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Swan Creek Cemetery
Warwick Shire, Queensland, Australia

Swan Creek Cemetery, Yangan Rd, Via Warwick, Qld, Australia.

Contributed by Karyn Findlay, May 21, 2005, last edited Nov 12, 2011 [ktish64@internode.on.net]. Total records = 71.

This church cemetery is located approximately 14 kms east of Warwick, Qld, just off Yangan Road.

Swan Creek Cemetery was originally started by the Swan Creek Church of England Church. It was opened during the 1870s and closed in the 1970s.

When visited the cemetery was mown but not trimmed. In summer especially, it can be overgrown with grass waist height. The cemetery is fenced off from the church that it was previously associated with. This building now being a private residence.

There are no public facilities available. The list of inscriptions, were prepared by myself and Stephen Batterham of Warwick and were taken from digital images and notes made during November 2002. The list of inscriptions comprise all visible inscriptions at that date.

- Karyn Findlay

Cemetery Records

Allen, Ann, b. 31 Nov 1821, d. 15 Oct 1899, age: 78yrs, w/o Henry, s/w Henry Allen
Allen, Henry, d. 26 Dec 1897, age: 79yrs 9mths, s/w Ann Allen
Bloomfield, William, d. 10 Oct 1907, age: 70yrs
Cutmore, Jessie May Irene, d. 24 Jun 1913, age: 2yrs
Cutmore, Olive Elizabeth, d. 14 Mar 1935, age: 33yrs
Darley, Charles Fitzroy, d. 23 Apr 1885, age: 2yrs, s/o John and Mary
Davis, Mary, d. 26 Jan 1894, age: 41yrs, w/o Thomas
Eastwell, Charlotte, d. 9 Feb 1879, age: 63yrs, w/o John, s/w John Eastwell, Joseph Eastwell
Eastwell, Clarence, d. 1 Feb 1944, age: 48yrs
Eastwell, Edward, d. 30 Aug 1923, age: 80yrs, s/w Mary Ann Eastwell
Eastwell, Harriet Mahala, d. 4 Mar 1891, age: 29yrs, s/w Rupert John Eastwell
Eastwell, Henry, d. 1 May 1898 Warwick, age: 26yrs, s/o T & MA Eastwell
Eastwell, John, d. 10 Feb 1889, age: 73yrs, s/w Charlotte Eastwell, Joseph Eastwell
Eastwell, Joseph, d. 28 Jul 1893, age: 45yrs, h/o Caroline, s/w Charlotte Eastwell, John Eastwell
Eastwell, Mary Ann, d. 15 May 1932, age: 81yrs, s/w Edward Eastwell
Eastwell, Rupert John, d. 4 Jun 1891, age: 3yrs 9mths, s/o Harriet Mahala Eastwell, s/w Harriet Mahala Eastwell
Free, Bruce Hamilton Josiah, d. 15 Apr 1903, age: 2yrs, s/o C & E Free
Free, Charles, b. 27 May 1860, d. 12 May 1911, h/o Erving Free, s/w Erving Free-Mitchell
Free, Donald Downie, d. 18 Aug 1956, age: 26yrs, s/o Mrytle & Vernon Free buried Warwick Cemetery, s/w George Josiah Free, Emily Ada Free
Free, Elizabeth, d. 22 Jan 1898, age: 57yrs, w/o Addison Free
Free, Emily Ada, d. 26 Nov 1953, age: 76yrs, w/o George, s/w George Josiah Free, Donald Downie Free
Free, George Josiah, d. 20 Jul 1909, age: 36yrs, s/w Emily Ada Free, Donald Downie Free
Free, Jesse, d. 23 Feb 1903, age: 25yrs
Gillespie, Alice, b. 1909, d. 2000, Laid to rest Eden Gardens
Gillespie, Armstrong, d. 11 Jul 1948, age: 85yrs, s/w Mary Gillespie
Gillespie, Barbara May, d. 12 May 1942, age: 8mths, s/w Richard Walter Gillespie, Eleanor Isabel Gillespie
Gillespie, Catherine, d. 13 Jul 1900, age: 45yrs
Gillespie, Eleanor Isabel, d. 7 Feb 1948, age: 52yrs, s/w Richard Walter Gillespie, Barbara May Gillespie
Gillespie, Francis, b. 7 Jan 1861, d. 22 Apr 1935
Gillespie, Jane (Bell), d. 1 Jul 1926, age: 63yrs, w/o Francis
Gillespie, John, d. 15 Dec 1876
Gillespie, Leonard, d. 20 Aug 1883, age: 62yrs
Gillespie, Mary (Watt), d. 18 Nov 1936, age: 68yrs, s/w Armstrong Gillespie
Gillespie, Mary Jane, d. 15 Feb 1935, age: 77yrs 7 mths
Gillespie, Richard Walter, d. 3 May 1962, age: 73yrs, s/w Eleanor Isabel Gillespie, Barbara May Gillespie
Gillespie, Richard, d. 23 Nov 1963, age: 69yrs, h/o Alice
Gillespie, Richard, d. 28 Nov 1917, age: 51yrs
Gillespie, Robert Angus, d. 21 Apr 1951, age: 16yrs
Gillespie, Sarah (Armstrong), d. 19 Feb 1896, age: 72yrs
Gillespie, Sarah (Bell), d. 13 Jul 1907, age: 51yrs, w/o James
Gillespie, Walter Armstrong, d. 2 Sep 1920, age: 19yrs, s/o Francis and Jane, s/w William Henry Gillespie
Gillespie, William Henry, d. 29 Dec 1891, age: 10mths, s/o Francis and Jane, s/w Walter Armstrong Gillespie
Gillespie, William, d. 29 Oct 1915, age: 66yrs
Hall, Harriet, d. 1894, w/o Thomas
Kinsey, Ann, d. 12 Dec 1898, age: 77yrs, w/o Thomas, s/w Thomas Kinsey
Kinsey, Thomas, d. 8 May 1898, age: 77yrs, s/w Ann Kinsey
Law, Unknown, d. 30 Nov 1898 Warwick, age: 29yrs, w/o Charles Law
Lawless, Armstrong John, d. 9 Mar 1921, age: 12days, s/w John Lawless, Maria Jane Lawless
Lawless, John, d. 29 Sep 1928, age: 40yrs, s/w Maria Jane Lawless, Armstrong John Lawless
Lawless, Maria Jane, d. 26 Nov 1966, age: 74yrs, s/w John Lawless, Armstrong John Lawless
Lewis, Ada Florence, d. 18 Oct 1887 Clermont, age: 5yrs 4 mths, s/w Maude Lewis, Jane Lewis
Lewis, Jane, d. 24 Dec 1885, age: 29yrs, s/w Maude Lewis, Ada Florence Lewis
Lewis, Maude, d. 10 Feb 1885, age: 4yrs 7 mths, d/o Louis and Jane Lewis, s/w Jane Lewis, Ada Florence Lewis
Mauch, Barbara Weishadle, d. 25 Dec 1887, age: 65yrs, w/o Michael, s/w Michael Mauch
Mauch, Michael, d. 18 Sep 1884, age: 64yrs, s/w Barbara Weishadle Mauch
May, Harriet (Gillespie), d. 27 Aug 1936, age: 67yrs
Mitchell-Free, Erving, d. 21 Oct 1960, age: 88yrs, s/w Charles Free
Patterson, David, b. 1856, d. 1923, s/w Elizabeth Patterson
Patterson, Elizabeth, b. 1856, d. 1940, s/w David Patterson
Person, Kjersti, b. 24 Nov 1836 Sweden, d. 21 Jul 1930 Freestone, s/w Svene Person
Person, Svene, b. 9 Oct 1824, d. 7 Nov 1898 Freestone, s/w Kjersti Person
Petersen, Laust, b. 12 Feb 1817, d. 1 Mar 1893
Rea, Andrew John Nichol, b. 13 Jun 1892, d. 28 Mar 1928, age: 35yrs 9mths, h/o Elizabeth
Reeve, Emma Henrietta, d. 15 Jan 1886 Emuvale, age: 79yrs
Thomas, Frederick, d., age: 2yrs, s/o John and Jane Ann Thomas, s/w William Thomas
Thomas, William, d. 20 Jun 1878 Laura River Palmer Road, age: 14yrs 4mths, s/o John and Jane Ann Thomas, s/w Frederick Thomas
Willadsen, Iver Pedersen, d. 9 May 1883, age: 35yrs
Wood, Amy Lillian, d. 4 Nov 1889, age: 2yrs, d/o Richard, s/w Richard Wood
Wood, Elizabeth, d. 3 Apr 1926, w/o Richard, s/w Richard Wood
Wood, Richard, b. 15 Jan 1828 Devonshire, d. 25 Sep 1910, s/w Elizabeth Wood
Wood, Richard, d. 14 Jun 1887, age: 35yrs, s/w Amy Lillian Wood
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