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Taabinga Cemetery (Kingaroy Cemetery)
Kingaroy Shire, Queensland, Australia

This cemetery is located in the area known as Taabinga, which was once part of the Taabinga Station in the 1840s. It is used by the Kingaroy area for their general cemetery, even though it is located outside the town boundary.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jun 12, 2008. Total records = 222.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

??, Jamie, d. 27/10/1983, age: 4yrs 10 mths, Steel cross, [JC]
Aboud, Bill, d. 26/10/1986, age: 59yr, [JC]
Andersen, Anne M, d. 23 Jul 1909, age: 84yr, [JB]
Andersen, Charlie, d. 1941, b. 1865, [JB]
Andersen, Laura, d. 1943, b. 1868, [JB]
Andersen, Niels Christian, b. 28 Feb 1833, d. 3 Jan 1916, [JB]
Andersen, Thomas Christensen, b. 5 Sep 1862, d. 24 Feb 1918, [JB]
Anderson, Anne, d. 14 Feb 1960, age: 83yr, [JB]
Anderson, Arnold Jeffrey, d. 1 Jan 1948, age: 7yr, [JB]
Anderson, David, d. 11 May 1958, age: 81yr, [JB]
Anderson, Glen Rupert, d. 22 Jun 1958, age: 17mths, [JB]
Anderson, Mary Magdalena, d. 19 Dec 1964, age: 5yr, [JB]
Anderson, Norman Leslie, d. 21 Aug 1957, age: 21yr, [JB]
Anderson, William, d. 20 Nov 1950, age: 62yr, [JB]
Atwell, Reginald Alfred, b. 12/02/1911, d. 02/06/1973, [JC]
Bade, Anna (Grodzicka), b. 11/06/1931 Plock Polland, d. 26/09/1992 Kingaroy, [JC]
Barker, David B., d. 23/04/2005, age: 84yr, [JC]
Barker, Winifred A., d. 26/05/1985, age: 64yr, [JC]
Barr, Joanne Maree, b. 30/11/1973, d. 07/12/1973, [JC]
Barsby, Dulcie M., b. 1906, d. 1999, [JC]
Barsby, Victor E., b. 1900, d. 1987, [JC]
Battams, William Ronald, b. 17/11/1948, d. 29/12/2001, [JC]
Beitz, Elsie M., d. 13/05/1974, age: 65yr, [JC]
Beitz, Theodore P., d. 27/05/1972, age: 77yr, [JC]
Bloomfield, Kenneth A., d. 04/01/1987, age: 71yr, [JC]
Bond, Robert, d. 23 Mar 1934, age: 75yr, [JB]
Brandt, Albert W.F., d. 5 Mar 1940, age: 63yr, [JB]
Brandt, Carl J.F.W., b. 23 Jan 1850, d. 23 Feb 1931, [JB]
Brandt, Ernestine Wilhelmine, b. 3 Nov 1849, d. 17 Sep 1922, [JB]
Brock, Amy Elizabeth, d. 15 Dec 1932, age: 31yr, [JB]
Brock, Edgar William, d. 17 Mar 1984, age: 85yr, [JB]
Brown, Neville J., d. 28/02/1976, 18yr, [JC]
Burton, Frances Lucy, d. 07/10/1971, age: 71yr, [JC]
Burton, Ivor U A., d. 27/07/1974, [JC]
Celap, Tony, d. 18/08/1997, age: 21yr, [JC]
Coleman, Randall J., b. 27/10/1967, d. 18/01/2007, [JC]
Coleman, Rebecca Lee, b. 26/03/1980, d. 26/03/1980, [JC]
Coleman, Wallace A., b. 07/11/1928, d. 10/10/2004, [JC]
Connolly, Claire Victoria, b. 26/12/1987, d. 26/12/1987, [JC]
Crawford, Joy Lorris, d. 03 Mar 1964, age: 5yr, Our dear daughter & sister, [SG]
Crawford, Lorris Enid, d. 02/09/2004, age: 79yr, [JC]
Crawford, Robert John, d. 12/06/1983, age: 71yr, [JC]
Dahms, Auguste Alwine, d. 01/05/1979, age: 80yr, [JC]
Davidson, Beatrice Langley Smith, b. 25 Feb 1903, d. 11 Aug 1994, wife of Frank Leslie, [JB]
Davidson, Frank Leslie, b. 14 Jan 1888, d. 1 Aug 1974, [JB]
Desjardins, Lillian M., d. 31/10/1991, age: 83yr, [JC]
Dillon, Fiona Gail, d. 24/06/1977, "Infant Daughter & Sister", [JC]
Druce, Alice, d. 1991, b. 1894, [JB]
Druce, Eileen May, d. 25/02/1991, age: 73yr, [JC]
Druce, Les, d. 18 Feb 1962, age: 66yr, [JB]
Druce, Victor Stanley, d. 13/06/2000, age: 82yr, [JC]
Evans, Helen Isobel (Grant), d. 23 Jun 1946, age: 33yr, My dear wife & my mother, [SG]
Fisher, Tonia Lesley, b. 1967, d. 1978, [JC]
Fleischfresser, Beverley May, d. 24 Jun 1989, age: 52yr, Our dear parents, s/w Errol John Fleischfresser, [SG]
Fleischfresser, Errol John, d. 07 Mar 2000, age: 60yr, Our dear parents, s/w Beverley May Fleischfresser, [SG]
Fogarty, Celia, d. 07/12/1979, [JC]
Fraser, Mary Margaret, d. 23 Oct 1965, age: 75yr, [JB]
Freegard, R B., d. 10/09/1992, age: 72yr, [JC]
Freeman, Arthur Leslie (Biggs), b. 26/09/1928, d. 07/01/1998, [JC]
Friswell, William G., b. 1938, d. 1998, [JC]
Gorton, Joseph Aubrey, d. 19/01/1973, age: 64yr, [JC]
Gotz, Herman Heinrich Gerhard, d. 31/07/1977, age: 75yr, [JC]
Goulding, Arnold Frank, b. 18/11/1917, d. 08/08/1999, [JC]
Goulding, Margaret Joan, b. 20/10/1920, d. 05/09/1999, [JC]
Grant, Keith Alexander, b. 21 Oct 1923, d. 22 Feb 2004, age: 80yr, QX41683 2/6 Aust. Inf. Btn., [SG]
Grant, Mary, b. 19 Nov 1890, d. 30 Dec 1980, age: 91yr, Our dear mother, s/w Robert Grant, [SG]
Grant, Molly, b. 22 Feb 1912 Longreach, Queensland, d. 15 Jul 1995, age: 81yr, Our dear mother, mother in law, grandmother, s/w Robert James Grant, [SG]
Grant, Robert James, b. 10 Aug 1908, d. 03 Aug 1994, age: 85yr, My beloved Bob. Our dad and Grandad, s/w Molly Grant, [SG]
Grant, Robert, b. 17 Oct 1875 Keith, Scotland, d. 17 May 1964, age: 89yr, My dear husband & our father, s/w Mary Grant, [SG]
Green, Thomas, d. 28 Aug 1927, b. 19 Jan 1846, [JB]
Greenslade, Dorothy Ethel, d. 24 Aug 1985, age: 82yr, [JB]
Greenslade, E. J., d. 19 May 1959, age: 67yr, h/of Dorothy Ethel, Gallipoli veteran, [JB]
Gscheidle, Babies, b. 06/05/1987, d. 06/05/1987, [JC]
Hansen, Albert, d. 03/10/1972, age: 77yr, [JC]
Hansen, Albert, d. 3 Oct 1972, age: 77yr, [JB]
Hansen, Cyril Claude, d. 12 Nov 1977, age: 57yr, [JB]
Hansen, Hans Markus, d. 1908, b. 1879, [JB]
Hansen, Hans Peter, d. 1939, b. 1863, [JB]
Hansen, Inger Marie, d. 1947, b. 1876, [JB]
Hansen, Lilly Maria, d. 15 Oct 1946, age: 62yr, [JB]
Hansen, Maren E, d. 4 Dec 1974, [JB]
Hansen, Soren, d. 12 May 1979, age: 94yr, [JB]
Harvey, Jessie Isabel, d. 03/04/1993, age: 80yr, [JC]
Haug, Alfred John, b. 09/12/1921, d. 19/07/1985, [JC]
Hauritz, Neville Parnell, b. 02 Oct 1919, d. 05 Apr 2000, age: 80yr, My dear husband, our father and grandfather, [SG]
Hayden, Christina, d. 04 Jun 1956, age: 77yr, s/w Frederick Hayden, [SG]
Hayden, Clarence Bertram, d. 11 Apr 1981, age: 65yr, [SG]
Hayden, Frederick, d. 05 Sep 1930, age: 54yr, s/w Chrisitna Hayden, [SG]
Hayden, Hilda Bertha (Mengel), b. 07 Jul 1916, d. 29 May 1997, age: 80yr, [SG]
Hayden, Katherine Mary (Grant), b. 30 Dec 1910, d. 04 Oct 1994, age: 83yr, Our dear mother, mother in law, grandmother, [SG]
Hayden, Wilfred James, b. 10 Sep 1908, d. 30 Aug 1993, age: 84yr, My dear husband, our father and grandfather, [SG]
Hetherington, Alvenia Charlotte, d. 1969, b. 1896, [JB]
Hetherington, Earnest Samuel, d. 1968, b. 1897, [JB]
Hogan, Cyril Joseph, d. 25 Jul 1979, age: 80yr, [JB]
Hogan, Gladys Halliday, d. 3 Apr 1994, age: 93yr, [JB]
Hogan, Margaret, d. 12 Mar 1953, age: 79yr, [JB]
Hooper, Charles M., d. 08/01/1978, age: 84yr, [JC]
Hooper, Olive (Topsy), d. 01/02/1972, age: 78yr, [JC]
Hornburg, Hartley H., b. 1927, d. 1986, "accidentally killed", [JC]
Hunt, Mary A, d. 5 May 1938, age: 42yr, [JB]
Hutchinson, Douglas Macalister Morris, b. 30 Oct 1921, d. 16 Jun 1986, [JB]
Hutchinson, Eleanor Beatrice Davidson, b. 25 Sep 1925, d. 17 Sep 2001, wife of Douglas, [JB]
Jackson, Ethan Brandon Lee, b. 27/09/1993, d. 30/05/1994, [JC]
Jackson, Thelma Christina, b. 1911, d. 2003, [JC]
Jensen, Alfred V, b. 1919, d. 1971, [JB]
Jensen, Andrew Christian, b. 1897, d. 1981, [JB]
Jensen, Arthur Edward, d. 03/04/1999, age: 92yr 8 mths, [JC]
Jensen, Beatrice Annie, d. 19/01/2002, age: 91yr 6 mths, [JC]
Jensen, Gwendoline, b. 1899, d. 1965, [JB]
Jeppesen, Evelyn M, d. 12 Jun 1989, age: 92yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, Frank W, d. 6 Oct 1967, age: 75yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, Frederick, d. 5 Dec 1964, age: 80yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, George, d. 30 Dec 1966, age: 76yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, Hazel F, d. 16 Dec 1939, age: 47yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, Henry C, d. 25 Feb 1953, age: 70yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, Mavis, d. 25 Jul 1982, [JB]
Jeppesen, Olivia C, d. 10 Sep 1936, age: 71yr, [JB]
Jeppesen, Una C, d. 12 Jun 1979, age: 84yr, [JB]
Johnson, Lorna Mary, d. 29/08/1975, age: 64yr, [JC]
Kaufline, Isabella, d. 16/05/1988, age: 96yr, [JC]
Kefford, Marjorie Isabell, d. 05/04/1972, age: 48yr, [JC]
King, Darene Yvonne, d. 28/12/1975, age: 21mo, [JC]
Krosch, D G., d. 14/03/1987, age: 64yr, [JC]
Krueger, Frederick, d. 25 Aug 1952, age: 64yr, [JB]
Krueger, Magdalena, d. 8 Aug 1974, age: 81yr, [JB]
Lederhose, Olga A, b. 28 Nov 1893, d. 24 Sep 1946, age: 52yr, My dear wife & our mother, s/w Phillip Lederhose, [SG]
Lederhose, Phillip, b. 24 Feb 1883, d. 23 Jul 1964, age: 81yr, And our dear father, s/w Olga A Lederhose, [SG]
Lederhose, Wilfred Herbert, d. 28 Dec 1999, age: 80yr, My dear husband and father, [SG]
Livingstone, Selwyn Earle Murray, d. 28/06/1982, age: 68yr, [JC]
Ludke, Eliza Jane, d. 08/06/1973, age: 71yr, [JC]
Ludke, George Hans, d. 29/03/1978, age: 86yr, [JC]
Ludlow, Wilfred, b. 01/09/1922, d. 02/12/1992, [JC]
MacDonald, David George, b. 23/08/1944, d. 16/08/2002, [JC]
Madsen, Henry, d. 3 Feb 1961, age: 74yr, [JB]
Madsen, Isabell Fraser, d. 11 Aug 1968, age: 77yr, [JB]
Madsen, Olive May, d. 27 Oct 1928, age: 7yr, [JB]
McArdle, Daniel Richard, d. 1978, "Infant", [JC]
McArdle, Helen Marie, d. 11/03/1968 "Infant", [JC]
McArdle, Joshua Samuel, d. 1967, "Infant", [JC]
McCullagh, Alexander (Alex) Herbert, b. 17/01/1917, d. 09/01/2004, [JC]
McCullagh, Edith Evelyn (Ev), b. 12/02/1914, d. 06/11/1996, [JC]
McKay, Peter Alexander, d. 19/01/1974, age: 77yr, [JC]
McLaughlin, Emilie M., d. 20/08/1978, age: 78yr, [JC]
McLaughlin, John C., d. 25/04/1989, 85yr, [JC]
Merrett, J E., d. 04/03/1980, age: 53yr, NX181169 Private, 65 Infantry Battalion, [JC]
Miller, Dorothy, d. 06/07/1974, age: 68yr, [JC]
Mugridge, Alice Lilian, b. 10/08/1922, d. 18/06/1980, age: 57yr, [JC]
Mullins, Patrick Joseph, d. 14/11/1978, age: 50yr, [JC]
Neubauld, Eileen Eva, b. 28/02/1905, d. 31/08/1972, [JC]
Nielsen, Emily Clara, d. 6 Dec 1937, age: 38yr, [JB]
Nielsen, Emily Clare, d. 6 Dec 1937, age: 38yr, [JB]
Nielsen, Maren, d. 27 Feb 1907, age: 38yr, [JB]
Nothdurft, Keith Walter, d. 13 Apr 1988, age: 51yr, [JB]
Nothdurft, Keith Walter, d. 13/04/1988, age: 51yr, [JC]
Nugent, Baby, no dates, [JC]
Oxlade, Francis, d. 22/12/1991, age: 67yr, [JC]
Pailthorpe, Jack, d. 8 Oct 1954, [JB]
Pankhurst, G H., d. 18/08/1975, age: 77yr, [JC]
Pankhurst, Lilian Jessie, b. 1914, d. 1975, [JC]
Parton, Barry T., d. 09/04/1974, age: 30yr, [JC]
Pearson, Ernest John, d. 23/11/1983, age: 52yr, [JC]
Pearson, Lindsay Stuart, d. 13/12/1978, age: 18yr 8 mths, [JC]
Pearson, Thomas Henry, d. 19/09/2003, age: 81yr, [JC]
Perrett, Arthur, d. 21 Feb 1971, age: 80yr, [JB]
Phillips, Gertrude Adell, b. 07/03/1914, d. 03/12/2000, [JC]
Phillips, Stanley Thomas, b. 27/07/1912, d. 20/05/1976, [JC]
Pokarier, Cecil Charles, d. 01/06/1982, age: 74yr, [JC]
Pollock, Wesley John (Jnr), d. 16/07/1985, age: 20yr 2 mths, [JC]
Potter, Doreen Margaret, d. 07/06/1984, [JC]
Prendergast, Rodney K., d. 04/04/1972, age: 16yr, [JC]
Raabe, Carl J., d. 30/11/1998, age: 91yr, [JC]
Radunz, Magdelena D, d. 03 Mar 1964, age: 95yr, Our dear mother, [SG]
Rea, Elaine Ann, d. 17/04/1974, age: 26yr, [JC]
Reed, Dorothy B., d. 21/03/1993, age: 73yr, [JC]
Reick, Jean A, b. 1913, d. 1968, [JB]
Reick, Thomas W, b. 1905, d. 1988, [JB]
Robinson, Harold Ernest, d. 10/09/1973, age: 53yr, [JC]
Rose, Winston Neville, b. 24/10/1940, d. 18/03/2007, [JC]
Ruttley, Hilda Johanna, b. 07/02/1907, d. 25/04/1999, [JC]
Ruttley, Thomas James, b. 12/01/1905, d. 21/07/1987, [JC]
Saltmer, William G., d. 11/05/1972, age: 22yr, [JC]
Schilling, Friedrick A.F., d. 30 Jun 1937, age: 79yr, [JB]
Schilling, Wilhelmine, d. 1 Nov 1937, age: 75yr, [JB]
Schultz, Harold David, d. 30 Aug 1993, age: 80yr, [JB]
Schultz, Hermann, d. 23 Dec 1953, age: 74ry, [JB]
Schultz, Margaretha, d. 1 Oct 1968, age: 86yr, [JB]
Schultz, Rita Myrtle, d. 9 Nov 1957, age: 42yr, [JB]
Seng, Henry, d. 02/09/1985, age: 79yr, [JC]
Stead, Dulcie Doreen, b. 26/07/1924, d. 28/08/2004, [JC]
Stead, Raymond Thomas, b. 18/09/1925, d. 10/06/2006, [JC]
Strehlau, Carole A, d. 20 Dec 1971, age: 5wks, [JB]
Strehlau, Kerri M, d. 10 Apr 1977, age: 6, [JB]
Strehlau, Raylee A, d. 10 Apr 1977, age: 28, [JB]
Strehlau, William A, d. 10 Apr 1977, age: 26, [JB]
Stumer, Frank Harold, d. 23/01/1997, age: 77yr, [JC]
Stumer, Gladys May, d. 12/05/1982, age: 63yr, [JC]
Swain, Frederic Baynham, b. 1900, d. 1974, [JC]
Swain, Helena Anna, b. 1899, d. 1999, [JC]
Swendson, Jens, b. 17/09/1902, d. 01/11/1981, [JC]
Swendson, Mary Aileen, b. 13/06/1909, d. 12/01/1989, [JC]
Thomson, Clarence A.L., d. 5 Nov 1969, age: 78, [JB]
Thomson, Martha, d. 13 Mar 1969, age: 75, [JB]
Thorne, Eric Charles, b. 16/10/1916, d. 20/03/1987, [JC]
Townson, Annie E.L., d. 19 Jul 1949, age: 74, [JB]
Townson, Thomas, d. 13 Jul 1933, age: 64yr, [JB]
Warren, Charles W., d. 14/01/1972, age: 74yr, [JC]
Warren, Dorothy E., d. 23/11/2000, age: 101yr, [JC]
Wartha, Andre, d. 27/01/1949, "Infant Daughter of Ross & Pat", [JC]
Watts, Yvonne, d. 06/09/1948, [JC]
Wenzel, George A, b. 1884, d. 1944, [JB]
White, Maud, b. 1896, d. 1972, Mother of Molly Grant, [SG]
Wieckhorst, Margaret Ann, d. 23 Feb 1970, age: 65yr, [JB]
Wieckhorst, Walter William, d. 4 Jul 1982, age: 82yr, [JB]
Wieden, Henriette E., d.14/12/1971, age: 62yr, [JC]
Wilson, Agnes, d. 05 Aug 1962, Our dear parents, s/w Alan Wilson, [SG]
Wilson, Alan, d. 09 Oct 1971, Our dear parents, s/w Agnes Wilson, [SG]
Winter, Victor Edelfried, d. 8 Apr 1999, [JB]
Wittmann, John George, d. 12/08/1985, age: 78yr, [JC]
Wittmann, Velma Lilly, d. 08/12/2001, age: 92yr, [JC]
Young, Abram, d. 18 Feb 1957, age: 68yr, [JB]
Young, Graham, b. 15 Feb 1927, d. 9 Feb 1934, [JB]
Young, Malcolm, d. 1950, [JB]

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