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Kumbia Backroad Cemetery
Kingaroy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Janice Nightingale, Nov 26, 2000 [nightingalejanice@hotmail.com].
Total records = 40.

Kumbia Backroad Cemetery. I'm not sure if this is the official name. A small cemetery, surrounded by farmland, between Kingaroy and Kumbia. Earliest marked grave 1910. The cemetery is still in use, presumably maintained by the Kingaroy Shire Council. There are a handful of unmarked graves. Apart from those, this is a complete index for burials up to Nov 26, 2000.

Take the Bunya Highway from Kingaroy (the road to Dalby), watch for the Kumbia backroad on your left, about 10 minutes out of Kingaroy, take the turn off and look for the cemetery about 1 or 2k up the road, on the right. Watch carefully as the cemetery is set back from the road, down a slope, and is easy to miss. Look for the Norfolk Pines.

- Janice Nightingale

Cemetery Records

Fechner, Olga Emma, b. 25/05/1919, d. 07/12/1985, Gr.45
Francis, Alma M L, d. 04/06/1947, age: 64
Francis, William Joseph, d. 14/10/1954, age: 74
Frieboth, A M Magdalena, b. 11/06/1860, d. 11/07/1934, nee Roehrs; inscription in German, wife of George Christoph Frieboth
Frieboth, Christoph, b. 15/03/1893, d. 14/11/1926, inscription in German
Frieboth, George Christoph, b. 02/02/1858, d. 10/07/1922, inscription in German, husb. of A M Magdalena Frieboth
Golinski, Ian John (Curley), d. 03/03/1999, age: 54, Gr.5
Janetzki, (baby), d. 14/07/1939, Gr.27
Janetzki, Ella, d. 04/03/1959, age: 75
Janetzki, Noel John, b. 1936, d. 1985, Gr.38
Koehler, August Carl, d. 09/09/1976, age: 65, Gr.21
Koehler, Elma Doris, d. 21/09/1957, age: 32, Gr.20
Lange, Joachim, d. 08/06/1914, age: 88, Gr.24
Lange, Louise D, d. 15/06/1940, age: 75, Gr.23
Noller, (baby), d. 09/11/1934, Gr.25
Noller, (baby), d. 17/01/1953, infant son of Colin and Lois, Gr.29
Noller, John Owen, b. 25/07/1945, d. 26/07/1945, age: 36hrs, Gr.28
Noller, Viola, d. 29/08/1945, age: 23, Gr.18
Priebbenow, Carl A, d. 30/03/1967, age: 82, husb. of E Sophia Priebbenow
Priebbenow, E Sophia, d. 13/06/1942, age: 52, wife of Carl A Priebbenow
Priebbenow, Valarie M, b. 25/12/1832, d. 01/03/1988, nee Janetzki, Gr. 43
Rubesaame, Arnold Friedrich, b. 18/07/1981, d. 10/10/1919, Gr.35
Schultz, Darly, d. 10/09/1949, age: 1 day, Gr.19
Schultz, Freda Rose, b. 26/08/1925, d. 29/06/1999, nee Thamm, Gr.2
Schultz, Maria Elizabeth, d. 26/06/1920, age: 40, Gr.16
Schultz, Pamela, d. 07/01/1942, age: 3 days, "Our Babe", Gr.17
Suszbier, B A, d. 24/04/1926, age: 72
Thamm, Beryl, d. 28/10/1995, age: 65, Gr.1
Truss, Emilie Louise, d. 25/07/1987, age: 93, Gr.13
Truss, Fay Estella, d. 23/04/1938, age: 3yr 9mth, Gr.26
Truss, Frederick, d. 09/06/1968, age: 79, Gr.12
Unverzagt, Matthew Joel, b. 24/11/1994, d. 24/11/1994, stillborn, Gr.46
Verrall, Mavis P, d. 11/02/1973, age: 51, Gr.34
Winter, Ada A, b. 28/04/1886, d. 10/02/1975, age: 88, Gr.39
Winter, Albert H F, d. 03/02/1963, age: 82, Gr.37
Winter, Anna Elizabeth, b. 27/01/1854, South Australia, d. 27/06/1929, age: 75, nee Strauss, Gr.32
Winter, Carl F, b. 04/05/1888, d. 02/11/1968, age: 82, Gr.38
Winter, Ferdinand F J, b. 05/11/1834, Bobirsberg Russia, d. 16/02/1910, Gr.31
Winter, Martha R B, d. 11/08/1965, age: 88, Gr.36
Winter, Otto E H, b. 29/01/1888, Netherby, Victoria, d. 25/01/1913, Gr.33
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