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Nambour General Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

Abbott, Dorothy, d. 1930
Abbott, Robert, d. 1930
Abrahams, William, d. 16-4-1927
Ackerman, Daniel, d. 31-10-1938, Age/Birth:1855
Ackerman, Daniel, d. 31-10-1938, Age/Birth:1855
Ackerman, Eliza, d. 24-12-1957, Age/Birth:1888
Ackerman, Ida, d. 2-4-1960, Age/Birth:1904
Ackerman, James Cooper, d. 13-1-1966, Age/Birth:1893
Ackerman, Lewis Daniel, d. 19-9-1951, Age/Birth:1889
Ackerman, Mary Elizabeth, d. 29-3-1943, Age/Birth:21-1-1854
Ackerman, Sybil, d. 16-1-1921, Age/Birth:14-1-1921
Ackerman, William George M, d. 18-7-1958, Age/Birth:1883
Adams, Alfred Ireton , d. 6-4-1914, Age/Birth:June 1913
Adams, Alice Ann, d. 26-5-1937, Age/Birth:1862
Adams, Aubrey William Jose, d. 23-11-1908, Age/Birth:July 1908
Adams, Charles Henry, d. 7-12-1946, Age/Birth:26-4-1885
Adams, Jenette Hilda, d. 12-11-1959, Age/Birth:Nov 1959
Adams, William, d. 5-4-1943, Age/Birth:31-3-1851
Adsett, Colin Douglas, d. 25-6-1931, Age/Birth:4-3-1931
Adsett, Margaret Heather, d. 29-2-1924, Age/Birth:16-2-1924
Affleck, Coral Pansy Gabriel, d. 7-6-1914, Age/Birth:1909
Aiken, Robert, d. 1-12-1952, Age/Birth:1896
Ainsworth, Fay, d. 25-2-1918, Age/Birth:1918
Aird, Archibald Richard, d. 6-8-1945, Age/Birth:13-3-1890
Aird, Emily Isabel, d. 20-11-1949, Age/Birth:14-5-1883
Aird, John Alexander, d. 10-4-1960, Age/Birth:1886
Aird, Mary Ann, d. 12-11-1915, Age/Birth:1863
Aird, Stella, d. 12-1-1960, Age/Birth:1890
Akers, Alfred James, d. 10-9-1920, Age/Birth:7-9-1920
Albrecht, Dora, d. 16-4-1905, Age/Birth:1856
Aldrick, Frederick Robert, d. 18-5-1949, Age/Birth:9-6-1904
Aldrick, Violet Emily, d. 12-2-1992, Age/Birth:6-5-1906
Alexander, Maud, d. 11-9-1942, Age/Birth:15-5-1864
Allan, Archibald, d. 9-2-1917, Age/Birth:1844
Allan, Charlotte, d. 18-10-1905, Age/Birth:1857
Allan, Margaret, d. 25-9-1947, Age/Birth:24-9-1947
Allen, William Templeton, d. 24-6-1931, Age/Birth:1889
Allen, William, d. 24-6-1931, Age/Birth:?
Allendorf, George, d. 22-3-1956, Age/Birth:1893
Allsop, William Henry, d. 16-11-1936, Age/Birth:13-4-1862
Allsop, William Henry, d. 16-11-1936, Age/Birth:13-4-1862
Ambrose, Ada Caroline, d. 28-6-1962, Age/Birth:1885
Ambrose, Edna May, d. 2-5-1925, Age/Birth:1904
Ambrose, Henry Ernest, d. 7-2-1941, Age/Birth:1874
Amos, Emily Alice Maud, d. 20-9-1946, Age/Birth:30-4-1893
Amos, William, d. 1-3-1943, Age/Birth:29-4-1877
Andersen, Christian Schmidt, d. 14-4-1941, Age/Birth:1874
Andersen, Neils Peter, d. 9-1-1959, Age/Birth:1877
Anderson, Ada Maria, d. 23-7-1940, Age/Birth:1867
Anderson, Andrew Albert, d. 3-10-1909, Age/Birth:13-9-1909
Anderson, Emelie Betty, d. 15-12-1940, Age/Birth:Mar 1925
Anderson, Gwyneth Mary, d. 9-8-1960, Age/Birth:Sept 1959
Anderson, Gwyneth Mary, d. 9-8-1960, Age/Birth:Sept 1959
Anderson, William Fordyce, d. 4-7-1929, Age/Birth:1863
Anderson, William, d. 21-7-1928, Age/Birth:18-5-1870
Andreasen, Anders Christian, d. 19-10-1907, Age/Birth:1833
Andreasen, Anna Mary, d. 2-4-1945, Age/Birth:4-3-1885
Andreasen, Chris, d. 18-7-1908, Age/Birth:?
Andreasen, Ingeborg Margrete, d. 8-6-1909, Age/Birth:1849
Andreasen, Margaretta Sophia, d. 8-6-1933, Age/Birth:8-10-1849
Andreasen, Peter, d. 5-11-1931, Age/Birth:21-5-1850
Andreason, Anna Margaretta, d. 15-1-1934, Age/Birth:6-2-1894
Andreason, Annie, d. 11-7-1947, Age/Birth:1890
Andreason, Eric Hansen, d. 19-8-1959, Age/Birth:1880
Andreason, Eric Hansen, d. 19-8-1959, Age/Birth:1880
Andreason, Mrs, d. ?, Age/Birth:?
Andrewartha, Thelma Louisa, d. 8-10-1915, Age/Birth:Apr 1915
Andrews, Agnes Brown, d. 21-5-1941, Age/Birth:10-8-1881
Andrews, William, d. 25-11-1982, Age/Birth:1884
Appleby, William Ernest, d. 15-8-1951, Age/Birth:1868
Apps, Albert Emanuel, d. 13-9-1979, Age/Birth:1902
Apps, Annie Mary, d. 1-7-1957, Age/Birth:1903
Apps, Edna May, d. 2-9-1916, Age/Birth:Dec 1915
Apps, Ellen Eileen, d. 19-12-1961, Age/Birth:1890
Apps, Searle Arthur, d. 28-9-1957, Age/Birth:1890
Aranguena, Felix, d. 4-7-1957, Age/Birth:1922
Armstrong, James Hugh, d. 20-2-1953, Age/Birth:1877
Armstrong, Jane Frances J, d. 19-11-1968, Age/Birth:1883
Armstrong, Rosina , d. 10-8-1944, Age/Birth:5-7-1876
Arndt, Augusta Alberta W, d. 6-6-1941, Age/Birth:1867
Arndt, Carl Friedrich W, d. 26-7-9151, Age/Birth:29-6-1862
Arndt, Ferdinand, d. 26-10-1952, Age/Birth:1889
Arndt, Marie Anna, d. 14-9-1979, Age/Birth:1896
Asher, (Ball), Violet, d. 14-9-1973, Age/Birth:1892
Asher, Ernest Daniel, d. 8-4-1943, Age/Birth:2-1-1887
Ashley, Eleanor Agnes, d. 31-10-1946, Age/Birth:1875
Ashley, Herbert, d. 7-9-1952, Age/Birth:1874
Askwith, Sarah Ellen, d. 16-9-1953, Age/Birth:1879
Aspland, Harriet, d. 28-7-1968, Age/Birth:1879
Aspland, James, d. 22-12-1939, Age/Birth:1905
Aspland, Rosina Amelia, d. 30-11-1924, Age/Birth:1876
Aspland, William, d. 24-7-1959, Age/Birth:1869
Aston, Percival, d. 28-9-1934, Age/Birth:1878
Atherton, Henry Stuart, d. 13-4-1952, Age/Birth:1908
Atherton, Thomas Arthur, d. 10-2-1935, Age/Birth:8-11-1866
Atkins, Emma Ann Holmes, d. 7-9-1933, Age/Birth:7-8-1842
Atkinson, Ivan Thomas, d. 16-2-1942, Age/Birth:16-2-1942
Avery, Mavis Isabel, d. 21-11-1957, Age/Birth:1920
Axe, Isaac Salisbury, d. 1-6-1932, Age/Birth:1-4-1852
Axe, Sarah Ann, d. 13-6-1919, Age/Birth:1852
Ayliffe, Thomas Bertram, d. 3-2-1960, Age/Birth:1885
Ayres, Henry, d. 15-9-1946, Age/Birth:1884
Backhaus, William, d. 5-9-1926, Age/Birth:24-12-1900
Bade, Arthur, d. 31-12-1935, Age/Birth:31-12-1935
Bade, David Herman, d. 10-10-1967, Age/Birth:1904
Bade, Elsie, d. 10-4-1941, Age/Birth:1908
Bade, Herman, d. 20-9-1954, Age/Birth:1875
Bade, Johann, d. 16-9-1927, Age/Birth:1836
Bade, Martha Wilhelmine, d. 20-9-1974, Age/Birth:1880
Badger, Brian Martin, d. 14-12-1948, Age/Birth:Feb 1946
Bahr, Jasper Alfred, d. 13-12-1931, Age/Birth:12-7-1930
Baildon, Samuel Robert G, d. 21-12-1948, Age/Birth:6-3-1878
Bailey, Eliza Muriel, d. 1-4-1908, Age/Birth:7-2-1863
Bailey, George, d. 26-11-1964, Age/Birth:1884
Bailey, Olive, d. 23-11-1959, Age/Birth:1906
Bailey, Stephen George, d. 9-9-1991, Age/Birth:12-5-1900
Baker, Edith Edna, d. 5-12-1915, Age/Birth:May 1912
Baker, Ernest George, d. 16-12-1946, Age/Birth:4-8-1878
Baker, Margaret Ellen, d. 23-12-1931, Age/Birth:9-7-1880
Baker, Michael Joseph, d. 21-10-1928, Age/Birth:1871
Baker, Sberale Joseph A, d. 15-12-1931, Age/Birth:?
Baldwin, Alan James, d. 27-5-1940, Age/Birth:27-5-1940
Ball, baby, d. 28-9-1952, Age/Birth:?
Ballinger, Frances Bruce, d. 26-5-1939, Age/Birth:Sept 1861
Ballom, David Isaac, d. 21-4-1953, Age/Birth:1890
Bambrick, Sarah, d. 8-9-1943, Age/Birth:22-2-1869
Bampton, Bessie, d. 17-11-1960, Age/Birth:1890
Bampton, Ivan Keith, d. 20-4-1968, Age/Birth:1947
Bampton, Kevin Charles, d. 6-10-1959, Age/Birth:1940
Bampton, William George, d. 3-7-1954, Age/Birth:1889
Banachan, Patrick William, d. 10-12-1949, Age/Birth:13-6-1896
Barber, Henry Russell, d. 15-1-1956, Age/Birth:1903
Barber, John William, d. 27-11-1943, Age/Birth:1867
Barber, Sarah Ann, d. 6-11-1943, Age/Birth:19-8-1855
Barkle, James, d. 23-8-1959, Age/Birth:1876
Barnett, Elsie May, d. 4-12-1951, Age/Birth:1898
Barnett, James, d. 12-12-1912, Age/Birth:?
Barrett, Joshua Charles, d. 11-3-1943, Age/Birth:11-9-1912
Bates, Mary Jane, d. 30-4-1959, Age/Birth:1877
Bates, Thomas, d. 16-2-1944, Age/Birth:2-4-1863
Bath, George, d. ?, Age/Birth:?
Batten, Marguerite Ellen A, d. 7-10-1974, Age/Birth:1902
Batten, Rosston Edgar Leon, d. 31-8-1937, Age/Birth:12-12-1927
Batten, W.H., d. ?, Age/Birth:?
Baumann, Martin, d. 22-10-1976, Age/Birth:1911
Baxter, Richard, d. 26-6-1917, Age/Birth:1854
Beardmore, Peter, d. 31-10-1947, Age/Birth:31-10-1947
Beasley, John William Oswald, d. 21-8-1989, Age/Birth:22-6-1912
Beasley, Thelma Dardanelle, d. 7-10-1985, Age/Birth:29-8-1915
Beath, Arthur Edward, d. 7-11-1933, Age/Birth:4-11-1933
Beatson, Earl Hume, d. 30-7-1944, Age/Birth:6-10-1921
Beatson, Elise Helene Amelia, d. 12-6-1974, Age/Birth:1892
Beatson, Hume Johnstone, d. 25-5-1960, Age/Birth:1877
Beattie, Dulcie Maud, d. 25-9-1917, Age/Birth:8-9-1917
Beattie, Duncan, d. 1-10-1945, Age/Birth:10-3-1859
Beattie, Mary Jane, d. 14-7-1937, Age/Birth:1861
Beausang, William Norris, d. 31-12-1918, Age/Birth:16-10-1847
Bell, Carolyn Anne, d. 13-5-1953, Age/Birth:?
Bell, Ellen Matilda, d. 6-9-1952, Age/Birth:1904
Bell, Elsie, d. 6-10-1997, Age/Birth:?
Bell, Enid, d. 18-2-1943, Age/Birth:1937
Bell, James Kemp, d. 22-12-1960, Age/Birth:1900
Bell, Noel David, d. 21-7-1950, Age/Birth:18-7-1950
Bell, Thomas, d. 14-3-1947, Age/Birth:1886
Bendixen, Dulcie Randall, d. 30-10-1924, Age/Birth:Mar 1923
Bendixen, Heinrich Wilhelm, d. 19-9-1915, Age/Birth:1874
Bendixen, Julius Gottfried, d. 17-10-1934, Age/Birth:?
Bendixen, Mary Elizabeth, d. 2-1-1953, Age/Birth:1887
Bendixen, twins, d. 28-6-1920, Age/Birth:?
Benfer, Daisy, d. 12-8-1942, Age/Birth:Apr 1885
Bennett, Edward Percival, d. 21-2-1932, Age/Birth:9-4-1908
Bennett, Elvyne Gertrude, d. 11-8-1977, Age/Birth:1892
Bennett, John, d. 19-10-1925, Age/Birth:1864
Bennett, Lewis Walter, d. 20-12-1952, Age/Birth:1909
Bennett, Lilly Arathea Marion, d. 18-7-1956, Age/Birth:23-3-1885
Bennett, Mary Ann, d. 16-6-1942, Age/Birth:1868
Bennett, Michael, d. 9-6-1944, Age/Birth:1879
Bennett, Percival Henry, d. 8-8-1923, Age/Birth:28-8-1884
Bennett, Sabeth Gatenby, d. 10-12-1982, Age/Birth:1915
Berney, Nathaniel James, d. 15-5-1936, Age/Birth:Aug 1865
Berry, May Florence, d. 14-9-1910, Age/Birth:Aug 1910
Berry, Timothy, d. Aug 1950, Age/Birth:Aug 1950
Berwick, Andrew, d. 1-3-1934, Age/Birth:1867
Betts, Alma Mary, d. 15-9-1946, Age/Birth:1-4-1900
Beveridge, William McLean, d. 24-8-1956, Age/Birth:1879
Bevin, Gregory John, d. 18-2-1959, Age/Birth:Feb 1959
Bevin, John Henry, d. 11-9-1939, Age/Birth:1866
Biggs, Colin, d. 7-5-1952, Age/Birth:Aug 1951
Biggs, Ian Douglas, d. 6-12-1952, Age/Birth:3-12-1952
Biggs, Warren, d. 28-1-1944, Age/Birth:26-2-1937
Bills, Shirley May, d. 26-10-1944, Age/Birth:24-3-1935
Binnie, Charles George, d. 13-2-1956, Age/Birth:58
Bishop, Albert Norman, d. 24-2-1951, Age/Birth:4-12-1889
Bishop, Florrie, d. 16-11-1942, Age/Birth:1895
Bishop, Gordon Raymond, d. 15-11-1946, Age/Birth:1924
Bishop, James Ellis Oscar, d. 8-3-1949, Age/Birth:1897
Bishop, Lillian May, d. 19-9-1966, Age/Birth:1897
Blackey, James, d. 28-11-1916, Age/Birth:1876
Blanck, Norman Charles, d. 15-5-1986, Age/Birth:22-5-1931
Blank, Ian Norman, d. 26-3-1965, Age/Birth:12-7-1960
Bobic, Djuro 'George ', d. 16-5-1986, Age/Birth:6-10-1933
Booka, also Charong Noyah, d. 3-9-1933, Age/Birth:1853
Booka, B, d. 22-11-1933, Age/Birth:1871
Booka, Bob, also Limandula, d. 31-8-1933, Age/Birth:1863
Booka, James, d. 31-5-1936, Age/Birth:1866
Booka, Minnie, d. 11-3-1931, Age/Birth:1870
Booth, Alice Maud, d. 9-1-1937, Age/Birth:13-4-1866
Booth, George Doubleday, d. 4-12-1944, Age/Birth:Jun 1862
Booth, Ruth, d. 7-9-1910, Age/Birth:1886
Boothroyd, Clarence Victor, d. 22-8-1923, Age/Birth:12-9-1881
Bourne, Charles John, d. 20-7-1925, Age/Birth:5-5-1914
Bourne, Rhoda Mary, d. 26-4-1963, Age/Birth:1916
Bowda, Richard, d. 12-2-1920, Age/Birth:1874
Bowder, Beatrice, d. 9-6-1919, Age/Birth:1900
Bowder, Dorothy, d. 14-8-1919, Age/Birth:11-8-1919
Bowman, Isabella Eva Maud, d. 11-2-1942, Age/Birth:1-6-1884
Boxsell, William Thomas, d. 28-9-1912, Age/Birth:1-1-1895
Boyce, Alice Elizabeth, d. 1-4-1904, Age/Birth:1894
Boyce, George Edward, d. 22-11-1940, Age/Birth:1-1-1891
Boyce, Mary, d. 19-5-1937, Age/Birth:1867
Boyle, Annette Beverley L, d. 18-2-1944, Age/Birth:1-1-1943
Boyle, Lorenzo Miller, d. 30-12-1941, Age/Birth:1868
Boyle, Maria, d. 26-9-1966, Age/Birth:1882
Boyle, Nicholas, d. 1-12-1940, Age/Birth:1873
Boyle, Rose Caroline Mary, d. 21-3-1932, Age/Birth:23-1-1873
Boysen, Hans, d. 25-9-1948, Age/Birth:1863
Braden, Winnie Catherine , d. 11-1-1951, Age/Birth:4-1-1930
Brandt, Joseph, d. 5-1-1954, Age/Birth:Jan 1954
Branigan, John, d. 31-3-1926, Age/Birth:18-12-1860
Brazenall, Donna Gail, d. 27-10-1955, Age/Birth:?
Brennan, Annie Sarah Jane, d. 19-12-1940, Age/Birth:15-9-1863
Brennan, Patrick James, d. 28-5-1935, Age/Birth:1868
Brett, Ivy May, d. 16-1-1977, Age/Birth:1895
Brett, John, d. 3-4-1953, Age/Birth:1891
Brien, John Alexander, d. 4-9-1955, Age/Birth:1866
Briggs, Christopher Ralf, d. 22-8-1923, Age/Birth:2-4-1889
Bright, James, d. 10-3-1903, Age/Birth:?
Brinkley, Elsie Marie, d. 6-6-1912, Age/Birth:Dec 1911
Brinkley, Lillian Ethel, d. 25-4-1923, Age/Birth:25-4-1923
Brinkley, Ralph, d. 8-5-1889, Age/Birth:4-5-1889
Brockhurst, Alice Amy, d. 12-10-1936, Age/Birth:5-9-1874
Brockhurst, Arthur Alma, d. 8-8-1898, Age/Birth:1-8-1898
Brockhurst, George, d. 6-8-1952, Age/Birth:1864
Brockhurst, Gilbert Morse, d. 28-3-1998, Age/Birth:96
Brockhurst, Morse, d. 25-12-1933, Age/Birth:25-12-1933
Bromilie, ?, d. 7-1-1918, Age/Birth:?
Brook, Clarice Mabel, d. 8-2-1937, Age/Birth:6-5-1909
Brook, Jane Ann Phillips, d. 8-12-1968, Age/Birth:1883
Brook, Robert, d. 17-12-1932, Age/Birth:17-6-1869
Brook, William, d. 11-5-1945, Age/Birth:27-5-1871
Brooke, Clyde Edward, d. 24-3-1943, Age/Birth:1933
Brookes, Ann Keziah, d. 22-7-1936, Age/Birth:11-9-1861
Brookes, Arthur Henry, d. 3-5-1948, Age/Birth:29-3-1857
Brown , Philip, d. 13-1-1934, Age/Birth:1898
Brown, ?, d. 10-8-1947, Age/Birth:10-8-1947
Brown, Arthur, d. 1-9-1973, Age/Birth:30-6-1972
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 7-7-1939, Age/Birth:1868
Brown, Juanita Martha, d. 29-11-1947, Age/Birth:9-1-1889
Brown, Lucy, d. 6-5-1917, Age/Birth:1877
Brown, Mary, d. 18-8-1906, Age/Birth:1821
Brown, Wendell Blair, d. 17-7-1938, Age/Birth:17-6-1937
Brown, William Duncan, d. 11-1-1955, Age/Birth:1893
Brown, William Gladstone, d. 25-7-1960, Age/Birth:1883
Bruce, Albert, d. 27-6-1940, Age/Birth:1898
Bruce, Henry, d. 10-1-1933, Age/Birth:10-12-1860
Buckby, Ivy Sarah, d. 13-1-1905, Age/Birth:20-6-1904
Buckby, Reginald John, d. 23-2-1927, Age/Birth:1906
Buckley, Jane Etta, d. 8-4-1896, Age/Birth:Aug 1890
Buckley, Reginald John, d. 10-2-1927, Age/Birth:10-6-1905
Buhmann, Conrad Lefter, d. 23-5-1951, Age/Birth:1926
Buhmann, Frederick Johann, d. 12-11-1948, Age/Birth:25-10-1890
Buist, Jessie Lilias, d. 11-1-1934, Age/Birth:21-11-1859
Bull, Jean, d. 6-2-1948, Age/Birth:6-2-1948
Bull, Joan, d. 6-2-1948, Age/Birth:6-2-1948
Bull, Ronald James, d. 29-8-1925, Age/Birth:24-8-1925
Bull, W, d. 29-10-1906, Age/Birth:?
Bullen, Martha, d. 31-7-1946, Age/Birth:7-1-1862
Bullen, William Henry, d. 26-9-1935, Age/Birth:1-3-1863
Bunting, Louisa, d. 7-4-1937, Age/Birth:1877
Bunting, Reginald George, d. 8-10-1934, Age/Birth:29-8-1910
Burgess, ?, d. 15-12-1948, Age/Birth:15-12-1934
Burgess, Caroline, d. 27-4-1958, Age/Birth:1881
Burgess, George Thomas, d. 22-1-1953, Age/Birth:1882
Burgess, Gwendolyn May, d. 29-12-1934, Age/Birth:25-11-1911
Burke, Martin Edward, d. 8-2-1910, Age/Birth:Feb 1909
Burnett, Raymond Kevin, d. 3-8-1944, Age/Birth:3-8-1944
Burnitt, Lionel William, d. 3-5-1958, Age/Birth:1893
Burrell, John, d. 21-6-1943, Age/Birth:4-1-1872
Burrell, John, d. 25-3-1913, Age/Birth:23-3-1913
Burrell, Margaret Ann, d. 25-7-1955, Age/Birth:1879
Burrows, Beverley John, d. ?, Age/Birth:?
Burrows, Doreen Ethel, d. 25-10-1942, Age/Birth:16-3-1919
Burrows, George John, d. 24-12-1951, Age/Birth:1873
Burrows, Josephine Mary, d. 18-5-1943, Age/Birth:13-4-1884
Burrows, Marjorie Magdalen, d. 6-10-1932, Age/Birth:1918
Burrows, Mervyn James, d. 27-2-1943, Age/Birth:1912
Burrows, William Edward, d. 4-6-1947, Age/Birth:17-10-1907
Burton, Elizabeth, d. 27-12-1943, Age/Birth:1872
Burton, Lurlene Ruth, d. 5-1-1935, Age/Birth:27-5-1934
Burton, William Leicester, d. 25-3-1936, Age/Birth:Feb 1930
Bury, Alfred, d. 16-7-1917, Age/Birth:1870
Bury, Alfred, d. 16-7-1933, Age/Birth:Dec 1885
Bury, Edward Charles, d. 4-7-1920, Age/Birth:1892
Bury, George Donaldson, d. 29-10-1916, Age/Birth:Aug 1915
Bury, George Glasgow, d. 31-3-1906, Age/Birth:31-3-1906
Bury, George Land, d. 3-3-1925, Age/Birth:15-6-1851
Bury, Henry David, d. 19-12-1954, Age/Birth:1884
Bury, Jane Ann, d. 24-8-1936, Age/Birth:24-3-1856
Bury, John Edward, d. 13-12-1914, Age/Birth:1882
Bushnell, Margaret, d. 16-6-1945, Age/Birth:1869
Busing, Arthur Bernard, d. 29-3-1932, Age/Birth:29-4-1894
Busing, Bernard, d. 2-12-1922, Age/Birth:7-10-1922
Butement, George Alexander, d. 20-5-1919, Age/Birth:16-2-1860
Butler, Annie May, d. 24-6-1940, Age/Birth:7-4-1884
Butler, Robert Selby, d. 8-6-1947, Age/Birth:1888
Buttan-Singh, Thomas, d. 5-5-1941, Age/Birth:1871
Buttle, Albert Walter, d. 13-10-1899, Age/Birth:?
Buttle, Fanny, d. 30-8-1945, Age/Birth:June 1867
Buttle, Walter James, d. 11-3-1933, Age/Birth:1859
Bycroft, May Elizabeth, d. 4-9-1948, Age/Birth:May 1912
Byquar, Ernest Henry, d. 16-6-1983, Age/Birth:4-12-1903
Byquar, Louie, d. 13-11-1926, Age/Birth:?
Byquar, Norah Madeleine, d. 24-5-1994, Age/Birth:1-5-1903
Byrne, Lawrence James, d. 9-4-1939, Age/Birth:21-3-1918
Byrne, Maurice James, d. 31-8-1958, Age/Birth:1890
Cahill, ?, d. 2-6-1955, Age/Birth:20-2-1941
Callaghan, Harriett, d. 4-11-1915, Age/Birth:1865
Callaghan, Roy, d. 1-7-1915, Age/Birth:?
Cameron, May Mary Constance, d. 25-7-1932, Age/Birth:13-5-1883
Campbell, ?, d. 18-12-1941, Age/Birth:17-12-1941
Campbell, Archibald, d. 1936, Age/Birth:1867
Campbell, Eileen Isabell, d. 27-6-1908, Age/Birth:31-3-1908
Campbell, Sarah Eileen, d. 18-10-1934, Age/Birth:1859
Cannon, Clarence, d. 6-8-1913, Age/Birth:4-8-1913
Capel, Reginald Algernon, d. 16-7-1948, Age/Birth:14-5-1876
Capell, George Henry, d. 5-8-1909, Age/Birth:1908
Capewell, John Frederick W, d. 8-11-1936, Age/Birth:1890
Caplick, Edith Maud, d. 27-3-1905, Age/Birth:1904
Capper, Herbert, d. 9-6-1913, Age/Birth:5-6-1913
Capper, John Mills, d. 2-10-1950, Age/Birth:19-7-1858
Capper, Martha, d. 8-8-1939, Age/Birth:Mar 1865
Cargnello, Rita, d. 12-8-1957, Age/Birth:1952
Carnell, Montrose E Norma, d. 4-9-1909, Age/Birth:1875
Carnell, Robert John, d. 12-8-1909, Age/Birth:1841
Carnell, William, d. 31-10-1915, Age/Birth:1845
Carroll, Catherine, d. 1-7-1951, Age/Birth:22-9-1870
Carroll, Ellen, d. 23-12-1916, Age/Birth:?
Carroll, Ellen, d. 30-11-1889, Age/Birth:1842
Carroll, Francis Garvey, d. 22-11-1932, Age/Birth:12-4-1914
Carroll, James Ross, d. 12-3-1969, Age/Birth:1879
Carroll, Mathew, d. 1-8-1953, Age/Birth:1864
Carroll, Matthew, d. 22-6-1917, Age/Birth:1836
Carroll, Patrick William, d. 28-12-1949, Age/Birth:23-3-1877
Carter, Dulcie D'Argeavil, d. 1-12-1958, Age/Birth:1911
Carter, Florence Emma, d. 14-10-1966, Age/Birth:1884
Carter, John McDougal H, d. 3-10-1960, Age/Birth:1914
Carter, John McDougall H, d. 3-10-1937, Age/Birth:Jan 1937
Carter, Raymond John, d. 26-10-1937, Age/Birth:1937
Carter, Samuel Ellis, d. 13-6-1934, Age/Birth:May 1883
Casten, Albert Joseph, d. 27-3-1958, Age/Birth:1880
Casten, Emma, d. 12-1-1946, Age/Birth:1885
Castenage, George Joseph, d. 9-9-1945, Age/Birth:1916
Cavanagh, Alfred, d. 21-1-1988, Age/Birth:24-8-1918
Cavanagh, Edward Keith, d. 16-4-1970, Age/Birth:1953
Cavanagh, Minnie Caroline, d. 2-8-1968, Age/Birth:9-9-1887
Cavanagh, William Henry, d. 9-1-1945, Age/Birth:28-8-1870
Cavanagh, William Ronald, d. 22-4-1953, Age/Birth:1931
Chadwick, Margaret, d. 25-3-1923, Age/Birth:24-3-1923
Challenor, Florence Mary A, d. 1-10-1967, Age/Birth:1891
Charles, Margaret, d. June 1952, Age/Birth:1859
Charles, William White G, d. 26-5-1945, Age/Birth:18-5-1945
Cheney, Mary Jane, d. 8-10-1927, Age/Birth:4-6-1863
Chilley, Colleen Adelaide, d. 3-12-1977, Age/Birth:1895
Chilley, Vernon Campbell K, d. 17-5-1971, Age/Birth:1919
Chilly, Charles Murray, d. 5-8-1936, Age/Birth:1895
Chilly, Edward Murray, d. 5-8-1936, Age/Birth:16-7-1930
Chilly, Pauline, d. 8-11-1957, Age/Birth:8-11-1957
Chilly, Paulla Elizabeth, d. 4-5-1956, Age/Birth:Feb 1956
Chilly, Ross Maxwell, d. 23-4-1956, Age/Birth:?
Chiverton, Eliza, d. 7-11-1958, Age/Birth:1877
Chiverton, James George, d. 26-7-1953, Age/Birth:1869
Christensen, Colene Marie, d. 22-3-1958, Age/Birth:1945
Chronis, ?, d. 5-8-1959, Age/Birth:July 1959
Chronis, Eugenis, d. 12-6-1957, Age/Birth:Jan 1957
Clacy, George William, d. 6-7-1936, Age/Birth:17-1-1920
Clancy, William, d. 1-5-1913, Age/Birth:1862
Clare, Frances, d. 3-8-1957, Age/Birth:1872
Clark, Amy Margaret, d. 4-2-1929, Age/Birth:Apr 1924
Clark, Charles, d. 22-10-1923, Age/Birth:1865
Clark, Christina, d. 24-2-1954, Age/Birth:25-12-1908
Clark, Edith Lillian, d. 12-11-1986, Age/Birth:27-3-1898
Clark, Elaine Joan, d. 16-5-1929, Age/Birth:1-9-1927
Clark, Eliza , d. 29-6-1922, Age/Birth:1864
Clark, Eliza Bell, d. 19-6-1917, Age/Birth:3-6-1917
Clark, Elizabeth Alice, d. 24-3-1957, Age/Birth:1884
Clark, Frank, d. 11-7-1939, Age/Birth:Jan 1869
Clark, Frederick William, d. 4-3-1942, Age/Birth:Aug 1860
Clark, George, d. 17-2-1983, Age/Birth:11-6-1900
Clark, James, d. 17-1-1974, Age/Birth:1886
Clark, Leonard, d. 30-6-1905, Age/Birth:3-6-1904
Clark, Mary Ann, d. 28-2-1963, Age/Birth:1888
Clark, Robert Victor, d. 17-10-1954, Age/Birth:1887
Clark, Thomas Henry, d. 13-12-1947, Age/Birth:22-11-1891
Clayton, Elijah, d. 21-9-1947, Age/Birth:Dec 1889
Clem, Heinrich Casper, d. 19-2-1940, Age/Birth:1881
Clifton, Ethel Maud Usher, d. 5-9-1956, Age/Birth:1902
Cock , Annie, d. 1-12-1904, Age/Birth:Jun 1904
Cocks, Annie, d. 26-11-1945, Age/Birth:17-6-1871
Cocks, Lillian Edith, d. 20-9-1970, Age/Birth:1895
Coe, Archibald Colin, d. 25-3-1907, Age/Birth:May 1891
Coe, Elsie Evelyn, d. 4-12-1914, Age/Birth:1894
Coe, Robert, d. 12-2-1896, Age/Birth:1861
Cogil, Donald, d. 15-5-1890, Age/Birth:1824
Cogil, Elizabeth, d. 6-3-1890, Age/Birth:1846
Cogill, Charlotte Martha, d. 8-11-1961, Age/Birth:1887
Cogill, George Henry, d. 25-7-1957, Age/Birth:1884
Cogill, John, d. 17-11-1955, Age/Birth:1869
Cole, Eileen May, d. 28-12-1942, Age/Birth:5-4-1920
Coleborn, John, d. 20-2-1921, Age/Birth:1846
Colless, Edwin, d. 18-3-1922, Age/Birth:6-8-1858
Colley, Mary Anne, d. 14-12-1957, Age/Birth:1876
Colley, William Francis, d. 10-11-1948, Age/Birth:27-7-1863
Collier, Alan John, d. 10-9-1951, Age/Birth:7-10-1933
Collier, Alan John, d. 5-10-1981, Age/Birth:1901
Collier, Melba Jane, d. 6-10-1979, Age/Birth:1907
Collins, Ann, d. 3-4-1932, Age/Birth:?
Collins, Archibald, d. 12-10-1943, Age/Birth:Aug 1871
Collins, Catherine Susan R, d. 15-11-1959, Age/Birth:1886
Collins, Daniel, d. 22-9-1904, Age/Birth:1885
Collins, Emma, d. 11-7-1909, Age/Birth:1840
Collins, Eric James, d. 2-9-1920, Age/Birth:23-5-1920
Collins, Frederick, d. 27-10-1914, Age/Birth:?
Collins, Lewis Herbert, d. 5-12-1934, Age/Birth:29-9-1879
Collins, Mary, d. 13-3-1930, Age/Birth:1840
Collins, Percy Albert, d. 16-1-1964, Age/Birth:1888
Collins, Percy Frederick, d. 23-9-1978, Age/Birth:1927
Collins, Sarah, d. 10-3-1917, Age/Birth:28-2-1917
Collins, Selina 'Lena', d. 19-7-1932, Age/Birth:17-11-1900
Collins, Sophia, d. 11-11-1961, Age/Birth:1873
Collins, Susan, d. 10-3-1917, Age/Birth:?
Collins, Thomas Alfred, d. 2-10-1921, Age/Birth:12-4-1879
Collis, Brian Edward, d. 28-10-1935, Age/Birth:4-6-1931
Colwell, Owen, d. 2-12-1924, Age/Birth:?
Comerford, Walter Denis, d. 26-4-1944, Age/Birth:1889
Condren, Kevin Charles, d. 18-7-1934, Age/Birth:1-5-1933
Connelly, Eugene Augustine, d. 4-3-1924, Age/Birth:26-1-1921
Connolly, John Cornelius, d. 8-4-1950, Age/Birth:Jun 1872
Connors, John Edgar, d. 10-1-1923, Age/Birth:May 1878
Connors, Patrick Joseph, d. 13-8-1945, Age/Birth:17-5-1868
Conwell, Jeannie, d. 5-5-1915, Age/Birth:1891
Cook, ?, d. 8-6-1954, Age/Birth:8-6-1954
Cook, Martha Emelia Louisa, d. 10-12-1968, Age/Birth:1890
Cook, Thomas Walter, d. 14-1-1960, Age/Birth:1881
Cooke, Arthur Robert, d. 22-12-1975, Age/Birth:1908
Cooke, Peter, d. 14-6-1958, Age/Birth:Jun 1958
Coomber, Edward James, d. 8-8-1949, Age/Birth:10-3-1949
Cooney, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. 2-11-1962, Age/Birth:1-12-1875
Cooney, Henry, d. 3-3-1934, Age/Birth:11-10-1874
Cope, Emma Caroline, d. 6-7-1983, Age/Birth:1894
Cope, Leslie, d. 25-3-1907, Age/Birth:?
Cope, Leslie, d. 4-12-1906, Age/Birth:?
Cope, Maria, d. 18-7-1956, Age/Birth:1871
Cope, Norman, d. 29-12-1955, Age/Birth:1990
Cope, Robert G. William, d. 15-9-1950, Age/Birth:1867
Cork , Arthur Wallace, d. 14-8-1958, Age/Birth:1901
Corvesor, Edward Michael, d. 2-10-1988, Age/Birth:20-9-1892
Corvesor, Ellen Mary, d. 19-12-1942, Age/Birth:8-12-1883
Cosgrove, Martin, d. 22-6-1952, Age/Birth:1890
Costerman, James, d. 19-9-1945, Age/Birth:1875
Coston, Annie, d. 23-5-1940, Age/Birth:1871
Coston, John Denis, d. 21-9-1954, Age/Birth:1912
Coston, John Gerald, d. 15-5-1928, Age/Birth:13-12-1912
Cottam, George, d. 4-4-1939, Age/Birth:May 1871
Cottam, Trevor John, d. 20-10-1939, Age/Birth:20-10-1939
Cottell, George Henry, d. 7-6-1908, Age/Birth:1870
Cottell, Mrs, d. Aug 1908, Age/Birth:?
Courtenay, Harold Mils M, d. 20-5-1953, Age/Birth:1878
Courtenay, Lily Una Stella, d. 18-3-1973, Age/Birth:1885
Cowley, Martha, d. 26-6-1913, Age/Birth:9-6-1913
Cramb, John Jnr, d. 23-00-1918, Age/Birth:1888
Cramb, Rose, d. 23-11-1918, Age/Birth:1888
Creagh, Minnie Cecelia, d. 9-12-1920, Age/Birth:Jun 1859
Crocker, Richard Smith, d. 4-9-1947, Age/Birth:1890
Croft, Alfred, d. 23-1-1944, Age/Birth:17-3-1861
Croft, Edith, d. 27-5-1949, Age/Birth:Apr 1861
Cronin, Annie, d. 27-8-1920, Age/Birth:22-1-1876
Cronin, Daniel Patrick, d. 18-4-1920, Age/Birth:17-3-1845
Cronk, Edward 'Edwin', d. 28-8-1917, Age/Birth:1895
Cronk, Kezia Arkwright, d. 11-9-1936, Age/Birth:1864
Cronk, William, d. 11-5-1914, Age/Birth:5-1-1855
Cronk, William, d. 15-10-1935, Age/Birth:28-8-1887
Crump, Georgina, d. 17-11-1942, Age/Birth:3-2-1869
Crump, Olive May, d. 17-12-1955, Age/Birth:1900
Crump, Robert, d. 27-9-1965, Age/Birth:1894
Culham, Gladys, d. 18-4-1952, Age/Birth:Feb 1914
Cumming, John William, d. 7-7-1939, Age/Birth:1863
Currie, Francis, d. 10-5-1898, Age/Birth:1871
Currie, Stephen, d. 9-1-1897, Age/Birth:9-1-1897
Currie, Thomas, d. 29-8-1946, Age/Birth:20-12-1875
Cuthbert, Gwynne Evans, d. 3-3-1921, Age/Birth:1866

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