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Tansey Cemetery
Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 23, 2000.
Total records = 56.

Tansey, 18km north of Goomeri on the Burnett highway was once famous for its cheeses. The cemetery is not visible from the road. One needs to be vigilant for the blue signpost on the left, if travelling north. Two gates and a grazing paddock to get there.

The cemetery was well kept, but the approach track!!! Shut the bloody gates and watch where you put your feet. As you pass Jack Geddes house on the way in, check out the roses. The first council recorded burial was that of Mavis Vera Zampech aged 23 mths, on 2nd Mar 1923.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Barringhaus, Auguste, d.1965, b.1878
Bliesner, Bertha H, d.2/5/92, b.26-9-1902
Bliesner, Norman E, d.7/2/49, Age:52
Borghers, Anna, d.10/4/35, Age:56
Borghers, Lydia, d.26-5-1935, Age:13mths
Collins, Elizabeth Sarah, d.11/1/41, Age:57
Finner, Hans John, d.23-3-1935, Age:26
Finner, Hermann, d.6/3/43, b.27-5-1872
Geritz, Cecil, d.26-11-1929, Age:18
Graffunder, Rhoda Phyllis, d.23-4-1997, Age:82
Graffunder, William (Priest), d.3/5/84, Age:71
Groer, Alfred, d.24-6-1924, Age:7 dys
Groer, Augusta Helena, d.4/4/64, Age:64
Gurski, J.F., d.27-4-1960, Age:73
Gurski, Margaret E.M., d.25-3-1941, Age:50
Keune, Ethel, d.31-12-1989, b.3/2/09
Keune, Friedrick August, d.16-9-1975, b.1911
Keune, Friedrick Heinrich, d.19-6-1946, Age:72
Keune, Maria, d.16-6-1936, Age:59
Keune, William Ernest, d.7/8/76, b.1903
Kiehne, Caroline, d.9/1/31, b.10-12-1839
Klein, Julius, d.23-2-1956, Age:89
Klein, Marie, d.1/2/34, Age:66
Kuhnel, Adolf, d.10/6/41, Age:63
Kuhnel, Anna Pauline, d.27-8-1957, Age:81
Lehmann, John Gustaff, d.16-7-1925, Age:50
Ludecke, Friedrich, d.4/2/41, Age:64
Ludecke, May, d.10/10/26, Age:19
Maudsley, Jeanne May, d.1926, Age:child
Mischke, Charles, d.16-12-1961, Age:54
Neumann, Johannes O, d.1954, b.1883
Neumann, Karoline, d.2/1/41, Age:79
Neumann, M Margaretha, d.1973, b.1884
Pustolla, Anna Maria, d.17-7-1964, Age:83
Pustolla, Hermann, d.16-5-1943, Age:68
Reck, Annie, d.5/7/79, Age:75
Reck, August Herman, d.31-3-1978, Age:74
Reck, Tracey, d., Age:inf
Rennglen, Johanna, d.12/10/28, Age:54
Richter, August, d.16-4-1984, Age:93
Richter, Elizabeth, d.7/7/38, Age:80
Richter, Maria, d.5/3/41, Age:47
Richter, Vera Iris, d.2/9/79, Age:73
Robson, Claude Robert, d.28-7-1980, Age:63
Robson, Florence, d.2/8/75, Age:55
Rosenberg, Edward, d.27-10-1928, Age:86
Schneider, Alfred, d.27-4-1971, Age:63
Schneider, Elsie, d.5/9/70, Age:57
Schneider, Harriett, d.20-3-1925, Age:68
Sorchere, Anna, d.9/4/35, Age:55
Wendland, Maria Louisa Ida, d.11/8/51, Age:70
Wendland, Wilhelm, d.21-12-1950, Age:73
Wesche, Emma Louise, d.17-7-1960, Age:73
Wittenberg, Amalia, d.1955, b.1875
Wittenberg, Julius, d.6/5/25, b.1873
Zampech, Mavis Vera, d.2/3/23, Age:23mths
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