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Redcliffe Cemetery
Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

MacDonnell Rd, Redcliffe, Qld
07-3283 0424

Cemetery opened in Nov 1864, situated on MacDonnell Rd in Redcliffe which is north of Brisbane. It has a monumental area, lawn plots, rose gardens columbarium walls, and was owned and maintained by the Redcliffe City Council, Qld. After several mergers in the state, Redcliffe Cemetery is now managed by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Jun 16, 2012. Total records = 485.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Adams, Eliza, d. 07 Oct 1927, age: 88yr, s/w John and John Breavington, [JS]
Adams, John Breavington, d. 04 Feb 1890, age: 25yr, Rest in Peace, s/w John amd Eliza, [JS]
Adams, John, d. 24 Sep 1889, age: 53yr, s/w Eliza and John Breavington, [JS]
Adams, Joseph Thomas, d. 02 Mar 1945, age: 68yr, s/w Mary, [JS]
Adams, Mary Elizabeth, d. 30 Mar 1954, age: 79yr, s/w Joseph, [JS]
Albion, Edith Emily, b. 4 May 1904, d. 21 Feb 1990, [JT]
Alletag, Marie, d. 13 Mar 1958, age: 70yr, [JS]
Alleyne, Cecil, d. 22 Oct 1917 at Redcliffe, [JS]
Anderson, Alfred Michael, d. 09 Sep 1950, age: 65yr, [JS]
Anning, Gretta Margaret E Wallace (Byrne), b. 02 Feb 1917, d. 17 Mar 2006 s/w William, [JT]
Anning, William Henry, b. 11 Jul 1914, d. 2 Feb 1973 s/w Gretta, [JT]
Armstrong, David John, b. 14 Sep 1946, d. 16 Apr 2008, [JT]
Atkinson, Andrew Robert, d. 12 Aug 1956, age: 70yr, s/w Clara, [JS]
Atkinson, Clara Frances, d. 29 Jun 1948, age: 68yr, s/w Andrew, [JS]
Barrass, Josephine Elizabeth, d. 05 Feb 1996, age: 6yr, [JT]
Barry, Joseph George, d. 16 Oct 1969, age: 70yr, QX64857, Sergeant, Military Insignia, 15 Garrison Battalion, [JS]
Bartlett, Vivian W. J., d. 28 Mar 1956, age: 57yr, 1st Machine Gun Battalion A.I.F., Military Insignia, [JS]
Barton, Frank, b. 01 Oct 1930, d. 24 Oct 1975, [JT]
Bayliss, Joseph Francis, d. 27 Dec 1996, age: 91yr, cremated, [JT]
Bayliss, Lillian Elizabeth Amelia, d. 09 Aug 2003, age 86yr (cremated), [JT]
Bean, Evelyn Hazel, b. 1915, d. 1995, m/o June, Anita, Michael & Lorna, [JT]
Beedham, Dorothy Rose, d. 13 Nov 1992, age: 80yr, [JS]
Beedham, Eleanor Elizabeth, d. 17 Sep 1954, age: 69yr, [JS]
Beedham, George William, d. 18 Oct 1976, age: 67yr, R.A.A.F. 24856 Leading Aircraftsman, Military Insignia, [JS]
Beedham, Harold Sleight (Jack), d. 01 Aug 1979, age: 89yr, [JS]
Bell, Donald, d. 25 Jun 1958, age: 63yr, s/w Winifred, [JS]
Bell, George Arthur, d. 27 Apr 1977, age: 70yr, s/w Nellie, [JT]
Bell, Grace Helen, d. 15 May 1979, age: 73yr (crem), [JT]
Bell, Jean, d. 14 Jul 2005, age: 88yr (crem), [JT]
Bell, Julieanne, from mummy, michelle, martin & wendy, [JT]
Bell, Nellie, d. 15 Feb 1977, age: 85yr, s/w George, [JT]
Bell, Winifred, d. 26 Apr 1973, age: 72yr, s/w Donald, [JS]
Bell, Winnifred, d. 26 Apr 1973, age: 72yr, his dear wife and my mother, [JT]
Benson, Arthur William "Digger", d. 20 Dec 1962, age: 30yr, accidentally killed, [JT]
Best, Arthur Lionel, d. 26 Oct 1974, age: 82yr, s/w Catherine, [JT]
Best, Catherine Neta, d. 13 Jul 1993, age: 97yr, s/w Arthur, [JT]
Best, Robyn Joyce, d. 29 Jun 1987, age: 35yr (crem), [JT]
Beutel, William Frederick, b. 31 Mar 1914, d. 17 Jun 1982, [JS]
Bishop, Cyril Anthony, b. 05 Nov 1924, d. 18 Sep 1997, [JT]
Bishop, Olive Valerie, d. 25 Dec 1990, age: 68yrs, [JT]
Blacklock, Joan Marie, d. 13 Jul 1995, age: 60yr, [JT]
Boardman, Catherine G, d. 20 Dec 1969, age: 84yr, s/w Olive, [JT]
Boardman, Elizabeth, d. 15 Apr 1940, age: 87yr, our mother, s/w Peter, [JT]
Boardman, Emma, d. 6 Apr 1969, age: 89yr, my dear wife & our dear mother, s/w John, [JT]
Boardman, John Frith, d. 13 Nov 1975, age: 98yr 3mo, s/w Emma, [JT]
Boardman, Olive May, d. 20 Dec 1945, age: 48yr, our dear sister, [JT]
Boardman, Peter Williamson (Snowy), d. 31 Jan 1934, age: 16yr, accidentally killed, our dear son & our brother, [JT]
Boardman, Peter, d. 21 Jan 1932, age: 80yr, our father & mother, s/w Elizabeth, [JT]
Bourke, Joyce Alvie, d. 26 Aug 1977, age: 56yrs, [JT]
Brayley, Ethel Berenice, d. 30 Nov 2004, age: 85yr R.A.A.F emblem, [JT]
Brayley, Kenneth Wells, d. 31 Aug 1995, age: 76yr, A.I.F. emblem, [JT]
Breen, Arthur James, d. 22 Nov 1995, age: 79yr, s/w Carmel, [JT]
Breen, Carmel Mary, d. 8 Jun 1996, age: 79yr, w/o Arthur Breen, s/w Arthur, [JT]
Brewer, Edith Margaret, d. 14 Feb 1947, age: 64yr, s/w James, [JS]
Brewer, James Henry, d. 17 Aug 1935, age: 62yr, s/w Edith, [JS]
Bristow, Eleanor Mary, d. 19 Apr 1984, age: 76yr, [JT]
Bristow, R F, d. 17 Mar 1956, age: 53yr, h/o Ellie, Austrialian Imperial Force Emblem, QX11175 Corporal, 2/11 Field Company RAE, [JT]
Brockhurst, Joseph George, d. 17 Oct 1954, age: 75yr, [JS]
Brown, Alexander John, d. 15 Jan 1938, s/w Louisa, [JS]
Brown, Louisa Anna Emma, d. 15 Aug 1945, s/w Alexander, [JS]
Bullock, Margaret Jane, d. 11 Aug 1966, age: 66yr, My Dear Wife and Our Mother, [JS]
Burke, Martin Owen, d. 22 Aug 1977, age: 52yrs, [JT]
Burnett, Daisy, d. 08 Aug 1964, age: 79yr, [JS]
Burton, Ruth, d. 24 Sep 1989, age: 85yr, [JT]
Butt, Mavis Clara, d. 06 Sep 1997, age: 88yr, (cremated), [JT]
Byrne, Mary Josephine, d. 18 Jul 1986, age: 90yr, s/w William, [JT]
Byrne, William Rupert, d. 30 Jun 1977, age: 87yr, s/w Mary, [JT]
Cameron, Alexander, d. 28 Feb 1904, age: 78yr, s/w Catherine, [JS]
Cameron, Catherine, d. 28 Feb 1884, age: 63yr, Beloved Wife of Alexander, s/w Alexander, [JS]
Campbell, Margaret Cameron, b. 25 Feb 1890, d. 5 Jun 1980, age: 90yr, Sadly Missed, w/o William James, [JS]
Campbell, William James, b. 26 Dec 1880, d. 4 Jun 1969, age: 88yr, h/o Margaret Cameron, [JS]
Cant, Arthur Earnest, d. 12 Dec 1974, age: 82yr, s/w Lavinia, [JT]
Cant, Lavinia Jane, d. 19 Sep 1972, age: 79yr, s/w Arthur E, [JT]
Carpenter, Ellen Francis, d. 12 Sep 1969, age: 69yr, [JT]
Carpenter, George F, d. 22 Feb 1973, s/w Ellen, [JT]
Carpenter, Henry Joseph (Harry), b. 13 Nov 1927, d. 16 Mar 1995, age: 67 yr, [JT]
Carylon, John Edwin, d. 23 Feb 1954, age: 65yr, Late Sergeant, 2nd Light Horse A.I.F., s/w John, [JS]
Carylon, Margaret Bonella, d. 19 Aug 1965, age: 80yr, s/w Margaret, [JS]
Chester, Kathleen Louise (Casey), d. 17 Oct 1995, age: 34yr, [JT]
Chippindall, John D (Chipp), b. 28 May 1924, d. 23 Feb 1989, [JT]
Clowes, Beryl May, d. 30 Jun 2002, age: 79yr, [JT]
Clowes, R S, d. 03 Jun 1995, age: 76yr, A.I.F. emblem, QX37206 Private, III General Transport Company, [JT]
Cochrane, Ernest, d. 18 Sep 1992, age: 88yr, her dear husband, our father & grandfather, s/w Lillian, [JT]
Cochrane, Lillian, d. 15 Oct 1988, age: 84yr, dear wife, our mother & grandmother, [JT]
Cook, Roslyn E., d. 12 Oct 1975, age 2yr, s/w William, [JT]
Cook, William R., d. 11 Aug 1992, age: 50yr, s/w Roslyn, [JT]
Copson, Annie Cawthorne, d. 20 May 1929, age: 83yr, s/w Thomas, [JS]
Copson, Thomas, d. 06 Oct 1929, age: 77yr, s/w Annie Cawthorne (and their infant son Ebenezer), [JS]
Corrigan, Alice, d. 01 Jan 1967, [JS]
Corrigan, Robert, d. 28 Mar 1950, s/w Robert, [JS]
Corscadden, George Hiram, d. 10 May 1959, age: 65yr, s/w Mary, [JS]
Corscadden, Mary Catherine, d. 24 Oct 1980, age: 88yr, s/w George, [JS]
Cougin, Edward, d. 21 Mar 1973, age: 65yr, [JT]
Cousins, Rhoda (cous), d. 25 Oct 1988, age: 81yr, [JT]
Cousins, W A., d. 22 Mar 1976, age: 77yr, [JT]
Coward, Gordon Francis, b. 06 Feb 1921, d. 17 Apr 1986, age: 75 yr. f/o Dorothy and Gregory, [JT]
Croker, Joycelyn Elsie May, b. 16 Jun 1937, d. 31 Jan 2004, s/w John & Elsie Ollenburg, [JS]
Crust, Robert Lacey, d. 22 Jul 1952, age: 80yr, s/w ""William Young"", [JS]
Cullinane, Thomas Joseph, b. Feb 1922, d. Feb 2004, w/o Monica, [JC]
Curley, John J, b. 18 Jun 1891, d. 23 Sep 1972, s/w Ruth, [JT]
Curley, John P., b. 06 Dec 1938, d. 09 Feb 1985, s/o Jai & Ruth, [JT]
Curley, Ruth, b. 13 Sep 1900, d. 11 Dec 1983, s/w John J, [JT]
Cutts, Eda Alice, b. 24 Nov 1881, d. 30 may 1968, mother, [JT]
Cutts, Ernest Cornelius, b. 20 Mar 1881, d. 17 Feb 1969, father, [JT]
Dalton, Robert Sinclair, d. 21 Sep 1969, age: 17yr, [JS]
D'Arcy, Laurence Patrick, d. 23 Dec 1995, age: 76yr, [JT]
Davies, Gordon, b. 1899, d. 1977, [JT]
Day, John Barry, d. 25 Sep 1996, age: 54yr (cremated), [JT]
Day, Olive Gwendoline, d. 24 Oct 1998, age: 95yr, Daughter of Cyril & Olga Thomas, s/w Cyril and Olga, [JS]
Deans, Alice Marion, d. 19 Sep 1959, age: 81yr, s/w Charles, [JS]
Deans, Charles William, d. 11 May 1977, age: 98yr, s/w Alice, [JS]
Deans, Ethel Adeline, d. 06 Apr 1971, age: 87yr, and His Loving Wife, Ashes s/w William Charles, [JS]
Deans, John Charles, d. 10 Feb 1964, age: 19yr, Loving Son of Roy and Jean, Lost at Sea HMAS Voyager Disaster, [JS]
Deans, John Grant, d. 26 Sep 1894, age: 70yr, Our Dear Father, s/w Rosina Amelia, [JS]
Deans, Rosina Amelia, d. 09 Oct 1912, age: 71yr, Our Dear Mother, s/w John Grant, [JS]
Deans, William Charles, d. 25 May 1964, age: 90yr, Our Dear Father, s/w Ethel Adeline, [JS]
Des Jardins, Annie, b. 22 Mar 1906, d. 29 May 1993, age: 87yr, s/w Walter, [JT]
Des Jardins, Walter C, b. 12 Jan 1904, d. 07 Jan 1989, age: 84yr, s/w Annie, [JT]
Dixon, Shae Elise, b. 22 Dec 1989, d. 04 Jun 1995, [JT]
Doessel, Clyde David, b. 30 Mar 1920, d. 30 Jun 1989, [JT]
Doessel, Nora, b. 9 Jul 1914, d. 27 Jun 1990, w/o Clyde Doessel, [JT]
Drummond, Edith Hannah, d. 02 Oct 1999, age: 88yr, [JT]
Duffin, Una, b. 12 Nov 1924, d. 18 Oct 1969, Our Loving Mother, [JS]
Dunn, Maud, b. 02 Feb 1911, d. 05 Apr 1996, [JT]
Edds, Mary, b. 1843, d. 1911, Proprietor Cambridge Boarding House Woody Point, s/w William, [JS]
Edds, William, b. 1824, d. 1905, Pioneer Brisbane Coach Builder, s/w Mary, [JS]
Egan, Raymond Thomas, b. 04 Jul 1927, d. 29 Dec 2003, [JT]
England, Allen G, d. 21 Nov 1995, age: 82yr, A.I.F emblem, 2 AIF AEMF QX62635, s/w Francis, [JT]
England, Francis A., d. 08 Jan 1998, age: 81yrs, s/w Allen, [JT]
Fay, Francis John, d. 28 Aug 1953, age: 29yr, Accidently Killed, [JS]
Finlay, Meta Louise, b. 06 Jun 1880 Texas, Qld, d. 02 Jul 1970 Redcliffe, age: 71yr, Daughter of Augusta McKenny, s/w Augusta McKenny, [JS]
Fitch Violet Cheryl, d. 19 May 2004, age: 50yr s/w Olive Weatherall, [JT]
Foggarty, Melroy John, d. 19 Jun 1989, age: 56yr, [JT]
Folling, John Alfred, d. 07 Apr 1996, age: 64yrs, [JT]
Foott, Edith Maud, d. 18 Jul 1952, age: 49yr, [JS]
Francis, Catherine Grace, d. 25 Apr 1938, age: 23yr, [JS]
Francis, Jane Sophie, d. 28 Jun 1962, age: 84yr, s/w Robert, [JS]
Francis, Robert James, d. 19 Aug 1949, age: 65yr, s/w Jane, [JS]
Franke, Beatrice, d. 06 Jul 1981, age: 81yr, Also our Sister, s/w Frederick, our sister, [JS]
Franke, Frederick Ernest, d. 23 Dec 1966, age: 79yr, Our Father, s/w Beatrice, Our Father, [JS]
Franke, Wilhelmine, d. 17 Sep 1949, age: 80yr, [JS]
Frawley, Michael Francis, d. 16 Nov 1980 Rockhampton, 73yr, g/father of Michelle Kerr (crem), [JT]
Freshwater, Kerry James, d. 19 Mar 1975, (no plaque), [JT]
Garner, Daphne Joyce, b. 06 Dec 1923, d. 03 Dec 1996, s/w Frederick, [JT]
Garner, Frederick Robert, b. 22 Jan 1910, d. 15 Jul 1977, s/w Daphne, [JT]
Garton, Agnes Emily, d. 05 Jun 1960, age: 56yr, s/w George, [JS]
Garton, George, d. 06 Apr 1988, age: 84yr, s/w Agnes, [JS]
Gatfield, Shirley Aileen, b. 06 Aug 1927, d. 21 Apr 1996, w/o Mervyn (deceased), (nee Brock), [JT]
Gazzard, Michael James, b. 4 Feb 1972, d. 11 Nov 1995, "killed in India with his friend Matthew", s/o Warwick & Pauleen, brother of Phillip, Richard, Adrian & Rachel, [JT]
Gibson, Edie, d. 9 Sep 1995, age: 71yr, [JT]
Gibson, Robert Andrew, d. 22 Jan 2001, age: 76yr, s/w Edie, [JT]
Gleadell, Jeffery (Curly), b. 04 May 1911, d. 03 Jun 1995, "Recipient of Polar Medal, Mawson's 2nd Trip", [JT]
Gleeson, Herbert Edward, d. 26 Oct 1957, [JS]
Godwin, Josie, d. 05 Jun 1954, age: 31yr, [JS]
Gorman, Charles, d. 26 Sep 1989, age: 94yr, [JT]
Grant, Annie Alma, d. 25 Oct 1969, age: 63yr, s/w Duncan, [JS]
Grant, Duncan Donald, d. 11 Jan 1990, age: 90yr, s/w Annie, [JS]
Green, Norma May, d. 06 Jun 1985, age: 69yr, [JT]
Greentree, George John, d. 02 Oct 1997, age: 78yr (cremated), [JT]
Gurd, Gertrude Mavis, b. 10 Sep 1914, d. 23 Jan 1996, w/o Harold,, [JT]
Gwynne, Gladys Myrtle, d. 08 Jan 1982, age: 78yr, w/o William Henry, [JS]
Hall, Bridget, d. 12 Jun 1995, age: 68yr s/w Harry, [JT]
Hall, Harry, d. 04 Apr 1985, age: 62yr, s/w Bridget, [JT]
Hall, John Edward, b. 18 Sep 1975, age: 62yr, [JT]
Hall, Ronald Peter, d. 07 Aug 1976, age: 21yr, [JT]
Hansen, Beryl Catherine, d. 14 Sep 1992, [JT]
Hansen, Harold Victor, d. 19 Apr 1985, QX38777 2nd AIF, [JT]
Hansen, Lorraine, d. 28 May 1995, age: 53yr, [JT]
Hansen, Reginald, d. 22 May 1996, age: 59yr, [JT]
Hansen, Shane William, d. 15 Feb 1981, age: 18yrs, accidentally killed, [JT]
Harden, Edmund Dean, d. 12 May 1984, age: 79yr, [JT]
Harden, Pauleen M, d. 04 Feb 1975, age: 62yr, [JT]
Harris, Mary E., d. 16 Jan 1988, age: 90yr, s/w Ray, [JS]
Harris, Ray, d. 09 Apr 1967, age: 68yr, s/w Mary, [JS]
Hart, Kerry, b. 16 Dec 1951, d. 10 Nov 2006, age: 54yrs (crem), beloved wife, [JT]
Hart, Lisa Cherie, d. 23 Apr 1981, died at birth (crem),, [JT]
Hart, Mary Elizabeth, d. 25 Aug 1980, age: 79yr (crem), [JT]
Hartley, Ian Ramsay, b. 26 Feb 1930, d. 01 Dec 2000 (crem),, [JT]
Harvey, Louisa Lydia, d. 26 Sep 1968, s/w Thomas, [JS]
Harvey, Thomas George, d. 05 Jan 1954, s/w Louisa, [JS]
Haskins, Bridget, d. 20 Jul 1970, age: 86yr, s/w Patrick, [JS]
Haskins, James Whalin, d. 04 Jul 1947, age: 56yr, s/w Violet, [JS]
Haskins, Leslie Edward, b. 7 Jun 1917, d. 26 Aug 1997, h/o Isabel, father of Nevile & Michael, [JT]
Haskins, Margaret, d. 25 Sep 1933, age: 80yr, s/w Thomas, [JS]
Haskins, Patrick Thomas, d. 24 Jun 1932, age: 54yr, s/w Bridget, [JS]
Haskins, Thomas, d. 26 Dec 1944, age: 89yr, s/w Margaret, [JS]
Haskins, Violet Lily, d. 09 Aug 1944, age: 56yr, s/w James, [JS]
Hayes, Lucy Maude, d. 23 Dec 1941, age: 71yr, and of Their Daughter, s/w William and Lydia, [JS]
Hayes, Lydia Elizabeth, d. 31 Mar 1928, age: 80yr, s/w William, [JS]
Hayes, William George, d. 08 Jun 1910, age: 68yr, s/w Lydia, [JS]
Hayward, Ruben, d. 01 Feb 1933, age: 76yr, [JS]
Herron, D, d. 17 Dec 2004, age: 83 yr, A.I.F emblem, No: NX73217 Trooper 2/11 Commando Squadron, h/o Ethel, f/o Ronald, John, Alan, Maree & Hazel, [JT]
Higham, William Nathaniel, d. 02 Mar 1952, age: 54yr, [JS]
Hobbs, Josiah Edward, d. 11 Aug 1956, age: 90yr, s/w Sarah, [JS]
Hobbs, Sarah, d. 11 Feb 1948, age: 80yr, s/w Josiah, [JS]
Holmes, Arthur William, d. 31 Aug 1995, age: 77yr, [JT]
Horrocks, Elizabeth Emily, d. 03 Aug 1956, age: 72yr, [JS]
Horrocks, James, d. 20 Sep 1958, age: 73yr, [JS]
Horwood, Steven Charles, d. 27 Aug 1977, age: 16yr, died by accident, s/o Gavin & Chris, b/o Judy, Marie, Terese, Andrew, John & Cecilia, [JT]
Hubner, Alfred, d. 20 Mar 1981, age: 81yr, [JS]
Hubner, Isabella M, d. 16 Jun 1975, age: 77yr, s/w Isabella, [JS]
Humberdoss, Alice, d. 20 May 1993, age: 86yr, [JT]
Humberdoss, William P, d. 31 May 1980, age: 75yr, [JT]
Hunter, Thomas Charles, b. 27 Jun 1904, d. 21 Aug 1952, [JS]
Ireland, Christopher Mark, b. 19 Jun 1977, d. 16 Jul 1977 Infant, s/w Elgin, [JT]
Ireland, Elgin Eunice, b. 08 Mar 1922, d. 27 Apr 1992, s/w Chris, [JT]
Jackson, Tom, d. 24 Sep 1897, age: 32yr, My Dear Husband, [JS]
Jamieson, Lyndon Alexander, b. 25 Jun 1949, d. 17 Oct 1969, s/w Wayne, [JS]
Jamieson, Wayne Leslie, b. 20 May 1951, d. 22 Oct 1972, s/w Lyndon, [JS]
Jeffs, Eric Robert, b. 26 Aug 1932, d. 13 Feb 2001, s/w Maureen, [JT]
Jeffs, Maureen Lilian, b. 03 Mar 1945, d. 11 Sep 2006, s/w Eric, [JT]
Jones, James Owen, d. 17 Apr 1958, age: 56yr, s/w Shirley & Myrtle, [JS]
Jones, Myrtle, d. 21 Aug 1989, age: 74yr, s/w James & Shirley, [JS]
Jones, Shirley Theresa, d. 18 Apr 1950, age: 15yr, s/w James & Myrtle, [JS]
Kennedy, John Patrick, d. 20 Feb 1989, age: 53yr, [JT]
Kerr, Andrew, d. 19 Nov 1986, age: 80yrs (crem), [JT]
Kerr, George, d. 18 Aug 1994, age: 86yr (cremated), [JT]
Kerr, Laurel Margaret, b. 1914, d. 2000, age: 86yr (crem), [JT]
Kerr, Martha Amelia, d. 02 Nov 1996, age: 90yr (cremated), [JT]
Kerr, Michelle Jean, d. 10 Jan 1980 accidentally, age: 15yr (crem), [JT]
Kerr, Neville George, d. 13 Oct 1994, age: 54yr (cremated), [JT]
King, Charles Thomas, b. 15 Jul 1913, d. 06 Aug 1979, s/w Heather, [JT]
King, Heather Mary, b. 13 Jan 1919, d. 13 Nov 1994, s/w Charles, [JT]
King, Raymond F, d. 04 Mar 1982, age: 47yr (crem), [JT]
Kinsella, Emily Ward, d. 08 Mar 1967, age: 59yr, s/w Thomas, [JS]
Kinsella, Thomas Michael, d. 15 Jul 1952, age: 59yr, s/w Emily, [JS]
Kirby, Arthur Eugene, d. 31 Jan 1952, age: 31yr, My Dear Son and Our Brother, s/w Olive, [JS]
Kirby, Olive Ann, d. 11 Aug 1964, age: 81yr, Our Dear Mother, s/w Arthur, [JS]
Kirkwood, Sarah, b. 1888, d. 1935, (Nee Pikett), [JS]
Kliese, Emma Clara, d. 22 Feb 2002, age: 90yr, [JT]
Kneen, Louisa, d. 18 Nov 2004, age: 99yr, s/w William, [JS]
Kneen, Norma Joan, d. 03 Jan 1936, age: 3yr, Our Dear Daughter, [JS]
Kneen, William, d. 25 Apr 1939, age: 35yr, s/w Louisa, [JS]
Korsch, Dorothea Lillian, d. 17 Feb 1936, age: 19yr, s/w Hedley (son), [JS]
Korsch, Dorothea, b. 17 Aug 1888, d. 21 Jan 1974, age: 85yr, s/w William (husband), [JS]
Korsch, Hedley William, d. 08 May 1965, age: 43yr, s/w Dorothea Lillian (daughter), [JS]
Korsch, William, d. 20 Jun 1954, age: 63yr, s/w Dorothea (wife), [JS]
Krause, Arnold Henry, d. 18 Dec 1978, age: 67yr, [JT]
Krause, Harold M, d. 30 Oct 1973, age: 61yr, [JT]
Krause, Mary, d. 19 Oct 1972, age: 92yr, [JT]
Ladewig, Edwin William, d. 16 Mar 1954, age: 69yr, s/w Mary, [JS]
Ladewig, Mary Catherine, d. 26 Mar 1973, age: 84yr, s/w Edwin, [JS]
Lane, John Kerr, d. 16 Jun 1985, age: 80yr (crem), [JT]
Lanham, Benjamin David, d. 14 Apr 1956, age: 53yr, s/w Evelyn, [JS]
Lanham, Evelyn, d. 14 Feb 1981, age: 77yr, s/w Benjamin, [JS]
Laughlin, Algra May, d. 09 Mar 1957, age: 62yr, s/w Alice, [JS]
Laughlin, Daniel Francis, d. 24 Jul 1955, age: 65yr, Our Dear Father, Fell Asleep, s/w Myrtle, [JS]
Laughlin, Myrtle Edith, d. 28 Feb 1948, age: 26yr, Our Darling Daughter and Our Sister, Fell Asleep, s/w Daniel, [JS]
Lawton, Ivy A V, d. 06 Jun 1989, age: 77yr, [JT]
Leadbeater, Dorris, d. 06 Jul 1984, age: 82yr (crem), [JT]
Leadbeater, John, d. 11 Jul 1983, age: 78yr (crem), [JT]
Leaitherland, C, d. 27 Mar 1996, age: 71yr, [JT]
Lim, Matthew George, b. 08 Nov 1972, d. 11 Nov 1995, [JT]
Lindgren, Charlie, d. 10 Aug 1995, age: 78 yr, [JT]
Little, Doris, d. 03 Jul 1952, age: 34yr, [JS]
Little, Sidney Frederick, d. 01 Feb 1997, age: 79yr (Cremated), [JT]
Living, Richard Meudell, b. 13 Aug 1889 Wangaratta, Victoria, d. 12 Aug 1969, age: 79yr, Served 1st A.I.F., [JS]
Logan, Lionel Dennison, d. 09 Mar 1996, age 72yr, [JT]
Logan, Patricia Agnes, d. 17 Aug 1995, age: 67yr, [JT]
Lyster, Mary, d. 16 Dec 1949, age: 80yr, [JS]
Lyster, Robert Henry, b. 12 Mar 1903 Ireland, d. 14 May 1973 Mundubbera, Qld, [JS]
Maden, Alfred Henry, d. 01 Nov 1979, age: 87yr, s/w Lillie, [JS]
Maden, Lillie Annie, d. 20 Jun 1954, age: 60yr, s/w Alfred, [JS]
Marquardte, Hilda (Billy), d. 09 Oct 1989, age: 88yr, [JT]
Martin, Bede, d. 25 Sep 1976, age: 67yr, s/w Violet, [JS]
Martin, Charles, d. 12 Nov 1960, age: 66yr, [JS]
Martin, Violet, d. 17 Feb 2009, age: 98yr, s/w Bede, [JS]
Matthews, Leslie Stewart, d. 23 May 1982, age: 69yr (crem), [JT]
McCallum, Colin, d. 04 Jan 1996, age: 81yr, [JT]
McCormack, George Alfred, d. 13 Feb 1990, age: 78yr, [JT]
McDonald, Allen Speed, b. 29 Nov 1927, d. 17 Feb 2005, [JT]
McDonald, Anne Mary Ellen, d. 27 Oct 1986, age: 61yr (cremated), [JT]
McDonald, Brian Allen, b. 07 Mar 1957, d. 12 Jun 1974, killed on his motorcycle, s/o Allen and Lorna, [JT]
McDonald, Thelma C, d. 19 Aug 1992, age: 79yr (crem), [JT]
McDonald, William J, d. 22 Jan 1980, age: 79yr (crem), [JT]
McKenny, Augusta Louisa, b. 20 Dec 1853 West Indies, d. 11 Dec 1941 Redcliffe, age: 88yr, (Nee Wall), s/w Meta Finlay, [JS]
McKinnon, Edward James, d. 16 Apr 1996, age: 68yr, s/w Ruth, [JT]
McKinnon, Ruth Alice, d. 11 Aug 2002, age: 68yr, s/w Edward, [JT]
McNamara, Tony, b. 1924, d. 1994, [JT]
McPherson, Hugh William, d. 06 Jun 1951, age: 80yr, s/w Louisa, [JS]
McPherson, Louisa Emily Frances, d. 30 Apr 1934, age: 57yr, s/w Hugh, [JS]
McShea, Thomas Bernard, b. 12 Oct 1915, d. 21 Mar 1996, [JT]
Meharry, Ada Mary, d. 18 Aug 1982, age: 98yr, s/w Robert, [JS]
Meharry, Dulcie May, d. 02 Sep 1974, age: 55yr, s/w Ronald, [JS]
Meharry, Lewis, d. 14 Apr 1960, age: 55yr, s/w Mary, [JS]
Meharry, Mary, d. 14 Dec 1980, age: 74yr, s/w Lewis, [JS]
Meharry, Robert John, d. 24 Mar 1949, age: 73yr, s/w Ada, [JS]
Meharry, Ronald Robert, d. 24 Aug 1978, age: 67yr, s/w Dulcie, [JS]
Melbourne, Leslie, d. 13 Sep 1972, age: 77yr, [JT]
Melton, John Frank, d. 25 Jan 1957, age: 38yr, [JS]
Mienert, William George "Billy",b. 5 May 1948, d. 6 Jul 1989, h/o Beverley, [JT]
Miles, Annie, d. 09 Nov 1961, age: 81yr, s/w George, [JS]
Miles, George Edward, d. 22 Mar 1953, age: 79yr, s/w Annie, [JS]
Miles, William Evan, d. 29 Mar 1951, age: 55yr, [JS]
Millar, Amanda S F, d. 11 Apr 1953, age: 92yr, [JS]
Miller, Charles, d. 28 Mar 1988, age: 83yr, s/w Mary, [JT]
Miller, Daisy, d. 23 Jun 1989, age: 83yr, [JT]
Miller, Edward Thomas, d. 12 Jan 1991, age: 72yr, [JT]
Miller, Mary Tulloch, d. 23 Mar 2004, age: 92yr s/w Charles, [JT]
Mills, Edward John, b. 18 Jul 1905, d. 21 Jul 1975, s/w Kay J Williams, [JT]
Mills, Patricia Margaret, d. 3 Aug 1997, age: 60yr (cremated), [JT]
Mollenhagen, Cecil, d. 23 Feb 1956, age: 26yr, s/w Ted, [JS]
Mollenhagen, Ted, d. 14 Jan 1966, age: 40yr, s/w Cecil, [JS]
Molloy, Bernard Raphael, d. 08 Aug 1969, age: 52yr, [JS]
Moore, Alan James, b. 17 Feb 1926, d. 17 Dec 1998, [JT]
Moore, Cecil J, d. 18 Mar 1998, age: 82yr, h/o Dorothy for 54 yrs, s/w Dorothy, [JT]
Moore, Dorothy J, d. 09 Feb 1996, age: 75yr, m/o Gwen, Pam, Kay, Brian & Jan. s/w Cecil, [JT]
Moreno, Luisa Gagliardo, b. in Rome 24 Oct 1920, d. Redcliffe 12 Dec 2000, [JT]
Muller, Adeline May, d. 16 Mar 1984, age: 67yr (crem), [JT]
Muller, Douglas Edward, d. 26 Jul 1983, age: 24yrs (crem), [JT]
Muller, Louise, d. 04 Sep 1954, age: 67yr, [JS]
Muller, Peter George, d. 20 Jul 2001, age: 61yr (cremated), [JT]
Muller, William, d. 27 Jul 1960, age: 74yr, [JS]
Murphy, George Raymond, d. 4 Aug 1995, age: 58yr, [JT]
Murray, Eileen Emma, b. 01 Jun 1912, d. 22 May 2004, s/w James, [JS]
Murray, James Chalmers, b. 01 Apr 1895, d. 23 Oct 1969, Our Dear Parents, s/w Eileen, [JS]
Mustard, William (Bill), d. 09 Sep 1997, age: 76yr (cremated), [JT]
Myrtle, Elsie May, d. 2 Aug 1998, age: 73yr (cremated), [JT]
Neilson, Agnes Veronica, d. 18 Oct 1999, age: 79yr (cremated), [JT]
Neilson, Lein Aksel, d. 10 Oct 1999, age: 81 yr (cremated), [JT]
Oakey, Edna May, d. 06 Aug 1999, age: 82 yr, s/w Walter, [JT]
Oakey, Walter Henry, d. 01 Aug 1991, age: 80 yr, s/w Edna, [JT]
O'Brien, Arthur Edmund, b. 13 Dec 1876, d. 04 Aug 1957, Parish Priest Redcliffe 1930-1955, Ordained 8 Dec 1905, [JS]
O'Donnell, Denis P, d. 7 May 1959, age: 37yr, Australian Imperial Force Emblem. VX55145 Private, 2/29, Infantry Battalion, [JT]
Ollenburg, Caroline, d. 13 Oct 1937, age: 77yr, Our Dear Mother, s/w Peter & Edward, [JS]
Ollenburg, Edward, d. 25 Jul 1967, age: 74yr, s/w Peter & Caroline, [JS]
Ollenburg, Elsie, b. 14 Oct 1907, d. 06 Sep 1997, age: 89yr, s/w John, [JS]
Ollenburg, John Frederick, b. 15 Jul 1901, d. 18 Mar 1990, age: 88yr, s/w Elsie, [JS]
Ollenburg, Peter, d. 15 Jul 1937, age: 78yr, Our Dear Father, s/w Caroline & Edward, [JS]
O'Neil, Handra Mary Veronica, d. 13 Aug 2000, age: 92yr, [JT]
Overett, Herbert (Bert), d. 13 Mar 1997, age: 69yr (cremated), [JT]
Owen, Sheila, d. 23 Jan 1996, age: 67yr, [JT]
Palmer, Barbara Agnes, d. 30 Aug 1997, age: 66yr (cremated), [JT]
Palmer, Bernard Arthur, d. 15 Jun 1995, age: 79yr, [JT]
Parr, Charles Henry, d. 27 Jan 1971, age: 81yr, s/w Maria, [JS]
Parr, Maria Louisa, d. 27 Mar 1955, age: 60yr, s/w Charles, [JS]
Parry, Ina Miriam, d. 09 Jul 1953, age: 77yr, [JS]
Parry, Robert, d. 24 May 1953, age: 71yr, s/w Alfred, [JS]
Peacock, Malcolm, b. 19 Jan 1922, d. 22 Sep 1993, [JT]
Peters, Annie, d. 08 Jun 1952, age: 83yr, s/w Harry, [JS]
Peters, Harry Leonard, d. 03 Aug 1933, age: 72yr, s/w Annie, [JS]
Peters, Jessie Eileen, d. 07 Apr 1981, age: 85yr, Daughter of Harry & Annie, [JS]
Peters, Leonard, d. 17 Nov 1931, age: 38yr, s/w Harry & Annie, [JS]
Pickering, George Edmund, d. 06 Aug 1997, age: 64yr (cremated), [JT]
Pikett, Alice, d. 28 Sep 1943, age: 84yr, Our Dear Mother, s/w Fountain, [JS]
Pikett, Fountain, d. 13 Dec 1924, Our Dear Father, s/w Alice, [JS]
Pitman, Joan, d. 05 Aug 1997, age 73yr (cremated), [JT]
Plant, Phyllis Mary, b. 05 Feb 1924, d. 02 Apr 1996, [JT]
Pottle, Francis Leo, d. 09 Mar 1990, age: 76yr, [JT]
Pottle, Lily Margaret, d. 14 Nov 1991, age: 76yr, [JT]
Price, Sarah, b. 8 Jul 1867, d. 06 Sep 1966, age: 99yr, s/w William, [JS]
Price, William Frederick, d. 20 Jul 1947, age: 85yr, In His 85th Year, s/w Sarah, [JS]
Pritchard, Alice N (Meg), d. 14 Nov 1975, age: 58yr, [JT]
Pritchard, Edwin Vincent, d. 03 Jul 1990, age: 84yr (crem), [JT]
Quantrill, Elsie Harriet Bond, d. 22 Jul 1960, age: 61yr, [JS]
Quinlan, William Leane, d. 22 May 1995, age: 94yr, [JT]
Ramsay, Duncan Matthew, d. 09 Dec 1970, s/w Evelyn, [JS]
Ramsay, Evelyn Ada, d. 22 Nov 1976, age: 52yr, s/w Duncan, [JS]
Rawlings, Annie, d. 02 May 1993, age: 78 yr, [JT]
Rawlings, Eric Charles, d. 07 Jul 1988, age: 79yr, [JT]
Richards, Jean, d. 2 Feb 1997, age: 82yr, w/o William Henry, [PR]
Richards, Jennifer Helen, d. 11 Mar 1975, age: 5yr, [PR]
Richards, William Henry M.M., d. 11 Feb 1975, age: 62yr, h/o Jean, AIF Qx26271 2/25 Bn, [PR]
Ridout, Charles, d. 19 Jul 1970, age: 70yr, s/w Rosa, [JS]
Ridout, Rosa Myrtle, d. 13 Jul 1954, age: 53yr, s/w Charles, [JS]
Robertson, Maria Anne, d. 15 May 1904, age: 80yr, s/w Thomas, [JS]
Robertson, Thomas, d. 24 Jun 1889, age: 79yr, s/w Maria Anne, [JS]
Robinson, Oswald Stanley, d. 09 Feb 1996, age: 72yr (cremated), [JT]
Rodwell, George Herbert, b. 06 Jun 1926, d. 27 Jan 1996, [JT]
Rogers, David Edward (Teddy), d. 27 Aug 1947, age: 15yr, Accidently Killed, s/w Ellen & Edward, [JS]
Rogers, Edward W.T. (Bill), b. 01 Aug 1900 England, d. 26 Mar 1984 Clontarf, Qld, s/w Ellen, [JS]
Rogers, Ellen E. (Nell), b. 01 Jun 1902 Palen Creek, Qld, d. 21 Jul 1992 Clontarf, Qld, s/w Edward, [JS]
Rolph, Charles Alfred, d. 18 Aug 1947, age: 21yr, [JS]
Rose, Alexander Burns, d. 22 Jun 1985, age: 59yr (crem), [JT]
Rose, Edward Charles, d. 27 May 1999, age: 90yr, s/w Florence, [JT]
Rose, Florence Margaret, d. 26 Aug 1995, age: 83yr, s/w Edward, [JT]
Rose, Thomas Joseph, d. 10 Feb 1986, age: 64yr (crem), [JT]
Rutledge, Joseph, b. 20 Jun 1910, d. 28 Sep 1989, [JT]
Sayle Steven Anzac, d. 10 Mar 1975, age: 59yr, [JT]
Scarborough, Alexander Tobias, b. 2 Nov 1899, d. 5 Oct 1971, [JT]
Scarborough, Edith Kate, b. 7 Oct 1898, d. 24 Oct 1988, [JT]
Schumann, Ralph Rudiger, d. 18 Jun 1988, age: 36yr, h/o Jennifer, [JT]
Selby, Arthur Robert, b. 19 Sep 1921, d. 05 Dec 1994, age: 73yr, [JT]
Shardlow, Frank Maltby, d. 12 Aug 1954, age: 64yr, [JS]
Shardlow, Neville John, d. 18 Jun 1951, age: 11yr, [JS]
Shaw, Jack Stanley George, d. 09 Sep 1996, age: 71yr (cremated), [JT]
Sheehan, Francis, d. 05 Oct 1952, age: 78yr, s/w Jenny, [JS]
Sheehan, Jenny, d. 19 Jun 1962, age: 84yr, s/w/ Francis, [JS]
Sheehy, Keith John, d. 29 Jun 1954, age: 2yrs 6 mthsyr, Who Fell Asleep, Who Fell asleep, [JS]
Sherman, David Walker, b. 09 Oct 1955, d. 20 Feb 1976, age: 20yr, accidentally killed,, [JT]
Sherrington, Roy Healy, d. 21 Sep 1969, age: 73yr, My Husband and My Father, [JS]
Shuman, Walter, d. 15 Jun 1971, age: 47yr, my dear husband & our father, [JT]
Skinner, Ada Annie Harriet, d. 10 May 1953, age: 82yr, [JS]
Smart, Dorothy Hannah, b. 26 Sep 1930, d. 18 Apr 1996, [JT]
Smith, Clifford Sidney Charles, d. 15 Nov 1969, age: 38yr, Accidently Lost His Life, accident, [JS]
Smith, Leslie James, d. 11 Nov 1954, age: 8 mthsyr, [JS]
Smith, Stephen Henry Magnus, d. 8 Dec 1962, age: 81yr, [JT]
Smith, W R, d. 14 May 1955, age: 48yr, Australian Imperial Force Emblem, QX26680 Corporal - Royal Australian Engineers, [JT]
Sparkes, Ethel Maria, d. 24 Sep 1970, age: 86yr, [JS]
Sparkes, Robert William, d. 11 Dec 1945, age: 66yr, [JS]
Sparkes, Selena Lena, d. 01 Nov 1977, age: 74yr, [JS]
Sparkes, William, d. 31 Jul 1903, age: 57yr, of Deception Bay, [JS]
Spencer, Frank, d. 14 Jul 1914, age: 66yr, [JT]
Spillman, Mabel Olive, d. 18 May 1990, age: 95 yr (cremated), [JT]
Stafford, Demi Louise, b. 02 Sep 1995, d. 02 Sep 1995, [JT]
Stafford, Kym Maree, b. 05 Jan 1967, d. 02 Sep 1995, [JT]
Stephans, Ellen Mary, b. 14 Jul 1916, d. 21 Aug 1995, [JT]
Stevenson, Alexander Radcliffe, d. 16 Jul 1953, age: 86yr, s/w Elizabeth, [JS]
Stevenson, Elizabeth Ann, d. 06 Aug 1969, age: 92yr, s/w Alexander, [JS]
Stimpson, William Allen, d. 06 Oct 1914, age: 60yr, [JS]
Stuart, Allan, d. 11 Oct 1949, age: 50yr, s/w Lucy, [JS]
Stuart, Lucy Catherine, d. 01 May 1999, age: 95yr, s/w Allan, [JS]
Stubbings, June, d. 19 Dec 1987 (crem), [JT]
Surman, Annie Jane, d. 04 Sep 1979, age: 90yr, [JS]
Sutherland, Emily Ivy, d. 09 Nov 1996, age: 88yr, s/w Hugh, [JS]
Sutherland, Hugh, d. 03 Jul 1956, age: 64yr, s/w Emily, [JS]
Sutton, Elsie May, b. 4 Sep 1891, d. 20 Oct 1971, age: 80yr, s/w Samuel Robert, [JT]
Sutton, Judith Madge, d. 11 Aug 1987, age: 40yr (crem), [JT]
Sutton, Samuel Robert, b 19 Apr 1916, d. 11 Mar 1973, age: 57yr, In loving memory of our mother and her son, s/w Elsie, [JT]
Sutton, Susan Ida, d. 09 Dec 2003, age: 52yr (cremated), [JT]
Sutton, William Arthur, b. 2 Jun 1917, d. 12 Dec 2004, age: 87yr, At Peace, Always Remembered, [JS]
Teat, Michael Allan, b. 07 Aug 1973, d. 19 Dec 1993, [JT]
Terrey, Amelia, d. 08 Aug 1914, age: 68yr, s/w James, [JS]
Terrey, James, d. 29 Oct 1932, age: 86yr, s/w Amelia, [JS]
Thomas, Cyril, d. 06 Oct 1944, age: 76yr, s/w Olga, [JS]
Thomas, Olga L, d. 04 Jan 1969, age: 86yr, s/w Cyril, [JS]
Thomson, Kenneth, b. 21 Jun 1944, d. 26 Aug 1995, [JT]
Tippett, Dorothy Myrtle (nee Rose), d. 30 Sep 1990, age: 85yr s/w Harry, [JT]
Tippett, Harry William, d. 09 Aug 1977, age: 69yr s/w Dorothy, [JT]
Toll, Alice Mary, d. 16 Nov 1954, age: 73yr, s/w Benjamin, [JS]
Toll, Benjamin, d. 05 Feb 1957, age: 79yr, s/w Alice, [JS]
Torrens, Emily Ann, d. 29 Oct 1949, age: 70yr, My Dear Wife and Our Mother, s/w Smyth, [JS]
Torrens, Smyth, d. 10 May 1963, age: 88yr, Our Father, s/w Emily, [JS]
Troyahn, Ernest Alfred, b. 06 Jun 1901, d. 26 Oct 1954, age: 53yr, s/w Myrtle, [JS]
Troyahn, Myrtle Alice, b. 17 Jan 1913, d. 08 Jan 2002, age: 88yr, s/w Ernest, [JS]
Tubbs, Robert Frederick, d. 19 Jan 1910, age: 64yr, [JS]
Tucker, Arron Craig, d. 11 Aug 1977, age: 1yr (crem), [JT]
Ullman, C E, d. 29 Aug 1992, age: 84yr. RAAF emblem, 22494 Corporal, [JT]
Upton, Eileen, d. 24 Dec 1989, age: 72yr, [JT]
Upton, Fred, d. 09 Jun 1988, age: 75yr, [JT]
Vines, Irene Mary, d. 27 May 1954, age: 32yr, [JS]
Von Holt, Joel Ezra, d. 28 Aug 1956, age: 14yr, Our Beloved Son and Brother, [JS]
Walker, Martha Emmie, d. 24 Dec 1970, age: 79yr, s/w Samuel, [JS]
Walker, Samuel Edward, d. 18 Sep 1969, age: 75yr, s/w Martha, [JS]
Wallace, Jessica Anne-Maree, d. 13 Apr 1990, age: 1 day, [JT]
Wallace, Thomas James, d. 19 Jun 1991, age: 71yr, [JT]
Warbrick, Florence, d. 01 Jan 1964, age: 92yr, s/w Frederick, [JS]
Warbrick, Frederick Gill, d. 08 Jan 1904, age: 34yr, s/w Florence, [JS]
Warhurst, Eliza Jane, d. 09 Dec 1970, age: 74yr, [JS]
Weatherall, Jack, d. 07 Apr 1975, age: 63yr, [JT]
Weatherall, Olive Mabel, d. 04 Jul 2004, age: 88yr s/w Violet Fitch, [JT]
Webb, Charles Allen, d. 26 Oct 1955, age: 75yr, s/w Myrtle, [JS]
Webb, Myrtle Louisa, d. 08 Dec 1967, age: 77yr, s/w Charles, [JS]
Welk, Annie, d. 13 Apr 1958, age: 80yr, s/w John, [JS]
Welk, John J., d. 23 Mar 1968, age: 92yr, s/w Annie, [JS]
White, Catherine, b. 17 Dec 1907, d. 18 May 1995, w/o James Charles White, [JT]
White, Herbert Arthur, d. 20 Dec 1951, age: 65yr, s/w Margaret, [JS]
White, Margaret Winifred, d. 09 Jul 1976, age: 89yr, s/w Herbert, [JS]
Whitnall, Beatrice Frances, d. 22 Jan 1948, age: 62yr, s/w Charles, [JS]
Whitnall, Charles William, d. 15 Aug 1976, age: 88yr, s/w Beatrice, [JS]
Whybrow, Doris, d. 20 Nov 1995, age 85yr, w/o Patrick, m/o John, Mary, Elizabeth, [JT]
Wighton, Elizabeth Kennedy, d. 14 Aug 1973, age: 80yr, s/w John, [JS]
Wighton, John, d. 07 Dec 1951, age: 58yr, s/w Elizabeth, [JS]
Williams, Frederick Foster, d. 15 Jul 1949, age: 65yr, s/w Wilhelmine, [JS]
Williams, Garry Colin, d. 4 Nov 1991, age: 49yr, [JT]
Williams, Ivy Isobel, d. 24 Aug 1995, age: 87yr, mother, wife & grandmother, [JT]
Williams, Kay Janice, b. 18 Jun 1944, d. 19 Mar 1996, s/w Edward J Mills, [JT]
Williams, Kenneth Stanley, d. 17 Sep 1957, accidentally killed in his 18th yr, brother of Ray, Jan & Beth, [JT]
Williams, Stanley F, d. 16 May 1981, age: 71yr, father, husband and grandfather, s/w Ivy, [JT]
Williams, Wilhelmine Elizabeth, d. 06 Mar 1966, age: 73yr, s/w Frederick, [JS]
Williams, William, d. 28 Sep 1935, age: 47yr, [JS]
Winckle, Vera Elsie, d. 24 Aug 1973, age: 55yr, loving memory from her children Donald, William, Deanna, Lynnette, Robert, Rodney, Peter, [JT]
Wingfield, Christina, d. 18 Dec 1950, age: 67yr, Mum, [JS]
Winter, Emily Elizabeth, b. 24 Jun 1911, d. 24 Jul 2006 (crem), [JT]
Winter, Joseph Leonard, b. 21 Jun 1910, d. 21 Mar 1979 (crem), [JT]
Witheridge, Olive Lillian, d. 30 May 1961, age: 53yr, [JS]
Witheridge, Rosamond, d. 16 Jul 1943, age: 74yr, [JS]
Woodcroft, Allan (Dog), b. 23 Sep 1950, d. 19 Jan 1996, h/o Rhonda, s/w Daryl, [JT]
Woodcroft, Daryl (Dazza), b. 31 Oct 1977, d. 29 Jun 2001, s/w Allan, [JT]
Woods, Edward John, b. 21 Sep 1908, d. 25 Feb 1989, [JT]
Woodward, Inez Ada, d. 18 Apr 1976, age: 51yr s/w Kenneth, [JT]
Woodward, Kenneth D, d. 06 Jun 1986, age: 60yr, s/w Inez, [JT]
Young, William Henry, d. 25 Mar 1957, age: 52yr, s/w ""Robert Crust"", [JS]
Zillman, Olwyn Thelma, d. 01 Jan 2004, age: 72yr, [JT]
Zillman, Ray Laurence, d. 24 Jul 1992, age: 62yr, [JT]
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