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Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

Caddie, Alexander James, d. 15-7-1975, Age/Birth:1923
Caddies, Donovan James, d. 16-2-1971, Age/Birth:15-2-1971
Cahalane, Agnes Beatrice, d. 20-11-1969, Age/Birth:1908
Cahalane, Joseph John, d. 31-5-1971, Age/Birth: ?
Cahill, Andrew, d. 21-11-1987, Age/Birth:5-11-1913
Cahill, Bernadette Anne, d. 20-6-1977, Age/Birth:1923
Cahill, Robert Henry, d. 21-6-1983, Age/Birth:23-6-1922
Caisley, Henry Rutherford, d. 21-2-1987, Age/Birth:21-8-1901
Caldicott, Nelson Edward, d. 3-5-1987, Age/Birth:21-10-1905
Caldicott, Viola Paula Louisa, d. 1-11-1972, Age/Birth:1912
Callow, Reginald James, d. 18-12-1963, Age/Birth:10-6-1916
Callow, Vera Joyce, d. 4-12-1996, Age/Birth:2-4-1920
Calvert, Ronald James, d. 17-9-1982, Age/Birth:24-12-1916
Calvert, Tina Watelle, d. 20-1-1981, Age/Birth:17-1-1981
Cameron, Paul James, d. 16-6-1986, Age/Birth:24-5-1982
Campbell, Brian Leonard, d. 4-3-1985, Age/Birth:13-1-1951
Campbell, Catherine Veronica, d. 9-6-1980, Age/Birth:3-3-1916
Campbell, Colin Eric, d. 28-1-1964, Age/Birth:27-1-1964
Campbell, Donald, d. 7-5-1974, Age/Birth:1897
Campbell, Florence Mary, d. 19-4-1981, Age/Birth:1900
Campbell, Forbes Frederick, d. 18-9-1987, Age/Birth:4-11-1913
Campbell, Gwendoline, d. 18-8-1990, Age/Birth:11-4-1901
Campbell, James, d. 14-2-1966, Age/Birth:1894
Campbell, Janet, d. 29-6-1978, Age/Birth:1898
Campbell, John Alexander, d. 1-6-1981, Age/Birth:1899
Campbell, Laura Anne, d. 30-4-1985, Age/Birth:17-3-1985
Campbell, Nellie Lesbia, d. 25-10-1988, Age/Birth:1907
Campbell, Robert Leslie, d. 24-4-1971, Age/Birth:1896
Campbell, Roderick Samuel, d. 18-7-1982, Age/Birth:29-4-1884
Campbell, Sherrilyn Diane, d. 18-5-1968, Age/Birth:1951
Campbell, Weston Stepherson, d. 12-5-1971, Age/Birth:1913
Campbell, William Colin Balfour, d. 1-8-1983, Age/Birth:7-9-1912
Campbell, William Frederick, d. 14-11-1979, Age/Birth:1902
Camplin, Eileen Lucy Lester, d. 21-6-1989, Age/Birth:22-12-1906
Caplick, Alice Maud, d. 28-12-1977, Age/Birth:1902
Caplick, Richard August, d. 4-11-1987, Age/Birth:17-8-1893
Capper, Ruby Merle, d. 5-2-1996, Age/Birth: ?
Capper, William James, d. 20-11-1974, Age/Birth:37
Cardinal, Doris Elizabeth, d. 3-9-1981, Age/Birth:2-6-1912
Cardwell, Robert, d. 18-3-1993, Age/Birth:7-10-1910
Care, Arthur Charles, d. 5-2-1976, Age/Birth:85
Care, Charlotte Isobelle, d. 21-2-1981, Age/Birth:1895
Carlsen, Douglas George, d. 4-2-1993, Age/Birth:6-1-1950
Carlsen, Mervyn Alexander, d. 4-3-1994, Age/Birth:6-11-1956
Carolan, James Patrick, d. 4-2-1994, Age/Birth:20-8-1912
Carolan, Lilian Ida, d. 26-1-1994, Age/Birth:3-10-1914
Carr, John Robert, d. 5-10-1984, Age/Birth:7-9-1984
Carrington, Randall Scott, d. 7-10-1980, Age/Birth:1960
Carrington, Russell Railton, d. 31-8-1985, Age/Birth:3-11-1923
Carroll, Alva Joseph R, d. 9-9-1961, Age/Birth:1917
Carroll, Hugh John Thomas, d. 12-2-1990, Age/Birth:16-5-1916
Carroll, John Mathew, d. 13-8-1980, Age/Birth:1923
Carroll, Mathew, d. 2-9-1978, Age/Birth:1904
Carruthers, James, d. 27-8-1986, Age/Birth:10-9-1884
Carruthers, Jessie Pettigrew, d. 26-12-1977, Age/Birth:1884
Carswells, Harold James, d. 31-8-1974, Age/Birth:1909
Carter, Agnes Kathleen, d. 26-8-1986, Age/Birth:6-6-1913
Carter, Albert Frederick, d. 8-1-1979, Age/Birth:1913
Carter, Brian, d. 23-1-1981, Age/Birth:1931
Carter, Charles Henry, d. 7-3-1975, Age/Birth:5-7-1888
Carter, Charles William, d. 1-4-1985, Age/Birth:21-6-1903
Carter, Florence, d. 16-2-1987, Age/Birth:17-6-1903
Carter, Herbert Alexander, d. 30-11-1985, Age/Birth:15-12-1907
Carter, May, d. 30-3-1971, Age/Birth:1914
Carter, Olive Harriet, d. 8-1-1993, Age/Birth:19-1-1911
Carter, Raymond John, d. 26-10-1960, Age/Birth:1914
Carter, Sydney Kretschmer, d. 26-12-1981, Age/Birth:4-2-1908
Carter, Trevor, d. 3-9-1972, Age/Birth:1896
Casey, Henry Newberry, d. 2-2-1973, Age/Birth:1891
Casey, Kim Louise, d. 15-10-1973, Age/Birth:13-9-1973
Cash, Edward David, d. 29-6-1986, Age/Birth:18-9-1918
Cash, Hope, d. 14-6-1982, Age/Birth:13-11-1917
Cash, Nellie, d. 31-8-1972, Age/Birth:1891
Cash, William George, d. 23-3-1970, Age/Birth:18-1-1914
Cash, William James, d. 13-7-1981, Age/Birth:1887
Casten, Arthur, d. 23-8-1986, Age/Birth:17-12-1912
Casten, Thelma Kathleen, d. 21-2-1976, Age/Birth:1907
Castle, Cassell William John, d. 25-6-1986, Age/Birth:13-10-1913
Castle, Evelyn Isabel, d. 18-9-1968, Age/Birth:1911
Castle, Graham Andrew, d. 4-3-1974, Age/Birth:1953
Catchpole, Gertrude Miriam, d. 27-6-1996, Age/Birth:2-8-1909
Catchpole, Harold Charles, d. 23-12-1976, Age/Birth:12-7-1906
Caterer, Barbara Noelleen, d. 23-7-1989, Age/Birth:5-1-1938
Cathcart, Marjorie Anne, d. 26-2-1973, Age/Birth:1923
Caulley, Mary Carmel, d. 23-6-1993, Age/Birth:10-2-1912
Caulley, Reginald David, d. 28-9-1964, Age/Birth:1913
Cavanagh, Thomas Norman A, d. 8-11-1970, Age/Birth:1897
Cave, Myrtle, d. 4-9-1992, Age/Birth:28-8-1903
Cave, Torrance Barcaldine, d. 19-4-1990, Age/Birth:29-5-1895
Caves, Miriam Gwendoline, d. 7-4-1982, Age/Birth:1899
Caves, Thomas, d. 25-2-1976, Age/Birth:4-2-1914
Cawthorne, Ellen Mary, d. 26-1-1995, Age/Birth:11-8-1915
Cawthorne, Eric Ronald, d. 18-5-1978, Age/Birth:1915
Chadwick, George Turner H, d. 10-4-1970, Age/Birth:1898
Chadwick, Mary Helen L, d. 21-9-1977, Age/Birth:1899
Chafer, Olive Edna, d. 2-5-1977, Age/Birth:1925
Chambers, John William, d. 7-6-1971, Age/Birth:1898
Chance, Olive Grace, d. 25-2-1980, Age/Birth:11-1-1926
Chance, Percival Edward K, d. 26-3-1996, Age/Birth:20-8-1920
Chandler, Catherine, d. 18-12-1970, Age/Birth:1905
Chant, Clarence, d. 1-10-1975, Age/Birth:58
Chapman, Anne Marie, d. 11-12-1963, Age/Birth:11-12-1963
Chapman, Cecil Robert, d. 10-7-1967, Age/Birth:1910
Chapman, Dorothy Grace E, d. 8-11-1976, Age/Birth:20-3-1913
Chapman, Douglas William, d. 15-4-1993, Age/Birth:11-1-1918
Chapman, Edward Houghton, d. 24-3-1998, Age/Birth:95
Chapman, Edward Houghton, d. 24-3-1998, Age/Birth:95
Chapman, Graham John, d. 23-11-1986, Age/Birth:8-2-1960
Chapman, Margaret Ann, d. 23-2-1984, Age/Birth:1-8-1898
Chapman, Mary Jane, d. 29-8-1990, Age/Birth:20-6-1901
Chapman, Thomas Victor, d. 9-9-1987, Age/Birth:24-7-1924
Chapman, William Samuel, d. 22-2-1963, Age/Birth:1884
Charles, Gordon Robert David, d. 20-1-1995, Age/Birth:27-9-1916
Chattaway, Anita Librada, d. 7-11-1977, Age/Birth:19-12-1898
Chattaway, Herbert Walter, d. 17-12-1984, Age/Birth:12-6-1894
Cheal, Gordon James, d. 4-9-1971, Age/Birth:23-10-1911
Cheesman, Alfred James, d. 20-11-1979, Age/Birth:1921
Cheffers, Percy Charles G, d. 2-2-1976, Age/Birth:1909
Chennell, Sydney Frank, d. 26-12-1966, Age/Birth:1899
Chettle, Frances Marie, d. 7-1-1989, Age/Birth:2-11-1913
Chettle, Harold James, d. 24-4-1997, Age/Birth:3-6-1914
Chiverton, Cecil, d. 2-6-1966, Age/Birth:1904
Chiverton, Edith Mabel, d. 25-10-1979, Age/Birth:1901
Chiverton, Edward, d. 27-5-1972, Age/Birth:1901
Chiverton, Ethel Elizabeth, d. 30-8-1972, Age/Birth:1900
Christensen, Clive Francis, d. 31-7-1994, Age/Birth:22-10-1916
Christensen, Ernest Emanuel, d. 1-11-1983, Age/Birth:24-9-1901
Christiansen, Julie-Anne, d. 12-9-1972, Age/Birth:1954
Christie, Maud Caroline E, d. 9-2-1991, Age/Birth:6-9-1901
Chuck, Walter Thomas, d. 4-5-1980, Age/Birth:1919
Clair, Cleo Theresa, d. 12-2-1977, Age/Birth:1918
Clancy, Gladys, d. 21-6-1996, Age/Birth:11-2-1906
Clancy, James Ignatius, d. 1-2-1987, Age/Birth:17-12-1906
Clapham, Joseph Henry, d. 22-10-1976, Age/Birth:15-12-1892
Clapham, Lucy Maxwell, d. 28-7-1978, Age/Birth:29-3-1895
Clare, Francis Joseph, d. 12-7-1974, Age/Birth:1903
Clare, Katie, d. 10-8-1994, Age/Birth:20-11-1902
Clark, Agatha Caroline, d. 24-6-1966, Age/Birth:1872
Clark, Ardys Dariel, d. 18-8-1965, Age/Birth:1891
Clark, Ethel, d. 21-7-1979, Age/Birth: ?
Clark, Harold Victor, d. 8-12-1965, Age/Birth:4-6-1892
Clark, Leslie Frederick, d. 9-8-1976, Age/Birth:1903
Clark, Mary, d. 9-8-1969, Age/Birth:1913
Clark, Norman Charles, d. 23-1-1972, Age/Birth:1904
Clark, Paul Colin, d. 9-7-1976, Age/Birth:1962
Clark, Stanley Endersbee, d. 31-10-1986, Age/Birth:18-3-1918
Clarke, Adelaide Pretoria, d. 21-7-1985, Age/Birth:7-9-1900
Clarke, Arthur, d. 20-2-1980, Age/Birth:12-5-1890
Clarke, Edna Hilda May, d. 2-12-1976, Age/Birth:1916
Clauss, Beryl Rose, d. 27-10-1975, Age/Birth:16-10-1925
Clauss, Earl Richard, d. 23-10-1994, Age/Birth:16-4-1951
Claydon, Florence Lilian, d. 18-11-1984, Age/Birth:6-5-1909
Claydon, Jessie Igal, d. 11-4-1979, Age/Birth:1898
Clayton, Hugh, d. 12-11-1985, Age/Birth:9-10-1906
Clayton, Marlene Merle, d. 1-10-1974, Age/Birth:25-11-1941
Clayton, Shirley Ann, d. 11-2-1966, Age/Birth:6-9-1947
Cleeland, Enid Vivian, d. 4-10-1973, Age/Birth:1920
Cliff, Frederick George, d. 7-10-1994, Age/Birth:1-6-1911
Clifford, Ernest Bernard, d. 3-2-1987, Age/Birth:26-5-1920
Clohessy, Annie, d. 9-3-1973, Age/Birth:1888
Clohessy, William, d. 5-10-1962, Age/Birth:1877
Close, Francis Albert, d. 23-2-1988, Age/Birth:15-7-1902
Close, George Alfred, d. 1-12-1973, Age/Birth:1896
Close, Violet Hopetoun, d. 7-11-1984, Age/Birth:16-6-1902
Clothier, Barbara Gertrude, d. 4-6-1994, Age/Birth:29-10-1939
Clune, Elizabeth Imrie (Lil), d. 26-1-2000, Age/Birth: ?
Clyde, Elsie Maud, d. 30-1-1994, Age/Birth:29-11-1908
Clyde, John, d. 24-2-1979, Age/Birth:29-3-1902
Clyne, Arthur Thomas, d. 30-6-1998, Age/Birth:89
Coates, Norman George, d. 23-6-1967, Age/Birth:1915
Cochran, Robert Hose, d. 4-11-1965, Age/Birth:1894
Cochrane, Clifford Hugh, d. 28-11-1980, Age/Birth:1931
Cochrane, Harold, d. 13-1-1971, Age/Birth:76
Cochrane, Hugh Archibald, d. 15-8-1973, Age/Birth:5-7-1899
Cochrane, Ruth, d. 30-8-1987, Age/Birth:23-9-1900
Cogill, Douglas Birdwood, d. 24-8-1988, Age/Birth:21-2-1918
Cogill, George Henry, d. 8-10-1990, Age/Birth:21-8-1916
Cole, Mary Elizabeth, d. 26-11-1981, Age/Birth:1913
Cole, Sidney Martin, d. 23-3-1975, Age/Birth:1912
Cole, William Gordon, d. 18-8-1960, Age/Birth:1921
Colenson, Kathleen Ann, d. 1-2-1985, Age/Birth:26-6-1934
Coles, Elizabeth, d. 22-11-1986, Age/Birth:7-1-1892
Collard, Beverley Ruth, d. 28-7-1983, Age/Birth:1940
Collas, Douglas Argyle, d. 13-3-1968, Age/Birth:1887
Collas, Ethel Catherine, d. 8-5-1991, Age/Birth:12-8-1901
Colless, Edwin George Leslie, d. 30-7-1963, Age/Birth:1887
Colless, Grace Irene, d. 10-5-1991, Age/Birth:28-10-1899
Colless, Helen Fay, d. 12-3-1963, Age/Birth:8wks
Colless, Sydney William, d. 9-9-1986, Age/Birth:14-8-1927
Colless, William, d. 24-1-1962, Age/Birth:1889
Collett, Joyce Edith C, d. 15-10-1995, Age/Birth:11-4-1914
Collett, Reginald James, d. 13-1-1975, Age/Birth:31-3-1903
Colley, Alice Margaret, d. 28-2-1968, Age/Birth:30-12-1904
Colley, Joseph James, d. 5-12-1970, Age/Birth:1895
Colley, Lavina Rose, d. 16-6-1987, Age/Birth:87
Colley, Lydney Clarence, d. 21-12-1968, Age/Birth:1909
Colley, Vivian Cowper, d. 27-4-1968, Age/Birth:1904
Collins, Albert Denis, d. 25-2-1986, Age/Birth:10-2-1916
Collins, Alfred Samuel, d. 21-1-1972, Age/Birth:1911
Collins, Henry Edward, d. 26-11-1965, Age/Birth:1876
Collins, Herbert Stanley, d. 3-8-1975, Age/Birth:1903
Collins, Isobel Catherine, d. 24-4-1985, Age/Birth:10-1-1905
Collins, Jack, d. 3-5-1974, Age/Birth:1911
Collins, Jennifer, d. 11-5-1973, Age/Birth:11-5-1973
Collins, Lorraine Winifred, d. 9-5-1991, Age/Birth:26-1-1924
Collins, Mary Ellen, d. 25-12-1979, Age/Birth:1905
Collins, Milton Clive, d. 30-8-1974, Age/Birth:17-6-1904
Collins, Olive Pearl, d. 11-3-1987, Age/Birth:1921
Collins, Percy Norman, d. 9-6-1968, Age/Birth:24-4-1897
Collins, Rebecca May, d. 10-11-1990, Age/Birth:27-8-1899
Collins, Robert, d. 19-10-1978, Age/Birth:13-4-1912
Collins, Robert Sidney F, d. 8-1-1964, Age/Birth:1916
Collins, Rose, d. 30-8-1963, Age/Birth:1871
Collins, Valerie, d. 23-11-1980, Age/Birth:18-10-1926
Collins, William Arthur, d. 8-8-1974, Age/Birth:1916
Colpoys, Isabel Victoria, d. 1-6-1967, Age/Birth:86
Colquhoun, Edward Nicholas, d. 11-10-1978, Age/Birth:1943
Commins, Lewis, d. 17-5-1977, Age/Birth:1914
Conaty, Francis Joseph, d. 8-3-1975, Age/Birth:1911
Conaty, Patricia Florence, d. 8-3-1975, Age/Birth:1908
Condon, Japar Benjamin, d. 15-7-1987, Age/Birth:11-7-1977
Conlan, Evelyn Myrtle, d. 25-3-1988, Age/Birth:19-5-1913
Conlan, Richard 'Les', d. 1-7-1974, Age/Birth:1891
Connolly, John Patrick, d. 22-2-1986, Age/Birth:3-7-1931
Connor, Allan Victor, d. 6-12-1996, Age/Birth:8-9-1914
Connor, Josephine Hannah, d. 24-4-1975, Age/Birth:1916
Connor, Reginald Hector, d. 14-7-1990, Age/Birth:13-5-1910
Connors, John Douglas, d. 1-11-1966, Age/Birth:1931
Cook, Angelin Jessie, d. 3-3-1983, Age/Birth:1928
Cook, David Sean, d. 28-2-1973, Age/Birth:25-2-1973
Cook, George, d. 10-2-1979, Age/Birth:1910
Cook, Harold Albert, d. 18-6-1978, Age/Birth:10-10-1901
Cook, Teresa Annamarie, d. 2-3-1974, Age/Birth:2-3-1974
Coolahan, Margaret Ann, d. 10-9-1981, Age/Birth:1932
Coomber, Brian Lawrence, d. 4-7-1999, Age/Birth: ?
Coomber, Florence Pauline, d. 19-7-1972, Age/Birth:1893
Coomber, Mathias Alexander, d. 13-12-1976, Age/Birth:1894
Cooney, John Henry, d. 10-8-1975, Age/Birth:1947
Cooney, William, d. 9-7-1975, Age/Birth:1908
Cooper, Brendan, d. 7-6-1981, Age/Birth:1974
Cooper, Cecil Meredith, d. 1-11-1980, Age/Birth:17-3-1891
Cooper, Charles, d. 24-7-1960, Age/Birth:1887
Cooper, Elsa Katherine, d. 5-1-1987, Age/Birth:9-11-1940
Cooper, Gordon Sloane, d. 16-7-1975, Age/Birth:1900
Cooper, Grace, d. 28-10-1983, Age/Birth:1905
Cooper, Henry James, d. 17-3-1986, Age/Birth:14-2-1907
Cooper, Louise, d. 24-4-1973, Age/Birth:1892
Cooper, Lucy Emily Maida, d. 24-8-1977, Age/Birth:1906
Cooper, Mervyn, d. 5-11-1996, Age/Birth:18-11-1914
Cooper, Phillipina E, d. 12-2-1977, Age/Birth:5-4-1897
Cooper, Shirley Margaret, d. 19-12-1977, Age/Birth:1939
Cooper, Wilfred Hewetson, d. 22-6-1968, Age/Birth:1902
Copas, Albert Frederick J, d. 8-6-1971, Age/Birth:1903
Cope, Beatrice, d. 11-6-1976, Age/Birth:1903
Cope, Harold Roy, d. 17-7-1991, Age/Birth:26-10-1911
Cope, Timothy Kevin V, d. 20-12-1974, Age/Birth:1955
Cope, Violet Edna, d. 2-2-1991, Age/Birth:30-1-1913
Cope, Winnifred Sarah I, d. 6-1-1989, Age/Birth:4-4-1925
Corben, Leslie James, d. 24-7-1972, Age/Birth:12-1-1907
Corbett, Jenny, d. 21-2-1965, Age/Birth:1898
Corbett, Ronald Benjamin, d. 24-3-1968, Age/Birth:1896
Cordell, Ivy Jane, d. 26-8-1983, Age/Birth:28-3-1908
Cordell, Keith Gordon, d. 10-10-1961, Age/Birth:1932
Cordell, Scott Keith William, d. 21-12-1985, Age/Birth:8-10-1961
Cordory, Harriet Emily, d. 17-4-1986, Age/Birth:14-6-1894
Cordwell, Alexander, d. 20-3-1986, Age/Birth:31-8-1919
Cordwell, Amy Ellen, d. 25-9-1997, Age/Birth:78
Cordwell, David Edward, d. 22-5-1976, Age/Birth:1958
Cordwell, Lillian Amelia W, d. 7-3-1964, Age/Birth:1914
Cordwell, Nesta Jean, d. 3-2-1994, Age/Birth:3-1-1924
Cordwell, Victor Thomas, d. 15-11-1988, Age/Birth:29-1-1914
Cork, Mandy Leigh, d. 30-5-1973, Age/Birth:2m
Cornelius, Francis, d. 8-10-1978, Age/Birth:1904
Corner, Delores Celestine, d. 5-4-1977, Age/Birth:1893
Corner, George Richard, d. 25-9-1976, Age/Birth:1896
Corner, James Finbar, d. 21-12-1971, Age/Birth:1927
Cornford, Sarah Ann, d. 10-3-1994, Age/Birth:3-9-1908
Cornford, Stephen Joseph, d. 26-9-1979, Age/Birth:1911
Cornish, Stanley Heath, d. 6-7-1963, Age/Birth:1890
Corones, Spero, d. 5-11-1962, Age/Birth:1900
Costa, George, d. 8-8-1966, Age/Birth:1906
Costar, Heather Lillian, d. 3-12-1963, Age/Birth:1923
Costar, John Lindsay, d. 16-9-1996, Age/Birth:4-10-1910
Costello, Desmond Joseph, d. 7-7-1973, Age/Birth:20-10-1935
Costello, Evelyn, d. 24-7-1971, Age/Birth:1905
Costin, Clifford Harold, d. 22-8-1980, Age/Birth:1916
Costin, Mary Pauline, d. 10-10-1960, Age/Birth:1893
Costin, Sidney Arnold, d. 22-8-1968, Age/Birth:1889
Couchman, George Howard, d. 25-7-1985, Age/Birth:3-1-1902
Coulson, Lilian Hazel, d. 5-6-1990, Age/Birth:11-9-1918
Coulson, Lionel Thomas, d. 31-7-1996, Age/Birth:5-6-1917
Coulson, Rodney John, d. 29-1-1970, Age/Birth:1945
Coupe, Edward Cecil, d. 6-10-1976, Age/Birth:18-6-1886
Courtenay, Deborah Colleen, d. 23-5-1961, Age/Birth:14-12-1959
Covey, Michael James, d. 8-9-1976, Age/Birth:14m
Cox, Edward Sayers, d. 16-4-1971, Age/Birth:1889
Cox, Vera Geniveve, d. 16-8-1986, Age/Birth:6-12-1885
Cox, Walter Westrop, d. 15-7-1979, Age/Birth:1914
Coxan, Lean Alice, d. 11-9-1963, Age/Birth:8-9-1963
Coxon, Harold, d. 6-6-1983, Age/Birth:1912
Coyne, Patrick Joseph, d. 19-7-1963, Age/Birth:1878
Craig, Francis John, d. 8-2-1968, Age/Birth:1907
Craig, Lewis Francis, d. 23-4-1985, Age/Birth:25-4-1917
Craig, Steven James, d. 26-11-1973, Age/Birth:1973
Craig, Vivienne, d. 9-9-1999, Age/Birth:68
Crapp, Mary Matilda, d. 25-6-1988, Age/Birth:21-5-1898
Crapp, Redvers Baden M, d. 13-5-1983, Age/Birth:3-2-1900
Craps, Regina, d. 14-1-1978, Age/Birth:1896
Crawford, Mary Erna Amy, d. 11-9-1992, Age/Birth:27-12-1958
Creasey, Sidney, d. 25-1-1977, Age/Birth:1906
Creed, William Beresford, d. 1-8-1962, Age/Birth:1907
Creef, Graham Anthony, d. 13-6-1978, Age/Birth:1904
Creef, Mary Enid, d. 9-7-1985, Age/Birth:6-5-1908
Creighton, Harold Melville, d. 22-6-1970, Age/Birth:1895
Cripps, Edith Myrtle, d. 6-11-1971, Age/Birth:1904
Cripps, Lionel Oliver Gordon, d. 30-7-1980, Age/Birth:2-3-1901
Crisp, Arnold Alfred, d. 6-1-1967, Age/Birth:1900
Crisp, Gladys Elizabeth, d. 1-12-1969, Age/Birth:1898
Crisp, Mary Isabel, d. 25-2-1964, Age/Birth:1900
Crocker, Anthony John, d. 16-5-1976, Age/Birth:1974
Crofts, Harold Grenville King, d. 8-12-1972, Age/Birth:1901
Crofts, Hester Lillian Terry, d. 6-6-1974, Age/Birth:1900
Croker, James Henry, d. 27-11-1973, Age/Birth:1905
Cronk, Helen, d. 10-8-1972, Age/Birth:1893
Crossingham, Bethel Fay, d. 18-6-1967, Age/Birth:1944
Crossingham, Joseph Edward, d. 23-4-1997, Age/Birth:24-8-1915
Crossingham, Lisa Jo, d. 18-6-1967, Age/Birth:1964
Crossingham, Philip Arthur, d. 18-6-1967, Age/Birth:25-7-1943
Crossingham, Philip Waverley, d. 18-6-1967, Age/Birth:1966
Crossno, Steven Waldo, d. 5-5-1982, Age/Birth:1951
Crouch, Christena, d. 14-3-1985, Age/Birth:7-12-1895
Crouch, Lyall Reginald, d. 12-3-1977, Age/Birth:24-5-1888
Crowley, William George, d. 3-6-1990, Age/Birth:16-12-1920
Crowther, Ernest Frank, d. 2-2-1969, Age/Birth:1890
Crump, Gregory Arthur, d. 7-3-1964, Age/Birth:1949
Cullen, Arthur, d. 9-11-1973, Age/Birth:1900
Cullen, Gladys Martha A, d. 25-5-1983, Age/Birth:1907
Cummins, Anthony John, d. 23-10-1979, Age/Birth:1939
Cummins, Evelyn Nance, d. 7-12-1987, Age/Birth:19-8-1934
Cummins, Samantha Jane, d. 31-12-1990, Age/Birth:31-12-1990
Cundy, Alexander, d. 28-2-1980, Age/Birth:24-5-1912
Cundy, Olive Joyce, d. 17-7-1987, Age/Birth:25-9-1915
Cunliffe, John Lawrence, d. 2-9-1969, Age/Birth:1913
Cunning, William John, d. 28-12-1980, Age/Birth:17-8-1911
Cunnington, Kim Patrick, d. 13-1-1988, Age/Birth:27-9-1971
Currey, Herbert Henry, d. 11-11-1985, Age/Birth:8-2-1888
Currey, Lillian May, d. 10-1-1984, Age/Birth:28-1-1893
Currie, Kathleen Jane, d. 1-10-1976, Age/Birth:1894
Curry, Cecil G, d. 4-2-1997, Age/Birth:2-6-1910
Curry, Olive, d. 29-5-1976, Age/Birth:1912
Curyer, Harriett Eileen, d. 6-9-1969, Age/Birth:1899
Cutmore, Catherine Vivienne, d. 28-3-1981, Age/Birth:1912
Cutmore, Deborah Jean, d. 18-5-1975, Age/Birth:18-5-1975
Cutting, George William, d. 29-4-1972, Age/Birth:1911
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