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Saint Mark Anglican Historic Cemetery
Logan City Shire, Queensland, Australia

Winnetts Rd
Slacks Creek, Logan City Qld AU
ph O7 32903718

St Mark Anglican Church and Historic Cemetery are on Winnetts Rd, Slacks Creek. The road runs parallel with the M1 Motorway (Pacific Hwy) on the border of Slacks Creek and Daisy Hill.

Contributed by Rhonda May Demarco, Aug 31, 2001 [deminc@hotmail.com]
Total records = 83.

This Land was given to the Church of England in the early 1880's by the Commersal Family to be used for a church and Cemetary. Many pioneer familys attended the St Marks Church which was opened in 1901. Some of those familys and relatives are burried in this cemetary.

The Original church is still standing and in a cared for condition as is the cemetary. The cemetary is still accepting burrials.

There are Bricks with surnames printed on then but no other details so these were not submitted with this transcription. An attempt was made to obtain these records but they are unavailible.

These records were transcribed on the 31 Aug 2001 by myself from the tombstones, all were elligible.

- Rhonda Demarco

Cemetery Records

Armstrong, Ashley F J, d. 14 Dec 1953, age 47yrshusband of Emma Lydia Armstrong.
Armstrong, Emma Lydia, d. 15 Jan 1996, age 85yrs.
Armstrong, Fredrick William, d. 7 Aug 1947, age 67yrs.
Armstrong, Lilly Jane, d. 24 Oct 1970, age 91yrs 11 mths.
Armstrong, Margaret, d. Loganlea25 Nov 1907, age 65yrs 11mths, beloved wife of William Armstrong.
Armstrong, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jul 1908, age 32yrs, wife of Samuel George Heaney.
Armstrong, R H L, d. 13 Apr 1962, age 53yrs, husband of Zoe, Australian Imperial forces Badge, QX29907, corporal 2/9, Infantry Battalion.
Armstrong, William, d. Loganlea 14 Dec 1932, age 89yrs, At rest till Jesus comes.
Armstrong, Zoe May, (Heaney), b. 10 Feb 1910, d. 3 Feb 2000, age 89yrs.
Baker, Beryl Patricia, b. 30 May 1929, d. 1 Jan 1998, In Gods keeping.
Baker, Donald George, b. 6 Sep 1930, d. 30 Jun 1997, In Gods keeping.
Bell, Hilda Emily, b. 14 May 1912, d. 21 Aug 1998 wife of Allen.
Bispham, Norman, b. 16 May 1902, d. 22 Jan 1980.
Black, Robert W, d. 20 Aug 1995, age 71yrs, "Bob"
Cambell, Ruby Ethel, d. 13 Dec 1983, age 83yrs.
Chance, Mary Wellbourn, b. 4 Jul 1923, d. 4 Nov 1996, Beloved wife of Francis (Frank).
Chevis, Kathleen Mary, b. 1910, d. 1994.
Chevis, Reginald, b. 1905, d. 1966.
Christoffel, Charlie, b. 4 Oct 1925, d. 27 Feb 1995.
Comersall, Ann, d. 26 Feb 1910.
Comersall, George, d. 14 Sep 1883.
Comersall, Robert, d. 21 May 1928.
Cook, Carol Ann, b. 21 Aug 1943, d. 14 Feb 1985, For I sought the Lords help and He answered & He freed me from all my fears. Ps 34, 4
Daniels, Reverend Edwin Lawence, b. 1915, d. 1981.
Downey, Lesley B, b. 27 Jan 1909, d. 27 Dec 1981, husband of Joy, Australian Imperial Forces Badge, NX18409 2/4 field ambulance.
Fahy, Eileen Thelma, b. 23 Mar 1915, d. 8 Jul 1991.
Gibbon, Ethel Frances, b. 6 Mar 1924, d. 19 Jul 1926.
Hall, Dennis, d. 10 Oct 1983, age59yrs.
Hallen, James Reginald, b. 1916, d. 1979.
Hallen, Marjorie May, b. 14 Jan 1921, d. 21 Aug 1999, wife of James .
Hambleton, Felicity Jane, b. 21 Jun 1976, d. 11 Jun 1984, Our rose still groes beyond the wall.
Harbourn, Victor Henry, d. 2 Nov 1957, age 20yrs
Harrison, Albert E, d. 28 Jan 1952, age 56yrs.
Harrison, Clara, d. 19 May 1992, age 93yrs, beloved wife of Albert.
Harrison, Mervyn, d. 5 Oct 1982, age 42yrs.
Head, Gordon Herbert, b. 4 Dec 1916, d. 16 Jan 1997.
Heaney, Samuel G, d. 5 Sep 1944, age 80yrs.
Howcroft, Harriet H, d. 22 Sep 1938, age 88yrs.
Howie, Mary, d. 23 Aug 1921, age 69yrs.
Howie, Matthew, d. 22 Oct 1918, age 76 yrs.
James, Winifred Ellen, b. Tooborac Vic 30 Oct 1898, d. Brisbane Qld 1 Jan 1985 (nee Harnell)The Lord is my Shepard.
Lintott, Dee, b. 8 Oct 1911, d. 2 May 2000.devoted wife of William.
Louis-Jean, Letty J, b. 7 Feb 1900, d. 20 Sep 1993, I was glad when they said to me let us go unto the house of the Lord .
MacDonnell, Bruce A, b. 28 Dec 1974, d. 23 Sep 1988.Who shall seperate us from the love of Christ.
Meta, Lilly, d. 7 Sep 1922, age 12 yrs Daughter of FW& LJ Armstrong.
Morrow, Charles, d. 8 Sep 1918, age 30yrs Died of wounds in France.
Morrow, Harriet Ann, d. 25 Feb 1942, age 84yrs wife of John snr.
Morrow, James, d. 12 May 1915, age 33yrs.
Morrow, John Jnr, d. 19 Feb 1907, age 22 yrs.
Morrow, John, d. 31 Aug 1920 77yrs father of John.
Moscrop, Ruth, b. 24 Jan 1927, d. 26 Nov 1995, wife of Ron.
Murray, Baby, d. 6 Dec 1999, 22 weeks gestation, baby of Donald & Petra Murray, Safe at NannaRose, s feet
Murray, David, d. 18 Jul 1945, age 65yrs.
Murray, David, d. 25 Nov 1893, age 54yrs, husband of Janet.
Murray, George Edward, d. 13 Nov 1956, age 33yrs.
Murray, George, d. 20 Apr 1957, Infant grandson.
Murray, Janet d. 3 Jun 1911, age 65 yrs, wife of David.
Murray, Mary Agnes, d. 12 May 1978, age 96yrs
Murray, Robert, d. 24 Oct 1935, age 65yrs.
Murray, Rose Emily, d. 6 Jan 1984, age 58yrs
O'Callaghan, Elisa, d. 23 Sep 1927, age 91yrs of Loganholme, wife of John.
O'Callaghan, John, d. 22 Feb 1907, age 76yrs of Loganholme, husband of Elisa.
Parker, Diane Marie, b. 28 Aug 1949, d. 29 Feb 1996.
Pearse, Barrie W, b. 16 Mar 1958, d. 21 Feb 1995, forever in our hearts.
Schuurs, Cecil Henry, b. 8 Jun 1923, d. 5 Jun 1999.
Scriven, Ross Edward, d. 28 Mar 1969, age 21 yrs.
Scriven, Roy Andrew, d. 6 Oct 1966, age 59yrs.
Sheppard, Warren, b. 14 Oct 1918, d. 26 May 1999.beloved husband of Mavis.
Smith, Charles, d. 7 Jul 1966, age 83yrs.
Smith, Herbert William, b. 21 Nov !922, d. 19 Feb 1986.
Sommerlad, Charles William, d. 27 Feb 1948, age68yrs husband of Hilda
Sommerlad, Hilda May, d. 4 Sep 1937, age 57yrs, wife of Charles
Storm, Hilda Shackell, d. 21 Aug 1950.
Stuart, Violet, granddaughter of above, Thy will be done.
Stuart, William henry, d. 14 Jun 1897, age 69yrs.
Usher, Elizabeth Frances, d. 7 Feb 1914, age 68yrs wife of Thomas W Usher.
Usher, Thomas William, d. 12 Sep 1931, age 86yrs husband of Elizabeth.
Whitchurch, Veronica Welbourn, b. 4 Sep 1947, d. 3 Nov 1995 loving wife of Eric Reginald.
White, Thomas S, d. 2 May 1913, age 72yrs.
Winnett, Charles John, d. 10 Dec 1986, age 88yrs.
Winnett, Elanor Jane, b. 1885, d. 1979.
Winnett, Elizabeth, d. 2 Jun 1943, age 87yrs.
Winnett, William George Henry, d. 18 Apr 1943, age 81yrs 9mths.
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