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Munna Creek Cemetery
Tiaro Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 25°53'38"S, Lon: 152°16'48"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Mar 01, 2000.
Total records = 58.

Tiaro Shire is situated south of Maryborough, about 20 mins drive along the Bruce Highway.

The cemetery records are held at the Council offices, which are in the main street of Tiaro. Cemeteries in the control of Tiaro shire are - Tiaro (do not visit Sept-Oct, the magpies are vicious ), Gunalda, Munna Creek, and Dickabram.

Munna Creek was formerly maintained by the Kunst family. It now appears disused and neglected. One has to negotiate long grass and saplings. Kunst families are well represented in both the Anglican & Catholic sections.

Last visited in May of 2002.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Anderson, Ander P, d. 13-4-1913, Age:45
Anderson, Engre G, d. 20-8-1908, Age:77
Anderson, Johannes, d. 5-6-1916, Age:82
Atherton, Barbara Jean, d. 6-9-1994, b.16-9-1933
Atherton, Dianna Mary, d. 25-5-1991, b.8-8-1963
Atherton, Dorothy Moura White, d. 15-4-1985, b.5-8-1891
Atherton, Frances Edith Louisa, d. 15-9-1899, b.13-4-1848
Atherton, Helen Gigi, d. 22-5-1960, b.26-3-1960
Atherton, John Townsend, d. 17-2-1922, Age:84y11m
Blackwell, David, d. 1945, b.1892
Blackwell, Lillian May, d. 1936, b.1925
Carlson, Bengta, d. 24-8-1935, Age:88
Carlson, Johan, d. 16-8-1917, Age:86y6m
Carlson, Johan H, d. 22-12-1909, b.12-9-1839
Carswell, Archibald Douglas, d. 23-10-1937, Age:79
Carswell, Margaret, d. 26-4-1918, Age:57
Carswell, Robert James Russell, d. 5-4-1964, Age:76
Corcoran, Austin, d. 29-4-1917, Age:66y4m
James, Annie Elizabeth, d. 14-5-1929, Age:52y6m
James, George, d. 16-2-1950, Age:79
James, William Henry, d. 19-11-1920, Age:12dys
Jeppson, Mary, d. 21-7-1948, Age:79
Jeppson, Nils, d. 18-6-1923, Age:60
Kaye, Francis Cleas, d. 24-12-1930, Age:59
Kunst, Andrew Thomas, d. 8-8-1964, Age:76y11m
Kunst, Anna C, d. 10-2-1952, Age:96
Kunst, Catharina Margaretha, d. 9-12-1935, Age:73y11m
Kunst, Charles Hans, d. 10-6-1967, Age:75
Kunst, Claus Henning, d. 14-11-1944, Age:86y10m
Kunst, Ellen Isabella, d. 28-11-1936, Age:58
Kunst, Elsie Evelyn, d. 9-11-1936, Age:35
Kunst, Errol Herbert, d. 26-12-1932, Age:1y11m
Kunst, Gordon August, d. 20-12-1945, Age:23
Kunst, Hans Jacob, d. 26-7-1933, Age:84y8m
Kunst, Hans Peter, d. 21-12-1936, Age:83
Kunst, Helen Anne, d. 14-8-1954, Age:1
Kunst, Henry James, d. 15-6-1941, Age:42y3m
Kunst, Herbert Henry, d. 7-7-1936, Age:32
Kunst, Isabella, d. 4-8-1947, Age:79y7m
Kunst, Jane, d. 5-10-1929, Age:73y8m
Kunst, Jes Fredrick, d. 1-5-1939, Age:82
Kunst, Mary, d. 29-1-1939, Age:52
Kunst, Mary Elizabeth D, d. 5-7-1980, b.9-11-1903
Kunst, Peter Johannes, d. 1-6-1909, Age:17y6m
Kunst, Thomas Henry, d. 28-2-1959, b.28-9-1893
Kunst, Walter Thomas, d. 3-1-1984, Age:89
Lawson, Dorothy Maude, d. 11-6-1994
Lawson, Martin Anderson, d. 24-8-1943, b.6-5-1862
Lawson, Martin Dunbar, d. 18-8-1989, Age:89
Love, Daniel, d. 2-10-1907, Age:45
Orphant, Adam, d. 14-11-1910, Age:83
Orphant, James, d. 27-8-1915, Age:86
Orphant, Jemima Bridges, d. 8-9-1952, Age:77
Orphant, Sophia Anderson, d. 30-10-1919, Age:82y9m
Reat, William, d. 27-9-1928, Age:61
Wilson, Marie Doreen Coretto, d. 9-5-1925, Age:20
Wilson, William Charles, d. 6-7-1933, Age:72

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