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Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

Mabb, Frederick Alfred R, d. 20-2-1988, Age/Birth:10-4-1905
Mabb, Muriel Ivy, d. 24-2-1980, Age/Birth:1906
Macansh, Isabel Mary, d. 13-8-1971, Age/Birth:25-12-1880
Macansh, Martha Gore, d. 14-8-1983, Age/Birth:17-10-1896
MacDonald, John Earl P, d. 1-3-1964, Age/Birth:1894
MacDonald, John Stewart, d. 9-5-1985, Age/Birth:25-3-1892
MacDonald, Nora Edna, d. 22-5-1979, Age/Birth:1897
Mace, Dorothy Morgan, d. 10-8-1973, Age/Birth:1907
Machin, Phillip Sydney, d. 10-8-1972, Age/Birth:1910
MacIntyre, James, d. 25-5-1998, Age/Birth: ?
MacIntyre, Joan, d. 23-8-1972, Age/Birth:1920
Mackellar, Letitia Jessie, d. 6-4-1973, Age/Birth:1899
Mackellar, Peter, d. 31-3-1978, Age/Birth:1898
Mackenzie, Isobel Florence, d. 18-3-1971, Age/Birth:31-7-1905
Mackenzie, John Ronald, d. 26-9-1975, Age/Birth:1905
Mackenzie, Marjory Ross, d. 17-12-1972, Age/Birth:13-9-1909
Maclean, James Scott, d. 8-12-1974, Age/Birth:30-10-1901
Macmillan, Ralph, d. 16-5-1974, Age/Birth:7-4-1947
MacNellie, Alice, d. 17-9-1971, Age/Birth:1888
MacNellie, David Sylvester, d. 14-10-1975, Age/Birth:1883
Macpherson, Scott James, d. 9-7-1974, Age/Birth:1968
Macuga, Bronislaw, d. 19-3-1977, Age/Birth:1920
Madden, John Joseph, d. 20-12-1967, Age/Birth:25-7-1902
Madsen, Annie, d. 22-9-1982, Age/Birth:8-12-1901
Madsen, Herbert Herman, d. 9-2-1987, Age/Birth:23-9-1892
Maggs, Patricia, d. 17-7-1985, Age/Birth:1-3-1943
Maher, Marlene Machelle, d. 2-4-1968, Age/Birth:1966
Major, Evelyn I, d. 9-11-1962, Age/Birth:1905
Malcolm, Mabel Ivy, d. 26-3-1974, Age/Birth:1914
Mallet, Brian Edmund, d. 15-5-1985, Age/Birth:3-12-1930
Mallet, Henry Edmund, d. 12-10-1990, Age/Birth:29-6-1902
Mallet, Mary Edith, d. 9-6-1972, Age/Birth:23-12-1880
Mallet, Raymond Walter, d. 11-10-1984, Age/Birth:3-12-1909
Mallet, William Hector, d. 18-12-1995, Age/Birth:17-3-1920
Mallet, William Walter, d. 29-3-1965, Age/Birth:20-9-1877
Malone, Annie, d. 4-3-1986, Age/Birth:28-6-1889
Malone, James Bernard, d. 14-7-1961, Age/Birth:26-9-1880
Manley, Doreen Alice, d. 12-8-1980, Age/Birth:1901
Manley, Kevin Bertram, d. 27-8-1982, Age/Birth:73
Manley, William Edward E, d. 25-4-1967, Age/Birth:1923
Mann, Alexander James, d. 27-1-1977, Age/Birth:1913
Mann, Lily Hilda, d. 25-10-1991, Age/Birth:3-11-1904
Mann, Wayne Allan, d. 18-9-1966, Age/Birth:5
Mansell, Bessie Muriel, d. 9-10-1973, Age/Birth:1893
Mansell, George, d. 2-12-1978, Age/Birth:1888
Mansell, June Elizabeth, d. 9-8-1994, Age/Birth:9-3-1930
Mantree, Jack, d. 14-1-1961, Age/Birth:1867
Mapstone, Emily Jane, d. 11-6-1960, Age/Birth:1876
Mapstone, Henry James, d. 30-11-1968, Age/Birth:1879
Markkanen, Freda Jean, d. 3-9-1989, Age/Birth:28-2-1918
Marks, Albert Edward, d. 7-4-1981, Age/Birth:1903
Marks, Mary Elizabeth, d. 29-3-1961, Age/Birth:1906
Marlissa, Flora Maria, d. 3-8-1979, Age/Birth:1897
Marr, Kathleen Rose, d. 26-2-1992, Age/Birth:23-10-1919
Marrington, Geoffrey Albert, d. 5-2-1976, Age/Birth:4-2-1976
Marriott, William Sirett Frank, d. 13-8-1987, Age/Birth:27-7-1905
Marschke, Charlie, d. 1-12-1968, Age/Birth:1901
Marschke, Mathilda Louisa, d. 30-3-1989, Age/Birth:23-7-1905
Marsden, Michael John T, d. 12-6-1966, Age/Birth:1890
Marsh, Mary Elizabeth, d. 14-11-1992, Age/Birth:1939
Marsh, Morris William, d. 23-11-1991, Age/Birth:2-3-1915
Marsh, Neville Ernest, d. 22-9-1992, Age/Birth:17-3-1942
Marsh, Phyllis Greer, d. 24-12-1976, Age/Birth:1916
Marshall, Ada A, d. 10-11-1969, Age/Birth:1894
Marshall, Douglas Colin, d. 3-11-1985, Age/Birth:24-11-1958
Marshall, George Henry, d. 31-12-1968, Age/Birth:1895
Marshall, Harold Alison, d. 29-10-1962, Age/Birth:1898
Marshall, Harold William A, d. 27-1-1976, Age/Birth:1898
Marshall, John Richard, d. 4-5-1987, Age/Birth:18-10-1901
Marshall, John Robert, d. 4-9-1976, Age/Birth:10-9-1946
Marshall, Myrtle, d. 8-10-1974, Age/Birth:1920
Marshall, Rodney David, d. 28-3-1987, Age/Birth:24-5-1967
Marshall, Rose Eva Anne, d. 31-5-1986, Age/Birth:9-4-1901
Marshall, Winifred Joan, d. 13-1-1987, Age/Birth:24-6-1921
Marson, Gladys Isabel Ward, d. 21-1-1987, Age/Birth:4-6-1909
Marson, Walter Jeffreys R, d. 24-12-1980, Age/Birth:1906
Marthick, Maria Jacoba, d. 5-4-1984, Age/Birth:27-12-1951
Martin, Alfred Henry, d. 19-2-1977, Age/Birth:1911
Martin, Aubrey Clive Scott, d. 20-11-1984, Age/Birth:19-10-1906
Martin, Francis Agnes, d. 20-11-1986, Age/Birth:29-12-1903
Martin, Frederick Leith, d. 28-5-1972, Age/Birth:1906
Martin, John, d. 24-12-1968, Age/Birth:1900
Martin, Ursula Mary, d. 15-1-1990, Age/Birth:1920
Martin, Vera Frances, d. 19-3-1979, Age/Birth:1916
Martin, William Henry, d. 17-9-1971, Age/Birth:1913
Marton, Catherine Patricia, d. 26-1-1993, Age/Birth:16-6-1934
Marton, William Daniel, d. 15-8-1982, Age/Birth:1931
Mason, Dorothy Irene Sidon, d. 7-4-1979, Age/Birth:1892
Mason, Ethel Mary, d. 9-8-1990, Age/Birth:13-1-1902
Mason, Florence Isabella J, d. 23-7-1979, Age/Birth:1889
Mason, Ralph, d. 4-7-1975, Age/Birth:1906
Mason, Reginald Harry, d. 20-2-1979, Age/Birth:1895
Mason, William, d. 13-6-1963, Age/Birth:1887
Mason, William Thomas, d. 21-2-1984, Age/Birth:14-1-1913
Massey, John Frederick, d. 10-10-1980, Age/Birth:17-7-1912
Massey, Robert Edward, d. 7-10-1972, Age/Birth:1911
Mathers, George Andrew, d. 18-2-1970, Age/Birth:1898
Mathers, Isabella Duffia M, d. 28-2-1970, Age/Birth:1898
Matthews, James Anthony, d. 7-6-1987, Age/Birth:1-7-1921
Matthews, Samuel Alexander, d. 23-12-1968, Age/Birth:1884
Mauch, Barry Robert, d. 11-4-1971, Age/Birth:1950
Maud, Richard John, d. 4-5-1962, Age/Birth:May 1962
Maudsley, Etti Elizabeth, d. 4-6-1968, Age/Birth:1892
Maudsley, Gladys Ettie, d. 7-12-1982, Age/Birth:1912
Maudsley, Harling Roger, d. 21-4-1972, Age/Birth:1887
Maudsley, Kelvin, d. 23-4-1978, Age/Birth:1915
Maudsley, Trixie, d. 18-8-1972, Age/Birth:1948
Maxwell-Mahon, Jeannette Catherine Ealine, d. 22-5-1977, Age/Birth:1934
Maxwell-Mahon, Mavis Jeannette, d. 22-12-1986, Age/Birth:21-1-1908
May, Mary Cecilia, d. 9-12-1969, Age/Birth:1880
Mayer, Allen Robin, d. 20-4-1960, Age/Birth:1949
Mayer, Frederick William Shaw, MBE, d. 1-9-1989, Age/Birth:26-9-1899
Mayeur, Agnes, d. 30-1-1987, Age/Birth:4-1-1890
Mayfield, Florence, d. 30-5-1967, Age/Birth:1894
Maynard, Evelyn Harriet, d. 30-7-1987, Age/Birth:12-2-1925
Mayne, Victor Sydney, d. 26-6-1986, Age/Birth:28-1-1901
Mays, Doris, d. 1-12-1989, Age/Birth:2-1-1903
Mays, John, d. 3-11-1968, Age/Birth:1900
Maziarz, Angela, d. 30-10-1983, Age/Birth:16-7-1914
McAlpin, Harry, d. 19-6-1974, Age/Birth:1896
McAnalen, Bertram Ambros, d. 10-3-1986, Age/Birth:28-6-1912
McAnalen, Jeanette, d. 6-6-1967, Age/Birth:1883
McAnalen, Patrick Joseph, d. 11-2-1969, Age/Birth:1921
McArthur, Jack, d. 25-12-1987, Age/Birth:2-3-1923
McAulay, William Allan K, d. 28-10-1970, Age/Birth:1899
McBride, Patrick Eugene, d. 14-5-1988, Age/Birth:22-8-1916
McBride, Randolph, d. 26-2-1965, Age/Birth:1914
McCallum, James Richard, d. 12-4-1995, Age/Birth:28-11-1928
McCamley, Edwin, d. 18-3-1976, Age/Birth:1893
McCamley, Florrie Mary, d. 30-4-1974, Age/Birth:1899
McCamley, Maida Betty, d. 9-7-1969, Age/Birth:1930
McCamley, Mildred Lillian, d. 28-10-1973, Age/Birth:1902
McCarthy, Ada Francis L, d. 22-5-1988, Age/Birth:17-8-1903
McCarthy, Eileen Maud, d. 30-11-1971, Age/Birth:1916
McCarthy, James Denis, d. 29-10-1967, Age/Birth:1897
McCasker, Kenneth, d. 20-11-1978, Age/Birth:24-2-1906
McCauley, Mary Lavina, d. 25-1-1991, Age/Birth:6-1-1905
McCauley, Thomas James, d. 10-1-1963, Age/Birth:1887
McClure, Walter, d. 30-6-1972, Age/Birth:1907
McClymont, Stanley William, d. 28-12-1967, Age/Birth:1905
McCombe, Nellie Agnes Edith, d. 12-10-1996, Age/Birth:30-3-1915
McConachy, Ernest Charles, d. 30-6-1987, Age/Birth:18-9-1918
McConnel, Arthur Douglas, d. 21-2-1975, Age/Birth:1919
McCoomb, Ivy, d. 25-2-1990, Age/Birth:19-9-1913
McCoomb, Sydney Howard, d. 28-7-1996, Age/Birth:22-8-1908
McCord, Constance Edith E, d. 25-5-1964, Age/Birth:22-6-1888
McCord, Percy Caldwell H, d. 25-10-1961, Age/Birth:22-11-1884
McCorkell, Sarah Alexander (Lex), d. 22-4-1999, Age/Birth:85
McCormick, Hugh (John), d. 14-2-1997, Age/Birth: ?
McCosker, John Stephen, d. 28-10-1986, Age/Birth:18-4-1965
McCoy, Alice May, d. 7-6-1972, Age/Birth:1894
McCullum, Leo George, d. 29-7-1999, Age/Birth: ?
McDermott, Cecil Oliver, d. 15-7-1975, Age/Birth:1916
McDonald, David Bedge, d. 4-9-1969, Age/Birth:1882
McDonald, Doris Evelyn, d. 10-10-1960, Age/Birth:1907
McDonald, Emma Jane, d. 9-11-1967, Age/Birth:1891
McDonald, Erina Gladys, d. 22-4-1966, Age/Birth:1887
McDonald, Frederick William, d. 4-7-1990, Age/Birth:16-12-1903
McDonald, Gladys Evelyn M, d. 4-7-1986, Age/Birth:22-4-1893
McDonald, Joseph, d. 9-1-1977, Age/Birth:1897
McDonald, Lee Howard, d. 5-7-1969, Age/Birth:10y10m
McDonald, Meryvn John, d. 9-8-1984, Age/Birth:2-4-1927
McDonald, William Peter, d. 5-3-1980, Age/Birth:1921
McDougall, Clarence Kevin 'Tim', b. 19 Mar 1905, d. 01 Nov 1961, h/o Ida May
McDougall, Ida May, b. 26 May 1906, d. 02 Oct 1999, w/o Clarence Kevin 'Tim'
McDougall, Elva Meryl, d. 19-9-1970, Age/Birth:1943
McDougall, Rosetta Liola, d. 23-5-1975, Age/Birth:1892
McDougall, Walter Andrew, d. 11-12-1969, Age/Birth:1880
McDuff, Hugh Edward, d. 29-10-1976, Age/Birth:1904
McDuff, Sarah, d. 27-9-1968, Age/Birth:1911
McElligott, Daniel Patrick, d. 25-10-1962, Age/Birth:1877
McFadden, Gwendoline, d. 6-10-1992, Age/Birth:30-5-1900
McFadden, Jessie Rita, d. 22-5-1978, Age/Birth:1894
McFadden, Thomas Bert, d. 23-7-1965, Age/Birth:1901
McFadden, Victor Edwin, d. 26-5-1979, Age/Birth:1898
McGarvey, Stanley James, d. 31-10-1974, Age/Birth:1903
McGhie, Gordon, d. 17-3-1975, Age/Birth:1909
McGilchrist, Errol James, d. 25-12-1987, Age/Birth:23-2-1920
McGilchrist, Florence J, d. 23-5-1988, Age/Birth:24-9-1922
McGinn, Linton Roy, d. 18-2-1987, Age/Birth:27-1-1938
McGinn, Morton Harold, d. 4-3-1986, Age/Birth:19-1-1907
McGinn, Ricky Edward, d. 17-3-1970, Age/Birth:1963
McGoldrick, Vincent P, d. 21-8-1964, Age/Birth:1902
McGovern, Dora Joan, d. 7-8-1968, Age/Birth:1929
McGrath, Joan May, d. 11-9-1987, Age/Birth:25-4-1920
McGrath, William, d. 13-6-1985, Age/Birth:7-1-1908
McGregor, Alma Beryl, d. 8-8-1979, Age/Birth:1897
McGuiness, Herbert Douglas, d. 6-7-1975, Age/Birth:1913
McGuire, John Thomas, d. 13-7-1962, Age/Birth:1892
McHugh, Mary, d. 5-9-1972, Age/Birth:5-9-1972
McHutchison, Janet Alexandra, d. 27-8-1999, Age/Birth:93
McIlhinney, Caroline Elizabeth, d. 10-12-1991, Age/Birth:17-12-1947
McIlroy, James, d. 26-3-1971, Age/Birth:1906
McIlroy, Kenneth Douglas, d. 9-9-1981, Age/Birth:1913
McIlroy, Neil Kenneth, d. 14-12-1964, Age/Birth:1958
McIntosh, Clarinda Edith, d. 23-5-1971, Age/Birth:1886
McIntyre, Donald Robert William, d. 28-11-1987, Age/Birth:12-1-1920
McIntyre, Mabel Doris, d. 11-11-1990, Age/Birth:8-9-1915
McIntyre, Margaret Mary, d. 16-6-1964, Age/Birth:1917
McKay, Allan George, d. 18-1-1980, Age/Birth:1937
McKay, David John, d. 11-5-1983, Age/Birth:1924
McKay, Olive, d. 29-6-1989, Age/Birth:13-4-1902
McKee, Elsie May, d. 17-2-1983, Age/Birth:1904
McKee, James Frederick, d. 13-6-1980, Age/Birth:1901
McKenna, Allan Edward, d. 10-1-1987, Age/Birth:31-12-1921
McKenzie, Alexander, d. 8-7-1982, Age/Birth:1886
McKenzie, Alexander Fraser, d. 4-7-1966, Age/Birth:1903
McKenzie, Ann Smith, d. 4-5-1980, Age/Birth:1886
McKenzie, Arnold Burnett, d. 7-9-1995, Age/Birth:9-5-1913
McKenzie, Burnett David, d. 14-2-1968, Age/Birth:1888
McKenzie, Colin Eric, d. 7-5-1997, Age/Birth: ?
McKenzie, Darryl Colin, d. 12-7-1968, Age/Birth:1946
McKenzie, Doris Jean, d. 6-4-1974, Age/Birth:1926
McKenzie, Helen Margaret, d. 23-7-1980, Age/Birth:1903
McKenzie, Ian Ross, d. 7-9-1972, Age/Birth:1949
McKenzie, Mary Josephine, d. 7-1-1971, Age/Birth:1886
McKenzie, Roy Reginald, d. 21-6-1996, Age/Birth: ?
McKeown, Thomasina, d. 25-12-1978, Age/Birth:2-2-1900
McKewen, Eleanor Maud, d. 6-8-1996, Age/Birth:25-10-1918
McKillop, William Stephen, d. 24-7-1977, Age/Birth:1890
McKinley, Elizabeth, d. 4-2-1970, Age/Birth:1909
McKinnon, George, d. 13-12-1967, Age/Birth:1899
McKinnon, Grace Winifred, d. 19-6-1996, Age/Birth:5-8-1934
McKinnon, James, d. 18-12-1964, Age/Birth:1867
McKinnon, Malcolm Frederick, d. 23-2-1988, Age/Birth:10-5-1898
McKinnon, Mary Thompson, d. 17-3-1962, Age/Birth:1885
McKinnon, Sylvia, d. 12-7-1990, Age/Birth:23-9-1901
McLachlan, Alice, d. 16-9-1965, Age/Birth:1878
McLean, Norma Phyllis, d. 11-11-1973, Age/Birth:1927
McLean, Thomas Joseph, d. 22-10-1982, Age/Birth:1921
McLeish, Alexander, d. 9-3-1968, Age/Birth:1891
McLeish, Margaret Ellen, d. 24-6-1963, Age/Birth:1896
McLellan, George, d. 25-6-1965, Age/Birth:1880
McLelland, Norman, d. 27-11-1980, Age/Birth:1899
McLeod, John, d. 21-6-1963, Age/Birth:1884
McLucas, Catherine Cockburn, d. 9-10-1976, Age/Birth:1892
McLucas, Joseph Henry, d. 25-11-1968, Age/Birth:1891
McMillan, Gordon Semmens, d. 2-9-1975, Age/Birth:1925
McMillan, Leon James M, d. 27-9-1987, Age/Birth:6-12-1909
McNair, Ian Donald, d. 6-10-1979, Age/Birth:1959
McNamara, Gregory James, d. 25-1-1964, Age/Birth:Nov 1963
McNaught, Thomas Andrew, d. 28-5-1975, Age/Birth:1914
McNeish, Elsie Lillian, d. 19-10-1974, Age/Birth:1904
McNeish, Herbert Stephen, d. 14-6-1982, Age/Birth:1944
McNeish, William Scott, d. 24-9-1977, Age/Birth:1898
McNiven, Ida Wilhelmine C, d. 19-12-1972, Age/Birth:18-5-1890
McNiven, William Miller, d. 5-8-1975, Age/Birth:3-6-1884
McPaul, Joyce Eva, d. 28-4-1975, Age/Birth:1911
McPherson, David Alexander, d. 9-3-1962, Age/Birth:1910
McPherson, Eric Claude, d. 28-3-1980, Age/Birth:1914
McPherson, Margaret Ellen, d. 19-7-1984, Age/Birth:14-10-1901
McPherson, Neville Ross, d. 24-12-1968, Age/Birth:1948
McVeigh, Martha, d. 5-6-1979, Age/Birth:1900
McWhirter, Constance Joan, d. 3-8-1999, Age/Birth:80
Mea, Clarice Ellen, d. 26-6-1967, Age/Birth:1896
Mead, Jack Campbell, d. 19-11-1973, Age/Birth:5-7-1923
Mealing, Annie Minna, d. 26-3-1979, Age/Birth:90y9m
Mechesney, James, d. 24-2-1986, Age/Birth:1912
Meddleton, Raymond James, d. 28-3-1987, Age/Birth:19-1-1915
Meehan, John Francis, d. 14-7-1961, Age/Birth:1887
Meier, Carl, d. 26-1-1969, Age/Birth:1891
Meissner, Rachael Mary, d. 5-1-1963, Age/Birth:1918
Mellor, Emily May, d. 16-2-1987, Age/Birth:26-4-1917
Mellor, Evelyn Jennie, d. 29-4-1977, Age/Birth:1879
Mellor, William Henry, d. 13-8-1963, Age/Birth:1881
Melzer, Alice Mary Martin, d. 30-6-1975, Age/Birth:23-3-1932
Menary, Sarah Jean, d. 25-8-1985, Age/Birth:8-6-1894
Menary, William John, d. 18-1-1969, Age/Birth:7-8-1893
Menzies, Albert Henry, d. 15-6-1990, Age/Birth:13-11-1900
Menzies, Lila May, d. 28-1-1988, Age/Birth:29-4-1924
Merrick, Beverley Ann, d. 1-1-1978, Age/Birth:39
Merritt, Alfred, d. 21-5-1972, Age/Birth:18-9-1891
Merritt, Evelyn May, d. 29-7-1985, Age/Birth:19-8-1903
Merritt, Johanna Caroline, d. 1-5-1985, Age/Birth:25-4-1901
Mewett, Eva Ruth, d. 3-1-1976, Age/Birth:1893
Meyer, Allen Stafford, d. 27-2-1984, Age/Birth:29-12-1914
Meyer, Margaret Ellen, d. 3-11-1986, Age/Birth:3-4-1917
Mibus, Vida Emma, d. 2-12-1979, Age/Birth:5-9-1915
Michael, Colin, d. 8-11-1975, Age/Birth:25-7-1924
Mickel, Reginald Theodore, d. 26-12-1965, Age/Birth:1918
Middlebrook, Donald Elmo, d. 27-8-1992, Age/Birth:8-3-1909
Middlebrook, Florence Pearl, d. 7-8-1986, Age/Birth:13-12-1914
Middlebrook, George William, d. 19-9-1961, Age/Birth:1876
Middlebrook, Mary Jane, d. 14-7-1983, Age/Birth:26-9-1884
Midgley, Katherine Emily M, d. 11-3-1965, Age/Birth:1888
Mienert, Frederick William, d. 7-1-1974, Age/Birth:1901
Mienert, Gustav Theodore, d. 25-5-1963, Age/Birth:1908
Mienert, Jessie, d. 29-8-1972, Age/Birth:1901
Mienert, Kathleen, d. 4-9-1990, Age/Birth:13-2-1907
Mienert, Thora Audrey Myrtle, d. 26-3-1995, Age/Birth:29-4-1915
Miers, Agnes Bertha, d. 16-3-1972, Age/Birth:1901
Miers, August Frederick, d. 16-3-1966, Age/Birth:1895
Miers, Michael, d. 10-12-1965, Age/Birth:Dec 1965
Migicki, Stanislaw Anthony, d. 25-12-1986, Age/Birth:18-4-1931
Mikolajezyk, Franciczyk, d. 17-4-1979, Age/Birth:1926
Miles, Charles Valentine, d. 15-6-1972, Age/Birth:'1904
Millar, Ann Bridget, d. 30-11-1971, Age/Birth:1892
Millar, Ernest Edward, d. 15-9-1977, Age/Birth:1928
Millar, Percy Norman, d. 17-4-1964, Age/Birth:1894
Miller, Alex Kevin, d. 9-5-1987, Age/Birth:9-5-1987
Miller, Amy Edith, d. 20-2-1982, Age/Birth:1900
Miller, Ellis Mckellar, d. 9-10-1989, Age/Birth:27-5-1923
Miller, Evelyn May Stuart, d. 2-12-1977, Age/Birth:1903
Miller, Herman Clarke Tasman, d. 21-9-1987, Age/Birth:12-5-1896
Miller, John Gilbert, d. 1-6-1982, Age/Birth:1928
Miller, Murray Alistair, d. 26-5-1983, Age/Birth:1965
Miller, Robert Bruce, d. 18-11-1969, Age/Birth:1893
Miller, Sylvia Karvalene, d. 8-2-1979, Age/Birth:1932
Milligan, George Albert, d. 9-9-1972, Age/Birth:1919
Milliner, Bertha J, d. 8-5-1984, Age/Birth:4-4-1894
Milliner, William, d. 12-3-1970, Age/Birth:13-2-1887
Mills, Gwendoline Florence, d. 13-8-1967, Age/Birth:1921
Mills, Wynn, d. 8-7-1994, Age/Birth:83
Milne, George Alexander, d. 27-9-1987, Age/Birth:23-5-1920
Milojevic, Patricia Gordana, d. 7-7-1973, Age/Birth:1956
Minogue, Dorothy Austin M, d. 21-4-1971, Age/Birth:1901
Minogue, Patrick Joseph, d. 15-12-1970, Age/Birth:1894
Mitchell, Bertie, d. 26-4-1979, Age/Birth:1885
Mitchell, Nellie, d. 17-1-1967, Age/Birth:1888
Mitchell, Robert David, d. 2-9-1973, Age/Birth:1915
Mitchell, Thomas Joseph, d. 5-4-1975, Age/Birth:1911
Mittelheuser, Colin Edward, d. 29-4-1980, Age/Birth: ?
Mobbs, Florence, d. 5-5-1989, Age/Birth:5-4-1907
Mobbs, John Arthur, d. 27-9-1990, Age/Birth:27-11-1901
Moffat, James Rdaford, d. 28-9-1974, Age/Birth:1891
Mohamed, Nool, d. 11-1-1968, Age/Birth:1948
Mohamed, Zannub, d. 11-10-1980, Age/Birth:1927
Moir, Alexander Forbes, d. 8-9-1987, Age/Birth:9-7-1913
Molen, Pearl Mary Alma, d. 25-11-1971, Age/Birth:1883
Moller, Ernest Edward, d. 26-7-1982, Age/Birth:1922
Moloney, Ada Violet May, d. 21-12-1990, Age/Birth:9-9-1908
Moloney, John Michael, d. 15-12-1985, Age/Birth:31-5-1906
Mondientz, Heinrich Ceasar, d. 28-11-1972, Age/Birth:18-6-1890
Monks, Ada Elizabeth, d. 7-7-1973, Age/Birth:1879
Monks, Sandra Kay, d. 6-3-1971, Age/Birth:1952
Moody, Alfred, d. 8-6-1962, Age/Birth:1875
Moody, Benjamin Philip, d. 6-3-1976, Age/Birth:4-3-1976
Moody, Frank Cecil, d. 13-9-1987, Age/Birth:19-1-1905
Moody, Rose Elizabeth, d. 2-2-1965, Age/Birth:1879
Moore, Alfred D'Arcy, d. 9-12-1980, Age/Birth:1902
Moore, Bert, d. 20-7-1966, Age/Birth:1884
Moore, David Anthony, d. 9-7-1979, Age/Birth:1959
Moore, Ethel Adeline, d. 18-6-1993, Age/Birth:4-11-1908
Moore, Kenneth John, d. 16-11-1984, Age/Birth:29-2-1924
Moore, Phyllis Ann, d. 5-2-1987, Age/Birth:18-6-1913
Moore, Queenie Amy Martha, d. 20-12-1992, Age/Birth:15-9-1900
Moore, Richard James, d. 12-9-1976, Age/Birth:1912
Moore, Robert, d. 3-8-1963, Age/Birth:1874
Moore, Una Avis Beryl, d. 13-11-1985, Age/Birth:28-8-1910
Moore, Victoria Mary, d. 6-8-1989, Age/Birth:6-3-1963
Moore, William, d. 18-12-1976, Age/Birth:1892
Moore, William Langton, d. 3-8-1977, Age/Birth:2-8-1901
Moreland, Charles David, d. 4-11-1971, Age/Birth:1900
Moreland, Eva Louise, d. 20-12-1975, Age/Birth:1908
Morgan, Arthur Robert, d. 22-3-1983, Age/Birth:27-7-1911
Morgan, Francis Bevan, d. 24-11-1976, Age/Birth:17-10-1904
Morgan, Frederick Joseph, d. 9-10-1976, Age/Birth:1901
Morgan, Herbert James, d. 7-3-1969, Age/Birth:1892
Morgan, Ivy Ruth, d. 27-4-1989, Age/Birth:18-10-1894
Morgan, Jennifer Ann, d. 22-5-1971, Age/Birth:Dec 1970
Morgan, John Edmund, d. 11-1-1978, Age/Birth:1894
Morgan, Leslie Arthur, d. 17-11-1988, Age/Birth:2-12-1919
Morgan, Meryl, d. 22-4-1995, Age/Birth:12-3-1916
Morgan, Nellie, d. 10-11-1976, Age/Birth:1891
Morgan, Reta May, d. 3-6-1986, Age/Birth:5-9-1916
Morgan, Syd, d. 23-11-1982, Age/Birth:22-8-1913
Morgan, Trevor Lloyd, d. 9-5-1981, Age/Birth:1916
Moroney, Margaret Mary, d. 20-12-1981, Age/Birth:1907
Moroney, Patrick, d. 30-7-1988, Age/Birth:16-3-1896
Morris, Andrew Wilson, d. 23-9-1961, Age/Birth:1884
Morris, Bernice Isabella, d. 8-8-1991, Age/Birth:2-5-1904
Morris, Cecil James, d. 1-6-1970, Age/Birth:1919
Morris, Doris Edith, d. 30-11-1988, Age/Birth:1-9-1897
Morris, Wilfred James Henry, d. 30-9-1987, Age/Birth:28-7-1900
Morrison, Ann Eliza, d. 10-5-1967, Age/Birth:1872
Morrison, Barbara Joan, d. 6-3-1949, Age/Birth:19-9-1935
Morrison, Eileen Alma, d. 16-7-1987, Age/Birth:11-2-1906
Morrison, Ernest Norman, d. 7-8-1971, Age/Birth:1898
Morrison, Eva Sophia, d. 13-4-1991, Age/Birth:8-8-1906
Morrison, Francis Hessel, d. 21-1-1994, Age/Birth:31-3-1905
Morrison, Jessie Ann, d. 8-2-1996, Age/Birth:27-12-1909
Morrison, Michael James, d. 1-8-1975, Age/Birth:1956
Morrison, Robert Sidney, d. 9-7-1964, Age/Birth:1903
Morrison, Sydney George, d. 29-9-1978, Age/Birth:22-5-1930
Morrison, Terrence James, d. 9-9-1966, Age/Birth:21-9-1960
Morrison, William Robert, d. 1-4-1988, Age/Birth:15-10-1900
Mortensen, Lillian Isabel, d. 30-12-1977, Age/Birth:1891
Mott, Evelyn Maude, d. 7-6-1971, Age/Birth:1900
Mott, Maurice Charles, d. 30-12-1971, Age/Birth:1953
Mott, Robert Henry, d. 21-12-1969, Age/Birth:1924
Mott, Thomas John, d. 23-10-1992, Age/Birth:16-11-1937
Moule, Ethel Edith, d. 16-7-1977, Age/Birth:1899
Moulton, Maurice Edgar, d. 10-7-1978, Age/Birth:1895
Mounsey, Ruth Margaret, d. 4-6-1993, Age/Birth:21-4-1928
Muckan, Daniel William B, d. 11-9-67, Age/Birth:1916
Muckan, David Jones, d. 5-5-1998, Age/Birth: ?
Mudge, John Stewart, d. 13-3-1968, Age/Birth:1913
Mudie, George, d. 1-10-1969, Age/Birth:1910
Muirhead, Elizabeth Ashburn, d. 29-12-1970, Age/Birth:1882
Mulholland, Henry, d. 21-7-1965, Age/Birth:1887
Mulholland, Mary, d. 16-10-1978, Age/Birth:1887
Muller, Otto Carl, d. 21-3-1970, Age/Birth:1892
Mumford, Eunice Thelma, d. 17-8-1968, Age/Birth:1922
Mundey, Joseph Oswald, d. 3-6-1975, Age/Birth:1923
Mundy, Geoffrey Vincent, d. 21-6-1986, Age/Birth:24-4-1964
Mundy, Millicent Olive, d. 9-11-1962, Age/Birth:1903
Mundy, Raymond William, d. 28-3-1971, Age/Birth:1904
Munn, Freda, d. 30-4-1992, Age/Birth:16-11-1929
Munro, Emily Julia, d. 31-3-1969, Age/Birth:1889
Munro, William, d. 27-5-1981, Age/Birth:26-6-1908
Munro, Winifred, d. 7-6-1984, Age/Birth:8-3-1901
Murchie, Annie Sarah, d. 5-3-1972, Age/Birth:1906
Murchie, Daniel Robert, d. 8-8-1972, Age/Birth:1906
Murchie, Kathryn Ann, d. 2-4-1980, Age/Birth:9y9m
Murchie, Roy Bradford, d. 19-11-1986, Age/Birth:16-10-1938
Murdoch, Andrew Keith, d. 23-2-1968, Age/Birth:1908
Murdoch, Annie, d. 2-1-1982, Age/Birth:1906
Murdock, Nelson Junior, d. 20-6-1972, Age/Birth:1921
Murphy, Catherine Anne, d. 5-12-1962, Age/Birth:1880
Murphy, Daniel, d. 7-7-1978, Age/Birth:1895
Murphy, Edward, d. 17-8-1965, Age/Birth:1890
Murphy, Eileen Elizabeth, d. 28-9-1989, Age/Birth:23-1-1913
Murphy, James, d. 13-8-1970, Age/Birth:1899
Murphy, Kathleen Patricia, d. 8-4-1978, Age/Birth:1900
Murphy, Margaret, d. 26-12-1975, Age/Birth:14-5-1892
Murphy, Ronald Henry, d. 29-4-1971, Age/Birth:6-7-1915
Murray, Florence Elizabeth, d. 7-10-1961, Age/Birth:1901
Murray, Ivy Lillian, d. 8-12-1972, Age/Birth:1897
Murray, James Joseph, d. 16-9-1981, Age/Birth:1917
Murray, John, d. 14-11-1973, Age/Birth:1896
Murtagh, Alice Louisa Jane, d. 3-10-1987, Age/Birth:21-11-1911
Murtagh, Cecilia Jane, d. 31-10-1968, Age/Birth:1895
Murtagh, Rae Sylvester, d. 26-2-1988, Age/Birth:11-11-1916
Murtagh, William Edward, d. 24-11-1986, Age/Birth:23-3-1937
Murtagh, William Rupert, d. 8-8-1991, Age/Birth:29-7-1909
Musca, Julie Anne, d. 16-12-1986, Age/Birth:14-7-1966
Musgrave, Herbert Cameron, d. 12-7-1963, Age/Birth:1889
Mussig, Frederick Ernest Ludwig, d. 14-8-1985, Age/Birth:21-5-1910
Mussig, Reginald Percy, d. 7-1-1972, Age/Birth:1903
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