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Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

Taege, Alice Emily, d. 20-6-1987, Age/Birth:15-2-1905
Taege, Wilhelm Hermann, d. 5-8-1962, Age/Birth:30-8-1895
Tallentire, John, d. 11-6-1973, Age/Birth:1911
Tamppinen, Grace, d. 30-3-1967, Age/Birth:1908
Tamppinen, Vaina, d. 28-7-1980, Age/Birth:1900
Tanzi, Vito, d. 18-5-1984, Age/Birth:23-6-1938
Tapp, George Richard, d. 8-10-1969, Age/Birth:1904
Tarry, Hilda May, d. 15-12-1973, Age/Birth:1907
Tarry, Lewis Lanham, d. 23-7-1968, Age/Birth:1905
Tatham, Walter George, d. 15-4-1978, Age/Birth:1912
Tatnell, Joshua William, d. 17-8-1981, Age/Birth:23-9-1900
Tatnell, May, d. 21-5-1988, Age/Birth:23-4-1904
Tatton, Emma Renee, d. 1-3-1990, Age/Birth:1-3-1990
Tatton, Michael William, d. 12-9-1983, Age/Birth:8-8-1929
Taudevin, Henry Joseph, d. 24-4-1971, Age/Birth:1912
Taudevin, Norma Dagmar, d. 16-11-1964, Age/Birth:1920
Taylor, Ada Lillian, d. 16-12-1976, Age/Birth:1892
Taylor, Claude James, d. 13-12-1972, Age/Birth:1908
Taylor, Elaine Bernice, d. 15-3-1969, Age/Birth:1918
Taylor, Fanny Eliza, d. 22-12-1976, Age/Birth: ?
Taylor, Florence Amelia, d. 1-11-1992, Age/Birth:18-7-1913
Taylor, Frank George, d. 5-8-1966, Age/Birth:14-10-1927
Taylor, George Victor, d. 13-4-1984, Age/Birth:27-8-1934
Taylor, Gertrude Lesley, d. 15-6-1995, Age/Birth:21-11-1912
Taylor, Henry Keith, d. 27-8-1973, Age/Birth:9-4-1909
Taylor, Kathleen Sarah, d. 8-3-1980, Age/Birth:1896
Taylor, Lawrence Sydney, d. 2-9-1979, Age/Birth:1908
Taylor, Mervyn Richard, d. 5-4-1991, Age/Birth:8-10-1918
Taylor, Robert Lewers, d. 18-6-1960, Age/Birth:1892
Taylor, Rose Emily, d. 23-8-1965, Age/Birth:1-4-1901
Taylor, Vera, d. 5-2-1996, Age/Birth:18-12-1913
Taylor, Walter, d. 28-4-1987, Age/Birth:25-11-1900
Taylor, Walter E. R., d. 2-4-1965, Age/Birth:1890
Taylor, Wesley Samuel, d. 19-6-1974, Age/Birth:1910
Tebbit, Leith Graham, d. 26-2-1992, Age/Birth:9-4-1926
Tebbit, Warren Alister, d. 18-9-1986, Age/Birth:19-6-1959
Telfer, Walter William, d. 2-7-1966, Age/Birth:28-1-1884
Temple, Alice Ellen, d. 21-3-1971, Age/Birth:1923
Templeton, Alexander Somerville, d. 23-2-1982, Age/Birth:31-5-1899
Templeton, Gwendoline Helene Marcella, d. 2-10-1968, Age/Birth:1903
Teulon, Zana, d. 5-6-1971, Age/Birth:1883
Thacker, Sydney George, d. 30-5-1976, Age/Birth:1914
Thatcher, Allan Edward, d. 31-12-1991, Age/Birth:4-5-1914
Thatcher, Miriam Esther, d. 17-10-1971, Age/Birth:1922
Thelander, Sven Andro, d. 27-4-1966, Age/Birth:1881
Theodore, Avis Lillian, d. 10-11-1976, Age/Birth:1916
Theurkauf, Darryl Ray, d. 23-8-1976, Age/Birth:30-5-1976
Thiedeke, Albert, d. 28-6-1982, Age/Birth:1914
Thiedeke, Doris May, d. 4-12-1974, Age/Birth:1917
Thomas, Edward Crayton, d. 13-1-1977, Age/Birth:1894
Thomas, Kathleen May, d. 30-10-1994, Age/Birth:23-10-1926
Thomas, Keith William, d. 28-5-1969, Age/Birth:1947
Thomas, Peter Lawrence J, d. 24-1-1964, Age/Birth:1961
Thomas, Richard Evan, d. 7-11-1976, Age/Birth:1890
Thomas, Rita Dorothy, d. 6-6-1976, Age/Birth:1925
Thomas, Ruby May, d. 17-1-1995, Age/Birth:25-5-1900
Thompson, Amy Alexandra, d. 25-2-1976, Age/Birth:1911
Thompson, Andrew, d. 15-1-1961, Age/Birth:1884
Thompson, Ernest Lee, d. 24-12-1975, Age/Birth:1905
Thompson, Harold, d. 2-10-1972, Age/Birth:1908
Thompson, Harold Junior, d. 1-8-1999, Age/Birth: ?
Thompson, Ian Osborne, d. 2-10-1970, Age/Birth:1912
Thompson, Jemma Maree, d. 16-2-1994, Age/Birth:16-2-1994
Thompson, Joshua Mark, d. 19-5-1993, Age/Birth:19-5-1993
Thompson, Kenneth Charles, d. 7-12-1978, Age/Birth:1965
Thompson, Kevin George, d. 29-4-1967, Age/Birth:1941
Thompson, Lillias May, d. 26-7-1988, Age/Birth:26-12-1899
Thompson, Margaret Sheila, d. 13-3-1991, Age/Birth:21-5-1914
Thompson, Peter Wayne, d. 19-12-1966, Age/Birth:22dys
Thompson, Stanley, d. 1-7-1977, Age/Birth:1930
Thomsen, Paul, d. 6-3-1986, Age/Birth:14-6-1941
Thomson, Ethel May, d. 4-7-1985, Age/Birth:12-11-1898
Thomson, Eva Violet Annie, d. 15-6-1977, Age/Birth:1887
Thomson, Robert, d. 9-4-1969, Age/Birth:1913
Thomson, William Edward, d. 9-1-1971, Age/Birth:2-7-1897
Thorogood, Arthur Ernest, d. 26-6-1986, Age/Birth:14-8-1903
Thorogood, Emily Elizabeth, d. 13-2-1961, Age/Birth:1910
Thrupp, Robyn Anne, d. 17-12-1983, Age/Birth:23-8-1961
Thun, Huldah Grace, d. 17-7-1974, Age/Birth:1911
Thun, Jeffrey, d. 3-11-1980, Age/Birth:15-12-1941
Thun, Julius Albert, d. 29-12-1996, Age/Birth:6-10-1909
Thynne, Elsie Mary, d. 23-2-1976, Age/Birth:1889
Thynne, Enid Alice, d. 22-5-1984, Age/Birth:2-9-1895
Tidswell, Garry Douglas, d. 19-11-1973, Age/Birth:1954
Tigell, Robert, d. 22-8-1982, Age/Birth:1919
Tilney, Lawrence John, d. 24-10-1966, Age/Birth:Oct 1966
Tipping, Dr Richard Michael, d. 2-6-1979, Age/Birth: ?
Tipping, James William H, d. 22-1-1964, Age/Birth:1909
Tipping, Margaret Maud, d. 17-12-1968, Age/Birth:1913
Todd, Lillian Margaret, d. 16-6-1999, Age/Birth: ?
Tomasich-Mackay, twins, d. 5-5-1977, Age/Birth:28-10-1976
Tomkins, Arthur, d. 30-5-1987, Age/Birth:27-8-1900
Tomkins, Frank, d. 2-3-1967, Age/Birth:1909
Tomlinson, Margaret Amelia, d. 29-10-1978, Age/Birth:1918
Tomlinson, Robert Francis, d. 26-6-1966, Age/Birth:1885
Tones, George William, d. 15-10-1964, Age/Birth:1913
Toogood, Frederick Alfred, d. 3-6-1976, Age/Birth:1897
Tooley, George Albert, d. 6-2-1979, Age/Birth:74
Tooley, Sissy Ivy, d. 18-10-1991, Age/Birth:1905
Toomey, Francis, d. 1-1-1986, Age/Birth:13-7-1919
Tosh, Irene Isabel, d. 4-9-1982, Age/Birth:1891
Tournier, Arthur Alfred Edward, d. 18-4-1983, Age/Birth:9-4-1911
Tournier, Thomas Mathew, d. 22-5-1998, Age/Birth:19-7-1950
Townson, Henry Cass, d. 29-3-1977, Age/Birth:1895
Townson, Margaret Lilian, d. 23-4-1980, Age/Birth:1899
Tozer, Caroline Emilie, d. 27-1-1972, Age/Birth:1886
Trapp, Mabel Christina, d. 2-7-1985, Age/Birth:5-11-1893
Trapp, William Charles, d. 12-7-1965, Age/Birth:3-4-1893
Tredwell, Ernest Gordon, d. 13-11-1973, Age/Birth:1911
Tredwell, Gregory John, d. 23-2-1970, Age/Birth:1954
Treichel, George, d. 10-4-1980, Age/Birth:1892
Tribe, Colin, d. 16-6-1999, Age/Birth:61
Tribe, Gwyneth Margaret, d. 23-8-1984, Age/Birth:16-8-1941
Tribeck, Harry Edgar, d. 19-4-1978, Age/Birth:1911
Tribeck, Hephzibah Gillespie, d. 9-12-1996, Age/Birth:85
Trinder, Alfred Cyril, d. 25-12-1962, Age/Birth:1910
Truloff, Vincent Chester, d. 20-11-1975, Age/Birth:1923
Trundle, Arthur James Victor, d. 16-10-1979, Age/Birth:29-3-1914
Trundle, Arthur William, d. 30-5-1961, Age/Birth:1885
Trundle, Lucy, d. 7-9-1966, Age/Birth:1888
Truran, Reginald Albert, d. 23-6-1987, Age/Birth:21-10-1907
Tully, Nora Mary, d. 16-3-1962, Age/Birth:1887
Tully, Robert Ledau, d. 18-1-1982, Age/Birth:1912
Tully, William Robert, d. 6-10-1962, Age/Birth:1946
Turnbull, Agnes Sarah E, d. 6-2-1982, Age/Birth:19-2-1922
Turnbull, Cyril Henley, d. 23-7-1971, Age/Birth:17-10-1919
Turnbull, Eric James, d. 7-1-1973, Age/Birth:23-6-1919
Turnbull, John, d. 7-1-1970, Age/Birth:24
Turnbull, Raymond John, d. 30-6-1979, Age/Birth:1933
Turner, Elaine Devonna, d. 8-9-1994, Age/Birth:14-4-1934
Turner, Jane, d. 23-5-1968, Age/Birth:1881
Turner, Kate Rochelle, d. 12-5-1986, Age/Birth:12-5-1986
Turnor, John Arthur, d. 25-9-1974, Age/Birth:1893
Twidale, Mary Ellen, d. 20-11-1968, Age/Birth:1918
Tyrell, John Joseph, d. 12-6-1961, Age/Birth:1893
Tyrell, Mabel Edith, d. 31-8-1960, Age/Birth:1897
Ulrich, Una, d. 7-1-1985, Age/Birth:1900
Ulrick, Clara Violet, d. 1-1-1979, Age/Birth:1893
Unsworth, James Henry, d. 9-8-1966, Age/Birth:1891
Upfold, John William, d. 28-7-1963, Age/Birth:15-7-1889
Upton, Kent David, d. 14-12-1970, Age/Birth:13-12-1970
Urmson, Adam John Henry, d. 13-9-1983, Age/Birth:1893
Vacher, William Roy, d. 13-5-1997, Age/Birth:28-7-1913
Van Bokhurst, Hermanus, d. 13-12-1984, Age/Birth:28-8-1916
Van der Vliet, Jacobus, d. 17-7-1983, Age/Birth:15-10-1908
Van Heerewaarden, Daniel J, d. 15-6-1996, Age/Birth:13-1-1918
Van Heerewaarden, Jannetje, d. 2-11-1987, Age/Birth:30-4-1919
Vanohr, Dorothy Jane, d. 30-9-1996, Age/Birth:24-11-1929
Vanohr, Jack Roy, d. 2-9-1972, Age/Birth:1924
Vanohr, Mary Jane, d. 18-6-1975, Age/Birth:1902
Vanohr, Robert Allan, d. 1-7-1985, Age/Birth:27-2-1921
Vanohr, Robert Herman, d. 27-8-1965, Age/Birth:1887
Varischetti, David, d. 28-5-1982, Age/Birth:1907
Vaughan, Arthur John A, d. 10-3-1977, Age/Birth:1912
Vaughan, Doris Frances, d. 7-3-1985, Age/Birth:9-7-1912
Veitch, Ethne May, d. 5-8-1966, Age/Birth:5-11-1896
Veitch, William Lauriston, d. 21-9-1976, Age/Birth:12-6-1878
Velt, Bertrand Edward, d. 29-3-1962, Age/Birth:1883
Velt, Ivan John, d. 17-4-1981, Age/Birth:26
Velt, Mary Martha, d. 31-10-1971, Age/Birth:1891
Vennell, Stewart Alan Paul, d. 17-4-1974, Age/Birth:1911
Venz, Albert Frederick, d. 25-9-1969, Age/Birth:16-8-1902
Venz, Elsie Hedwig, d. 15-6-1994, Age/Birth:29-8-1906
Venzke, David, d. 18-3-1962, Age/Birth:22-8-1907
Venzke, Henry Louis, d. 15-10-1978, Age/Birth:1906
Vidler, Mona Isabel, d. 24-5-1962, Age/Birth:23-6-1902
Vigar, Charles Frank, d. 14-11-1969, Age/Birth:1894
Vigar, Kent Benedict, d. 29-10-1965, Age/Birth:1946
Vincent, Beverley May, d. 2-10-1978, Age/Birth:1941
Vincent, Leslie James, d. 18-9-1986, Age/Birth:21-12-1922
Vines, Eileen Margaret, d. 8-1-1991, Age/Birth:24-3-1899
Vines, Vincent de Paul, d. 9-3-1968, Age/Birth: ?
Vock, Dorothy, d. 6-7-1992, Age/Birth:29-2-1916
Vogel, Albert John, d. 2-10-1985, Age/Birth:22-11-1970
Vogel, Olive Nora, d. 8-4-1991, Age/Birth:16-11-1916
Voigt, Alexander Ernest, d. 18-8-1997, Age/Birth:79
Voigt, Russell Keith, d. 27-11-1976, Age/Birth:1960
Volk, Adolph Ludwig, d. 9-9-1973, Age/Birth:1900
Volz, Herbert John, d. 11-8-1982, Age/Birth:1900
Volz, Jessie Evelyn, d. 4-10-1973, Age/Birth:1903
Vuleta, Doris May, d. 2-7-1977, Age/Birth:1926
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