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Tarcowie Cemetery
Tarcowie, Northern Areas, South Australia

Contributed by Tracey Ives, Mar 20, 2005 [traceyi@westnet.com.au]. Total records = 150.

Tarcowie is a small rural town approximately 3 hours north of Adelaide and about 45 minutes north for Jamestown.

This cemetery is maintained by the Northern Areas Council.

This is a complete reading of all of the tombstones. We completed it April, 2004. We found at least 46 unmarked burial sites.

- Tracey Ives

Cemetery Records

Ballantyne, Elizabeth Ann, d. 18 Sep 1914, age: 57yr, Wife of Robert
Ballantyne, Robert Ramsey, d. 19 May 1913, age: 70yr, Husband of Elizabeth Ann
Barrett, George Henson, no dates, no headstone
Bennett, Nigel, d. 15 Nov 1982, age: 73yr, Husband of Bette, Loving Father of Anthony, Sandra and Roger
Bowley, Albert Edward, d. 12 Nov 1948, age: 70yr, In Loving Memory, Husband of Clara Rosilie
Bowley, Clara Rosilie, d. 17 Aug 1951, age: 69yr, In Loving Memory, Wife of Albert Edward
Butterick, Daniel, d. 24 Mar 1935, age: 77yr (Husband of Elizabeth Butterick)
Butterick, Elizabeth, d. 21 Sep 1941, age: 82yr (Wife of Daniel Butterick)
Butterick, Elsie Emma, d. 07 Sep 1985, age: 79yr (Wife of James Raymond and Mother of Leon and Ivan)
Butterick, Ernest Daniel, d. 10 Sep 1919, age: 30yr, Beloved Son of D & E Butterick
Butterick, Frank Gordon, d. 25 Nov 1975, age: 71yr
Butterick, George A, d. 23 Jul 1916, age: 23yr, Pt George Late 10th Batt AIF, Killed In Action Buried "Warloy Baillon" Cemetery France
Butterick, Ivan, d. 15 Apr 2004, age: 65yr, bur. 21 Apr 2004
Butterick, James Raymond, d. 20 Sep 1964, age: 69yr, Late 10th Batt 1st AIF, Husband of Elsie Emma
Butterick, James, d. 09 May 1907, Gone But Not Forgotten
Cameron, Charlotte Eliza, d. 10 Jul 1950, age: 93yr, Beloved Wife of James
Cameron, James, d. 18 Apr 1935, age: 78yr, Beloved Husband of Charlotte Eliza
Catford, Keith Everard, b. 06 Jun 1922, d. 22 Sep 1995, Late of "High View" Hundred of Tarcowie Beloved Husband of Margaret Irene, Father of Margaret Laura, Elizabeth Alice, Annabell Faith, and David Thomas
Daly, Joseph I, no dates
Davidson, Raymond Allan, d. 30 Apr 1923, age: 21da, In Loving Memory of, Infant Son of W & D Davidson
Dempster, John, d. 07 May 1953, d. 7Th May 1953, age: 87yr (Beloved Husband of Emma)
Dempster, Neville, d. 20 Aug 1965, d. 20 Aug 1965, age: 63yr
Dempster, Robert Vivian, d. 28 Oct 1922, age: 16yr, In Loving Memory Of, Husband of Rose Harriett
Dempster, Rose Harriet, d. 19 Feb 1918, age: 46yr, In Loving Memory Of, Wife of Robert Vivian
Fisher, Gertrude Beatrice, b. 24 May 1889, d. 13 Sep 1890, age: 1yr 3mo, no headstone
Fisher, Janet, b. 1875, d. 1898
Fisher, Thomas Henry, b. 10 Nov 1883, d. 02 Nov 1884, age: 11mo 8da, no headstone
Ford, Elizabeth, d. 17 Dec 1900, age: 65yr, In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Ford, Erected By Her Husband and Daughters
Forrest, Clara Evelyn, d. 28 Dec 1989, age: 84yr
Forrest, Frederick, no dates, no headstone
Forrest, Rosina, d. 13 Oct 1960, age: 84yr, Beloved Wife of William
Forrest, William James, d. 13 Apr 1944, age: 70yr, Beloved Husband of Rosina
Forrest, William Ralph, d. 03 Sep 1965, age: 63yr, Beloved Husband of Clara and Loved Father of Brian and Murray
Graham, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jul 1907, age: 66yr, In Loving Memory of Elizabeth The Beloved Wife of RW Graham
Graham, Jeannie, d. 26 Jun 1916, age: 71yr
Gutte, Amelia Bertha, d. 27 May 1889, age: 1yr 5mo, no headstone
Gutte, Arthur Ebenezer, d. 08 May 1905, age: 4Yrs, no headstone
Gutte, Herbert, d. 11 Nov 1891, age: 12da, no headstone
Gutte, Percy Oscar Clyde, d. 21 Jan 1902, age: 3yr 6mo, no headstone
Harvie, Angas Clifford, d. 10 Jan 1953, age: 48yr, Beloved Husband of Irene
Harvie, Arthur Robert, d. 15 Oct 1973, age: 52yr, Beloved Husband of Hazel and Loved Father of Wendy
Harvie, Donald William, d. 02 Oct 1987, age: 60yr, Beloved Son of Edwin and Myrtle
Harvie, Edna May, b. 9 Jul 1923, d. 03 Nov 2001, In Memory of Edna
Harvie, Hilma Doris, d. 23 May 1994, age: 97yr Beloved Wife of William Allan
Harvie, Irene Rosena, d. 23 Jan 1994, d. 23Rd Jan 1994, age: 88yr, Loved Wife of Angas, Parents of Dean and Malcolm
Harvie, John Montgomery, d. 30 Sep 1932, age: 44yr, In Loving Memory of John Beloved Husband of Olive Harvie
Harvie, Olive Elizabeth, d. 27 May 1980, age: 90yr, Beloved Wife of John, Beloved Mother and Father of Roy, Lorna, Yvonne, and Lloyd
Harvie, Roy Gilmour, d. 01 Sep 1974, age: 50yr, Loving Husband of Marjorie and Father of Karyn
Harvie, William Allan, d. 12 Mar 1970, age: 78yr, Beloved Husband of Hilma Doris
Haskard, George H B, b. 1900, d. 1972, Dearly Beloved Husband of Olive
Haskard, Olive Lines, b. 1900, d. 2001, Beloved Wife of George
Hortin, C., no dates, no headstone
Hortin, Emma Ada, no dates, no headstone
Hortin, Ethel Edith Grimwood, d. 08 Jul 1914, age: 22yr, no headstone
Hortin, John, d. 22 Jun 1912, age: 66yr, Beloved Husband of Julia, Not How But In The Coming year, It May Be In The Better Land, We'Ll Read The Meaning of Our Tears and Then All Then We'll Understand
Hortin, Julia, d. 09 Apr 1946, age: 88yr, Beloved Wife of John
Hortin, Leslie Hector, d. 09 May 1903, age: 16 Mth, no headstone
Jefferson, Mary, d. 26 Feb 1925, age: 79yr, Beloved Wife of Thomas Dixon Jefferson
Jefferson, Thomas Dixon, d. 11 Jul 1899, age: 62yr
Jeffs, Daisy Elizabeth Doris, b. 30 Apr 1903, d. 06 Sep 1994, Loving Parents of Colin, At Rest
Jeffs, William Thomas James, b. 04 Mar 1910, d. 25 May 1961, Loving Parents of Colin, At Rest
Kaehne, Rupert John, d. 05 Mar 1899, no headstone
Kotz, Esmeralda May, d. 27 Feb 1947, age: 59yr, Beloved Wife of Victor and Mother of Bess and Bill
Kotz, Gustav, d. 23 Feb 1905, age: 60yr, In Loving Memory of Our Dear Husband and Father, Gone From Us, But Leaving Memories, Death Can Never Take Away.
Kotz, Martha Maria, d. 23 Apr 1937, age: 81yr, In Memory of Mother
Kotz, Victor Herbert, d. 08 Jan 1976, age: 82yr, Beloved Husband of Esmeralda
Leesong, Bessie Jane, no dates, no headstone, (Ashes)
Leesong, Christine Anne, b. 11 Feb 1950, d. 28 Jun 1950, Beloved Baby Daughter of Betty and Cyril, Sister of Anthony, Helen and Christopher
Leesong, Cyril Charles, no dates, no headstone, (Ashes)
Lemm, Elsie Maud, d. 20 Feb 1917, age: 23yr, Beloved Wife of WT Lemm
Lemm, Matilda, d. 14 May 1938, age: 78yr, Wife of Theodore and Parents of 4 Sons and 6 Daughters
Lemm, Theodore, d. 01 Jan 1914, age: 56yr, Husband of Matilda Parents of 4 Sons and 6 Daughters
Liebich, Gustav Johann, d. 01 Aug 1895, age: 59yr
Liebich, Mary Jane, d. 16 Jul 1913, age: 76yr, Wife of Gustav Johann
Lines, Daisy, d. 17 Oct 1916, age: 22yr, Beloved Twin Daughter of JW & MA Lines, Peace Perfect Peace
Lines, Garry Richard, d. 10 Oct 1981, age: 21yr, Beloved Son of Geoff and Joyce Brother of Dianne, Denise and Robyn. Result of Accident
Lines, John Ayers, d. 30 May 1900, age: 72yr, Beloved Husband of Elizabeth, Oh, We Laid Him Here In Sadness, While Our Hearts Filled With Pain But We Know That In Th Mornind We Shall Meet Him Once Again
Lines, Richard William, d. 02 Jun 1965, age: 66yr, Beloved Husband of Jean, Loving Father of Geoff
Lines, Ruby Eva, d. 26 Apr 1907, age: 9yr, 2nd Daugther of RE & G Lines
Lines, Vernon Lester, d. 18 Nov 1913, age: 6yr and 3mo, Though Lost To Sight Not To Memory Dear
Lines, Wilton Mark Ayers, d. 30 May 1911, Beloved Son of JW & MA Lines, No Burdens Yonder, Home At Last
Lines, Winifred Doris, d. 12 Feb 1899, age: 7mo
Mehner, August, d. 29 Mar 1905, age: 53yr, Dearly Beloved Husband of Johanna Mehner, Thou Hast Gone, How Deeply I Miss Thee Loving Husband Thy Memory I'Ll Keep Never Till Life Chos Will I Ever Forget Thee Dear To My Heart Is The Place Where You Sleep At Rest
Ninnes, E. Rose, b. 4 May 1894, d. 16 Sep 1977, In Loving Memory Of
Ninnes, Elizabeth Sholi, d. 02 Sep 1935, age: 82yr, Sacred To The Memory of, Wife of Joseph Ninnes
Ninnes, Eva May, b. 1885, d. 1966, Beloved Wife of Walter
Ninnes, Eva May, no dates, shares with Walter
Ninnes, Hilda May, d. 29 Jun 1892, age: 3yr 3mo, Beloved Daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph
Ninnes, Hilda May, no dates, daughter of and stone with Joseph
Ninnes, Hurtle Frome, d. 24 Jan 1963, age: 71yr
Ninnes, Jack, no dates, Beloved Husband of Hurtle Frome
Ninnes, Joseph, d. 07 Jun 1905, age: 54yr, Beloved Husband of Es Ninnes "Peace Perfect Peace"
Ninnes, Mary Elizabeth, no dates, no headstone
Ninnes, Mary Jane, d. 02 Sep 1937, age: 82yr, Wife of Thomas Ninnes
Ninnes, Mary Roberta, d. 07 Oct 1952, age: 59yr, In Loving Memory, Beloved Wife of HF (Jack) Ninnes
Ninnes, Thomas, d. 03 Mar 1906, age: 52yr, Beloved Husband of MJ Ninnes, (Shares Grave With MJ Ninnes)
Ninnes, Walter Stanley, b. 1887, d. 1955, In Loving Memory of
Pfeiffer, Berthold, d. 06 Nov 1902, age: 50yr, Beloved Husband of MJ Pfeiffer
Pfeiffer, Rosa, d. 10 Mar 1880, age: 2yr, Beloved Daughter of MJ and Berthold
Pfitzner, Minna, d. 21 Jan 1905, age: 20yr, Safe In The Arms of Jesus
Smith, Fanny, d. 16 Jun 1897, age: 52yr, Beloved Wife of Henry Smith
Smith, Frances Place Smith, d. 08 Apr 1916, "Jesus Said, Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me"
Smith, Hasel Blanche Myrtle, d. 30 Dec 1908, age: 9yr 9mo, Dearly Beloved Daughter of J.P. and M.A Smith, "Safe In The Arms of Jesus"
Smith, Henry, d. 16 Mar 1876, Beloved Husband of Fanny
Smith, Howard Ruben, d. 10 Oct 1987, age: 76yr, Beloved Husband of Nellie Elizabeth, Loving Father of Donald Helen and Graham
Smith, Ian Roy, d. Jun 2003
Smith, Ina Myrtle, d. 19 Aug 1994, age: 74yr, Beloved Wife of Lewis Gordon Smith, Loved Mother of Aileen, Malcolm, Rhonda and Rosyln
Smith, Isabel Irene, d. 12 Jan 1986, age: 81yr
Smith, John Place, d. 23 Dec 1942, age: 72yr, Beloved Husband Mary Ann, (Husband and Wife Buried Together)
Smith, Lewis Gordon, d. 07 Jul 1998, age: 88yr, Beloved Husband of Ina Myrtle, Loved Father of Aileen, Malcolm, Rhonda and Rosyln
Smith, Linda May, no dates, Beloved Wife of Thomas John, Beloved Mother of Betty, Ian and David
Smith, Mary Ann, d. 26 Jul 1929, age: 59yr, The Beloved Wife of JP Smith
Smith, Mary Edith Rose, d. 17 Dec 1995, age: 95yr, Daughter of The Above (JP and MA Smith), (Share Grave With Roy Harry)
Smith, Nellie Elizabeth, d. 05 Feb 2001, age: 87yr, Loving Mother of Donald Helen and Graham
Smith, Robert Henry Dixon, d. 15 Jul 1976, age: 74yr, Beloved Husband of Isabel Irene, Always Remembered By Their Family Dawn Robert, Bethel and Florence
Smith, Roy Harry, d. 16 Feb 1935, age: 22yr, Youngest Son of JP and MA Smith
Smith, Thomas John, d. 14 Apr 1990, age: 83yr, Beloved Husband of Linda Beloved Father of Betty, Ian and David
Stagg, Cecil, d. 23 Mar 1923, age: 7yr 10mo, (With Ian Stagg)
Stagg, Emily, d. 11 Jun 1939, age: 60yr, Beloved Wife of William
Stagg, Emma Louisa, d. 06 Jan 1971, age: 86yr
Stagg, Harriett, d. 19 Oct 1928, age: 87yr, Beloved Wife of William
Stagg, Ian Thomas, d. 29 Jun 1935, age: 9yr and 5mo, Dearly Beloved Sons of T & E Stagg
Stagg, Matilda May, d. 14 Sep 1913, age: 79yr 6mo, For of Such Is The Kingdom of Heavan
Stagg, Thomas Henry, d. 22 Jan 1964, d. 22 Jan 1964, age: 88yr
Stagg, William, d. 05 Aug 1911, age: 89yr, Beloved Husband of Harriett Stagg
Stagg, William, d. 29 Aug 1946, Beloved Husband of Emily Stagg Died 29Th Aug 1946
Sweet, Arthur Roy, d. 17 Oct 1982, age: 82yr Son of Adeline and Arthur, Always Remembered By Their Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters
Sweet, Arthur, d. 02 Feb 1943, age: 78yr, Beloved Husband of Adeline
Thomas, James Stanley, d. 02 Apr 1961, age: 73yr Beloved Husband of Millicent Myrtle
Thomas, Millicent Myrtle, d. 23 Mar 1952, age: 57yr and 11mo, Beloved Wife of James Stanley and Mother
Twigden, Albert Nathaniel, d. 13 Dec 1952, age: 65yr, Beloved Husband of Ivy Annie
Twigden, Annie Lydia, d. 21 May 1953, age: 70yr, Beloved Wife of PS Twidgen and Beloved Mother of Howard and Ada
Twigden, Darryll John, d. 1970, age: 5da, Beloved Son of Murray and Sylvia Twigden and Brother To Pauline, Heather and Jeffrey, "No Head Stone - Unmarked"
Twigden, Howard Percival, d. 28 Jun 1977, Beloved Husband of Lily Anne Gertrude, no headstone - Unmarked
Twigden, Ivy Annie, d. 12 Jun 1965, age: 70yr, Beloved Wife of Albert Nathaniel
Twigden, Lance Wesley, d. 12 Jul 1976, age: 56yr,Sx30184 Corporal, 148 Aust Gen Transport Co, Beloved Husband of Thelma and Father of Alan and Margaret
Twigden, Lily Gertude Annie, d. 16 Jun 1958, age: 53yr, Beloved Wife of Howard and Loving Mother of Murray and Kathleen
Twigden, Percy Sheffington, d. 30 Jan 1965, age: 81yr, In Loving Memory Beloved Husband of Annie Lydia Loved Father of Howard and Ada
Watkins, Christopher, d. 16 May 1921, Beloved Husband of Mary Caroline, age: 74yr, A Sorrow Never Spoken The Hardest Grief To Bear
Watkins, Edgar D, d. 22 May 1942, age: 50Year, Son of The Late C & Mc Watkins (Memorial Only), Interred At Minnida
Watkins, Mary Caroline, d. 18 Mar 1942 age: 77yr, Beloved Wife of Christopher
Watkins, Walter E, d. 07 Dec 1930, age: 29yr 9mo, Youngest Son of MC and The Late C Watkins
Watkins, Wiiliam Christopher, d. 21 Sep 1959, age: 76yr, (With William Is Son Edgar D)
Watson, Allan, d. 11 Feb 1937, age: 48yr, Husband of Fanny Clytues May, Father of Ralph and Mary
Watson, Fanny Clytues May, d. 03 Mar 1989, age: 91yr, Wife of Allan and Mother of Ralph and Mary
Willsdon, Alice, d. 26 Aug 1900, Loving Wife of G. Willsdon
Willsdon, Emma, d. 14 Mar 1896, age: 16yr
Willsdon, George, no dates, Loving Husband of Alice
Willsdon, Georgina, d. 16 Feb 1892, age: 3yr
Willsdon, William George, d. 18 Jan 1879, age: 10mo
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