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Eumundi Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26° 29' 30"S, Lon: 152° 56' 26"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Mar 8, 2000, last edited Dec 22, 2006
Total records = 311.

The turnoff for the cemetery is off the Bruce Highway opposite the southern entrance turn for Eumundi.

The Eumundi cemetery was established in 1891. If it is wet, it is advisable, to park in the side road of the cemetery. The front has red sticky soil. The entrance is almost blind, and the slip road non-existent.

Records for Eumundi Cemetery are held at the Kulangoor Cemetery Office, which is on the northern outskirts of Nambour on Ackermann Road. The cemetery was established in 1896. Ph: 07 54415790

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Adair, Robert Stanley, d. 11-2-1965, Age/Birth:1909
Adams, George Edward, d. 16-8-1961, Age/Birth:1886
Adams, Martha, d. 4-4-1972, Age/Birth:1887
Adamson, Evelyn Grace, d. 19-7-1989, Age/Birth:28-3-1929
Alexander, Florence Aletha, d. 27-9-1917, Age/Birth:1858
Anderson, Christian, d. 31-8-1928, Age/Birth:6-6-1858
Anderson, Florence Alathea Alexander, d. Sept 1917, Age/Birth:1858
Apap, Paul Michael Steven, b. 02 Jul 1997, d. 28 Nov 2000, s/o Manny Stephen Apap & Janena Louise Apap
Arundell, Adela, d. 23-8-1929, Age/Birth:1-8-1846
Arundell, Bridget Marion, d. 30-3-1950, Age/Birth:70
Arundell, Edward Henry, d. 30-12-1910, Age/Birth:1840
Arundell, Edward Henry, d. 4-4-1984, Age/Birth:6-10-1905
Arundell, Evelyn Gwendoline, d. 28-1-1971, Age/Birth:1905
Arundell, Frederick Neville, d. 8-6-1925, Age/Birth:31-7-1902
Arundell, Frederick, d. 20-7-1936, Age/Birth:1-3-1871
Asford, Paul Douglas, d. 29-5-1997, Age/Birth:38
Ashdown , Naomi Michelle, d. 17-9-1986, Age/Birth:14-10-1971
Ashford, Paul D, d. 1997, Age/Birth:1958
Baldry, Frank, d. 13-10-1915, Age/Birth:29-9-1912
Barber, John, d. 1998, Age/Birth:1930
Barden, Keith Patrick, d. 22-7-1947, Age/Birth:1870
Barden, Leonard Hilton, d. 20-9-1948, Age/Birth:1899
Barkway, Richard Brian, d. 14-7-1996, Age/Birth:29-3-1966
Baumann, Ronald Charles 'Skinny', d. 12-9-1989, Age/Birth:14-11-1933
Beattie, Albert Alexander, d. 3-6-1990, Age/Birth:3-6-1900
Bedington, Kathleen Hazel, d. 19-9-1934, Age/Birth:5-8-1932
Bellingham, Ruby, d. 31-10-1919, Age/Birth:25-10-1919
Bennett, Melissa Elizabeth, d. 22-2-2000, Age/Birth:27
Bevan, Norman, d. 4-8-1925, Age/Birth:28-12-1898
Bevan, Stanley John, d. 14-11-1986, Age/Birth:25-12-1913
Bleechmore, Sophie, d. 13-3-1998, Age/Birth:baby
Bloomfield, Charles, d. 14-11-1923, Age/Birth:1854
Bordin, Ottavio 'Otto', d. 7-12-1990, Age/Birth:11-3-1991
Bowden, Fanny Jean, d. 30-6-1976, Age/Birth:1913
Bowden, Frederick Joseph, d. 12-5-1993, Age/Birth:29-8-1944
Bowden, Joseph Aloysius, d. 10-6-1952, Age/Birth:1868
Bowden, Joseph Michael, d. 17-11-1987, Age/Birth:12-11-1909
Bowden, Marcella Jane, d. 26-7-1953, Age/Birth:1879
Boyle, John Vincent, d. 14-11-1913, Age/Birth:1882
Boyle, Lieut Col Michael Francis, d. 29-5-1991, Age/Birth:15-2-1937
Boyle, Thomas Barnett, d. 22-9-1950, Age/Birth:1875
Boyle, Thomas, d. 17-10-1976, Age/Birth:1910
Broomfield, Frances Ann, d. 24-10-1931, Age/Birth:23-9-1862
Broomfield, William George, d. 6-7-1954, Age/Birth:1861
Brown, Wilfred Norman 'Bill', d. 16-1-1983, Age/Birth:20-9-1910
Browne, Grace Elizabeth, d. 29-11-1969, Age/Birth:1883
Browne, William Norman, d. 29-8-1939, Age/Birth:30
Browne, William, d. 27-4-1948, Age/Birth:1870
Buckby, Garry Fergus, d. 4-7-1977, Age/Birth:1944
Buckby, Leslie, d. Aug 1956, Age/Birth:1911
Buckby, Sarah Ann, d. 10-6-1957, Age/Birth:1880
Buckby, Walter Richard, d. 23-2-1950, Age/Birth:3-9-1875
Burke, Ellen Veronica, d. 7-7-1988, Age/Birth:14-2-1912
Burke, Mary, d. 27-9-1953, Age/Birth:1876
Burke, Michael, d. 4-12-1916, Age/Birth:Sept 1867
Burrell, Catherine, d. 7-3-1970, Age/Birth:1892
Burrell, Hannah, d. 23-1-1945, Age/Birth:1856
Burrell, William James, d. 8-5-1955, Age/Birth:1886
Burrell, William, d. 17-2-1940, Age/Birth:1856
Butler, Frank, d. 26-1-1997, Age/Birth:31-8-1900
Butler, Lizzy Harvey, d. 16-2-1951, Age/Birth:1863
Butler, Robert, d. 1-2-1931, Age/Birth:13-2-1862
Cagnacci, Angelo Raffael 'Leo', d. 24-11-1959, Age/Birth:1888
Cagnacci, Mary, d. 30-4-1968, Age/Birth:1896
Caplick, Ferdinand William, d. 17-7-1909, Age/Birth:1890
Caplick, Friedericke Johanna Marie, d. 11-9-1924, Age/Birth:23-8-1860
Caplick, Johanna, d. Sept 1916, Age/Birth:1855
Caplick, Wilhelm Ferdinand August, d. 20-5-1924, Age/Birth:1863
Carloss, Frederick Harold, d. 11-8-1938, Age/Birth:27-6-1881
Carroll, Anthony Gerard, d. 21-9-1997, Age/Birth:26-2-1964
Cash, Mary McBlane Smith, d. 12-7-1942, Age/Birth
Cash, William, d. 12-6-1941, Age/Birth:Apr 1854
Chambers, Annie Pauline, d. 2-9-1959, Age/Birth:1880
Chambers, Catherine Laura, d. 14-2-1993, Age/Birth:18-3-1913
Chambers, Charles Edward, d. 15-11-1959, Age/Birth:1870
Chambers, Charles Edward, d. 6-10-1996, Age/Birth:9-11-1913
Chapman, Albert W, d. 16-8-1942, Age/Birth:1887
Chapman, Hilder, d. 22-12-1979, Age/Birth:1894
Chapman, William Henry, d. 1-6-1937, Age/Birth:Jan1859
Cole, William Thomas, d. 27-8-1909, Age/Birth:1889
Connell, John M, d. 13-10-1964, Age/Birth:1904
Connell, Rita Caroline, d. 2-9-1958, Age/Birth:1913
Cook, Gladys E, d. 9-6-1914, Age/Birth:1908
Cramb, Allan William, d. 9-11-1908, Age/Birth:31-10-1908
Cunnington, John, d. 26-6-1962, Age/Birth:1892
Cunnington, Nora, d. 1980, Age/Birth:1898
Garbett, Frederick Watkinson, d. 31-7-1996, Age/Birth:89
Gibson, William James, d. 18-8-1923, Age/Birth:1917
Goeldner, Albert Frederick, d. 20-7-1930, Age/Birth:6-4-1887
Goeldner, Doris Mary, d. 10-11-1983, Age/Birth:29-10-1915
Goeldner, Grace, d. 30-6-1989, Age/Birth:1-8-1894
Goeldner, John Charles, d. 15-2-1940, Age/Birth:Jan 1890
Goeldner, Lydia, d. 23-12-1978, Age/Birth:26-12-1888
Goodin, Edgar Horatius 'Ted', d. 24-7-1951, Age/Birth:13-3-1879
Goodin, Evelyn, d. 4-8-1959, Age/Birth:1885
Goodin, Joseph, d. 31-8-1919, Age/Birth:1842
Gosper, Winifred Muriel, d. 15-5-1926, Age/Birth:Aug 1924
Greer, Alfred William, d. 12-11-1943, Age/Birth:6-5-1891
Greer, Marie Christina, d. 18-8-1933, Age/Birth:1-4-1890
Grey, Charles Edward, d. 22-3-1950, Age/Birth:3-2-1914
Gridley, Betsy Ann, d. 18-5-1956, Age/Birth:1871
Gridley, Colin Arthur Herbert, d. 22-3-1971, Age/Birth:1905
Gridley, Elsie Edith, d. 20-7-1991, Age/Birth:29-12-1917
Gridley, George, d. 13-2-1939, Age/Birth:1875
Gridley, Ivy Amy Rose, d. 10-8-1907, Age/Birth:7-5-1907
Gridley, James, d. 8-11-1973, Age/Birth:1884
Gridley, John, d. 22-12-1891, Age/Birth:16-12-1891
Gridley, Marilyn Edith, d. 6-4-1969, Age/Birth:1945
Gridley, Rebecca, d. 10-4-1946, Age/Birth:24-6-1878
Gridley, Robert George Matthas, d. 2-5-1975, Age/Birth:1901
Gridley, Roy Norman Alfred, d. 1-9-1910, Age/Birth:13m
Gridley, Walter, d. 7-11-1942, Age/Birth:28-10-1863
Hagarty, Felix Patrick, d. 18-8-1931, Age/Birth:18-8-1931
Hammond, Audrey Effie, d. 23-11-1992, Age/Birth:20-7-1915
Hicks, Henry Edward, d. 21-10-1941, Age/Birth:Sept 1874
Hobbs, Caroline Wilhelmine Auguste, d. 2-9-1921, Age/Birth:7-9-1859
Hogan, Norma Frances, d. 3-10-1931, Age/Birth:3-10-1931
Horsnell, Helena Augusta, d. 18-5-1942, Age/Birth:1885
Hull, Altea Theresa Karslake, d. 23-3-1934, Age/Birth:1878
Hull, Frederick Arthur Munro, d. 23-1-1967, Age/Birth:1878
Hume, Audrey Ruth, d. 15-2-1928, Age/Birth:Mar 1926
Hume, Barry Joseph, d. 3-2-1942, Age/Birth:10-2-1934
Hunt, Henry Fletcher, d. 19-2-1968, Age/Birth:1889
Hunt, Princella Mary, d. 27-6-1965, Age/Birth:1902
Imrie, Jane, d. 17-5-1917, Age/Birth:1836
Imrie, Robert , d. 3-4-1916, Age/Birth:1837
Inipey, Cornelius, d. Jun 1945, Age/Birth:1887
Jacobson, Francis William, d. 18-6-1994, Age/Birth:5-1-1919
Jamieson, Ada Rosalina, d. 16-10-1923, Age/Birth:Sept 1865
Jennings, William John, d. 12-7-1972, Age/Birth:1900
Jensen, Harry Norman, d. 6-3-1988, Age/Birth:25-11-1923
Jensen, Josephine Wattyl, d. 16-8-1991, Age/Birth:26-8-1923
Johnston, Thomas, d. 9-4-1930, Age/Birth:12-2-1860
Jones, Annie, d. 18-3-1906, Age/Birth:1852
Jones, Harold Stanton, d. 7-4-1913, Age/Birth:Aug 1908
Jones, Margaret Jane, d. 3-8-1894, Age/Birth:27-7-1894
Jones, Ruth Gladys, d. 16-5-1993, Age/Birth:18-9-1919
Keenan, Annie Elsie, d. 22-3-1914, Age/Birth:1882
Keenan, Francis Joseph, d. 22-3-1914, Age/Birth:Apr 1904
Keily, Pamela Christine, d. 26-5-1986, Age/Birth:30-10-1948
Kelly, Harold Cecil, d. 18-7-1959, Age/Birth:1932
Kelly, Monica Augusta, d. 20-4-1981, Age/Birth:1899
Kelly, Rose Evelyn, d. 3-4-1945, Age/Birth:1926
Kelly, Samuel Leslie, d. 31-3-1950, Age/Birth:24-7-1905
Kelly, Samuel Oliver, d. 29-5-1947, Age/Birth:12-5-1868
Kelly, Terrence, d. 14-2-1933, Age/Birth:20-1-1931
Kelly, Theresa Clare, d. 5-7-1950, Age/Birth:1912
Kemp, Faith, d. 10-7-1998, Age/Birth:84
Laboo, Albert, d. 26-4-1923, Age/Birth:Oct 1922
Laboo, Allan, d. 18-11-1922, Age/Birth:14-4-1922
Lait, Frederick Charles, d. 24-12-1977, Age/Birth:5-3-1894
Lait, Mabel Louisa Lilian, d. 22-3-1998, Age/Birth:95
Lait, Madge Evelyn, d. 16-10-1956, Age/Birth:1922
Lallis, Robert, d. 21-8-1928, Age/Birth:1890
Langfeldt, Anna Maria, d. 16-2-1948, Age/Birth:29-12-1894
Langfeldt, Friedrich Wilhelm, d. 2-5-1961, Age/Birth:1885
Leach, Dorothy Grace , d. 2-6-1989, Age/Birth:23-4-1920
Leach, Thomas, d. 4-6-1983, Age/Birth:1911
Lehr, Agnes Mary, d. 1-8-1991, Age/Birth:4-4-1906
Lehr, Mary McBlain, d. 1962, Age/Birth:1876
Lenske, Elizabeth Frances, d. 17-10-1971, Age/Birth:1893
Lenske, Richard A.G., d. 18-8-1958, Age/Birth:1885
Lewin, Charles William, d. 1989, Age/Birth:1919
Lewin, Lorna Violet, d. 5-4-1994, Age/Birth:20-3-1915
Lewis, George Arthur, d. 11-10-1916, Age/Birth:2-10-1888
Lobley, Beryl Ruth, d. 7-10-1955, Age/Birth:1947
Lobley, Harold, d. Nov1963, Age/Birth?
Lobley, Muriel Jane, d. 15-1-1973, Age/Birth:1916
Locke, Mary, d. 27-10-1951, Age/Birth:1876
Locke, William Edward, d. 20-6-1920, Age/Birth:1-6-1920
Long, Norman Victor, d. 11-12-1994, Age/Birth:4-12-1918
Loweke, Arthur, d. 7-7-1912, Age/Birth:1-6-1912
Loweke, baby, d. 23-10-1928, Age/Birth:19-10-1928
Loweke, Roy, d. 18-6-1912, Age/Birth:13-6-1912
Luke, Amelia, d. 2-12-1973, Age/Birth:1889
Luke, Andrew, d. 1953, Age/Birth:1860
Luke, David Alexander, d. 30-6-1955, Age/Birth:1892
Luke, Janet Scrimgeour, d. 1936, Age/Birth:5-7-1858
Luke, Mary Gentle, d. 13-5-1968, Age/Birth:1887
Lynch, Edward Joseph, d. 29-10-1990, Age/Birth:12-3-1915
McDonough, Gwendoline Gertrude, d. 22-5-1980, Age/Birth:1918
McGuire, Martin, d. 6-4-1948, Age/Birth:11-3-1888
McIvor, Rita Blanche , d. 31-1-1995, Age/Birth:20-8-1916
McKay, William Forbes, d. 12-9-1997, Age/Birth:11-8-1935
McKinnon, Ada Jane, d. 31-12-1933, Age/Birth:Nov 1932
McLean, James Allison, d. 19-1-1918, Age/Birth:1876
Mergard, Andrew William, d. 2-7-1959, Age/Birth:1912
Mergard, Myrtle Evelyn, d. 5-7-1976, Age/Birth:1907
Middleton, Edna Dorothy, d. 22-11-2000, b 1-11-1915, with Joffre
Middleton, Eleanor, d. 6-6-1997, b. 28-2-1948, with Raeleen Kirsty
Middleton, Joffre, d. 16-11-2000, b 24-12-1915, with Edna Dorothy
Middleton, Raeleen Kirsty, d. 12-8-1989, Age/Birth:26-10-1969
Miller, Arthur Stephan, d. Apr 1924, Age/Birth:1888
Miller, Florence Constance Jean, d. 1-9-1983, Age/Birth:20-11-1908
Miller, John Joseph, d. 15-1-1993, Age/Birth:2-4-1904
Miller, Lawrence, d. 31-10-1923, Age/Birth:6-4-1863
Mitchell, Harold Lawson, d. 1-8-1966, Age/Birth:1891
Mitchell, Marcella, d. 14-2-1934, Age/Birth:Jun 1933
Mitchell, Mary Cecilia, d. 26-6-1997, Age/Birth:96
Moloney, Elizabeth Mary, d. 6-1-1960, Age/Birth:1877
Moloney, Thomas Joseph, d. 16-1-1939, Age/Birth:1874
Morrison, Anne Jane, d. 26-7-1919, Age/Birth:Jan 1886
Morrison, William Alfred, d. 8-4-1956, Age/Birth:87
Mulcahy, Gertrude May, d. 20-7-1937, Age/Birth:Dec 1890
Mulcahy, Henry Patrick, d. Nov 1966, Age/Birth:1880
Munro, Norman Stewart, d. 9-5-1932, Age/Birth:9-9-1923
Natole, James, d. 28-10-1999, Age/Birth:94
Natoli, Alfred Frederick, d. 1-6-1968, Age/Birth:1900
Natoli, Maria, d. 13-2-1942, Age/Birth:Aug 1864
Natoli, Nora Catherine, d. 8-6-1960, Age/Birth:1908
Naughton, Maureen Joyce, d. 17-1-1994, Age/Birth:29-12-1940
Neil, Grace, d. 2-1-1913, Age/Birth:31-10-1912
Neumann, Emilie, d. 26-2-1916, Age/Birth:9-11-1851
Neumann, Wilhelm August, d. 19-9-1912, Age/Birth:Dec1849
Norton, Miles John, d. 25-6-1956, Age/Birth:1874
Nutt, Elwyn James, d. 10-1-1987, Age/Birth:14-10-1940
O'Brien, Ellen, d. 17-1-1941, Age/Birth:1877
O'Brien, John, d. 17-10-1943, Age/Birth:1875
O'Grady, Roberta Della, d. 27-10-1999, Age/Birth:47
O'Neill, Peter John, d. 30-1-1938, Age/Birth:25-12-1912
Ottaway, William Alan, d. 14-4-1995, Age/Birth:50
Payne, Eric Casper, d. 26-5-1984, Age/Birth:Dec 1902
Perrin, Graham Jason, d. 28-5-1995, Age/Birth:12-12-1973
Petersen, Angus William, d. 7-10-1922, Age/Birth:7-10-1922
Pole-Hore, Frances Elizabeth, d. 4-12-1917, Age/Birth:3-12-1846
Pole-Hore, Walter Alexander, d. 14-8-1923, Age/Birth:1843
Purnell, Noreen, d. 8-7-1997, Age/Birth:26-12-1919
Rapp, John, d. 24-11-1958, Age/Birth:1892
Rapp, Rose Sarah, d. 28-5-1964, Age/Birth:1893
Reed, Elizabeth Patricia (Paddy), d. 1-6-1995, Age/Birth:11-3-1947
Reeve, baby, d. 15-10-1928, Age/Birth:14-10-1928
Ring, Mary Jane, d. 12-9-1905, Age/Birth:12-9-1905
Ring, William John, d. 28-9-1936, Age/Birth:13-1-1871
Robertson",'"Jennie' Jane Ann, d. 24-6-1915, Age/Birth:1859
Robertson, John, d. 26-12-1892, Age/Birth:1829
Robinson, Edward Joseph, d. 20-9-1968, Age/Birth:1886
Robinson, Elizabeth, d. 29-9-1949, Age/Birth:1862
Robinson, Julie Ann, d. 15-3-1992, Age/Birth:2-8-1945
Robinson, Marie Edington, d. 3-6-1985, Age/Birth:13-8-1889
Rostron, David Richard, d. 25-12-1986, Age/Birth:15-10-1952
Russell, Mrs Stewart, d. 6-7-1933, Age/Birth:1856
Sauermilch, Marieluise, d. 22-12-1995, Age/Birth:22-4-1921
Scargill, Isabella Murray, d. 26-12-1962, Age/Birth:1890
Scargill, John Smith, d. 3-5-1954, Age/Birth:1881
Scargill, William Joseph, d. 14-4-1932, Age/Birth:19-2-1918
Schrader, 'Henry', d. 6-6-1926, Age/Birth:1-5-1860
Schrader, Esther Elizabeth, d. 26-1-1940, Age/Birth:22-8-1848
Schrader, Louise, d. 24-9-1946, Age/Birth:1873
Scullin, Jessie Anderson, d. 23-7-1920, Age/Birth:1885
Singh, Boola, d. 31-7-1924, Age/Birth:1879
Skokidis, Nikolas William, d. 4-10-1998, Age/Birth:?
Smith, Jane, d. 15-12-1891, Age/Birth:25-11-1891
Smith, Phillip, d. 16-10-1892, Age/Birth:16-10-1892
Smith, Sidney Hartley Herbert, d. 8-11-1937, Age/Birth:22-7-1854
Spinks, John Jack, d. 28-6-1991, Age/Birth:27-9-1931
Steronas, Margaret, d. ?, Age/Birth:39
Stevan, Mary Barr, d. 7-4-1933, Age/Birth:7-5-1863
Strewe, Frederick Maria Theodor Georg, d. 27-7-1986, Age/Birth:1910
Surch, Shane Thomas, d. 2-8-1997, Age/Birth:14-1-1978
Tallis, Robert, d. 19-8-1928, Age/Birth:1890
Tatnell, Cyril Claude (Sid), d. 29-4-1979, Age/Birth:1917
Taylor, Henry, d. 19-7-1941, Age/Birth:1866
Taylor, Iris Merlie, d. 3-11-1926, Age/Birth:12-12-1924
Taylor, James Lanclotte, d. 19-12-1940, Age/Birth:?
Taylor, Mary Ann, d. 5-8-1941, Age/Birth:1864
Taylor, Mary Ellen Olive, d. 22-4-1952, Age/Birth:10-2-1903
Taylor, William Edward, d. 14-4-1952, Age/Birth:1933
Templeton, Florence Eleanor, d. 17-3-1983, Age/Birth:4-12-1884
Templeton, Norman 'Allan', OAM, d. 16-3-1996, Age/Birth:14-6-1909
Templeton, Thomas Malcolm, d. 13-4-1985, Age/Birth:9-10-1907
Templeton, Thomas Malcolm, d. 29-12-1942, Age/Birth:7-3-1871
Thiele, Clifford Roy, d. 15-11-1946, Age/Birth:3-5-1942
Thiele, Jane Ellen, d. 28-10-1934, Age/Birth:3-1-1877
Trundle, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. 25-1-1923, Age/Birth:10-4-1845
Trundle, Edward Thomas, d. 28-8-1925, Age/Birth:15-4-1845
Turnbull, Peter Edward, d. 24-11-1933, Age/Birth:9-11-1932
Van Vuure, Shane, d. 31-5-1984, Age/Birth:4-6-1958
Venning, Clara Florence, d. 17-6-1990, Age/Birth:21-12-1940
Venning, Leslie, d. 1-6-1985, Age/Birth:2-8-1905
Venning, Shane Trevor, d. 16-9-1984, Age/Birth:1-9-1984
Verrier, Caroline, d. 11-2-1913, Age/Birth:1841
Walker, Enid Emily, d. 30-10-1992, Age/Birth:6-4-1910
Walker, Eric George, d. 6-7-1956, Age/Birth:1947
Walker, Vincent Henry, d. 3-12-1989, Age/Birth:22-12-1914
Warburton, Clive Edward, d. 12-1-1993, Age/Birth:1935
Webb, Reginald, d. 7-5-1919, Age/Birth:1895
Webbe, Naomi Michelle, d. 17-9-1986, Age/Birth:14-10-1971
Wegner, Hans, d. 29-3-1893, Age/Birth:Mar 1833
Wells, Emma Victoria, d. 10-7-1967, Age/Birth:1873
Wells, George Brooker, d. 17-5-1937, Age/Birth:1-12-1868
Wells, Hilda May, d. 5-12-1922, Age/Birth:1900
White, Naralla Elizabeth, d. 15-2-1934, Age/Birth:?
Whyte, Edgar Victor, d. 27-5-1942, Age/Birth:1885
Wilken, Enid May, d. 15-8-1933, Age/Birth:1915
Wilkes, Edward John, d. 2-6-1976, Age/Birth:1915
Wilkes, Edward Reeves, d. 16-3-1946, Age/Birth:1865
Wilkes, Mary McFarlane, d. 9-7-1934, Age/Birth:4-8-1878
Wilkin, Cecilia Whitworth, d. 18-9-1932, Age/Birth:18-8-1845
Wilkin, Eliza, d. 15-3-1951, Age/Birth:12-6-1870
Wilkin, Frederick George, d. 15-11-1922, Age/Birth:8-9-1903
Wilkin, Jesse, d. Jul 1929, Age/Birth:1859
Williamson, Edward, d. 30-12-1907, Age/Birth:1854
Williamson, Joseph, d. 19-7-1968, Age/Birth:1892
Williamson, Margaret, d. 15-6-1931, Age/Birth:12-1-1890
Williamson, Mary Hamilton, d. 17-12-1921, Age/Birth:23-5-1921
Williamson, Ruby Florence, d. 21-7-1937, Age/Birth:1-6-1899
Wilson, Mabel Elizabeth, d. 16-8-1929, Age/Birth:16-7-1893
Wilson, Robert, d. 1-8-1929, Age/Birth:1929
Woodruffe, Lily Frances, d. 27-5-1947, Age/Birth:Jan 1904
Worthington, Mervyn Gerald, d. 9-8-1935, Age/Birth:14-4-1930
Worthington, Vivian John, d. 24-6-1943, Age/Birth:7-10-1931

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What makes us Different?

Single-sourced, not crowd-sourced

Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.