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Dickabram Cemetery
Tiaro Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 25°57'37"S, Lon: 152°29'05"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: 2 Mar 2000.
Total records = 62.

Tiaro Shire is situated south of Maryborough, about 20 mins drive along the Bruce Highway. Dickabram is the cemetery at Miva, which is also the site of a heritage listed road-rail bridge.

The cemetery records are held at the Council offices, which are in the main street of Tiaro. Cemeteries in the control of Tiaro shire are - Tiaro (do not visit Sept-Oct, the magpies are vicious), Gunalda, Munna Ck, and Dickabram.

Dickbram cemetery is maintained to lawn standard. It has many older uprights however and seems well maintained.

I have transcribed from readings of the headstones, which I did in 1999. I again visited in May of 2002.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Alder, Keith William, d. 1993
Blackwill, Florence, d. 1926, b.1866
Blackwill, John William, d. 1924, b.1859
Blackwill, Mary, d. 1923, b.1900
Blackwill, Peter William, d. 1919, b.1833
Bulmer, Frederick James, d. 5-5-1977, Age:67
Day, Edwin, d. 16-4-1932, Age:23
Day, Emily, d. 16-4-1994, Age:97
Day, Eunice, d. 20-2-1926, Age:3m
Day, Louisa, d. 9-6-1923, Age:50
Gesch, August Frederick, d. 27-11-1898, Age:47y9m
Gesch, Isabella, d. 22-9-1932, Age:76
Gesch, Mabel Florence, d. 2-2-1919, Age:31yr9m
Gesch, Margaret, d. 15-8-1926, Age:75
Gesch, Mary Rose, d. 19-8-1901, Age:24y10m
Gesch, Percy Reid, d. 29-9-1947, Age:51
Gesch, William, d. 5-11-1938, Age:82
Hay, Alfred Ronald, d. 20-7-1990, b.22-5-1914
Jenkins, Cecil, d. 23-3-1992, Age:81
Jenkins, Jessie Ross , d. 25-1-1966, Age:81
Jenkins, Martha Grace, d. 25-7-1944, Age:60
Jenkins, Moses, d. 15-4-1945, Age:70
Jenkins, Nellie May, d. 9-11-1989, Age:69
Jenkins, Robert J, d. 25-10-1933
Jenkins, Stanley James, d. 17-8-1971, Age:65
Jenkins, Wallace, d. 11-3-1988, b.20-4-1909
Jensen, Bertram Jens, d. 14-4-1916, Age:16
Jensen, Jens Christian, d. 11-4-1938, Age:65
Jensen, Martha, d. 20-5-1949, Age:71
Johnston, Margaret Rose, d. 10-10-1994, b.3-2-1937
Kunst, Alice M, d. 12-10-1938, Age:50
Kunst, Charlotte Alice Anna, d. 22-6-1921, Age:3y8m
Kunst, Tom, d. 15-1-1933, Age:11y10m
Lawrence, Gregg William, d. 26-12-1991, Age:32
Lee, Ethel Grace, d. 6-1-1992, b.25-2-1944
Mitchell, Doreen Francis, d. Feb 1997, b.Aug 1910
Mitchell, Samuel, d. Sept 1997, b.Aug 1911
Nahrung, Annie E, d. 20-8-1949, Age:52
Nahrung, Aubrey Elmy, d. 13-8-1989, Age:80
Nahrung, Edward Elmy, d. 5-10-1987, Age:83
Nahrung, Ellen, d. 7-4-1947
Nahrung, Florence Maud, d. 4-5-1911, Age:26
Nahrung, George W.R., d. 8-7-1969
Nahrung, Johanna W. A., d. 19-8-1933, Age:88y4m
Nahrung, Konrad, d. 16-6-1924, Age:85y11m
Nahrung, Lillias, d. 4-9-1946, Age:79
Nahrung, Norman Wilson, d. 31-1-1992, b.11-8-1908
Nahrung, William C, d. 18-4-1937, Age:67
O'Keefe, Eliza Ellen , d. 7-9-1994, b.19-9-1903
O'Keefe, Owen Joseph Patrick, d. 16-3-1970, Age:65
O'Sullivan, Daniel Yelverton, d. 7-5-1957, b.22-2-1885
Quinn, Caroline Ruth Martha (Tibby), d. 3-9-1987, b.27-2-1909
Quinn, Elaine Marie, d. 9-8-1993, Age:63
Quinn, Marcus, d. 24-3-1975, b.12-9-1900
Sauer, A.A., d. 1-1-1968, b.25-6-1885
Sauer, Helena, d. 29-11-1908, Age:42
Sauer, W.H., d. 6-3-1958, b.6-3-1893
Sauer, William, d. 24-11-1946, Age:56
Shapland, Kevin Sydney, d. 23-2-1988, b.20-7-1923
Townsend, Marjorie Grace, d. 17-11-1994, Age:88
Wood, Annie E, d. 10-5-1934, Age:61
Wood, John, d. 2-8-1946, Age:85

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