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Mill Pt. Cemetery
Noosa Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 28, 2000.
Total records = 24.

Mill Pt is situated towards the northern of Noosa Shire. From Pomona or Tewantin, take the Boreen Pt road, and swing left at the outskirts, heading for Elanda Pt, and the camping area kiosk. The cemetery no longer exists, but there is a commemorative plaque, marking the site. It is accessible via a rough walking track in dry weather. Interments said to be 117. The partial listing which follows was published in the "Noosa Citizen" 17-3-1993.

The first burials were as the result of a tragedy. The mill's boiler exploded, killing Charles Long instantly. Another four died from injuries. Patrick Molloy was buried In Gympie 11-9-1873, at the old Tozer Park Reserve. The mill closed circa 1892.

Cemetery Records

Adams, Phillip, d.24-8-1889, Age:12.5yrs, C/D:consumption
Allen, Silvy Ann, d.6-10-1886, Age:1, C/D:diphtheria
Brown, Julia, d.12-7-1880, Age, 3wks, C/D:infantile general debility
Butt, Mary Ann Elizabeth, d.10-1-1877, Age:8wks, C/D:Thrush
Butt, Sophia, d.5-1-1877, Age:7wksC/D:thrush
Chesher, Alice, d.2-8-1882, Age:5wks, C/D:dysentery
Chesher, Mary, d.18-8-1883, Age:4wks, C/D:inflammation of the lung
Darcey, Rose Mary, d.31-3-1883, Age:1, C/D:"excema, teething"
Ellis, William, d.10-4-1880, Age:52, C/D:heart disease
Euston, James Arthur, d.1-7-1886, Age:3, C/D:convulsions
Euston, Mary Ann Jane, d.2-10-1885, Age:37, C/D:during 2 days childbirth
Geary, Frederick, d.24-11-1885, Age:4, C/D:drowned
Gibbs, George Henry, d.8-4-1876, Age:10, C/D:cold on chest
Harris, Charles, d.13-3-1882, Age:6days, C/D:convulsions
Hiley, Percival Dawson, d.26-5-1876, Age:4, C/D:thrush
Hopf, Emma Jane, d.16-5-1890, Age:43, C/D:cancer & softening of brain
Jacques, Gilbert Charles, d.14-10-1884, Age:11, C/D:drowned in well
Johnston, Henry, d.6-10-1874, Age:45, C/D:Injuries at sawmill
Kinmond, James, d.31-3-1883, Age:4wks, C/D:thrush
Kinmond, Minnie, d.1-12-1881, Age:38days, C/D:convulsions
Knight, Eliza, d.28-5-1881, Age:6mths, C/D:natural weakness
Knight, Mary Jane, d.14-3-1881, Age:4mths, C/D:debility
Livingstone, Hugh Duncan, d.6-2-1884, Age:1, C/D:dysentery for 3 months
Long, Charles, d.29-7-1873, Age: 25, C/D:injuries (instantly)
Massey, Henry William Robert, d.12-10-1877, Age:7mths, C/D:convulsions from teething
McGhie, Lucy Jane, d.3-4-1880, Age:1, C/D:convulsions
McQuaide, Elizabeth, d.26-9-1876, Age:25, C/D:flooding for 3 days
Mercer, Marion, d.17-1-1877, Age:5days, C/D:malformation
Mitchell, Thomas, d.2-12-1875, Age:10, C/D:timber wagon injury
Molloy, Phelim, d.8-8-1873, Age:27, C/D:Injuries
Reeve, John Charles, d.28-12-1876, Age:5mths, C/D:marasmus
Stanton, Anna Maria, d.9-1-1891, Age:1, C/D:drowning
Tierney, Patrick, d.1-8-1873, Age:27, C/D:Injuries
Udell, Louisa, d.16-12-1887, Age:33, C/D:congestion of liver
Udell, William, d.10-1-1883, Age:8days, C/D:convulsions
Wadsworth, Margaret Ann, d.28-2-1877, Age:1, C/D:convulsions from teething
Watts, Alfred Charles, d.16-11-1874, Age:4mths, C/D:congestion of lungs
Watts, Alicia Ruth, d.23-2-1878, Age:6weeks, C/D:disease of chest
White, Joseph, d.3-8-1873, Age:20, C/D:Injuries
Wiley/Hiley, William, d.13-3-1882, Age:2, C/D:wasting
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