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Gunalda Cemetery
Tiaro Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 25°59'16"S, Lon: 152°33'19"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 28, 2000.
Total records = 147.

Tiaro Shire is situated south of Maryborough, about 20 mins drive along the Bruce Highway. Gunalda can be accessed by private road, off Scrub Rd. (Shut the bloody gates)

The cemetery records are held at the Council offices, which are in the main street of Tiaro. Cemeteries in the control of Tiaro shire are- Tiaro (do not visit Sept-Oct, the magpies are vicious), Gunalda, Munna Ck, and Dickabram.

Gunaldi Cemetery appears disused, but is not over grown. Last visited in May of 2002.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Alexander, Louisa Florence, d. 19-10-1925, Age:40
Alexander, Mary, d. 10-4-1923, Age:74
Allen, Charles Thomas, d. 8-6-1913, Age:15y2m
Allen, Thomas Henry, d. 26-9-1932, Age:69
Allen, Winifred, d. 2-4-1943, Age:67y6m
Baker, Edward, d. 10-4-1949, Age:?
Balderson, Annie Alice, d. 10-1-1956, Age:86
Balderson, Benjamin Jnr, d. 27-6-1918, Age:53
Balderson, Benjamin Snr, d. 7-3-1916, Age:83
Balderson, Elizabeth, d. 14-7-1928, Age:87
Balkin, Catherine, d. 2-7-1915, Age:64
Balkin, James, d. 1-3-1931, Age:78
Balkin, Thomas William, d. 19-1-1913, Age:SB
Bambling, Elizabeth, d. 2-7-1934, Age:64
Bambling, Jessie May, d. 10-11-1909, Age:33
Bambling, John, d. 1-3-1950, Age:81
Bambling, John Anderson, d. 1-8-1929, Age:35
Bambling, Leslie Thomas, d. 6-1-1910, Age:15m
Bambling, Martha, d. 7-6-1913, Age:73
Bambling, Matthew, d. 5-3-1909, Age:86
Bambling, Sibyl Maud, d. 20-9-1899, Age:1m21days
Beech, Mary Ann Amelia, d. 24-4-1888, Age:40
Benson, David, d. 16-4-1919, Age:2
Benson, Hans, d. 19-7-1927, Age:82
Benson, Robert Henry, d. 30-11-1920, Age:9
Benson, Rosie Ann, d. 15-9-1944, Age:89
Bosel, Mary, d. 3-6-1890, Age:11days
Bradford, Mabel Isabel, d. 10-4-1929, Age:3y6m
Bradford, Magdalena, d. 25-4-1953, Age:?
Bradford, Robert James, d. 25-4-1941, Age:68y7m
Briggs, John Norman, d. 24-4-1941, Age:46
Brown, William Robert, d. 6-5-1900, Age:4m
Bulmer, Frank, d. 4-1-1893, Age:72
Bulmer, Jane, d. 18-9-1888, Age:29
Burns, Patrick Joseph, d. 17-9-1888, Age:26
Caulley, Margaret Ann, d. 20-11-1881, Age:30
Caulley, Mary Jane, d. 12-2-1903, Age:30
Caulley, Thomas, d. 23-9-1920, Age:80
Coyne, Thomas, d. 16-5-1902, Age:inf
Currant, Ernest John, d. 22-1-1905, Age:8y8m
Dakin, Charles Albert, d. 21-12-1928, Age:57
Dakin, Horace Donald, d. 24-8-1925, Age:2y7m
Dakin, Robert, d. 4-8-1936, Age:55
Dakin, Sarah Isabell, d. 4-3-1890, Age:19
Deacon, Rose, d. 16-5-1886, Age:4m
Devlin, Catherine, d. 11-12-1888, Age:4y15days
Devlin, Daniel, d. 15-10-1915, Age:66
Devlin, Ellen, d. 29-6-1935, Age:79
Devlin, Thomas, d. 4-6-1892, Age:1day
Draper, Lily, d. 29-12-1929, Age:28
Driver, Eldred, d. 9-2-1944, Age:49
Driver, Emma Elizabeth, d. 22-1-1924, Age:41
Driver, John, d. 21-12-1892, Age:4y9m
Driver, Mary Ann, d. 14-10-1915, Age:55
Eisentrager, Frederick, d. 9-6-1936, Age:75
Eisentrager, Johanna Amelia, d. 9-5-1907, Age:42
Eisentrager, unnamed, d. 18-5-1896, Age:5hrs
English, Ellie Amelia, d. 9-11-1906, Age:14m
Feales, William, d. 11-12-1883, Age:24
Findlay, Andrew Leslie, d. 3-9-1932, Age:59
Findlay, Nellie Maria, d. 1946, Age:73
Findlay, Rhoda, d. 6-9-1925, , b., 28-11-1900
Foster, Daniel, d. 18-7-1927, Age:84
Foster, Elizabeth Ann, d. 7-4-1926, Age:84
Frame, Marrion, d. 16-8-1938, Age:81
Halbeck, Elizabeth Ann, d. 16-9-1884, Age:6y11m
Hansen, Annie Johanna, d. 23-9-1926, Age:46
Hansen, Lizzie Ellen, d. 10-11-1920, Age:36y8m
Hansen, Maggie, d. 22-10-1887, Age:4m
Hansen, Maren, d. 9-11-1926, Age:73
Hansen, Niels, d. 13-12-1896, Age:44
Hansen, unnamed, d. 18-2-1889, Age:3hrs
Hart, Peter Douglas Hamilton, d. 16-6-1941, Age:18mths
Heater, Ivy Liza Jane, d. 21-5-1902, Age:inf
Heidemann, Andrew, d. 6-6-1961, Age:79
Heidemann, Bettilda, d. 8-11-1958, Age:71
Heidemann, Hans Jorgen, d. 20-5-1924, Age:75
Heidemann, J.P., d. 9-12-1911, Age:SB
Heidemann, Jessie May, d. 2-5-1925, Age:16
Heidemann, Marthen Dethliff, d. 12-12-1933, Age:59
Heidemann, Nicolina, d. 24-2-1928, Age:82y7m
Heidemann, Ronald Geoffrey, d. 22-6-1928, Age:6
Heironymis, Caroline, d. 31-3-1885, Age:11m
Henningsen, Karl Julius, d. 31-10-1922, Age:73y8m
Henningsen, Magdalena, d. 16-9-1927, Age:78
Hubbert, Caroline, d. 20-5-1884, Age:25
Hubbert, Selina, d. 11-5-1884, Age:2
Jacobsen, Charles, d. 7-6-1941, Age:55
Jacobsen, John Peter, d. 9-11-1953, Age:83
Jacobsen, Robert John, d. 4-7-1931, Age:12
Jenkins, Grace Elizabeth, d. 26-7-1906, Age:2y10m
Johnston, Alexander Roland, d. 19-1-1914, Age:84
Johnston, Rhoda Ellen, d. 14-10-1925, Age:85
Johnston, Sarah Conolly, d. 12-10-1946, Age:90
Johnston, William, d. 4-6-1884, Age:55
Johnstone, Robert Taylor, d. 4-5-1946, Age:74
Juel, Doris Anna, d. 7-2-1888, Age:22
Juel, Frank Carl, d. 19-8-1887, Age:2y13dys
Juel, Luphrarill, d. 9-9-1884, Age:9mths
Kelly, Gertrude, d. 13-3-1891, Age:1yr2m
Lacey, John, d. 20-4-1937, Age:80
Lacey, Lizzie, d. 30-6-1923, Age:67
Larsen, Rasmus, d. 30-10-1925, Age:73
Lindsay, John, d. 2-1-1894, Age:63y9m
Lindsay, John Saunders, d. 1-9-1922, Age:58
Lipsett, Frances, d. 6-12-1909, Age:79
Lipsett, James, d. 1-8-1901, Age:67
Long, John Samuel, d. 24-10-1894, Age:4mths
May, William Gisborne, d. 9-8-1932, Age:69
McKewen, John, d. 17-2-1882, Age:1
Moore, Maria, d. 12-6-1908, Age:37y6m
Morgan, Thomas, d. 9-8-1905, Age:49
Mortonson, Edward Rasmus, d. 14-3-1935, Age:76
Mortonson, Joseph Field Harold, d. 1-1-1928, Age:25
Mowles, Arthur John, d. Mar 1897, Age:32
Murphy, Patrick, d. 5-4-1923, Age:5
Murphy, Vincent Roy, d. 9-2-1923, Age:2y11m
Nowack, Olive Muriel, d. 19-4-1930, Age:31-1-1905
Ordd, Edward, d. 2-12-1884, Age:7
Pain, Florence Catherine, d. 2-12-1884, Age:11
Parton, Phillip Edwin, d. 13-5-1920, Age:69
Paterson, Elsie Lindsay, d. 17-7-1901, Age:9y9m
Paterson, Francis Windhan Newell, d. 27-2-1895, Age:1y5m
Paterson, M.W., d. 31-5-1905, Age:47
Paterson, Marjorie Eunice Quin, d. 31-3-1900, Age:8wks
Robinson, James, d. 11-4-1889, Age:52
Schmidt, Baron Norman, d. 28-10-1891, Age:9mths
Sheehan, James Donal, d. 28-7-1885, Age:4days
Smith , Joseph Bouverie, d. 16-7-1910, Age:61
Stewart, Mary Jane, d. 22-10-1924, Age:65
Stewart, Matthew, d. 3-6-1924, Age:76
Taylor, Morris, d. 21-4-1884, Age:9m9d
Tulloch, Annie, d. 27-1-1933, Age:90
Tulloch, John, d. 19-8-1918, Age:76
Turner, Eli, d. 17-5-1906, Age:78
Turner, Mary Ann Amelia, d. 24-4-1888, Age:40
Turner, Sarah Ann, d. 24-10-1884, Age:57
Vanderwolf, Ellen Julia, d. 26-9-1896, Age:3mths
Ward, Bertie, d. 15-6-1944, Age:59
Ward, Nancy Caroline, d. 26-12-1918, Age:35
Ward, Robert Thomas, d. 3-11-1942, Age:63
White, Charles Frederick, d. 7-12-1933, Age:61
White, Georgina Hunt, d. 20-7-1937, Age:61
White, John Edward, d. 29-7-1923, Age:50
White, Mary Ellen, d. 28-3-1939, Age:61
Wood, inf, d. 19-1-1908, Age:1day, ch of G.Wood
Wright, Emma, d. 21-11-1906, Age:54

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