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Tiaro Cemetery
Tiaro Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: 2 Mar 2000, updated in May 2000.
Total records = 800

Tiaro Shire is situated south of Maryborough, about 20 mins drive along the Bruce Highway.

The cemetery records are held at the Tiaro Council offices, which are in the main street of Tiaro. Cemeteries in the control of Tiaro shire are: Tiaro (do not visit Sep-Oct, the magpies are vicious), Gunalda, Munna Ck, and Dickabram.

Additional records with an asterisk * after their entry were submitted to me later by family members.

I visited and transcribed this cemetery in early 2000.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Allen, Douglas Bevin, d. 5-6-1939, Age:14
Allen, Elizabeth, d. 27-7-1928, Age:78
Allen, Esther Emily, d. 29-10-1931, Age:12y3m
Allen, Jesse, d. 20-8-1946, Age:51
Allen, Joseph James, d. 20-2-1941, Age:81
Allen, Olive Madeline, d. 29-12-1993, Age:94
Allen, Sarah, d. 23-3-1880, Age:30
Andersen, Syned, d. 6-8-1876, Age:30
Anderson, Elizabeth, d. 18-4-1903, Age:76y4m
Anderson, Elizabeth, d. 12-7-1942, Age:61
Anderson, Thomas, d. 3-6-1913, Age:94
Andrew, Catherine, d. 29-8-1894, Age:73
Andrew, James, d. 11-7-1891
Andrew, William, d. 14-5-1924, Age:69
Andrews, James, d. 30-1-1929, Age:82
Andrews, Louisa, d. 2-2-1890, Age:39
Andrews, William, d. 10-12-1896, Age:1hr
Ash, Henry, d. 4-5-1881, Age:63
Ashton, Ann Christine, d. 30-6-1924, Age:39
Ashton, Christopher, d. 19-6-1958, Age:81
Ashton, William, d. 20-2-1932, Age:81
Atkinson, George Thomas, d. 29-6-1908, Age:2
Axelsen, Charles, d. 16-9-1876, Age:10hrs
Axelsen, Emma, d. 18-8-1879, Age:30mins
Axelsen, Mary, d. 6-7-1888, Age:inf
Axelsen, Oswald, d. 9-11-1891, Age:19mths
Axelsen, Percy, d. 30-4-1888, Age:6wks
Baker, Alfred, d. May 1892, Age:3wks
Baker, Edmund John, d. 19-7-1958, Age:76
Baker, Frederick, d. 13-7-1920, Age:76
Baker, Frederick Hugh, d. 24-12-1974, Age:50
Baker, Grace, d. 14-7-1965, Age:81
Baker, Martha Hislop, d. 3-4-1912, Age:36
Baker, Muriel Mary, d. 4-8-1909, Age:2yr11m
Baker, Wilhelmine, d. 1-12-1897, Age:45
Baker, William John, d. Oct 1915, Age:2
Barber, Brian Gough, d. 30-5-1996, Age:70
Barker, Caroline, d. 19-2-1956, Age:73
Barriskill, Elizabeth, d. 11-4-1898, Age:59
Barriskill, William, d. 12-12-1901
Bates, George Victor, d. 28-8-1952, Age:44
Bates, Grace Helena, d. 15-6-1956, Age:73
Bates, James, d. 27-9-1951, Age:74
Bates, Joseph, d. 21-6-1937, Age:83y10m
Bates, Lillian, d. 31-5-1911, Age:2
Bates, Susan, d. 21-4-1930, Age:75
Bauer, August Jacob, d. 8-11-1929, Age:57
Bauer, Benedict, d. 8-9-1904, Age:46
Bauer, Charlotte, d. 27-1-1966, Age:72
Bauer, Mrs August, d. 6-5-1912
Bauer, Walter Frederick, d. 4-11-1958, Age:75
Beattie, Mary, d. 8-6-1931, Age:4m
Bellilly, C Lawrence, d. 12-8-1907, Age:60
Benson, Joseph, d. 13-8-1952, Age:90
Bertelsen, Elizabeth, d. 25-12-1900, Age:31
Bishop, Albert, d. 21-7-1900, Age:37
Bishop, John, d. 19-5-1901, Age:67
Bishop, Sarah, d. 20-2-1905, Age:70
Blower, Mary, d. 4-8-1905, Age:33
Blowers, Adah Lillian, d. 11-12-1984, Age:83
Bolderrow, Ellen Louisa, d. 3-1-1924, Age:54
Bolderrow, Elma Jane, d. 20-11-1900, Age:7m
Bolderrow, John, d. 22-5-1950, Age:84
Bonhill, Herbert Ernest, d. 12-5-1880, Age:11dys
Bonnett, Elizabeth, d. 12-7-1887, Age:55
Bonnett, Grace, d. 17-12-1911, Age:84
Bonnett, Thompson, d. 1-10-1894, Age:67
Booth, Sylvia Valmai, d. 17-3-1995, Age:79
Bougoure, Cecil John, d. 3-7-1997, Age:79
Brims, George, d. 18-3-1876, Age:45
Brims, Jane, d. 7-3-1912, Age:67
Brown, Albertine, d. 27-10-1937, Age:75
Brown, Arthur William, d. Sept 1916, Age:16
Brown, George, d. 28-10-1948, Age:71
Brown, Henry, d. 6-2-1936, Age:42
Brown, John, d. 1-9-1948, Age:89
Brown, John, d. 1945
Brown, Sophia, d. 8-6-1899, Age:50
Brown, William, d. June 1885, Age:10
Bulgin, Clifford Aubrey, d. 11-7-1897, Age:11y6m
Butler, Michael, d. 1-5-1921, Age:74
Campbell, Malcolm Peter Morrison, d. 1-8-1994, Age:64
Campbell, Rose, d. 17-6-1977, Age:21
Carey, Catherine Wineford, d. 18-5-1876, Age:9m
Carey, Margaret, d. 1887, Age:2dys
Carlsen, Sven August, d. 21-6-1878, Age:3mths
Carruthers, Mary Hannah, d. 7-3-1891, Age:72
Carruthers, William, d. 30-12-1902, Age:81
Carswell, Ada, d. 7-4-1886, Age:11m
Carswell, William Thomas, d. 11-8-1878, Age:4hrs
Cauglan, Andrew Thompson, d. Dec 1884, Age:4m10dys
Chapman, Mary, d. 1944, Age:84
Chapman, Mary, d. 2-9-1957, Age:70
Chapman, Thomas, d. 25-1-1967, Age:86
Chapman, Thomas, d. 20-3-1934, Age:84
Chapman, William, d. 9-12-1895, Age:8yrs
Charles, Carlo, d. 1886, Age:45
Christensen, Ernestina, d. 28-7-1944, Age:86
Christensen, Gorgen, d. 25-5-1915
Christensen, John, d. 1877, Age:25
Christensen, Poul, d. 18-9-1926, Age:79y3m
Christie, Henry, d. 25-9-1923, Age:68
Christie, Janet Alexander, d. 3-3-1928, Age:74
Christie, Jessie Steven, d. 1889, Age:4y10wks
Clancy, William, d. Dec 1882, Age:23
Clark, Beverley Anne, d. 28-7-1993, Age:46
Clarke, Henrietta Minnie, d. 12-1-1901, Age:5wks
Clerk, Henrietta Minnie, d. 12-1-1901, Age:5wks
Coenik, Hazel Joyce, d. 7-8-1996, Age:55
Combridge, Benjamin, d. 4-5-1995, Age:50
Connors, Annie, d. 12-6-1913, Age:75
Connors, Bernard John Francis, d. 3-3-1959, Age:21
Connors, Bridget Catherine, d. 31-12-1938, Age:69
Connors, Charles, d. 6-6-1938, Age:35
Connors, Ellen, d. 20-4-1904, Age:12dys
Connors, Engre, d. 30-1-1987, Age:89
Connors, Florence Margaret, d. 8-1-1964, Age:91
Connors, James, d. 20-1-1939, Age:72
Connors, James, d. 17-7-1993, Age:96
Connors, Jeremiah, d. 1935, Age:70
Connors, John, d. 10-2-1964, Age:71y11m
Connors, John, d. 3-10-1899, Age:75
Connors, Joseph A, d. 12-6-1964
Connors, Margaret, d. 17-5-1974
Connors, Margaret Josephine, d. 4-1-1995, Age:84
Connors, Margaret Mary, d. 1-4-1974, Age:77
Connors, Norah, d. 11-10-1951, Age:82
Connors, Patrick, d. 19-5-1931, Age:62
Connors, Rita Ellen, d. 21-6-1949, Age:2dys
Connors, Valentine Clement, d. 20-11-1975, Age:60
Coogan, Rubena Pearl, d. 12-10-1988, Age:90
Cook, Anne, d. 1-3-1904
Cook, Betsy, d. 1-9-1876, Age:1
Cook, James, d. 18-7-1900, Age:54
Cook, Thomas, d. 18-12-1877, Age:2m16dys
Cook, William, d. 12-6-1911, Age:46
Copson, John, d. 31-10-1921, Age:83
Corey, Elizabeth Annie, d. 1-6-1998, Age:85
Cornwell, Albert Richmond, d. 1946, Age:73
Cornwell, John Bevan, d. 1927, Age:9y7m
Cornwell, Susanna, d. 22-6-1937, Age:95
Cornwell, Thomas, d. 1916, Age:78
Coyne, Frank, d. 9-4-1914, Age:8m
Coyne, Michael John, d. 23-1-1990, Age:23
Coyne, Michael William, d. 30-9-1988, Age:83
Coyne, Peter, d. 29-9-1928, Age:60
Crumps, William, d. 25-5-1884, Age:35
Cunningham, Annie, d. 22-3-1929, Age:68
Cunningham, Charles Tait, d. 17-10-1938, Age:84
Cunningham, Elizabeth, d. 12-6-1912, Age:28
Cunningham, Hellen, d. 1915, Age:87
Cunningham, Johannah, d. 1881, Age:27
Cunningham, John, d. 22-10-1907, Age:86
Cunningham, John, d. 23-12-1877, Age:26
Cunningham, Mary Ellen, d. 24-3-1920, Age:47y11m
Cunningham, Miriam E.M., d. 3-10-1940, Age:42
Cunningham, Muriel, d. 12-1-1915, Age:9mths
Cunningham, Stewart Crumby, d. 1946, Age:80
Cunningham, William Wallace, d. 14-10-1954, Age:60
Curney, Ethel Nellie, d. 10-3-1892, Age:3wks
Cuthbertson, Caroline Elizabeth, d. 1893, Age:7m2wks
Dakin, Abigail Frances, d. 2-12-1997, Age:85y11m
Dakin, Albert Victor, d. 16-11-1985, Age:68
Dakin, George Thomas, d. 24-9-1992, Age:76
Dale, Dulcie May, d. 23-12-1958, Age:47
Dale, Garry Stewart, d. 2-2-1981, Age:18
Dale, Grace Jessie, d. 8-8-1990, Age:84
Dale, Henry Alden, d. 1961, Age:54
Dale, John, d. 9-2-1929, Age:74
Dale, John Harold, d. 10-11-1966, Age:71
Dale, Sarah, d. 28-12-1884, Age:28
Dale, Stewart James, d. 30-11-1979, Age:70
Dalkan, Job Henry, d. 10-6-1909, Age:1dy
Davidson, Cyril Laurence, d. Feb 1916, Age:7m
Davis, William Henry, d. 22-11-1877, Age:3m2wk
Dawson, Brenda Grace, d. 10-7-1962
Dawson, Lucy, d. Apr 1883, Age:4
Dawson, Richard, d. May 1884, Age:41
Day, William Thomas, d. Oct 1915, Age:4
Deacon, Elvina, d. Jan 1883, Age:31
Dean, Maria Emily, d. 15-5-1928, Age:89
Deiner, Ethel Winifred, d. 1917, Age:4y11m
Dempster, Hannah, d. 3-8-1958, Age:91y4m
Dempster, James, d. 21-9-1913, Age:13
Dempster, Jane, d. 19-8-1903, Age:81
Dempster, John, d. 4-7-1904, Age:82
Dempster, Martin, d. 19-5-1926
Deverill, Clive Reginald, d. 6-2-1914, Age:2m
Deverill, Harold Charles, d. Dec 1915, Age:3y3m
Doman, Mavis Ann, d. 28-8-1985, Age:72
Donald, Daisy, d. 2-12-1887, Age:1m4dys
Douglas, Alex, d. 9-6-1890, Age:1hr
Douglas, Alexander, d. 1924
Douglas, Alexandra, d. 19-2-1888, Age:4
Douglas, Annie, d. 4-2-1932, Age:74
Douglas, Elspeth, d. 23-1-1960, Age:82
Douglas, George, d. 13-2-1886, Age:83
Douglas, Hugh, d. 26-10-1937, Age:61
Douglas, James Ed Henry, d. 20-8-1920, Age:66
Douglas, Marion Beckett, d. 20-4-1940, Age:70
Dowling, Henry, d. 25-9-1905, Age:2dys
Dowling, Mary Louisa, d. 16-8-1942, Age:74
Dowling, William, d. 14-4-1944, Age:78
Dowling, William Edward Harling, d. 10-9-1979, Age:78
Dowzer, Elizabeth, d. 8-8-1908, Age:83y6m
Dowzer, Ellen H, d. 24-12-1912, Age:43
Dowzer, George, d. 14-1-1890, Age:33
Dowzer, James, d. 26-11-1900, Age:74
Dowzer, Martha, d. 17-2-1908, Age:45
Drain, James Stuart, d. 7-3-1881, Age:4m
Dunaly, Daisey, d. 2-11-1887, Age:1m4dys
Dunser, George, d. 14-1-1890, Age:33
Dwyer, Matthew, d. 24-12-1903, Age:22
Eagan, Turner, d. 8-1-1891, Age:15m
Eastwell, Albert Robert George, d. 1941, Age:14y6m
Eaton, Julia, d. 9-7-1943, Age:93
Edmunds, Arthur Roy Clarence, d. 21-5-1934, Age:33
Edmunds, James Frederick, d. 26-4-1938, Age:80
Edmunds, James Frederick, d. 29-4-1992, Age:65
Edmunds, Sarah Elizabeth Woodsford, d. 18-1-1938, Age:76
Elliott, Gilbert, d. 2-11-1896, Age:5m
Ellis, Emily, d. 1889, Age:2m
Emery, Barbara, d. 12-5-1902, Age:39
Emery, Frederick, d. 7-6-1915, Age:63
Faulkner, Ethel Lillian, d. 1-8-1911, Age:29
Faulkner, Mary Ann, d. 8-4-1908, Age:22
Faulkner, Thomas Joseph, d. 8-8-1911, Age:18dys
Feiner, Ethel Winifred, d. 1917, Age:4y11m
Feis, Ludwig Christian, d. 12-11-1932, Age:68
Fobester, Robert, d. Feb 1882, Age:49
Forbes, George Douglas, d. 16-4-1948, Age:77
Forbes, Joseph, d. 1917, Age:68y10m
Forbes, Margaret, d. Nov 1916, Age:72
Forbes, Rose Eliza, d. 31-5-1938, Age:48
Forbes, Ruth, d. 21-1-1949, Age:70
Frail, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. 5-5-1880, Age:4wks
Frail, Elizabeth, d. 1918, Age:81
Frail, Nathan, d. 25-9-1902, Age:77
Freshney, George, d. 20-7-1972, Age:84
Freshney, George, d. 27-5-1996, Age:83
Freshney, Harold, d. 1945, Age:28
Freshney, Rose, d. 30-8-1977, Age:87
Fullarton, Annie Amelia, d. 11-5-1943, Age:78
Gardiner, Elizabeth, d. 17-1-1899, Age:38
Gardiner, Elizabeth, d. 25-7-1949, Age:81
Gardiner, John, d. 10-4-1950, Age:89
Gebert, Lillian May, d. 25-7-1935, Age:40
Gee, Arthur, d. Jun 1881, Age:1m
Gee, Georgina, d. 16-10-1942, Age:58
Gee, Gladys Ruth, d. 4-10-1939, Age:25
Gee, Hannah, d. 3-4-1897, Age:55
Gee, Walter, d. 16-12-1958, Age:84y8m
George, Brian, d. 18-3-1876, Age:45
Gesing, Christina, d. 2-9-1876, Age:2
Geysing, Frederick Adam, d. 18-10-1903
Geysing, Mrs, d. 26-7-1927, Age:82
Gilchrist, Catherine Margaret, d. 15-09-1962, Age:80y11m
Gilchrist, David Field, d. 2-10-1913, Age:6-6-1896
Gilchrist, Edward, d. 27-2-1896, Age:59
Gilchrist, Edward, d. 4-1-1941, Age:70
Gilchrist, Eliza, d. 22-11-1903, Age:35
Gilchrist, James, d. 17-8-1946, Age:83y10m
Gilchrist, James, d. 25-5-1947, Age:45
Gilchrist, Leslie Charles, d. 4-10-1988, Age:76
Gilchrist, Mary Karen,d. 15-4-93,Age:, 62
Gilchrist, Walter Joseph, d. 19-1-1926, Age:3-1-1893
Goding, Emma, d. Mar 1882, Age:62
Goding, James, d. 13-12-1879, Age:66
Gordon, Alexander William, d. 19-11-1930, Age:27-4-1899
Gordon, Annie, d. 4-11-1963, Age:77
Gordon, Aubrey Raymond, d. 7-8-1935, Age:55
Gordon, Charles S, d. 27-5-1971, Age:70
Gordon, Elizabeth, d. 22-05-1904, Age:78
Gordon, Elizabeth, d. 22-6-1920, Age:60
Gordon, Elizabeth Ellen, d. 5-8-1888, Age:2m
Gordon, Elizabeth Sarah, d. 2-8-1927, Age:66
Gordon, Ellen Hannah, d. 1888, Age:inf
Gordon, Emily Roseman, d. 3-11-1962, Age:77
Gordon, George Alexander, d. 4-1-1935, Age:3yr6m
Gordon, Hannah, d. Feb 1881, Age:16dys
Gordon, Ivy Jane, d. 31-12-1993, Age:91
Gordon, Jane, d. 29-5-1906, Age:33
Gordon, John Campbell, d. 9-1-1890, Age:8m
Gordon, Margaret Ann, d. 29-3-1880, Age:8-2-1880
Gordon, Samuel, d. 27-07-1895, Age:70
Gordon, Samuel, d. 21-1-1932, Age:35
Gordon, Samuel, d. 10-2-1907, Age:4-1-1863
Gordon, Samuel John, d. 13-4-1950, Age:72
Gordon, Stewart Byron, d. 16-6-1969, Age:81
Gordon, Valeria, d. 18-12-1901, Age:23
Gordon, Walter, d. 30-5-1887, Age:1m12 dys
Gordon, William, d. 16-11-1926, Age:72y5m
Gorman, George, d. 7-2-1886, Age:4m
Gotterfried, Seegert, d. 16-11-1926, Age:50
Grant, Doris May, d. 13-3-1959, Age:41
Gray, Arthur Archibald, d. 29-4-1907, Age:3m
Grebert, Lillian May, d. 25-7-1935, Age:40
Green, John James, d. 12-7-1943, Age:81
Greer, Hannah, d. 18-11-1946, Age:74
Greer, Margaret, d. 12-12-1898, Age:59
Greer, Matthew Henry, d. 10-5-1957
Greer, Steel, d. 23-12-1890, Age:52
Greer, Walter, d. 1955, Age:84
Grevsen, Anna Christina, d. 16-5-1923, Age:72
Grevsen, Hans, d. 7-7-1887, Age:66
Grevsen, Paul, d. 14-4-1901, Age:55
Groundwater, Donald George, d. 23-6-1989, Age:57
Groundwater, George Thomas, d. 27-1-1919, Age:60
Groundwater, James Cargill, d. 8-9-1967, Age:70
Groundwater, James Norman, d. 27-1-1994, Age:63
Groundwater, John Robert Sinclair, d. 8-7-1954, Age:62
Groundwater, Margaret, d. 30-3-1909, Age:39
Groundwater, Margaret Sinclair, d. 16-2-1982, Age:84
Groundwater, William Jamieson, d. 7-12-1989, Age:60
Hablutzel, Henry, d. Oct 1885, Age:16
Hales, Margaret, d. 1944, Age:82
Hales, Robert James, d. 22-12-1939, Age:41
Hales, Robert Joseph, d. 6-5-1918, Age:46
Hales, Walter, d. 30-5-1963, Age:59
Hall, Alexander, d. 1901, Age:59
Hall, Ann, d. 26-8-1936, Age:65
Hall, Benjamin Charles, d. 1941, Age:58
Hall, Elizabeth, d. Sept 1885, Age:47
Hall, George, d. 2-3-1877, Age:1y 19wks
Hall, Mrs, d. 4-1-1965, Age:72
Hallard, Edward, d. 26-5-1889
Hansen, Hans Anders, d. 1887, Age:7
Hansen, Keran Maria, d. 8-8-1908, Age:19
Hansen, Minnie, d. 30-6-1970, Age:86
Harisen, Hans Andreas, d. 1879, Age:1
Harrison, Harriet, d. 22-5-1923
Harrison, William, d. 7-11-1910, Age:61
Harwood, Ed, d. Mar 1886, Age:30mins
Harwood, Jas, d. Mar 1886, Age:1d
Hauritz, Clara Margaret, d. Dec 1886, Age:3m
Hauritz, James Bertel, d. 1946, Age:68
Hayden, Elias, d. 25-3-1952, Age:65
Hayden, Luise Mathilde, d. 30-11-1957, Age:73
Hefferan, Bridget Mary, d. 11-7-1908, Age:74
Hefferan, Kieran, d. 9-9-1918, Age:83
Herbener, Jacob, d. 25-9-1954, Age:71
Herbener, John, d. 17-10-1934, Age:23
Herbener, Leslie Stratford, d. 9-4-1915, Age:9wks
Herbener, Sarah Jane, d. 7-1-1963, Age:78
Herschel, Alexander, d. 20-5-1889, Age:7dys
Hewerdine, Annie, d. 2-2-1894, Age:1m
Hewerdine, Charles, d. 5-12-1974
Hewerdine, Elsie Margaret, d. 3-12-1960, Age:59y11m
Hibbett, Ellen, d. 25-3-1912, Age:75
Hibbett, Francis Theresa, d. 19-8-1960, Age:81
Hibbett, Joseph, d. Oct 1915, Age:86
Hibbett, Martha Gertrude Agnes, d. 1952, Age:77
Hibbett, Sarah Jane, d. 25-10-1952, Age:78y11m
Hill, Mary Ann, d. 8-7-1879, Age:36
Hoad, Alva, d. 18-2-1974, Age:73
Hoad, Donald, d. 3-10-1960, Age:24
Hoad, E.T.J., d. 11-3-1978, Age:77
Hodgkinson, Charles, d. 8-8-1892, Age:61
Hodgkinson, Charles William, d. 1880, Age:2
Hodgkinson, Mary, d. 1879, Age:3
Hoffmann, Herman J, d. 12-3-1932, Age:84
Hoffmann, Marie, d. 13-12-1932, Age:77
Holzman, Charlotte Louisa, d. 10-9-1876, Age:20dys
Hope, Alfred Henry, d. 8-12-1935
Hope, James Herbert, d. July 1915
Hope, Mary Jane, d. 23-7-1948, Age:81
Hopkins, Lilian, d. 3-4-1929, Age:34
Hopper, George, d. 6-9-1890, Age:4hrs
Hopper, George, d. Apr 1917, Age:55y11m
Hopper, Marcia Eva Margaret, d. 10-12-1895, Age:8m12dys
Hopper, William, d. 24-12-1887, Age:2dys
Hume, Martha Hannah, d. 7-5-1878, Age:1y6m
Hurt, Alice, d. 23-7-1876, Age:7dys
Hurt, Annie May, d. 22-2-1943, Age:56
Hurt, Arthur Smith, d. 18-8-1958, Age:77
Hurt, Eliza, d. 22-12-1893, Age:54
Hurt, Ethel Fanny, d. 30-8-1960, Age:49
Hurt, Fanny, d. 15-1-1945, Age:60
Hurt, George Chantary S, d. 11-9-1942, Age:64
Hurt, Harrriet Emma, d. 2-8-1921, Age:44
Hurt, Joseph Smith, d. 25-10-1902, Age:28
Hurt, Lilley Adelaide, d. 25-11-1904, Age:3m
Hurt, Mary, d. 4-10-1907, Age:93
Hurt, Rob, d. 4-8-1907, Age:74dys
Hurt, Shirley Ann, d. 13-8-1948, Age:5
Hurt, William, d. 22-5-1878, Age:72
Hurt, William Smith, d. 20-8-1948, Age:78
Hurt, Wm, d. 11-12-1913, Age:77
Hutchings, Daphne Joyce, d. 14-3-1961, Age:37
Hutchings, Frederick, d. 1941, Age:61
Hutchinson, Hugh, d. 1-7-1880, Age:37
Ingham, Nicholas, d. 20-2-1878, Age:44
Ingham, Richard, d. 3-11-1902, Age:43
Ingham, Sarah Ann, d. 15-10-1896, Age:62
Inker, Samuel, d. 1885, Age:48
Inker, Sarah Ann, d. 1887, Age:22
Jackson, Annie Lawrence, d. 10-8-1933, Age:54
Jackson, John James, d. 24-11-1912, Age:inf
Jacobsen, Ane, d. 15-6-1935, Age:77
Jacobsen, Boi Jansen, d. 7-5-1925, Age:69
Jacobsen, Clarence Barry, d. 1-5-1941, Age:3
Jacobsen, Sophus Christian, d. 13-9-1963, Age:73
Jacobsen, William, d. 24-5-1960, Age:61
Jamieson, Theodore, d. 27-6-1958, Age:68
Jenning, Minnie Augusta, d. 15-6-1889, Age:3
Jensen, John, d. 30-4-1926, Age:87
Jensen, Lucy, d. 14-7-1896, Age:21
Jeppesen, Francis John, d. 28-7-1927, Age:13
Jessen, Anders Pedersen, d. 12-9-1931, Age:87
Jessen, Clara Margaret, d. 19-10-1891
Jessen, Maren Dorthea, d. 12-1-1934, Age:87
Job, Elizabeth Ada Annie, d. 4-9-1905, Age:30
Job, Emily Mary, d. 24-7-1929, Age:78
Job, Jonathan, d. 8-11-1898, Age:56
Johnstone, Mary, d. 12-4-1942, Age:69
Johnstone, William King, d. 1917, Age:53
Jones, John, d. Nov 1883, Age:70
Juler, Ellen Maria, d. 5-7-1876, Age:5wks
Kajewski, Charles Christensen, d. 28-3-1938, Age:73
Kajewski, Maria Fredrika, d. 1942, Age:71y11m
Kajewski, Violet, d. 11-3-1927, Age:13
Karey, John, d. 1-5-1906, Age:64
Keenan, James, d. 7-8-1922, Age:67
Keenan, Mary, d. 10-5-1928, Age:70
Keenan, Mary Ann, d. 7-9-1890, Age:4
Keliher, Bernice, d. 19-4-1940, Age:6dys
Keliher, Carmel, d. 12-8-1938, Age:5hrs
Keliher, Catherine Mary, d. 29-10-1948, Age:76
Keliher, Jeremiah, d. 9-3-1939, Age:79
Keliher, Jeremiah Patrick, d. 23-11-1951, Age:48
Keliher, Lawrence Daniel, d. 27-10-1969, Age:61
Keliher, Lawrence Daniel, d. 20-10-1937, Age:1d
Keliher, Maureen, d. 1941, Age:1y3m
Keliher, Thomas, d. sept 1928, Age:23
Kemp, George, d. 29-6-1926, Age:70
Keogh, George Francis, d. 21-9-1949, Age:56
King, Maud Mary, d. Oct 1882, Age:1
King, William Bedworth, d. 20-7-1876, Age:50
Knight, Albert, d. 26-6-1889
Knudsen, Anna Kathrine, d. 5-8-1943, Age:89
Knudsen, Frederick Peter, d. 23-12-1923, Age:15
Knudsen, Hans, d. 1917, Age:78y4m
Koudzi, Nicolas, d. 21-2-1930, Age:31
Kunst, Thomas Charles, d. 30-7-1880, Age:1y9m
Laing, James William, d. 1877
Langer, Caroline, d. 28-9-1894, Age:65
Langer, Robert Julius, d. 3-5-1900, Age:73
Larsen, Annie Christina, d. 30-6-1959, Age:82
Larsen, Hannah Katrina, d. 3-11-1899, Age:6wks
Larsen, Ida Martha Matilda, d. Nov 1884, Age:6
Larsen, Neils Hansen, d. 15-11-1954, Age:88
Larsen, Sophia, d. 8-4-1894, Age:27
Lawrence, Catherine, d. 1950, Age:60
Lawrence, Charlotte Mary, d. 4-11-1972, Age:90
Lawrence, Eliza Jane, d. 29-12-1944, Age:75
Lawrence, John Thomas, d. 30-1-1950, Age:72y8m
Lawrence, Margaret Alice, d. 15-7-1903, Age:73
Lawrence, Thomas, d. 10-9-1904, Age:67
Leather, Agnes, d. 1924
Leitch, Archibald, d. 30-8-1890, Age:5mins
Lobban, Isabella, d. 23-11-1909, Age:29
Long, Samuel, d. 11-12-1913
Lorigan, Daniel, d. 1945, Age:94
Lourigan, Catherine, d. 26-6-1920, Age:79
Luther, James, d. 11-6-1909, Age:84
Mackellar, Duncan Robertson, d. 22-8-1978, Age:82
Mackellar, Edith Willoughby, d. Dec 1945, Age:86
MacKellar, Gladys Willoughby, d. 12-8-1986, Age:95
Mackellar, John, d. 8-8-1950, Age:89
Mackellar, John, d. Mar 1886, Age:3dys
Mackellar, Mary, d. 1930, Age:92y11m
Mackellar, Robert Duncan, d. 21-7-1980, Age:15y6m
MacKellar, Viola May, d. 30-9-1987, Age:87
Mackenzie, Catherine, d. 19-2-1926, Age:73
Mackewen, George, d. 9-3-1908, Age:29
Magnessen, Hilda Mabel, d. 2-9-1908, Age:9m
Magnussen, Hans Henry, d. Oct 1916, Age:58
Martin, Hector, d. 9-11-1899, Age:7hrs
Maslen, Alice, d. 19-12-1953, Age:85
Maslen, John, d. 12-2-1910, Age:74
Maslen, Thomas, d. 9-5-1892, Age:53
Mathers, James, d. 23-2-1896, Age:1dy
Matherson, Lorraine Patricia, d. 15-7-1997, Age:54
Maunsell, Patrick William, d. 25-2-1994, Age:65
Maunsell, Stephen James, d. 2-6-1994, Age:37
May, James, d. 11-1-1888, Age:10wks
McCalla, Margaret, d. Dec 1881, Age:66
McCloy, Hugh, d. 2-7-1896, Age:26
McDougall, James, d. 8-6-1920, Age:70
McDougall, Jane, d. 10-6-1931, Age:103y7m
McIntosh, Margaret Turner, d. Aug 1915
McKellar, Ada B, d. 12-9-1873, Age:91
McKellar, Alexander, d. 19-3-1909, Age:53
McKellar, John, d. Mar 1886, Age:3dys
McKellar, McIntosh, d. 31-7-1909, Age:32
McKenzie, Agnes Paterson, d. 12-4-1942, Age:85y5m
McKenzie, Duncan, d. 12-8-1913, Age:21
McKenzie, Hugh, d. 8-12-1909, Age:57
McKenzie, Isabella, d. 8-11-1940, Age:52
McKenzie, Kenneth, d. 8-3-1926, Age:66
McKewen, Eliza, d. 17-6-1914, Age:78
McKewen, Frances Lucy, d. 21-5-1934, Age:79y11m
McKewen, George, d. 9-3-1908, Age:29
McKewen, Margaret Jane, d. 31-12-1951, Age:80
McKewen, Martha, d. 22-6-1879, Age:2wks
McKewen, Thomas, d. 16-5-1921, Age:81
McKewen, Thomas Albert, d. 6-7-1896, Age:21
McKewen, William John, d. 19-11-1954
McKin, Elizaneth Bridget, d. 14-8-1876, Age:27
McKinnon, John, d. 28-12-1879, Age:70
McMeekin, Robert, d. 1883, Age:27
McMullan, Caroline, d. 1881, Age:4
McMullan, Emma, d. 4-4-1928, Age:79
McMullan, John, d. Dec 1881, Age:45
McMullan, John Laughlin, d. 29-4-1953, Age:72
McMullan, Mary, d. 15-6-1957, Age:83
McRoberts, Charlotte, d. 11-8-1898, Age:8wks
McRoberts, Jane, d. 15-12-1898, Age:20m
Meaney, Michael Joseph, d. Aug 1915, Age:54
Melaney, William, d. 8-9-1879, Age:5
Melinistic, John, d. 1901, Age:34
Melksham, James Alfred, d. 22-6-1899, Age:2wks
Merrick, Lilias May, d. 9-9-1942, Age:15
Meyers, Grace Shand, d. 27-5-1966, Age:60
Meyers, Thomas Gus, d. 1945, Age:12
Meyers, Warren Hamilton, d. 1942, Age:2y6m
Michelsen, Mary Sophia, d. 6-6-1879, Age:3y9m
Miller, Louis, d. 7-10-1914, Age:87
Miller, Martha Harriett, d. 4-12-1901, Age:66
Miller, Thomas, d. 22-7-1953, Age:83
Moffett, Andrew, d. 13-10-1903, Age:79
Moffett, Ann Rowland, d. 1-12-1901, Age:67
Moffett, Robert David, d. 28-3-1909, Age:19
Mohr, Alfred, d. 21-3-1944, Age:73y11m
Mohr, Isabella, d. 1880, Age:3
Mohr, John, d. 13-12-1898, Age:62
Molloy, Esther Bridget, d. 28-8-1878, Age:4m21dys
Molloy, George Michael, d. 16-2-1878, Age:8m20dys
Molloy, John Thomas, d. 17-4-1876, Age:7m19dys
Moloney, Elizabeth, d. May 1916, Age:31
Mooney, Francis, d. 1-3-1957
Mooney, Francis James Joseph, d. 1-6-1925, Age:22
Mooney, Marie Angelia, d. 29-11-1954, Age:74
Morris, Thomas, d. 29-1-1877, Age:45
Morrow, Robert Baden, d. 30-8-1997, Age:70yr10m
Mortensen, George Wilhelm, d. 1-4-1878, Age:1
Murray, Allison, d. 15-10-1912, Age:71
Murray, Colin J, d. 1972, Age:71y11m
Murray, Edward John, d. 6-11-1953, Age:8y8m
Murray, James, d. 6-6-1925, Age:88
Murray, Jonathan, d. 17-11-1943, Age:71
Murray, Kevin James, d. 9-6-1949, Age:14y6m
Murray, Mabel Jean, d. 24-11-1913, Age:5
Murray, Mary Ellen, d. 16-5-1983, Age:72
Murray, Matilda, d. 12-7-1928, Age:49
Myers, Grace Shand, d. 27-5-1911, Age:60
Nasmer, Jean, d. 16-6-1907, Age:68
Neisler, Charlotte Lizzie, d. Dec 1946, Age:60
Nelleman, Augusta, d. Nov 1886, Age:39
Nelleman, George Hall, d. 19-7-1967, Age:79
Nelleman, Jorgen, d. 16-7-1936, Age:89
Nelleman, May, d. 5-3-1942, Age:46
Nelleman, Sarah, d. 13-4-1928, Age:71
Nelmes, Elsie Mabel, d. 27-12-1978, Age:77
Nelmes, Roy Thomas, d. 10-1-1976, Age:76
Nielsen, Niels, d. 24-8-1880, Age:SB
Niesler, Carl Adolf, d. 10-11-1962, Age:79y8m
Noon, Mary Ann, d. 8-7-1879, Age:36
Noy, Mary Ann, d. 8-4-1876, Age:25
O'Hara, Alice, d. 16-4-1889, Age:27
O'Leary, Sarah Jane, d. 25-8-1926, Age:81
O'Leary, W.G., d. 17-7-1912, Age:75
Olsen, Caren, d. 12-9-1942, Age:79
Osborn, Frederick John, d. 22-8-1999, Age:74
Patersen, Jeanette, d. May 1884, Age:56
Paterson, Annie Cumming, d. 2-4-1939, Age:67
Paterson, Eileen Mary, d. 9-7-1953, Age:38
Paterson, James, d. 26-4-1938, Age:82
Paterson, Kathleen, d. 24-6-1959, Age:76
Paterson, Walter, d. 24-4-1944, Age:76
Patterson, James, d. 25-10-1908, Age:79
Patterson, William, d. 1-8-1919, Age:54
Paulsen, Andreas Christiane, d. 1879, Age:19
Perkins, Joseph Hobens, d. 23-4-1920, Age:58
Perry, John, d. 29-1-1912, Age:40
Petersen, Dorothea Sophia, d. 25-6-1880, Age:45
Petersen, John, d. 13-6-1890
Phillips, Anna M. F., d. 1917, Age:64y3m
Phillips, George, d. 6-2-1913, Age:62
Phillips, Herbert, d. 1926
Philpot, George Beauchamp, d. 9-11-1891, Age:34m
Philpot, James, d. 1-10-1903, Age:76
Pohlman, Joseph, d. 23-1-1880, Age:14
Ponting, Henry, d. Aug 1928, Age:86
Ponting, William, d. 4-10-1929, Age:49
Poulsen, Albert, d. 10-7-1908, Age:18
Poulsen, Hannah Kathrine, d. 26-5-1943, Age:85
Poulsen, Lars, d. 3-8-1913, Age:65
Poulsen, Lars, d. Jan 1886, Age:6m
Proctor, Amelia Jane, d. 1955, Age:90
Proctor, Harry, d. 23-10-1937, Age:73
Randall, Fred George, d. 22-2-1886, Age:4m
Ranking, Eric McDonald, d. 27-6-1908, Age:1y11m
Ranking, James, d. 8-2-1888, Age:56
Ranking, Margaret, d. 1901, Age:63
Rasmussen, Alfred Wilhelm, d. 17-9-1920, Age:42
Rasmussen, Alice, d. 7-4-1959, Age:70y11m
Rasmussen, Bertha Amanda, d. 29-10-1937, Age:83
Rasmussen, George William, d. 6-9-1957, Age:74
Rasmussen, Hans Ludwig, d. 19-1-1965, Age:83
Rasmussen, Marie Katrine, d. 19-2-1985, Age:92
Rasmussen, Neils Soren, d. 28-11-1939, Age:83
Rasmussen, Noel, d. 11-5-1973, Age:46
Rayner, Alice, d. 29-4-1934
Rayner, Edwin George, d. 1947, Age:79
Rayner, Eliza Reul, d. 22-12-1925, Age:65
Rayner, Elizabeth, d. 19-8-1903, Age:70
Rayner, Elizabeth Jane, d. Oct 1883, Age:1y11m
Rayner, George, d. 12-3-1942, Age:78
Rayner, Grace Agnes, d. 2-10-1956, Age:80
Rayner, Phoebe, d. 22-12-1948, Age:78
Rayner, Robert, d. 17-7-1933, Age:75
Raynor, Henry, d. 20-7-1910, Age:45
Raynor, Henry Norton, d. 15-3-1910, Age:89
Raynor, Sylvester Eric, d. 1-3-1900, Age:17m
Ree, Sydney James, d. 24-12-1958, Age:62
Reibel, Kurt, d. 19-3-1997, Age:69
Reid, Ellen, d. 14-5-1927, Age:84
Reid, Wm John, d. 21-6-1894, Age:11
Reiffel, Richard Walter, d. 18-2-1998, Age:77
Rein, James, d. Jan 1884, Age:42
Richards, Frank Anthony, d. 1-4-1996, Age:50
Ridgway, Mabel Vera, d. 3-9-1896, Age:16m
Ridgway, Mary Ann, d. 4-2-1888, Age:64
Ridgway, Thomas, d. 18-9-1902, Age:44
Roberts, Marjorie Joyce, d. 31-12-1985, Age:59
Roberts, Raymond Ian, d. 31-12-1985, Age:16
Roth, Clarence Thomas, d. 28-8-1907, Age:7m
Sanders, William, d. Jun 1883, Age:23
Schact, John, d. Aug 1883, Age:5dys
Schellbach, Edward Frank, d. July 1916, Age:5wks
Schmidt, Jorgen, d. Dec 1881, Age:65
Scougall, Joseph Stephen, b. 9-2-1900, bur. 23-3-1996
Scougall, Alfred Seaton, d. 26-12-1950, Age:70
Scougall, Katherine Alice Bellswood, d. 9-5-1920, Age:72
Scougall, Reginald Kenneth Blair, d. 26-6-1959, Age:16
Scougall, Richard Walter, d. 26-6-1936, Age:89
Scougall, Victor Charles, d. Mar 1894, Age:8
Scougall, Vivianne Ann, b. 22-6-1899, bur. 14-11-1993, nee Dale
Seitch, Archibald, d. 2-6-1888, Age:inf
Sheehan, Catherine Mary, d. 1-9-1969, Age:92
Sheehan, Dennis, d. 23-1-1976, Age:77
Sheehan, Dennis, d. 22-4-1932
Sheehan, John, d. Jun 1946, Age:80
Sheehan, Joseph Denise, d. 4-10-1954, Age:79
Sheehan, Mary, d. 9-4-1917, Age:79
Sheehan, Patrick James, d. 1928, Age:8m2wks
Sheehan, William, d. 23-12-1969, Age:96y11m
Sherwin, Leslie Roy, d. 6-2-1950, Age:34
Sinclair, David, d. 5-3-1912, Age:75
Sinclair, Jessie, d. 7-10-1897, Age:3dys
Sinclair, John George, d. 24-6-1952, Age:67
Sinclair, Joseph Smith, d. 1941, Age:56
Sinclair, Mary, d. 23-4-1909, Age:77
Sinclair, William, d. 9-3-1898, Age:46
Skelton, Winifred Mary, d. 1954, Age:41
Skinner, Aaron, d. 4-11-1896
Sleaford, Mary Robertson, d. 4-2-1929, Age:54
Smith, Ann, d. 7-10-1921, Age:79
Smith, Austin Willowby W, d. 31-7-1929, Age:51
Smith, Emily, d. 8-2-1877, Age:2dys
Smith, Ethel Maud, d. 30-12-1961, Age:86
Smith, T.V, d. 20-12-1956
Sorensen, William James, d. 11-3-1898, Age:1dy
Sorrensen, Aseremia Ann Christina, d. 5-8-1931, Age:84y6m
Sorrensen, Grace Anna, d. 23-10-1932, Age:54
Sorrensen, Hans Neils, d. 26-8-1935, Age:88
Sorrensen, Martin Peter, d. 9-10-1950, Age:74
Sorrensen, Mary Ann, d. 12-12-1947, Age:69y8m
Sorrensen, Neils, d. Nov 1945, Age:72
Sorrensen, Violet, d. 28-4-1923, Age:inf
Steven, John Alexander, d. 17-6-1959, Age:88y11m
Steven, Magnus, d. 29-2-1918, Age:79y6m
Steven, Margery Isabelle, d. 13-7-1959, Age:85
Steven, Robert, d. 6-8-1954, Age:89y5m
Steven, Robertine, d. 27-10-1937, Age:95
Stevenson, Wm Henry, d. 1892, Age:13
Stovold, William, d. 17-3-1878, Age:5y11m
Stratford, Albert, d. 11-4-1928, Age:45
Stratford, Alma Sheppard, d. 9-3-1934, Age:76
Stratford, Annie Margaret, d. 20-8-1957, Age:50
Stratford, David, d. Dec 1974
Stratford, Frederick Walter, d. 16-8-1967, Age:78
Stratford, George William, d. 28-11-1899, Age:20
Stratford, John, d. 29-10-1944, Age:91y1m
Stratford, Mary Ann, d. 16-8-1926, Age:49
Stratford, Mat, d. 24-8-1976, Age:65
Stratford, Nellie Maria, d. 7-2-1941, Age:43
Stratford, Samuel, d. 30-6-1962, Age:81
Stratford, Sarah, d. 17-8-1968, Age:82
Stratford, Stanley Ivan, d. 22-7-1974, Age:55
Stringer, Charles Augustus, d. 20-2-1888, Age:61
Stringer, Charles W, d. 7-5-1957
Stringer, Claude Kelly, d. 31-8-1936, Age:42
Stringer, Francis Kelly, d. 28-4-1909, Age:53
Stringer, Julia Sheldon, d. 1892, Age:72
Stringer, Lizzie Isabelle, d. 15-5-1959, Age:86
Stringer, Lucy, d. 5-9-1931, Age:67
Stringer, Montague Greville, d. 18-5-1937, Age:45
Sullivan, John, d. 1901, Age:34
Thomas, John Henry, d. 18-8-1879, Age:45
Thompson, Adale, d. 11-1-1920, Age:58
Thompson, Dora elizabeth, d. 19-5-1952, Age:63
Thompson, Isabella E, d. 7-4-1981, Age:86
Thompson, James, d. 1947, Age:62
Thompson, Jane, d. 22-2-1943, Age:80
Thompson, John Edward, d. Feb 1885, Age:25
Thompson, John Edward, d. 24-11-1971, Age:77
Thompson, Mark, d. 9-5-1905, Age:46
Thomsen, Andres, d. 24-9-1914, Age:91
Thomsen, Annie Hamilton, d. 29-10-1894, Age:23
Thomsen, Ruby, d. 14-4-1899, Age:10m
Thurecht, Elizabeth, d. 1946, Age:60
Towzey, Richard, d. 4-6-1878, Age:1wk
Trasey, Alfred, d. 22-6-1878, Age:35
Turner, Asiah, d. 2-12-1933, Age:72y5m
Turner, Elizabeth, d. 29-10-1959, Age:95
Turner, Ethel, d. 28-2-1968, Age:76
Turner, M.M., d. 31-12-1959, Age:76
Turner, William Coulson, d. 12-6-1951, Age:70
Van Iren, Eleanor Gae, bur. 3/8/1987, 42 yrs, Grave 648, b. Perth Western Australia *
Vollmerhausen, George Edward, bur. 5 Oct 1995, 80yrs, b. Nikenbah Queensland Australia *
Viitala, Arvo Oivi, bur. 23 Dec 1996, 62yrs, b. Kovolo, Finland, grave 7 *
Vollmerhausen, Kenneth Charles, d. 26-11-1951, Age:8 *
Vollmerhausen, Owen John, d. 26-11-1951, Age:6
Vollmerhausen, Raymond Phillip, d. 1945, Age:3y7m
Vollmerhausen, Waldock, bur. 8 Feb 1900, son of George, grave 113, b. Tiaro *
Wade, Hansina Peterina, d. 17-12-1970, Age:91
Wade, Joseph, d. 7-6-1906, Age:66
Wade, Joseph, bur. 7 Jun 1906, grave 163, 66 yrs, b. Lincolnshire, Gundiah *
Wade, Joseph, d. 23-6-1956, Age:79
Wade, Mary, d. 13-5-1923, Age:82
Wagner, David, d. 22-5-1928, Age:69
Wagner, Elenor Grace, d. 8-2-1906, Age:17
Wagner, Lilian Rose, d. 11-4-1891, Age:1y5dys
Wagner, Wilhelmina, d. 23-10-1940, Age:76
Walkabout, Billy, bur. 23 Oct 1911, 83yr, (Aboriginal) *
Waldock, David William, d. 2-10-1978, Age:89
Waldock, Ethel, d. 5-6-1895, Age:3y6m
Waldock, Frances, d. 7-10-1884, Age:38
Waldock, Maude Emma Lily, d. 19-4-1955, Age:61
Waldock, William Marriott, d. 1901, Age:38
Waldock, Wm Marriott, d. 22-8-1894, Age:65y9m
Waraker, Gertrude Isabel, d. 20-2-1896, Age:15
Ward, Derick Arthur, d. 23-9-1929, Age:2
Ward, Ernest John, d. 9-5-1933, Age:53
Ward, Ernest Stevens, d. 23-12-1971, Age:66
Ward, Stephen Ernest William, d. 30-11-1990, Age:SB
Wasmer, Jean, d. 16-8-1936, Age:68
Watson, Noel Stephen, d. 6-10-1967, Age:42
Watson, William, d. 1886, Age:31
Whannell, Alex Gordon, d. 20-1-1898, Age:16 mths
Whannell, Alick, d. 28-8-1889, Age:4
Whannell, Elizabeth, d. 19-5-1915, Age:59
Whannell, Robert, d. 2-11-1922, Age:82
Whannell, William Ernest, d. 30-12-1898, Age:19 mths
White, Charles, d. 28-4-1878, Age:30
Whiting, Raymond David William, d. 31-1-1996, Age:84
Whittaker, Anne, d. 16-7-1878, Age:38
Whittaker, David, d. 22-6-1887, Age:14mths
Whittaker, David, d. 21-4-1915, Age:74
Wiggins, Elisa, d. 6-10-1896, Age:49
Wightman, William A, d. 10-10-1911, Age:31y7m
Willemsen, Tort, d. 7-5-1884, Age:40
Willett, Arthur, d. 29-6-1971, Age:82
Willett, James Edward, d. 3-1-1989, Age:65
Willett, May Alma, d. 10-6-1978, Age:83
Williams, Barry John, d. 3-10-1960, Age:26
Williams, Charles Henry, d. 1881, Age:10mths
Williams, Edna Maud, d. 15-7-1997, Age:81
Williams, Emmet Lewis, d. 24-9-1985, Age:78
Williams, John, d. 2-2-1881, Age:6
Willimott, Annie Hodson, d. 12-12-1951, Age:71
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. 19-1-1920, Age:2y9m
Wilson, John A, d. 14-5-1884, Age:4mths
Wilson, William, d. 15-4-1947, Age:52
Wintour, George, d. Nov 1882, Age:13
Wolstencroft, Elizabeth, d. 11-8-1909, Age:81
Wolstencroft, James, d. 14-11-1902, Age:72
Wood, Charles James, d. 14-7-1959, Age:74
Wood, Dora, d. 13-6-1942, Age:57
Wood, Son, bur. child of Revd Wood, b. Tiaro, 24-May-1907, Grave 166, b. Tiaro *
Woodward, Jane, d. 6-1-1885, Age:51
Wynne, Gladys, d. 18-4-1950, Age:30
Wynne, Ivan Horace, d. 29-4-1939, Age:23
Wynne, Jeremiah A, d. July 1974, Age:83
Yaramara, bur. 20 Mar 1881, 21yr, b. South Sea Island *
Young, Helen Hannah, d. 23-10-1911, Age:27
Young, Sarah, d. 23-6-1942, Age:86
Young, William, d. 9-6-1934, Age:75

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