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Diddillibah Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26° 38' 52""S, Lon: 153° 01' 28"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Mar 9, 2000, last updated May 27, 2002.
Total records = 30.

It is probably best accessed from the David Low Way, just south of Bli Bli. You have gone too far, if you find the hippeastrum & day lily farms on Kiel Mountain.

Diddillibah is a small cemetery in the bush, off the Diddillibah Road. The cemetery is signposted. If approaching from the Nambour side, take the Kiel Mountain Road, south of Nambour.

Records for Diddillibah Cemetery are held at the Kulangoor Cemetery Office, which is on the northern outskirts of Nambour on Ackermann Road. The cemetery was established in 1896.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Briedus, Andrejs, d. 22-4-1971, b. 21-4-1971
Brinkley, Emma Ann, d. 15-7-1926, b. 5-10-1837
Brinkley, George, d. 21-5-1925, b. 1-6-1834
Brook, Agnes, d. 5-9-1900, b. 29-8-1900
Brook, Ethel, d. May 1910, b. 1906
Brook, Sarah Ann, d. 19-7-1926, b. 3-6-1831
Brook, William, d. 17-1-1907, b. 1827
Browne, Elizabeth, d. 11-5-1958, b. 1868
Browne, Eva, d. 23-5-1897, b. Dec 1895
Browne, George Henry, d. 11-3-1960, b. 1868
Dutton, Jack Simon, d. 15-09-2001, b. 27-01-1996
Goggin, Norma Kathleen, d. 1991, b. 1918
Goggin, Russel Alfred, d. 1981, b. 1914
Grace, George Henry, d. 24-9-1904, b. 1872
Heddon, Elizabeth Ann, d. 9-9-1932, b. 18-9-1851
Heddon, Richard Henry, d. 21-2-1934, b. 3-10-1850
Jones, Margaret Patricia, d. 09-12-1998, b. 17-04-1940
Lunn, Emma, d. 24-6-1898, b. 1842
Lunn, John, d. 17-9-1917, b. May 1841
McKinnon, Christopher Paulette, 17-4-1996, Stillborn
Moore, Mary Ann, d. 27-8-1939, b. 17-4-1852
Moore, William, d. 10-7-1939, b. 1851
Needham, William Bernard, d. 08-05-1999, b. 26-07-1930
Overell, Mary Lorraine, d. 08-05-2001, b. 18-08-1923
Poland, Arabella, d. 24-2-1992, b. 27-3-1990
Prentis, Ann Jane, d. 8-8-1896, b. 1821
Rutledge, Francis Paul, d. ?, b. 10-12-1952
Rutledge, Michael Kenneth, d. 1-11-1994, b. 1-7-1975
Taylor, Brian Augustus, d. 20-12-1991, b. 15-9-1925
Van Rythoven, Willy, d. 3-8-1988, b. 8-10-1917

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