyed. As part of a bicentennial project, work was funded to identify the names buried in unmarked graves. A plaque at the entrance to the cemetery lists the names of individuals identified from a range of sources.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Mar 01, 2006. Total records = 42.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Blair, Edmund Harold (Ted), d. 8 Oct 1920, aged 50 yrs, 10 mths, s/w Mary Rose Blair (wife), [JD]
Blair, Mary Rose, d. 27 Sep 1928, s/w Edmund Harold Blair (husband), [JD]
Dickson, Blanche Emily, b. 18 Jul 1903, d. 7 Dec 1997, s/w Clifford Wesley Dickson , [JD]
Dickson, Clifford Wesley, b. 24 Jul 1902, d. 25 Oct 1984, s/w Blanche Emily Dickson, [JD]
Dickson, G. H., d. 10 Dec 1967, aged 57 yrs, VX1541 Corps of Signals, s/w Mary Carmel Dickson (wife), [JD]
Dickson, Mary Carmel, b. 17 Jul 1907, d. 16 Nov 1980, s/w G.H. Dickson (husband), [JD]
Eginton, Edward Eli, d. 9 Jan 1956, aged 73 yrs, "Uncle Ted of Doug, Ken and Alan", [JD]
Ellis, Frederick W.K., d. aged 64 yrs, s/o "the late Dr George Ellis of Dublin Ireland", s/w Margaret Ellis, [JD]
Ellis, Margaret, d. 17 Oct 1922, aged 66 yrs, s/w Frederick Ellis, [JD]
Ely, Elsie May Florence, d. 4 Jan 1893, aged 8 mths (unmarked grave, information from office), [JD]
Ely, Mary Emma, d. 6 Dec 1868, aged 15 mths, (unmarked grave, information from office), [JD]
Grant, Lewis Dudley, d. 13 Aug 1892, aged 34 yrs, s/o Lewis Grant, s/w Lilly Grant (sister), [JD]
Grant, Lilly, d. 4 Apr 1893, aged 31 yrs, s/w Lewis Dudley Grant (brother), [JD]
Hastings, Caroline, d. 12 Jan 1873, aged 6 yrs, s/w Ellen Jane Hastings, [JD]
Hastings, Ellen Jane, d. 3 Apr 1880 aged 26 yrs, s/w Caroline Hastings, [JD]
Hussey, Benjamin J., d. 16 Oct 1967, aged 77 yrs, s/w Edith Myrtle Hussey, [JD]
Hussey, Edith Myrtle, d. 6 Mar 1984, aged 85 yrs, s/w Benjamin J Hussey, [JD]
Hussey, Mary McNaught, d. 14 Aug 1957, aged 93 yrs (wife), s/w William Hussey (husband), [JD]
Hussey, Sylvia May (Waldon), d. 10 Dec 1987, aged 88yrs, w/o William John Hussey, [JD]
Hussey, William John, d. 14 Oct 1968, aged 82 yrs, (plaque on the end of this grave to Phyllis May Thornton), [JD]
Hussey, William, d. 3 Mar 1939, aged 82 yrs, s/w Mary McNaught Hussey (wife), [JD]
Hutchinson, Samuel, d. 7 Apr 1885, aged 42 yrs, [JD]
Littledale, Ann, no dates, s/w William Littledale, "Pioneers from Harrington, 1851", [JD]
Littledale, William, no dates, s/w Ann Littledale, "Pioneers from Harrington, 1851", [JD]
Masterton, Catherine, d. 9 Feb 1902, (unmarked grave), [JD]
Masterton, Margaret, d. 3 Dec 1873, (unmarked grave), [JD]
Owen, Rosina (Thomas), d. 27 May 1950 aged 70 ys, s/w Josepha Thomas, John Bevan Thomas, Ryhs. Ap Thomas, Martin Tobias Thomas, [JD]
Thomas, Alexandrina, d. 2 Jul 1890, (unmarked grave), [JD]
Thomas, Bathsheba Josephine, d. 2 Jun 1942, aged 73 yrs, "our loving daughter and sister", s/w William Henry Bevan Thomas (brother), [JD]
Thomas, John Bevan, b. in Cornwall, d. 18 Feb 1920, aged 95 yrs, s/w Josepha Thomas (wife), Ryhs. Ap Thomas, Martin Tobias Thomas and Rosina Owen, [JD]
Thomas, Josepha, b. in Cornwall, d. 9 Jan 1894, aged 47 yrs, s/w John Bevan Thomas (husband), Ryhs. Ap Thomas, Martin Tobias Thomas and Rosina Owen, [JD]
Thomas, Josepha, d. 9 Jan 1884, (unmarked grave), [JD]
Thomas, Martin Tobias, d. 17 Jul 1939, aged 68 yrs, s/w John Bevan Thomas, Josepha Thomas, Ryhs. Ap Thomas and Rosina Owen, [JD]
Thomas, Mary Sophia, d. 14 Jan 1977, aged 87 yrs, s/w Victor Thomas (husband) and W.A.E Thomas (son), [JD]
Thomas, Ryhs. Ap, d. 31 Dec 1928 aged 55 yrs, "our beloved brother", s/w John Bevan Thomas and Josepha Thomas (parents), Martin Tobias Thomas and Rosina Owen, [JD]
Thomas, Victor, d. 16 Sep 1968, "son and brother", [JD]
Thomas, Victor, d. 17 Aug 1962, aged 80 yrs, s/w Mary Sophia Thomas (wife) and W.A.E. Thomas (son), [JD]
Thomas, W.A.E., b. 25 Oct 1929, d. 22 Nov 1987, s/w Victor and Mary Sophia Thomas (parents), [JD]
Thomas, William Henry Bevan, d. 5 Nov 1959, aged 69 yrs, s/w Bathsheba Josephine Thomas (sister), [JD]
Thornton, Alfreda (Freda) Thomas, d. 16 Mar 1950, aged 37 yrs, [JD]
Thorton, Phyllis May, b. 22 May 1929, d. 18 Nov 1985, aged 56 yrs, (this plaque is on the end of William John Hussey's grave), [JD]
Townsend, Timothy, b. Oxfordshire, England, d. 12 Oct 1882, aged 64 yrs at Warrandyte, [JD]
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