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Logan Reserve Cemetery (Bethel Cemetery)
Logan City Shire, Queensland, Australia

Cnr of Logan Reserve Rd & School Rd
Logan Reserve, Qld

Contributed by Rhonda May Demarco, Apr 06, 2002 [deminc@hotmail.com]
Total records = 86.

Logan Reserve Cemetery was established in 1864. It is also known as the Bethel Cemetery. I believe they are still accepting burials.

Pioneers of the local area are interred in the greater portion of the cemetery, however many have no dates of birth or death on the stones.

I have transcribed Logan Reserve Cemetery from all of the visible tombstones, which I read when I walked the cemetery on 19 Nov 2001.

- Rhonda Demarco

Cemetery Records

Beitz, Leslie, no dates
Beutel, A F, b. 6 Jan 1844, d. 4 Mar 1913
Beutel, H W, d. 27 Jan 1953, age 58 yrs, Aust Imp Forces badge 6940 private 15th battalion
Beutel, Mrs A, no dates
Borow, Ferdinand F W, d. 3 Apr 1939, age 70 yrs, At Rest
Buhk, Carl, no dates
Buhk, Leslie, no dates
Burow, Auguste Marie, b. 31 Mar 1869, d. 21 Jan 1952, At Rest
Burow, Wilhelmine E, d. 21 Nov 1914, age 82 yrs, at rest
Burow, Child, no dates, child of W E
Clinton, Anna, d. 12 Dec 1952, s/w Stuart Karprowicz
Flesser, Dawn, no dates
Friederichs, Aurthur Henry, aged 19 yrs, s/w Lesley R Friederichs, brother, our dear sons
Friederichs, George Eric, d. 20 Jun 1986, age 77 yrs
Friederichs, Lesley Richard, aged 23 yrs, s/w Aurthur H Friedrichs, the Lord is my Shepard
Friederichs, Maria Wilhelmine, d. 20 Jan 1965, age 79 yrs, She will live forever in the hearts of those that loved her
Friederichs, Otto Johannes, d. 9 Jul 1966, age 80 yrs
Friedrichs, Karoliene, d. 22 Aug 1930, age 86 yrs, s/w Otto Friedrichs, RIP
Friedrichs, Otto, b. 13 Jun 1833, d. 28 Sep 1906, age 76 yrs, s/w Karoliene Friedrichs
Friedricks, Child, of S Friedricks
Friedricks, Child, of S Friedricks
Friedricks, Len, child of Mal Friedricks
Friedricks, Noel, no dates
Gierke, Father, no dates
Gierke, Mrs, no dates
Haack, Jurgen A, d. 2 Mar 1925, age 78 yrs, s/w Wilhelmine G F Haack
Hacck, Norman L, no dates
Hacck, Wilhelmine G F, d. 28 Jun 1928, age 78 yrs, s/w Jurgen A Hacck, the Lord is my Shepard
Howe, Albert Thomas, b. 13 Aug 1905, d. 16 Jul 1992, our dear Dad may he, RIP
Howe, Doris Lillian Alice, b. 30 Nov 1912, d. 12 Nov 1973, my dear wife forever in our hearts
Karprowicz, Stuart, d. 24 Apr 2000,s/w Anna Clinton
Koplick, Adiain Bruce, b. 8 Jun 1966, d. 3 Oct 1967, sadly missed by mum & dad
Koplick, Alfred August, b. 18 Sep 1909, d. 21 Jun 1992, In Gods Care
Koplick, Alvene Friederika Auguste, d. 6 Feb 1968, age 84 yrs may she rest in Peace
Koplick, August Friedrich, d. 16 Nov 1965, age 87 yrs, may he RIP
Koplick, Caroline Luise Friedericke Henriette, b. 19 Apr 1847, d. 21 Dec 1923
Koplick, David William Allan, b. 30 Mar 1994, d. 16 Sep 1994, Sadly missed but forever in our thoughts Mummy, Daddy, Terri, Adam, Holly and Renee, Safe in the arms of Jesus
Koplick, Dora, no dates
Koplick, Ernest, no dates
Koplick, Hermine Ernestine, b. 8 Dec 1876, d. 12 Feb 1921, RIP
Koplick, James O, no dates, age 5 yrs, sadly missed by mum & dad & brothers, safe in the arms of Jesus
Koplick, James, no dates
Koplick, Leslie Ferdinand, b. 4 May 1921, d. 29 Aug 1922
Koplick, Mervyn, no dates, age 2 yrs
Koplick, W F Snr, b. 30 Sep 1840, d. 24 Dec 1914, age 74 yrs
Lewis, John Barry, b. 29 Oct 1933, d. 5 Jun 1988, forever and a day
Ludwig, Allan William, b. 2 Oct 1925, d. 2 Jun 1992,Aust Imperial Forces Badge
Munchow, A F W, b. 4 Sep 1858, d. 6 Dec 1906
Munchow, Albert F W, b. 22 Apr 1886, d. 12 Aug 1969, age 83 yrs, R I P
Munchow, Amelia Wilhelmine, d. 23 Nov 1931, age 60 yrs, loves last token
Munchow, August Friedrich Wilhelm, d. 12 Jul 1963, age 72 yrs,s/w Bertha E Munchow
Munchow, Bertha Emilie, d. 9 Jul 1971, age 80 yrs,s/w,AugustFW Munchow
Munchow, Carl F A, b. 23 May 1882, d. 5 Jan 1952, At Rest
Munchow, Child, no dates, child of Mrs C Munchow
Munchow, Child, no dates, child of Mrs Ernest Muchow
Munchow, E C, d. 12 Mar 1987 age 75 yrs, Gloria and Joe reunited
Munchow, E F N, b. 1 Dec 1863, d,18 Mar 1910
Munchow, Glennney A, b. 20 Aug 1913, d. 19 Jul 1986, Till we meet again
Munchow, Helena, b. 12 May 1882, d. 21 Jan 1930, age 48 yrs
Munchow, Henry T, b. 23 Apr 1899, d. 4 Nov 1990, in Gods care
Munchow, Herbert F, b. 29 Jan 1905, d. 10 Jun 1982 in Gods care
Munchow, Joe, d. 19 Sep 1977 age 68 yrs sadly missed by his loving wife Gloria
Munchow, Joyce, no dates
Munchow, Mrs C, no dates
Munchow, Wilhelm H, b. 15 Mar 1911, d. 2 Jul 1970, age 59 yrs
Munchow, Wilhelmine F A, b. 14 Mar 1858, d. 17 Aug 1923
Munchow, Wilhemina, b. 16 Nov 1889, d. 10 May 1978
Nielson, Mrs B., no dates
Nitschke, Grace Lillian Faith, b. 31 Oct 1943 d, 27 Mar 1993, a happy angel in Gods keeping
Schmidt Friedrick Wilhelm, b. 7 Oct 1886. d, 18 Jul 1905
Schmidt, Auguste Maria Bertha, b. 27 April 1885, d. 5 Jan 1901
Schmidt, Carl, b. 6 Sep 1824, d. 12 Oct 1920
Schmidt, Child, no dates, child of F Schmidt
Schmidt, Ferdinand Friedrick, d. 23 May 1947 age 91yrs, s/w Friedericke W A Schmidt, safe in Jesus arms
Schmidt, Frederite, b. 12 Aug 1824, d. 12 Sep 1909, nee Burow
Schmidt, Friedericka Ernestine, b. 15 Feb 1888, d. 24 May 1905
Schmidt, Friedericke Wilhimine Albertine, d. 21 Sep 1953, age 87 yrs, s/w F F Schmidt
Toney, Agnes May, d. 29 Jun 1991, age 75 yrs, forever in our hearts
Trace, Ida Agnes, b. 31 Mar 1910, d. 24 Aug 1990, In Gods care
Wendt, Adolf Fludwich, b. 20 Sep 1830 d, 23 Nov 1903
Wendt, Aldof, d. 1 Jun 1929, age 62 yrs, s/w E Wendt
Wendt, Ashley Henry, d. 8 May 1955, age 23 yrs
Wendt, Bryson John, b. 21 Dec 1943, d. 13 Nov 1944, son of Emily and Stanley Wendt, In Gods care
Wendt, E, d. 1950, age 83yrs, s/w Aldof Wendt
Wendt, Emilie J W H, b. 25 Apr 1833, d. 30 Jan 1916
Wendt, Stanley Ludwig, b. 19 Sep 1906, d. 24 Nov 1987, in Gods care
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