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Kilkivan Cemetery
Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26°06'24"S, Lon: 152°16'38"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 28, 2000.
Total records = 401.

The cemetery is 1.5 Km south of the town of Kilkivan-44km from Gympie on the Wide Bay Highway. It is easy to miss the Blue sign, and the cemetery is well off the road.

The Shire office is situated in the main street of Kilkivan. The earliest council record is for Annie Elizabeth Beer, buried 17-6-1879, aged 39, and the second one is for John Beer, buried 13-2-1889, aged 67.

I have transcribed from my headstone readings of this cemetery when I visited it in 1999.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Allen, Archibald, d.1962, Age:84
Allen, Beatrice, d.4/1/72, Age:82
Allen, Elice Evelyn, d.1974, Age:89
Allen, John Edward White, d.25-12-1992, Age:88
Alohzenger, William Henry, d.25-12-1911
Anderson, Charles, d.14-5-1891
Anderson, Neal Edward, d.14-3-1934, Age:29
Angel, Desmond Vincent, d.1942
Angel, Elizabeth Frances, d.7/3/17, Age:56
Angel, George, d.3/6/18, Age:51
Angel, Grace, d.6-1-1895
Angel, Jacob, d.14-6-1919, Age:66
Angel, John, d.19-4-1905
Angel, John Joseph, d.8/11/59, Age:78
Angel, Margaret Anne, d.21-2-1962, Age:78y11m
Ashby, Douglas Gaven, d.6/8/90, Age:66
Austin, Charles, d.7-10-1891
Baker, Harold James, d.12/7/59, Age:16
Barker, Florence, d.12-7-1899, Age:6
Barker, James, d.19-4-1898
Barkle, Evelyn Ruth, d.3/6/98, Age:73
Barkle, Ronald Henry J, d.3/4/90, Age:65
Barkle, Roslyn Anne, d.31-1-1962, Age:1wk
Bassett, Con, d.14-1-1906
Batten, Rupert Alwyn H, d.17-9-1994, b.14-6-1930
Batten, Terrence Alwyn, d.13-1-1987, Age:26
Baxter, Frank Edmund, d.9/11/75, Age:46
Baxter, Gloria Elwyn, d.13-4-1997, b.13-4-1924
Baxter, Hanorah Margaret, d.21-4-1982, Age:91
Baxter, John Henry, d.16-3-1957, Age:72
Baxter, Mary, d.3/7/23
Baxter, Mary Margaret, d.22-4-1969, Age:85
Baxter, Samuel Wm, d.2/4/62, Age:75
Baxter d.20-11-1920
Beer, Anne Elizabeth, d.17-6-1879, Age:39
Beer, Burnett Moreton, d.12/7/68, Age:60
Beer, Evelyn Mary, d.16-5-1993, Age:79
Beer, Francis Lionel, d.3/12/74, Age:61
Beer, Jessie Elizabeth, d.9/10/49, Age:70
Beer, John, d.13-2-1889, Age:67
Beer, Maureen Ann, d.20-12-1986, Age:74
Beer, William, d.1951
Bentley, Thomas, d.17-12-1912
Bishop, Arthur, d.21-2-1948, Age:77
Bishop, Arthur Martin S. (Joe), d.1973, b.1912
Bishop, Cyril William, d.15-8-1989, Age:69
Bishop, Kate, d.29-5-1941, Age:63
Blakely, Josephine Jessie, d.14-7-1976, b.1907
Braysher, Alan, d.1935
Braysher, Albert Amos, d.1932
Braysher, May , d.27-10 1931
Breitkreutz, Ernest Charles, d.25-3-1932
Buckley, Charlotte Elizabeth, d.1/8/61, Age:88
Buckley, William Henry, d.2/10/56
Cameron, Flora, d.16-3-1890
Casey, Alice Ellen, d.1937
Casey, Christopher, d.1947
Casey, Elizabeth Mary, d.7/4/67, Age:83
Casey, Patrick Paul, d.1948
Casey, Robert Otto John, d.9/6/83, b.1911
Cirson, Anne Muriel, d.1933
Cirson, Carl F, d.1943
Cogan, Francis Matthew, d.28-8-1893, Age:4
Cogan, Francis Peter, d.9-8-1881, Age:3m
Cogan, George Peter, d.3/5/17, Age:25
Cogan, James George, d.3/10/56, Age:78
Cogan, Margaret Ellen, d.4/9/87, Age:92
Cogan, Mary Anne, d.29-4-1923, Age:39
Cogan, Mary Ferguson, d.25-5-1935, Age:79
Cogan, Michael, d.7/9/02, Age:58
Cogan, Michael Edward, d.20-9-1933, Age:47
Colch, Bridgette, d.15-10-1929, Age:73
Colch, Patrick John, d.28-8-1939, Age:58
Colch, Thomas (Snr), d.30-9-1921, Age:75
Colch, Thomas (Jnr) George, d.13-6-1919, Age:39
Coleman, Catherine, d.24-1-1935, Age:75
Coleman, John, d.6/5/23, Age:70
Connors, Mary, d.18-3-1897, Age:71
Courtman, Jonah, d.2/8/14
Courtman, William Henry, d.6/1/34
Craft, Lorna Ethel, d.30-8-1994, Age:88
Craft, Walter Samuel, d.5/2/61, Age:58
Craig, Robert Francis, d.22-6-1913
Crawford, Ellen, d.11/5/60, Age:79
Crawford, Girvan, d.4/7/55, Age:79
Cullen, Florence Elizabeth, d.3/1/80, Age:89
Cullen, George Edward, d.1/4/64, Age:70
Cullen, Richard Frederick, d.28-5-1982, Age:60
Davis, David, d.22-7-1894
Dawson, Robert, d.12/12/02
Dell, Elis, d.3/10/74, Age:54
Dell, Merri Ann, d.24-9-1964, Age:64
Dell, Peter Jeffrey, d.17-8-1966, Age:7mths
Dempster, John, d.3/3/76, Age:84
Dempster, Margaret Mary, d.10/1/39, b.20-12-1892
Dimock, Alma Tilly, d.24-4-1983, Age:90
Dimock, Arthur John, d.25-7-1965, Age:78
Dixon, Frederick, d.9-4-1894
Downing, Robert, d.19-12-1926
Downing, Rose, d.1912
Downing, Rose Ellen, d.20-3-1921
Dray, Beatrice Charlotte Marion, d.18-8-1998, Age:73
Edwards, C, d.1898
Elliott, Robert, d.1901
Euler, Bernard Frederick, d.22-9-1937, Age:67
Euler, Frederick Melchome, d.18-11-1923, Age:49
Euler, William, d.1/11/12
Eupene, Bernard James, d.21-3-1946, Age:72
Eupene, Elizabeth Anne, d.25-6-1966, Age:90
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth, d.27-8-1915
Fitzpatrick, George, d.20-4-1899
Fitzpatrick, Jane, d.3/4/10
Fitzpatrick, Timothy, d.29-5-1910
Fraser, Ann Caroline, d.12/8/02, Age:35
Fraser, Annie, d.1902
Fraser, Flora, d.3/1/09, Age:75
Fraser, Julia Anne, d.6/2/10, Age:28
Fraser, William, d.13-9-1902, Age:72
Fraser, William Grant, d.18-8-1921, Age:47
Gardiner, Mavis Rose, d.21-3-1989, Age:73
Gesch, Carl Frederick William, d.5/4/30
Gesch, Rosina, d.5/11/53, Age:64
Gesch, Samuel William, d.26-6-1943, Age:60
Gesch, Sarah Ann, d.19-9-1925
Godber, Jane Anne, d.6/10/45, Age:70
Godber, Joseph Bateman, d.29-10-1949, Age:74
Gordon, Nellie, d.19-2-1988, Age:84
Gorman , Julia, d.25-9-1892
Gorsch, Albert Ernest, d.23-3-1934
Gowan, Alexander, d.24-1-1914, b.13-5-1841
Grant, James, d.27-12-1902
Grieve, James, d.1912
Haack, Colin Charles, d.31-5-1996, b.1/9/23
Haack, Jeanetta, d.4/8/91, b.16-10-1926
Hadland, Richard Page, d.31-10-1915, Age:23
Hampton, Mary Emma, d.1944
Harold, Mary, d.6/2/27
Harwood, Charles Frederick, d.14-4-1950, Age:76
Harwood, Elizabeth Jane, d.30-10-1969, Age:84
Hawkes, Annie, d.1941, b.1867
Hawkes, John, d.1948, b.1863
Hazel, John, d.29-3-1914
Heeb, Leslie John, d.6/3/89, Age:68
Herbohn, James Gordon, d.11/4/93, Age:75
Hester, Samuel, d.8/12/06, Age:71
Hewson, Frederick, d.19-1-1947, Age:69
Hewson, Hannah, d.1940
Hewson, James, d.14-7-1930
Hewson, Mary Isobel, d.18-5-1961, Age:74
Hewson, Thomas Arthur, d.5/5/98, Age:69
Hind, Frank Banfield, d.31-3-1984, Age:64
Hind, Rita Jean, d.19-8-1996, Age:79
Holt, Mary, d.18-12-1924
Homans, Henry E, d.9/4/91, b.19-4-1924
Hourihan, William, d.19-7-1894
Hunt, Benjamin, d.1945
Hunt, Lillian, d.26-7-1906
Hunter, Elizabeth, d.14-6-1906, Age:69
Hunter, Robert, d.6/2/17, Age:80
Jensen, James William, d.21-10-1986, Age:73
Johnson, Elizabeth, d.18-8-1892
Jones, Arthur E, d.26-2-1917, b.9-3-1891
Jones, David Lacey, d.
Jones, Emma Sarah, d.8/8/47, Age:95
Jones, Ernest Samuel, d.25-5-1960, Age:59
Jones, George Hall, d.1899
Jones, Gordon Robert, d.29-4-1998, Age:65
Jones, Rose, d.1910
Jones, Samuel E, d.4/9/01, Age:61
Kamerling, Jan Phillips, d.17-4-1969, Age:84
Kelly, Joseph John, d.25-9-1964, Age:41
Kelly, Margaret Mary, d.19-10-1973, Age:83
Kelly, Stephen Henry, d.24-1-1965, Age:71
Kelly, William James, d.19-5-1980, Age:56
Kelly-Hopf, Kylie Ann, d.22-4-1988, Age:SB
Kernohan, John, d.7-7-1890, Age:38
King, Alfred George, d.6/10/83, Age:33
King, Arthur, d.4/4/09
Kirby, Russell Clyde, d.11/10/94, b.9/9/31
Knight, Hazel, d.17-3-1903
Knox, Marshall Graham Maurer, d.22-12-1941, b.14-2-1940
Knox, Nellie Emma, d.18-8-1975, Age:86
Knox, William Alexander, d.7/12/61, Age:70
Lahiff, Robert Elliott, d.1921
Lahiff, Valmay Edith, d.9/1/54, Age:24
Lahiff, William Reginald, d.29-9-1960, Age:74
Lake, Charles Ernest, d.11-2-1895, b.1831
Lake, John William , d.3/2/50, Age:83
Lake, Mary Ann, d.17-12-1909, b.1844
Lake, Mary Ann, d.15-4 1903, Age:14mths
Lake, Mary Ellen, d.27-7-1947, Age:80
Lake, William Ernest, d.5-2-1895, Age:14mths
Lake, William Henry, d.1950
Laurie, Elizabeth, d.30-9-1905, Age:84
Laurie, William, d.14-10-1894, Age:73
Lee, Alfred, d.14-10-1914
Lewis, W, d.1919
Lindsay, Hector, d.1935, b.1858
Lindsay, Sylvia, d.22-8-1994, b.14-10-1936
Lundh, John Daniel, d.7/2/45, Age:18
Mackey, John, d.2-5-1899, Age:70
Mactaggart, John Daniel, d.1871
Madsen, Enid Lydia, d.5/9/87, Age:70
Mair, Charles Chalmers, d.2/4/00, b.10-9-1842
Maluga, Margaret Catherine Dulcie, d.19-6-1999, Age:73
Marks, Herbert Charles, d.21-12-1957, Age:50
Mason, Agnes, d.5/1/21, Age:78
Mason, Charles Henry, d.4/3/06, Age:63
Maudsley, Reginal William, d.11/4/97, b.21-1-1922
McArthur, Clara Ella, d.26-1-1958, Age:65
McArthur, Glenn Leon, d.9/6/83, b.1932
McArthur, James Lindsay, d.10/7/89, Age:80
McCarroll, Alex, d.29-10-1925, Age:73
McCarroll, Alexander Clark Coleman, d.27-5-1970, b.1895
McCarroll, Elsie Muriel, d.16-10-1974, Age:76
McCarroll, Ethel Catherine May, d.21-7-1982, b.28-4-1890
McCarroll, John, d.5/9/64, Age:70
McCarroll, Margaret Jane, d.10/5/06, Age:46
McCombe, John Alexander W, d.12/4/73, Age:69
McCoombe, Elizabeth Jane, d.6/10/39, Age:76
McCoombe, John, d.30-10-1941, Age:75
McCormack, Catherine Elizabeth, d.1/5/48, Age:82
McIntosh, Raymond Reeves, d.5/10/78, Age:67
McKell, Herbert Horace, d.5/6/64, Age:63
McKell, Isabella Eva, d.5/7/81, Age:70
McKewen, Charles Benjamin, d.1951
McKewen, Mary Ann, d.12/1/74, Age:88
McLachlan, Edith Alice, d.2/10/62, Age:73
McLachlan, John Henry, d.11/8/63, Age:85
McLaughlan, Henry, d.17-2-1915
McLeod, Ronald Roderick, d.1932
McLoughlin, Claude, d.16-5-1911
McNevin, John, d.9/5/26, Age:61
McNickel, William, d.1926
McNulty, James, d.1956
Mengal, Jacob, d.18-6-1938, Age:72
Mengel, Eberhart Paul, d.1/4/19
Mills, Albert, d.1/2/04
Mitchell, Alexander, d.1926
Moessenger, Annie Muriel, d.23-1-1914, Age:27
Moessenger, Godfrey Adam, d.21-11-1904, b.1855
Moessenger, Mary Ann, d.1/6/15
Moore, Sylvia Mildred Bede, d.17-7-1998, Age:73
Moore, William Francis, d.2/9/91, Age:70
Moreland, Charles Alexander, d.20-9-1947, Age:82
Moreland, Grace Ann, d.19-8-1965, Age:64
Moreland, John Allen, d.4/7/97, Age:89
Moreland, Lillian Pearl, d.5/10/84, Age:71
Moreland, Mary Thompson, d.15-9-1909, Age:35
Moreland, Susan Phyllis, d.1/2/62, Age:6dys
Moreland, Una May, d.2/7/43
Muir, Christina, d.11/11/58, Age:75
Muir, James, d.22-7-1962, Age:88
Muir, Mary H, d.1943, b.1873
Nethercott, Alex, d.1936
Noffke, Anna Maria, d.26-1-1967, Age:84
Noffke, Max, d.15-4-1955, Age:73
O'Donnell, John, d.14-9-1912
O'Donnell, Julia, d.17-101946, Age:75
O'Donoghue, John Joseph, d.1/9/34, Age:66
O'Donoghue, Mary, d.4/12/40, Age:70
O'Leary, Timothy, d.23-2-1902
Olzard, William John, d.2/4/84, Age:76
Ortt, Julius B, d.5/11/02, Age:38
Ortt, Susan, d.13-1-1909, Age:67
O'Shea, John, d.20-1-1904, Age:4
O'Shea, Thomas, d.21-1-1904
O'Sullivan, Hamish Isaiah, d.15-7-1998, b.11/5/98
Palmer, Frederick Henry, d.9/5/68, Age:55
Palmer, James, d.7/7/78, Age:72
Palmer, Pearl Margaret, d.30-11-1969, Age:49
Pearson, Annie, d.27-12-1966, b.14-7-1885
Pearson, James William, d.21-8-1941, b.24-12-1881
Pearson, Margaret Maud, d.20-12-1998, b.25-6-1920
Pearson, Owen Hedley, d.4/9/74, b.27-8-1913
Penny, John George, d.18-3-1904
Penny, Mary, d.6-11-1899, Age:62
Perrett, John Henry George, d.4/1/74, Age:74
Perrett, Robin Arthur, d.20-6-1991, Age:90
Perrett, Sealey, d.30-7-1901
Peters, Anna, d.19-8-1963, Age:81
Peters, Bertie , d.16-6-1914
Peters, Frederick Wilhelm, d.4/9/48, Age:69
Peters, George, d.29-8-1991, b.1909
Peters, Iris Marie, d.7/12/78, b.1918
Peters, Lucy Mary, d.17-7-1928
Peters, Max, d.6/9/86, Age:80
Pickersgill, George, d.11/9/02, b.23-4-1840
Powell, Mabel Lillian, d.26-10-1931, b.1890
Preston, Christopher Adam, d.27-2-1978, Age:65
Preston, Herbert John, d.17-3-1963, Age:15
Ray, Jane, d.15-6-1932, Age:74
Ray, Joseph, d.13-5-1944, Age:94
Ray, Joseph Phillip, d.1/9/18, Age:30
Ray, William Francis, d.16-4-1931, Age:73
Reynolds, Elizabeth, d.20-8-1965, Age:77
Reynolds, Frederick, d.20-12-1955, Age:85
Richardson, Alfred, d.11/12/31
Roberts, Annie, d.29-3-1931, Age:66
Roberts, Doris Isabell, d.26-1-1996, Age:90
Roberts, Eric John, d.10/6/64, Age:68
Roberts, John, d.4/1/36, Age:74
Robinson, Douglas Stewart, d.13-9-1891, Age:2
Ryan, Hazel Frances Hayden, d.28-5-1979, Age:66
Ryan, Reginald James, d.25-2-1989, Age:81
Sales, Stanley Noel, d.6/9/90, Age:73
Salter, Emily Martha, d.15-8-1940, Age:76
Salter, William, d.20-1-1934, Age:72
Schienpfling, Lucy Jane, d.31-8-1910
Scott, Edna Dorothy, d.17-11-1984, Age:77
Scott, Elizabeth, d.18-2-1937, Age:95
Scott, Erneton Thomas, d.27-1-1987, Age:79
Scott, Flora, d.1924
Scott, William Thomas, d.1956, b.1874
Sebbens, Mary Jane, d.1/8/50, Age:70
Sebbens, Phillip, d.2/6/47, b.12-1-1872
Sempf, August Frederick, d.1953, b.1873
Sempf, Elizabeth, d.2/6/37, b.1872
Sempf, Leonard, d.20-9-1970, Age:66
Sempf, Lilly Annie, d.15-11-1992, Age:84
Smyth, Dorothy Grace, d.21-12-1974, Age:42
Smyth, Oswald William Barrett, d.24-7-1995, Age:68
Spencer, Agnes Clarke, d.18-8-1945, Age:74
Spencer, Agnes Frances, d.23-9-1961, Age:81
Spencer, Annie, d.22-8-1918, b.1829
Spencer, Charles Alfred, d.29-1-1951, Age:79
Spencer, William Edward, d.11/6/19, Age:57
Standen, Hannah, d.14-7-1935
Standen, Thomas, d.1943
Standen, Thomas Fiscke, d.1944
Starkey, Beryl Clifford, d.1/7/44, Age:21
Stewart, Evelyn Florence, d.24-9-1993, Age:71
Stewart, J.H., d.10/3/89, Age:68
Stockden, George William, d.18-7-1997, Age:84
Stringer, Ela Nora Elizabeth, d.31-10-1970, Age:9
Summers, Ronald Eric, d.30-12-1918
Sutton, Arthur Ernest, d.18-9-1984, Age:72
Sutton, Ernest Bundarra, d.15-5-1955, Age:74
Sutton, Isobell Priscilla G, d.2/5/55, Age:75
Sutton, Terry Edward, d.22-1-1968, Age:14
Taylor, William, d.1938
Tennison, Susan Thowbridge, d.26-9-1910
Thannheiser, Meta, d.7/7/87, Age:53
Thiele, Alberta May, d.9/4/27, b.1900
Tooley, Elizabeth, d.23-7-1946, Age:83
Tooley, Elsie, d.29-11-1977, Age:79
Tooley, Ernest Jack, d.15-1-1898
Tooley, Henry, d.2/9/40, Age:76
Tooley, Henry Kevin, d.17-5-1928
Tooley, Herbert Henry, d.28-1-1966, Age:78
Tooley, Joy, d.22-1-1928
Tooley, Violet May, d.21-3-1896
Tullock, William, d.10/7/14
Turner, Edith Alice, d.1954, b.1880
Turner, Edward Ernest, d.1957, b.1881
Turner, Eric John, d.24-7-1992, Age:78
Turner, Harold Leslie, d.28-1-1973, Age:64
Turner, Kerry John, d.3/3/86, Age:40
Turner, Selena, d.10/12/05
Vines, George, d.7/9/15
Waldock, Alfred Marriott, d.3/11/75, Age:78
Waldock, Elizabeth Louisa, d.1/7/48, Age:52
Waldock, Ernest, d.20-3-1912, Age:2yr26mths
Waldock, Flora May Frances, d.20-11-1890
Wall, Daniel, d.29-1-1951, Age:65
Wall, Hanorah, d.7/2/51, Age:92
Wall, W, d.28-8-1920
Wall, William, d.27-8-1939, Age:32
Wall, William, d.5/9/39, Age:86
Walsh, Mary, d.26-3-1929
Warren, Mary Ann, d.11/7/09, Age:80
Wex, Errol Francis, d.1943
Wex, Eveline, d.23-9-1966, Age:81
Wex, Francis, d.8/4/37, Age:61y11m
Wex, Patrick Moran, d.2/3/74, Age:57
Wilkinson, Christopher Sturdy, d.12/2/70, Age:73
Williams, Agnes Mary, d.6/2/68, Age:65
Williams, Alice Louisa, d.3/10/00, Age:21yr11mths
Williams, Annie Charlotte, d.8/4/33, Age:79
Williams, Augusta Jane, d.1955, b.1879
Williams, Clarence Edward, d.26-7-1982, Age:48
Williams, Elizabeth Emily, d.1943
Williams, Emanuel, d.10/12/10, Age:70
Williams, Frank, d.4-7-1894, Age:2
Williams, Henry, d.1946
Williams, Ian Trevor Lloyd, d.16-8-1962, b.1917
Williams, Mary Ann, d.15-8-1985, Age:75
Williams, Ralph Matthew Victor, d.29-5-1987, b.1915
Williams, Robert Wilson, d.17-8-1907, Age:inf
Williams, William Wallace, d.19-4-1984, Age:59
Williams , Victor Phillip A, d.8/4/64, b.1880
Wollmerhausen, George Michael, d.7/5/28, Age:91
Wollmerhausen, Henrietta, d.18-8-1902, Age:57
Woods, Eliza, d.1922
Wyatt, William, d.6-12-1899, Age:70
Zahnleiter, Bertha, d.24-8-1930, b.1856
Zahnleiter, Edna C, d.11/11/71, Age:70
Zahnleiter, George, d.11/10/51, Age:71
Zahnleiter, George (Snr) Clarkson, d.19-7-1935, b.1856
Zahnleiter, Harry Rockemer, d.1959, Age:69
Zahnleiter, Henry Clarkson (Harry), d.21-2-1901, Age:31
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