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Woombye Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

Eastlake, James Joseph, d. 21-4-1974, Age/Birth:1914
Eastlake, Olive Mary, d. 7-12-1998, b. 18-5-1927
Eddie, Albert, d. 23-2-1937, Age/Birth:49
Eddie, George, d. 22-2-1939, Age/Birth:28
Ede, Benjamin, d. 20-11-1957, Age/Birth:71
Ede, Constance Elena, d. 27-5-1929, Age/Birth:5
Ede, Elizabeth, d. 6-12-1974, Age/Birth:87
Edwards, Elsie Irene, d. 24-12-1946, Age/Birth:44
Edwards, George, d. 31-8-1919, Age/Birth:65
Edwards, Harriet F, d. 12-8-1960, Age/Birth:92
Eggert, Henry Frank, d. 6-4-1958, Age/Birth:73
Eggert, Rose, d. 22-11-1949, Age/Birth:57
Eggins, Blanche Sophia, d. 16-3-1973, Age/Birth:73
Eggins, E.S., d. 18-12-1955, Age/Birth:60
Eggins, Eric Stanley, d. 3-9-1963, Age/Birth:38
Eggleton, Albert George, d. 7-1-1975, Age/Birth:89
Eggleton, Winifred L.E., d. 15-12-1981, Age/Birth:14-6-1895
Egholm, Daisy Emma, d. 22-7-1920, Age/Birth:Feb 1889
Egholm, James, d. 27-5-1952, Age/Birth:1883
Ellerby, Bertha, d. 1945, Age/Birth:1886
Elliott, Phyllis Doreen, d. 24-10-1941, Age/Birth:25
Ellis, Charles James, d. 9-5-1929, Age/Birth:72
Ellis, Eliza Mary, d. 16-7-1938, Age/Birth:83
England, Leslie Henry, d. 12-6-1988, Age/Birth:31-3-1899
England, Margery, d. 15-10-1991, Age/Birth:13-1-1901
Engwight, Harold Norman, d. 1994, Age/Birth:1926
Euston, Herbert W, d. 12-6-1963, Age/Birth:59
Everton, William, d. 21-9-1911, Age/Birth:87
Falconer, David Laurence, d. Oct 1968, b. Oct 1968
Falconer, Margaret Ann, d. 24-8-2005, b. 14-5-1935
Farrell, Jonelvyre, d. 9-9-1971, Age/Birth:1921
Farrell, Patrick Joseph, d. 1959, Age/Birth:1878
Farrington, Edwin, d. 1935, Age/Birth:1858
Farrow, Frederick William, d. 18-9-1988, Age/Birth:30-5-1906
Feger, Claire, d. 20-6-1997, Age/Birth:19-4-1960
Ferris, Albert J, d. 10-10-1965, Age/Birth:85
Ferris, Regatha, d. 26-9-1956, Age/Birth:73
Fewtrell, Eleise, d. 26-3-1919, Age/Birth:71
Fewtrell, George, d. 8-9-1914, Age/Birth:71
Fielding, Mary, d. 1932, Age/Birth:1867
Finlay, Edith Margaret, d. 1-9-1994, Age/Birth:12-3-1914
Finnimore, Brian, d. 22-9-1996, b. 21-4-1931
Fisher, Isabel Beatrice, d. 12-1-1914, Age/Birth:21-7-1873
Flatley, R.E., d. 25-2-1944, Age/Birth:29
Flavelle, Harry, d. 21-10-1985, Age/Birth:6-8-1913
Flavelle, Kim Elizabeth, d. 13-6-1978, Age/Birth:29-7-1962
Fooks, Edna May, d. 28-4-2003, b. 15-9-1929
Fooks, Harold T, d. 28-9-1973, Age/Birth:19-4-1898
Fooks, Rhoda M, d. 21-2-1979, Age/Birth:20-4-1906
Foran, Eve Elizabeth, d. 5-1-1992, Age/Birth:9-5-1987
Ford, Annie, d. 1980, Age/Birth:1898
Ford, Peggy Edith, d. 1998, Age/Birth:1925
Ford, Thomas, d. 1958, Age/Birth:1872
Fouras, Theodore, d. 8-10-1994, Age/Birth:58
Francis, Albert Birch, d. 22-7-1951, Age/Birth:80
Francis, Mary Rosena, d. 14-10-1949, Age/Birth:76
Freier, Carl, d. 8-9-1940, Age/Birth:83
Freier, Welhelmina, d. 22-10-1944, Age/Birth:77
Frusalczo, Eliza Marcella, d. 26-8-1966, Age/Birth:36
Frusalczo, Italo, d. 15-5-1991, Age/Birth:25-3-1929
Furlong, William Richard, d. 10-11-1911, Age/Birth:34
Gallagher, Doris, d. 17-8-1991, Age/Birth:93
Gallagher, Thomas, d. 8-6-1956, Age/Birth:63
Galloway, Amy Elizabeth, d. 1-7-1949, Age/Birth:75
Galloway, Richard, d. 11-12-1944, Age/Birth:80
Gardiner, Douglas Babington, d. 23-5-2001, b. 26-2-1905
Garrad, Barbara Alice, d. 7-12-1986, Age/Birth:88
Garrad, Ernest, d. 29-11-1944, Age/Birth:51
Garrad, G.E., d. 6-10-1991, Age/Birth:73
Garrad, George, d. 9-12-1950, Age/Birth:61
Garrad, Heather Jean, d. 1973, Age/Birth:1926
Garrad, James, d. 26-9-1925, Age/Birth:88
Garrad, Jamesina Thelma, d. 31-5-1948, Age/Birth:48
Garrad, Thomas Howatson, d. 1978, Age/Birth:1917
Gaynor, Ethel Mabel, d. 25-8-1980, Age/Birth
Gaynor, George William, d. 5-3-1966, Age/Birth:74
Gear, Louisa M, d. 10-9-1962, Age/Birth:76
Gear, Thomas B, d. 6-6-1958, Age/Birth:74
Gearside, Charles Colin, d. 22-3-1983, Age/Birth:76
Gearside, Katherine Eileen May, d. 23-3-1966, Age/Birth:58
Gee, Mary, d. 6-1-1900, Age/Birth:1872
Germain, Lucius Lazarus, d. 2-9-1931, Age/Birth:69
Germain, Mary Eyrine, d. 9-7-1947, Age/Birth:78
Germain, Olive May, d. 2-12-1975, Age/Birth:63
Gerrard, Mary, d. 30-9-1949, Age/Birth:79
Gerrard, William Charles, d. 1-6-1988, Age/Birth:12-9-1904
Gibbins, Errol George, d. 18-8-1988, Age/Birth:31-3-1909
Gilbert, Vera Mary, d. 1-6-1903, Age/Birth:3
Godfrey, Annie Maud, d. 10-2-1971, Age/Birth:78
Godfrey, Rupert Charles, d. 30-3-1965, Age/Birth:74
Goldsmith, Edwin John, d. 16-5-1927, Age/Birth:81
Goldsmith, Mary Eliza, d. 22-1-1930, Age/Birth:64
Gonano, John, d. 25-8-1972, Age/Birth:71
Gonano, Joseph, d. 14-7-1991, Age/Birth:20-10-1927
Gonano, Zina, d. 29-6-1973, Age/Birth:71
Gough, Gladys May, d. 29-5-1974, Age/Birth:82
Gough, William, d. 21-4-1944, Age/Birth:52
Gravolin, L.J., d. 28-12-1942, Age/Birth:29
Green, D. J., d. 3-3-1945, Age/Birth
Green, George Alan, d. 25-7-1943, Age/Birth:6
Green, George, d. 16-6-1953, Age/Birth:46
Green, Lilly Amelia, d. 31-7-1959, Age/Birth:83
Green, William Charles, d. 8-9-1966, Age/Birth:86
Griffiths, Agnes Andrina, d. 10-10-1945, Age/Birth:43
Gripske, John William, d. 27-10-1958, Age/Birth:10-2-1884
Gripske, John William, d. 28-2-1967, Age/Birth:6-12-1912
Gripske, Kevin Brian, d. 6-1-1956, Age/Birth:3mths
Gripske, Norma Elizabeth, d. 26-7-1991, Age/Birth:26-1-1916
Gripske, Thomas, d. 17-7-1950, Age/Birth:17-7-1950
Gudge, George Edward, d. 19-1-1967, Age/Birth:71
Gudge, Violet Bessie, d. 18-10-1960, Age/Birth:70
Guilbert, John Sydney, d. 11-4-1946, Age/Birth:22
Gunn, Grace Dorothy, d. 22-7-1934, Age/Birth:22
Gunn, Grace Evelyn, d. 18-10-1979, Age/Birth:90
Gunn, Henry Hedley, d. 29-1-1967, Age/Birth:85
Hackney, Henry Royston, d. 24-4-1990, Age/Birth:20-5-1922
Haines, C.M.O, d. 30-3-1935, Age/Birth:73
Hall, Edith, d. 16-5-1990, Age/Birth:82
Hall, Frederick Joseph, d. 1971, Age/Birth:1907
Hall, G., d. 12-5-1970, Age/Birth:64
Hall, John, d. 8-11-1942, Age/Birth:6-10-1942
Hall, Lalagi Blamire, d. 14-10-1979, nee Young, Age/Birth:78
Hallett, James E, d. 1938, Age/Birth:1858
Hamilton, Florence Amelia, d. 15-9-1972, Age/Birth:70
Hamilton, William Samuel, d. 28-8-1980, Age/Birth:85
Hammer, Michael John, d. 31-7-1984, Age/Birth:23-4-1971
Hammer, Nicholas John, d. 6-3-1988, Age/Birth:17-8-1966
Hannah, Dawn Valmai, d. 3-3-2000, Age/Birth
Hanson, Mary Cameron, d. 28-12-1987, Age/Birth:7-12-1921
Harding, Ernest Herbert, d. 5-7-1945, Age/Birth:6-1-1877
Harding, Joseph Thomas, d. 19-9-1921, Age/Birth:3-2-1845
Hare, George, d. 7-8-1950, Age/Birth:73
Harker, Charles H, d. 2-6-1959, Age/Birth:77
Harker, Francis Herd, d. 9-11-1988, Age/Birth:27-3-1925
Harker, Louisa M, d. 22-7-1971, Age/Birth:87
Harris, A.Sidney, d. 1-1-1953, Age/Birth:44
Harrison, Amy Rosina, d. 30-12-1971, Age/Birth:86
Harrison, Frederick W, d. 29-6-1971, Age/Birth:59
Harrison, Joseph, d. 25-11-1944, Age/Birth:62
Hartley, John Curtis, d. Aug 1958, Age/Birth:Aug 1915
Harvey, Jennie, d. 9-10-1901, Age/Birth:10 mths
Harvey, William Henry, d. 4-12-1924, Age/Birth:62
Harwood, Charles William, d. 5-3-1938, Age/Birth:50
Harwood, Elizabeth, d. 23-12-1977, Age/Birth:85
Haupt, Cyril, d. 1-8-1998, Age/Birth:10-9-1928
Haupt, Robert Donald, d. 23-5-1953, Age/Birth:21-5-1953
Hawken, Cecil Joseph, d. 19-8-1995, Age/Birth:81
Hay, Sarah Nicol, d. 27-8-1938, Age/Birth:40
Hayes, Christine Lishman, d. 6-9-1943, Age/Birth:47
Hayes, Edward Daniel, d. 16-4-1931, Age/Birth:41
Height, J. S., d. 24-7-1942, Age/Birth:30
Heiner, Sarah, d. 11-2-1925, Age/Birth:39
Henderson, Alfred John, d. 16-4-1949, Age/Birth:76
Henderson, Annie Jane, d. 9-4-1949, Age/Birth:72
Henderson, Gerald Alfred, d. 5-7-2001, b. 15-6-1969
Henkey, Emma Amelia, d. 8-5-1938, Age/Birth:44
Henkey, Flora, d. 5-5-1951, Age/Birth:75
Henkey, George M, d. 10-11-1942, Age/Birth:68
Herbert, Catherine Agnes, d. 14-2-1955, Age/Birth:67
Herbert, Robert James, d. 28-3-1942, Age/Birth:56
Herrick, Albert Leslie, d. 12-4-1990, Age/Birth:22-1-1924
Herse, Neal John, d. 11-8-1985, Age/Birth:14-10-1953
Hifton, Daniel, d. 8-2-1943, Age/Birth:73
Hifton, Eunice, d. 31-3-1962, Age/Birth:96
Hill, Frank Mackley M.R.C.V.S, d. 16-11-1940, Age/Birth:73
Hill, Herbert Gerard, d. 13-5-1986, Age/Birth:15-2-1911
Hill, Jean Hannah, d. 25-8-1997, Age/Birth:3-2-1910
Hill, Lily Caroline, d. 1-10-1951, Age/Birth:73
Hill, Percy Edward, d. 15-6-1975, Age/Birth:58
Hill, Sarah Mary, d. 27-9-2003, b. 1-4-1974
Hilliam, Elizabeth Ann, d. 19-7-1928, Age/Birth:73
Hilliam, Jessie Mabel, d. 15-3-1966, Age/Birth:19-10-1883
Hilliam, William Robert, d. 20-1-1938, Age/Birth:20-10-1850(bapt)
Hinde, Alice Lillian, d. 2-4-1952, Age/Birth:1902
Hoadley, Ada, d. 17-8-1960, Age/Birth:84
Hoadley, William, d. 15-10-1968, Age/Birth:91
Hobson, Cecil William, d. 1983, Age/Birth:1913
Hobson, Frank, d. ?, Age/Birth:92
Hobson, Iris Laura, d. 1989, Age/Birth:1916
Hobson, Mabel Beatrice, d. 11-6-1949, Age/Birth:59
Hobson, William George, d. 21-5-1971, Age/Birth:86
Hodel, Thomas Cecil, d. 7-2-1992, Age/Birth:66
Hodel, Veronica Joy, d. 3-5-1985, Age/Birth:13-7-1920
Hoger, Rodney Darryl, d. 30-4-1997, Age/Birth:12-8-1949
Hollands, Gordon Nevill, d. 5-1-1997, Age/Birth:18-11-1936
Hollidge, Harry, d. 22-6-1967, Age/Birth:72
Hooper, Allan Cyril, d. 17-3-1975, Age/Birth:1907
Hooper, Annie Elizabeth, d. 27-11-1987, Age/Birth:29-3-1901
Hooper, Cpl Reginald Charles, d. 27-11-1944, Age/Birth
Hooper, Elizabeth, d. 31-5-1939, Age/Birth:1862
Hooper, Harold John, d. 11-11-1979, Age/Birth:8-9-1899
Hooper, Helen Marjorie, d. 5-11-1959, Age/Birth:1952
Hooper, Isabel Mary Elizabeth, d. 14-2-1947, Age/Birth:1928
Hooper, Joan Lenore, d. 15-11-1992, Age/Birth:31-1-1922
Hooper, Pearl, d. 27-4-1983, Age/Birth:89
Hooper, Sgt Reginald Charles, d. 1917, Age/Birth
Hooper, Stanley William, d. 25-4-1979, Age/Birth:83
Hooper, William, d. 9-11-1933, Age/Birth:76
Howe, Jeanie, d. 2-2-1963, Age/Birth:85
Howe, Samuel James, d. 13-4-1943, Age/Birth:63
Hughes, William, d. 15-12-1951, Age/Birth:85
Humphries, Alfred D, d. 6-5-1935, Age/Birth:1869
Humphries, Honorah, d. 30-6-1962, Age/Birth:1874
Hungerford, Barbara, d. 6-6-1953, Age/Birth:1870
Hungerford, Percy S, d. 16-8-1934, Age/Birth:1871
Hunter, Alexander, d. 1929, Age/Birth:1862
Iles, Emily May, d. 9-5-1955, Age/Birth:47
Ingram, Rachael Miranda, d. 18-1-1995, Age/Birth:29-6-1978
Irwin, Thomas, d. 1-11-1917, of Buderim Mt, Age/Birth:43
Irwin, wife, of Thomas, d. 14-4-1943, Age/Birth:67
Iscak, Florence, d. 19-9-1938, Age/Birth:53
Iscak, Gloria Elenor, d. 10-6-1983, Age/Birth:58
Iscak, Mohammed, d. 16-2-1951, Age/Birth:115
Iscak, William Mohammed, d. 6-12-1967, Age/Birth:57
Jacobs, Otto, d. 6-12-1919, Age/Birth:79
Jacobson, John Francis, d. 5-10-1998, Age/Birth:2-5-1922
Jakat, Carl, d. 25-9-1957, Age/Birth:83
Jakat, Maria, d. 29-1-1950, Age/Birth:80
Jamieson, N. N., d. 23-11-1943, Age/Birth:51
Jeffery, C. W., d. 17-11-1942, Age/Birth:30
Jenkins, Keren Jeanie, d. 28-9-1997, Age/Birth:16-5-1980
Jensen, Alexander Peter, d. 14-5-1978, Age/Birth:1925
Jeremy, Annie, d. 4-4-1951, Age/Birth:75
Jeremy, Aubrey George, d. 1990, Age/Birth:1895
Jeremy, Ellen Amina, d. 10-7-1954, Age/Birth:83
Jeremy, Elsie Ada, d. 13-11-1976, Age/Birth:60
Jeremy, Eva Maud, d. 1971, Age/Birth:1898
Jeremy, Henry Lewis, d. 31-10-1956, Age/Birth:82
Jeremy, Leslie Bernard, d. 30-5-1991, Age/Birth:77
Jeremy, Walter Thomas, d. 1943, Age/Birth:1869
Johnson, Louis, d. 6-9-1935, Age/Birth:46
Johnson, Wilhelmine, d. 25-4-1969, Age/Birth:93
Jones, Alfred Charles 'Fred', d. 15-3-1989, Age/Birth:4-1-1919
Jones, Alice Mabel, d. 23-4-1974, Age/Birth:1894
Jones, Elizabeth, d. 23-2-1945, Age/Birth:85
Jones, Glenn Edward, d. 3-2-1996, Age/Birth:10-8-1967
Jones, Mary Eliza, d. 1958, Age/Birth:1881
Jones, Robert Davidson, d. 7-2-1941, Age/Birth:1895
Jones, Robert Herbert, d. 1960, Age/Birth:1899
Jones, Thomas, d. 17-11-1903, Age/Birth:52
Jones, Thomas, d. 1952, Age/Birth:1872
Jonker, Herman, d. 2-10-1995, Age/Birth:18-4-1934
Jonsson, Elizabeth, d. 1939, Age/Birth:1866
Karrer, Ernst Wilhelm, d. 24-12-1981, Age/Birth:1-7-1941
Kearns, Margaret (Maggie) Fenwick, d. 6-6-1989, Age/Birth:87
Kemp, George, d. 5-8-1955, Age/Birth:70
Kerr, John, d. 3-6-1915, Age/Birth:73
Kerr, Susan, d. 9-10-1930, Age/Birth:86
Kerr, W. J., d. 24-5-1942, Age/Birth:20
King, Hayden Sydney, d. 25-6-1988, Age/Birth:27-3-1920
Kirk, Edwin Dolby, d. 6-2-1960, Age/Birth:75
Kirk, Myrtle, d. 7-9-1970, Age/Birth:72
Kirwin, Bessie Gladys, d. 3-10-1961, Age/Birth:57
Klease, Florence Susan, d. 28-3-1951, Age/Birth
Klease, William Herman, d. 16-4-1974, Age/Birth
Klemm, S. K., d. 10-9-1943, Age/Birth:49
Krebs, Alwyn Alfred, d. 31-1-1967, Age/Birth:13-7-1916
Krebs, Hans Frederick, d. 6-1-1922, Age/Birth:75
Krebs, William Frederick, d. 27-10-1933, Age/Birth:57
Kretschmer, Doug, d. 5-3-1970, Age/Birth:62
Kruger, Vera Catherine, d. 8-11-1959, Age/Birth:33
Kuchs, Marie, d. 5-10-1971, Age/Birth:86
Kucukovic, Tonkica, d. 14-12-1993, Age/Birth:26-12-1937
Kujath, Helmut, d. 13-12-1989, Age/Birth:14-11-1914
Kuskopf, Alfred, d. 29-7-1983, Age/Birth:95
Kuskopf, Amelia, d. 20-12-1935, Age/Birth:58
Kuskopf, Ben, d. 21-2-1945, Age/Birth:23
Kuskopf, Catharina, d. 30-8-1919, Age/Birth:18-3-1846
Kuskopf, Charles C, d. 23-9-1934, Age/Birth:31
Kuskopf, Chris, d. 17-10-1935, Age/Birth:3-10-1935
Kuskopf, Edgar Roy, d. 7-3-2002, b. 21-2-1915
Kuskopf, Eileen, d. 23-4-1913, Age/Birth:baby
Kuskopf, Ernest (Snow), d. 9-3-1974, Age/Birth
Kuskopf, Flora, d. 12-9-1958, Age/Birth:64
Kuskopf, Henry August, d. 6-3-1950, Age/Birth:78
Kuskopf, Herman, d. 19-5-1962, Age/Birth:84
Kuskopf, Kenneth Alfred, d. 15-6-1996, Age/Birth:14-12-1918
Kuskopf, Peter Frederick, d. 15-9-1905, Age/Birth:18-7-1832
Kuskopf, Regina, d. 21-5-1960, Age/Birth:87
Kuskopf, Sylvia Jean, d. 14-8-1996, Age/Birth:24-1-1925
Kuskopf, Thomas N.B., d. 3-9-1950, Age/Birth:84
Kuskopf, William Frederick, d. 24-9-1960, Age/Birth:60
Lade, Aaron Christopher, d. 9-2-1999, Age/Birth:8
Lander, Agnes, d. 6-8-1962, Age/Birth:71
Lander, Catherine Violet, d. 11-9-1989, Age/Birth:90
Lander, John Pollock, d. 30-1-1957, Age/Birth:65
Langford, Aaron Edward, d. 17-11-1994, Age/Birth:21-3-1975
Larsen, Gloria Marie, d. 27-7-1972, Age/Birth:60 & 11mths
Lausen, John Eric, d. 8-8-2005, b. 19-12-1934
Laverick, Robert, d. 24-11-1909, Age/Birth:68
Laverick, Ruth, d. 10-8-1944, Age/Birth:101 & 11mths
Lawrie, James C, d. 17-6-1964, Age/Birth:95
Lawrie, Jeanie, d. 26-12-1960, Age/Birth:86
Lawson, J., d. 15-6-1967, Age/Birth:66
Lawson, Lorna Mary, W.A.A.F, d. 13-5-1979, Age/Birth:22-5-1918
Lawton, L. A., d. 20-6-1942, Age/Birth:28
Le Page, Alma Irene 'Moss', d. 12-6-1980, Age/Birth:22-11-1889
Lea, Arthur John, d. 4-12-1976, Age/Birth:14-5-1918
Lea, Edith Eleanor May, d. 17-8-1990, Age/Birth:12-10-1915
Leahy, G. S., d. 12-9-1989, Age/Birth:74
Ledger, Ernest Ralph, d. 14-1-1998, Age/Birth:22-12-1911
Ledger, Phoebe Pearl, d. 24-12-1960, Age/Birth:7-10-1916
Ledlie, William Bell, d. 2-2-1950, Age/Birth:55
Leeon, Desley Ann, d. 5-9-1949, Age/Birth:6y10m
Leu, August June, d. 1944, Age/Birth:68
Lewis, George Warn, d. 13-5-1950, Age/Birth:76
Lill-Broander, Georg V, d. 16-10-1952, Age/Birth:49
Lingard, Ada, d. 24-7-1970, Age/Birth:80
Lingard, Alan P, d. 13-7-1940, Age/Birth:19
Lingard, Elizabeth, d. 31-8-1936, Age/Birth:68
Lingard, Ernest Francis, d. 5-1-1943, Age/Birth:17-2-1917
Lingard, George Robert 'Bert', d. 1-10-1984, Age/Birth:17-1-1902
Lingard, Henry, d. 21-9-1948, Age/Birth:69
Lingard, Leah, d. 20-12-1978, Age/Birth:6
Lingard, Rosia Louisa, d. 12-9-1977, Age/Birth:68
Lingard, Thelma Elizabeth, d. 6-11-1926, Age/Birth:6
Lingard, Thomas Richard, d. 5-10-1972, Age/Birth:42
Lingard, William Henry, d. 17-2-1938, Age/Birth:58
Long, Marie Isabell, d. 7-3-1951, Age/Birth:42
Love, Sarah Jane, d. 1-6-1946, Age/Birth:58
Lowe, Barbara, d. 13-7-1948, Age/Birth:51
Lowe, Frances Ethel, d. 26-2-1943, Age/Birth:15-3-1877
Lowe, Harold Randall, d. 1-8-1955, Age/Birth:69
Lowe, Harry Ernest, d. 19-6-1939, Age/Birth:1872
Lundquist, May S. B., d. 21-7-1978, Age/Birth:31-5-1913
Lynch, J. T., d. 8-9-1944, Age/Birth:26
MacDonald, Alastair, d. 8-7-1988, Age/Birth:13-3-1909
MacDonald, Alexander, d. 26-1-1967, Age/Birth:85
MacDonald, Robina Minto, d. 21-6-1952, Age/Birth:67
MacGilchrist, William Robert, d. 23-6-1959, Age/Birth:1901
Maddock, Neville Anthony, d. 16-3-1983, Age/Birth:39
Malone, A, d. 29-9-1952, Age/Birth
Martin, Ada, d. 3-1-1946, Age/Birth:76
Martin, Francis Norman, d. 18-4-1913, Age/Birth:20
Martin, Henry Christian, d. 3-12-1955, Age/Birth:1876
Martin, James Joseph, d. 1-7-1944, Age/Birth:70
Martin, Joseph Ferris, d. 20-9-1977, Age/Birth:75
Martin, Mary, d. 31-3-1952, Age/Birth:31-3-1952
Martin, Maureen, d. 31-3-1952, Age/Birth:31-3-1952
Martin, Michael, d. 8-9-1910, Age/Birth
Martin, O. S., d. 14-12-1971, Age/Birth
Martin, Rosemary, d. 21-4-1997, Age/Birth:20-7-1952
Mather, K. C. D., d. 5-6-1959, Age/Birth
Mather, Kate, d. 12-1-1958, Age/Birth:1902
Matthews, Elizabeth Ada, d. 23-10-1989, Age/Birth
Matthews, Elizabeth, d. 19-3-1948, Age/Birth:73
Matthews, Francis, d. 17-9-1952, Age/Birth:84
Matthews, Keith Norris, d. 5-9-1952, Age/Birth
Matthews, Phillip, d. 23-10-1958, Age/Birth
McAuliffe, Bernard Austral, d. 1-7-1957, Age/Birth:1902
McClintock, Alexander Henry, d. 19-10-1917, Age/Birth:1905
McClintock, Alexander, d. 28-12-1899, Age/Birth:1898
McClintock, Ann, d. 5-10-1945, Age/Birth
McClintock, Charlotte, d. 22-9-1947, Age/Birth:79
McClintock, Elizabeth, d. 1-9-1960, Age/Birth:71
McClintock, Elsie Violet, d. 10-3-1947, Age/Birth:50
McClintock, Hugh, d. 23-9-1992, Age/Birth:88
McClintock, James S, d. 10-7-1913, Age/Birth:5 & 8mths
McClintock, James Thomas, d. 14-7-1978, Age/Birth:87
McClintock, John William, d. 25-5-1979, Age/Birth:89
McClintock, Lillian Muriel, d. 4-3-1979, Age/Birth:88
McClintock, Magdalene, d. 16-7-1905, Age/Birth:77
McClintock, Robert, d. 8-3-1960, Age/Birth:65
McClintock, Susan Muriel, d. 1907, Age/Birth:1905
McClintock, Thomas, d. 26-8-1912, Age/Birth:51
McClintock, William, d. 23-9-1916, Age/Birth:87
McClintock, William, d. 25-5-1959, Age/Birth:92
McCrea, K. J., d. 11-12-1942, Age/Birth:19
McDonald, Cecil, d. 1993, Age/Birth:1929
McDonald, Mary Elizabeth, d. 5-7-1952, Age/Birth:1
McDonnell, James, d. 6-10-1978, Age/Birth:88
McFaul, Rex Michael, d. 16-10-1947, Age/Birth:5mths
McGilchrist, Agnes Maclean, d. 1932, Age/Birth:1861
McGilchrist, Catherine, d. 29-7-1959, Age/Birth:65
McGilchrist, David, d. 23-5-1970, Age/Birth:78
McGilchrist, Ellen Irena, d. 20-2-1982, Age/Birth:80
McGilchrist, Helen, d. 1929, Age/Birth:1853
McGilchrist, John, d. 1936, Age/Birth:1860
McGilchrist, Maggie, d. 1897, Age/Birth:1864
McGilchrist, Margaret, d. 18-1-1973, Age/Birth:83
McGilchrist, William, d. 1948, Age/Birth:1865
McGrath, A. F., d. 24-12-1942, Age/Birth:29
McKay, Ernest James, d. 17-10-1958, Age/Birth:69
McKay, Glena Jessie, d. 25-6-1994, Age/Birth:73
McKay, Harold E, d. 18-1-1984, Age/Birth:61
McKay, Martha Mary, d. 3-3-1949, Age/Birth:59
McKee, Alicia Ann, d. 13-10-1956, Age/Birth:92
McKee, James Archibald, d. 9-6-1937, Age/Birth:74
McKinnon, H. G., d. 14-8-1943, Age/Birth:23
McLean, Elizabeth, d. 29-6-1980, Age/Birth:87
McLean, Robert Grant, d. 1-5-1978, Age/Birth:80
McLoughlin, baby, d. 25-8-1955, Age/Birth
McLoughlin, Francis Michael, d. 13-10-1959, Age/Birth:78
McLoughlin, Gertrude Margaret, d. 11-5-1924, Age/Birth:6mths
McLoughlin, John Denis, d. 14-8-1967, Age/Birth:50
McLoughlin, Margaret, d. 20-10-1965, Age/Birth:84
McLoughlin, Mary, d. Nov 1996, Age/Birth
McMillan, Christina May, d. 9-7-1916, Age/Birth:8-7-1916
McMullin, Charlotte, d. 7-1-1920, Age/Birth:75
McMullin, John, d. 3-5-1915, Age/Birth:44
McMullin, Lillian Anna, d. 20-6-1956, Age/Birth:73
McMullin, May, d. 26-5-1945, Age/Birth:1883
McNamara, Dianne Janice, d. Dec1983, Age/Birth:38
McNamara, Maurice John, d. Sept1993, Age/Birth:58
McNamara, Robert Lindsay, d. 26-8-1987, Age/Birth:28-8-1962
McNaught, John Victor Leith, d. 20-1-1925, Age/Birth:7
McRobert, Andrew Hall, d. 1949, Age/Birth:1902
McRobert, Lillie Helen, d. 1978, Age/Birth:1895
McWaters, Blanche Muriel, d. 7-5-1994, Age/Birth:5-4-1889
Menary, Charles James, d. 19-3-1976, Age/Birth:75
Menary, Doris Elizabeth, d. 22-2-1954, Age/Birth:47
Menary, James Kennedy, d. 12-1-1953, Age/Birth:19-1-1864
Menary, Susan, d. 8-3-1940, Age/Birth:64
Merritt, Alice Eliza, d. 5-10-1953, Age/Birth:75
Merritt, William, d. 15-12-1953, Age/Birth:80
Miles, Elizabeth Jane, d. 4-9-1978, Age/Birth:28-9-1897
Miles, George E. M., d. 14-9-1982, Age/Birth:61
Miles, Ivy J, d. 1933, Age/Birth:16
Miles, James Ephraim, d. 24-1-1982, Age/Birth:9-8-1921
Miles, Joseph Samuel, d. 4-8-1949, Age/Birth:June 1884
Miles, Myrtle, d. 15-9-1998, Age/Birth
Miles, Roy Leonard, d. 26-9-1994, Age/Birth:13-11-1925
Miles, William Henry, d. 4-4-1984, Age/Birth:21-9-1923
Millett, Richard Henry, d. 4-8-1921, Age/Birth:68
Milne, David Alexander Hugh, d. 19-10-1965, Age/Birth:75
Milne, Frances Eleanor, d. 12-8-1954, Age/Birth:72
Milne, Hilda G, d. 13-10-1969, Age/Birth:76
Milne, Kenneth Stanley, d. 29-12-1993, Age/Birth:9-5-1923
Milne, Keterah Dorothy, d. 8-11-1979, Age/Birth:87
Milne, Selwyn Hugh, d. 12-1-1998, Age/Birth:14-5-1925
Milne, Thomas Alexander, d. 19-9-1968, Age/Birth:91
Mitchell, Louisa M, d. 6-12-1945, Age/Birth:53
Mitchell, Nellie May, d. 1958, Age/Birth:1916
Mitchell, William, d. 11-2-1950, Age/Birth:64
Moffatt, William F.J., d. 22-11-1956, Age/Birth:75
Mongan, Mary, d. 25-10-1997, Age/Birth:17-7-1915
Moody, Amelia, d. 14-3-1916, Age/Birth:48
Moody, Maurice Cooper, d. 17-7-1934, Age/Birth:63
Moore, Bessie, d. 8-3-1993, Age/Birth:22-4-1899
Moore, Linda Adelaide Emily, d. 26-6-1995, Age/Birth:27-10-1924
Moore, Martin Murdoch, d. 6-9-1994, b. 26-1-1914
Moore, Violet Phyllis, d. 17-10-2005, b. 15-4-1916
Moorhouse, Hugh Vardy, d. 11-10-1993, Age/Birth:2-2-1903
Morris, Elizabeth, d. 20-4-1940, Age/Birth:78
Morris, Hubert, d. 14-2-1941, Age/Birth:83
Morrison, Alton, d. 5-7-1935, Age/Birth:73
Morrison, Frank Alton, d. 2-8-1969, Age/Birth:78&10mths
Morrison, Magdalene, d. 9-7-1904, Age/Birth:38
Morrison, Robert Ambrose, d. 21-8-1920, Age/Birth:28
Mott, John Joseph, d. 13-2-1973, Age/Birth:1919
Mouncey, Eleanor, d. 9-1-1976, Age/Birth:84
Mounsey, T. E. G. J, d. 11-6-1956, Age/Birth:71
Mowat, Anna, d. 6-5-1952, Age/Birth:1884
Mowat, Donald, d. 26-9-1932, Age/Birth:1863
Mowat, Laura Margaret, d. 12-1-1943, Age/Birth:1916
Mowat, Sinclair, d. 15-3-1934, Age/Birth:1909
Muirhead, Alexander James, d. 21-8-1977, Age/Birth:50
Muirhead, Charles Hillicotte, d. 22-9-1959, Age/Birth:76
Muirhead, Grace, d. 10-8-1972, Age/Birth:82
Muirhead, Hamilton, d. 11-12-1961, Age/Birth:84
Muirhead, Hamilton, d. 16-9-1937, Age/Birth:88
Muirhead, Hawthorne, late 1st AIF, d. 9-8-1961, Age/Birth:74
Muirhead, Mary, d. 26-5-1939, Age/Birth:85
Muirhead, Norman Hamilton, d. 26-6-1998, Age/Birth:7-4-1918
Muirhead, Scott Norman, d. 5-8-2005, b. 4-12-1975
Mullavey, Teresa, d. 12-3-1932, Age/Birth:64
Muller, Annie A, d. 28-9-1955, Age/Birth:62
Muller, Mary Hannah 'May', d. 3-6-1993, Age/Birth:91
Muller, Mervyn, d. 22-3-1968, Age/Birth:47
Muller, William Christian, d. 4-12-1951, Age/Birth:58
Muller, William Gustave, d. 18-7-1982, Age/Birth:88
Mulroney, M. J., d. 3-1-2005, b. 2-1-1925
Munro, Douglas Haig, d. 5-2-1996, Age/Birth:16-9-1918
Murphy, Thomas Andrew, d. 27-12-1968, Age/Birth:1908

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