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Burnett Cemetery
Nanango Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Janice Nightingale, Jan 06, 2002 [nightingalejanice@hotmail.com]. Total records = 31.

Coming from Brisbane, turn left off the highway into Drayton Street, then over the bridge and take the next left at the park, then follow the dirt track a few hundred yards.

Nanango is the 4th oldest town in Queensland and consequently has a number of quite early graves. Prior to gazettal of the Nanango Cemetery Reserve this older cemetery adjacent to MHPL 355 and 356 on the Nanango Gold Field was used (1862-1876)

This index encompasses all known burials, including those that were later exhumed and transferred to the Nanango Cemetery. Many of the graves are not marked.

- Janice Nightingale

Cemetery Records

Bright, John, d. 30 July 1869 Nanango, age: 42yr, body later exhumed and transferred to new cemetery
Buchan, Samuel, d. 11 Apr 1871 Nanango, age: 39yr
Carroll, Mary, d. 22 Apr 1868 Nanango, age: 4m
Everottabout, Duncan Simon, d. 23 Apr 1867 near Nanango, age: 45yr
Gerrard, Charles, d. 23 May 1863 Tarong, age: 10m
Harding, Henry W, d. 27 Dec 1864 Nanango, age: 19yr
Henniker, Frederick, d. 26 Sep 1965 Nanango, age: 41yr
Jack the Conjurer, d. 28 Sep 1868 Nanango, age: abt 55yr, supposed to be S. Chabert Alias
Kelly, John, d. 30 Jun 1873 Nanango, age: 53yr
Koerner, Georgius Wilhelm Hermann Rudolph, d. 24 May 1869 Nanango, age: 29yr
Lee, Ethel Gertrude, d. 19 Jun 1873 Nanango, age: 2yr
Martin, James Cooper, d. 11 Mar 1873 Nanango, age: 31yr
McGilvery, Catherine, d. 19 May 1875 Nanango, age: 66yr
McGilvrey, Catherine Angelina, d. 16 Sep 1872 Nanango, age: 1yr
McGilvrey, F, d. 20 Sep 1872 Nanango, age: 2d
McNamara, Bridget Mary Ann, d. 10 May 1875 Nanango, age: 11m
McNulty, John, d. 15 Jul 1872 Nanango, age: 2m
Page, Elizabeth, d. 18 Jan 1866 Nanango, age: 10m 6d
Page, William John, d. 6 May 1864 Nanango, age: 2 1/2
Pongo, John, d. 14 May 1872 Nanango, age: 2d
Power, Michall, d. 11 Nov 1863 Nanango, age: abt 60yr
Russell, William Carock Nowell, d. 16 May 1872 Colinton, age: 62yr, body later exhumed and transferred to new cemetery
Ryland, William Joseph, d. 28 Jun 1867 Nanango, age: 14m
Schofield, Richard, d. 14 Sep 1874 Nanango, age: 54yr
Sellen, James, d. 20 Jan 1867 Nanango, age: 33yr
Sellen, James, d. 23 Jun 1866 Nanango, age: 3y 6m
Sellen, William, d. 12 Jun 1866 Nanango, age: 2d
Simpson, John, d. 6 Mar 1869 Nanango Station
Walsh, Lawrence, d. 10 May 1867 Nanango, age: 2yr
Williams, Billy, d. 1850's Goode's Inn
Williams, Thomas, d. 15 Oct 1975 Nanango, age: 56yr
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