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Goomeri Cemetery
Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 28, 2000, last edited May 07, 2007
Total records = 368.

Goomeri- pronounced "goomary", is 63 km from Gympie. The turnoff on the Bruce Highway, is at Bell's Bridge, 14 km north of Gympie. The cemetery is just out of town, northwards on the Burnett Highway. The earliest council record is for grave 69, a child Kenneth Lancelot Essam, buried 17-6-1932, aged 10yrs 7mths, a Baptist. The undertaker was F.M.Jones, and the Minister, the Rev B. Hohnke.

Cemetery Records

Anderson, Irene M, d. 6-02-1987, Age:78
Anderson, James E, d. 9-12-1952, Age:67
Angel, Brian, d. no date, Age:7 wks
Angel, Nancy, d. 13-9-1998, Age:84
Angel, Noel Keith, d. 12-10-1986, b. 7-09-1937
Argent, Annie Florence, d. 16-10-1934, b. 1887
Argent, Robert Keith, d. 18-3-1996, b. 31-12-1941
Bandidt, Mary Jane, d. 4-10-1957, b. 8-3-1877
Bandidt, Samuel Henry Drayton, d. 12-09-1978, b. 28-12-1902
Banks, Arthur Ernest, d. 27-5-1967, Age:23
Banks, Mary Ellen, d. 22-3-1975, Age:61
Barringhaus, Karl, d. 12-06-1920, Age:41
Beazley, Mary Kathleen, d. 15-7-1985, b.
Beresford, Alfred N.S., d. 15-12-1961, Age:44y8m
Beresford, Charles, d. 1991, b. 1918
Beresford, Harriet, d. 11-01-1982, Age:88
Beresford, R.G., d. 25-01-1957, Age:32
Beresford, Samuel, d. 1-04-1978, Age:90
Beynon, William Llewellyn, d. 17-3-1990, b. 7-09-1940
Blackburn, R. Albert, d. 11-04-1939, Age:65
Bonney, Charles Oscar, d. 7-08-1957, Age:73
Bourne, Gordon Alister, d. 1993, b. 1913
Bourne, John Alister Campbell, d. 4-02-1997, Age:57
Breitkreutz, Walter Arthur, d. 23-10-1984, Age:76
Brockhurst, Robert Thomas, d. 1-02-1988, b. 16-9-1962
Brown, Albert Victor, d. 1-05-1986, Age:70
Brown, Gertrude Agnes, d. 29-3-1989, b. 6-08-1906
Brown, John Fredrick, d. 5-01-1998, Age:20
Brownlow, Florence May, d. 29-6-1976, Age:87
Brownlow, Herbert Edward, d. 9-06-1959, Age:80
Brunjes, Ailsa Winifred, d. 12-12-1991, b. 6-09-1991
Brunjes, Charles H, d. 7-12-1965, Age:51
Brunjes, Henry John, d. 25-10-1990, b. 19-10-1990
Bryant, Eileen Mavis, d. 6-02-1998, Age:77
Bryant, John, d. 29-01-1956, Age:86
Bryant, Matilda H, d. 3-08-1966, Age:89
Bryant, William Lewis, d. 12-02-1997, Age:85
Buchanan, Vera Adelaide Jane, d. 15-10-1964, Age:64
Burridge, Thomas E, d. 27-7-1955, Age:49
Butler, Irene Uneta, d. 26-2-1994, Age:86
Butler, James William, d. 17-12-1960, Age:55
Cadell, Arnold, d. 6-06-1943, Age:38
Cadell, James B.d. , d. 16-2-1934, Age:61
Cadell, Olive, d. 9-11-1944, Age:34
Campbell, Colin Landsborough, d. 17-8-1997, b. 28-7-1928
Cannon, Jack, d. 29-9-1948, Age:67
Chamberlayne, Charles E, d. 1969, b. 1887
Chamberlayne, Emily E, d. 1967, b. 1882
Chamberlayne, Gordon Hales, d. 11-12-1988, Age:76
Charman, Beatrice Ellen, d. 3-07-1977
Coleman, Francis, d. 3-08-1985, Age:79
Cotter, Francis Joseph, d. 29-5-1968, Age:74
Cotter, May Alice, d. 11-09-1975, Age:76
D'Arcy, Noel John, d. 8-03-1977, Age:68
Davis, Harold Vivian, d. 25-9-1997, b. 24-7-1914
De Lange, Con, d. 22-2-1978, Age:65
Dederer, George J.(Tom), d. 1938, b. 1883
Dederer, Ivan Earl, d. 10-09-1943, Age:2yr9m
Delemere, Jessie Agnes, d. 6-08-1978, b. 16-2-1903
Delemere, Sidney, d. 26-7-1961, b. 21-10-1896
Denning, Terry Charles, d. 13-7-1973, Age:6
Dickinson, Edith A, d. 13-12-1945, Age:60
Dickinson, Edwin Joseph, d. 20-9-1937, Age:56
Dickinson, Laurence Edwin, d. 23-2-1980, Age:62
Downing, Daniel H, d. 2-08-1961, Age:72
Downing, Robert, d. 7-08-1935, Age:79
Duffey, Ronald Arthur, d. 21-11-1997, Age:62yr11m
Dunn, Beryl Sugden, d. 30-6-1984
Dunn, Lily, d. 1971, b. 1890
Dunn, Thomas J, d. 1955, b. 1887
Eales, Francis Edgar, d. 12-06-1943, Age:64
Eales, Mary, d. 23-7-1948, Age:66
Eisentrager, Carl, d. 28-5-1930, Age:52
Eisentrager, Eileen, d. 1939, b. 1909
Eisentrager, Elsie May, d. 10-04-1990, b. 16-5-1902
Eisentrager, Ernest Claude, d. 13-01-1980, b. 4-01-1903
Elliot, Russell George, d. , Age:1dy
Essam, Eunice Laura, d. 18-2-1934, Age:child
Essam, Kenneth Lancelot, d. 17-6-1932, Age:10y7m
Essam, Violet, d. 23-7-1935, Age:35
Euler, Eric William, d. 26-9-1995, Age:59
Euler, Melville Ivan, d. 19-4-1957, b. 22-6-1904
Euler, Zarah Phillips, d. 9-08-1949, Age:83
Everitt, Charles, d. 29-01-1940, Age:77
Everitt, Elizabeth Martha, d. 22-9-1954, Age:91
Everitt, Frank, d. 19-8-1948, Age:64y9m
Ferguson, John, d. 23-6-1965, Age:57
Ferguson, Venie Gladys, d. 24-5-1990, Age:90
Fischer, Anton, d. 11-08-1934, Age:62
Fleming, Anna Emilie, d. 7-10-1955, Age:55
Fleming, Kenneth Stevenson, d. 19-10-1995, Age:70
Fleming, Mona, d. 8-05-1927, Age:13mths
Fleming, Thomas Stevenson, d. 29-6-1935, Age:33
Florence, Alma May, d. 8-01-1976, b. 1-05-1901
Florence, Roy Gillies, d. 21-8-1959, b. 14-01-1891
Forster, Edward Belmore, d. 7-04-1940, Age:60
Foster, Martin, d. 19-7-1924, Age:9
Freeck, John Albert, d. 10-07-1997, Age:87
Friedrich, Kaye Noelle, d. 21-8-1958, Age:8
George, Colin John, d. 10-01-1995, Age:57
George, June Ann, d. 20-8-1991, Age:46
Gilmour, Allan Mossman, d. 5-10-1966, Age:58
Gilmour, Lorna, d. 16-12-1973, Age:61
Glasgow, Lachlan Robert, d. 13-01-1991, b. 19-4-1979
Goan, Claude Alexander, d. 20-4-1933
Goan, James, d. 14-12-1928, Age:50
Goan, James, d. 9-11-1932, Age:85
Goodchild, Katherine Elfreda, d. 25-11-1929, b. 28-01-1898
Gordon, Walter, d. 6-06-1985, b. 17-9-1904
Gorley, William Albert, d. 22-11-1934, Age:6wks
Graham, Dale Rodney, d. 24-11-1990, Age:19
Graham, Estelle Bertha, d. 23-9-1936, Age:52
Graham, Hubert Marr, d. 9-08-1956, b. 28-8-1879
Graham, Jason Paul, d. 5-07-1975, Age:2yr3m
Greer, Ivy Lilian, d. 26-8-1923, Age:5
Greer, Margaret Ellenor, d. 3-02-1972, Age:80
Greer, William, d. 17-11-1967, Age:72
Grieve, James, d. 8-10-1933, Age:61
Grohn, William C.Herman, d. 29-11-1933, Age:61
Hall, George Ernest, d. 16-2-1979, Age:97
Hall, Leslie Arthur, d. 17-11-1955, Age:63
Hall, Rebecca J.A., d. 16-5-1957, Age:73
Hall, Reginald Ernest, d. 30-8-1948, Age:35
Hancock, Eric Robert, d. 21-8-1984, b. 4-06-1912
Harrison, Samuel, d. 26-5-1931, Age:72
Hartwig, Ronald Lange, d. 15-7-1978, Age:61y11m
Hatchman, Mervyn (Keith), d. 1994, b. 1927
Hatchman, Nicole Jane, d. 1994, b. 1937
Hatton, Herbert, d. 2-03-1984, Age:84
Hatton, Martha Eleanor, d. 19-01-1995, Age:91
Hawkins, Albert, d. 24-8-1969, Age:73
Hawkins, Martha Henriette, d. 26-10-1996, Age:91
Hay, Noela Mary, d. 22-3-1971, b. 20-8-1929
Hay, S.C., d. 24-6-1990, Age:65
Hayden, Eileen, d. 1974, b. 1915
Hayes, John Thomas, d. 3-03-1945, b. 22-6-1873
Heater, Lily Helena, d. 11-07-1942, Age:51
Heathwood, Charles A, d. 23-10-1968, Age:96
Heathwood, Lily Lena, d. 25-9-1969, Age:82
Heathwood, Robert, d. 20-12-1927, Age:69
Henningsen, Edward Joseph, d. 29-01-1967, Age:59
Henningsen, Joyce Beryl, d. 19-4-1992, Age:76
Henningsen, Ross Edward, d. 7-05-1944, Age:1 day
Hewson, Edna Elizabeth, d. 11-12-1988, Age:69
Hewson, James Standen, d. 31-12-1997, Age:72
Higgins, Annie, d. 3-02-1985, Age:95
Higgins, Ellen, d. 17-7-1958, Age:82
Higgins, Michael, d. 18-2-1930, Age:64
Higgins, Oliver P, d. 1936, b. 1910
Higgins, W. J., d. 28-11-1974, Age:72
Hooper, Arthur Rogers, d. 25-8-1945, Age:64
Hooper, Lily Elfleda, d. 23-01-1978, Age:84
Hooper, William Arthur, d. 16-3-1966, Age:69
Hope, Ada Read, d. 17-12-1987, Age:93
Hopf, Herbert Edmund, d. 1993, b. 1915
Horne, Sidney Arthur, d. 1975, b. 1896
Howard, Margaret, d. 25-01-1940, Age:76
Howley, Bertha Louise, d. 1970, b. 1890
Howley, James, d. 30-8-1934, Age:64
Howley, Victor, d. 19-5-1997, Age:76
Howsan, May Blanche, d. 3-08-1944, Age:42
Hughes, Mary W, d. 29-10-1943, Age:44
Hunter, Samuel, d. 9-11-1943, Age:61
Irwin, Dorothy Rose, d. 6-06-1941
Irwin, Hazel, d. 26-12-1920, Age:16
Irwin, Laura, d. 6-05-1938, Age:72
Irwin, Raymond Leo, d. 22-3-1964, Age:72
Irwin, Thomas, d. 6-10-1951, Age:94
Jenkins, Stan, d. 14-01-1938, Age:27
Jenkinson, James Francis, d. 1977, b. 1894
Jenkinson, Lillian, d. 1982, b. 1898
Johnson, Ellen M, d. 5-03-1927, Age:16
Jones, Nora, d. 27-3-1931
Kaddatz, Henry F, d. 1995, b. 1905
Keen, Elizabeth Louise, d. 12-06-1980, Age:91
Keen, Oliver Manton, d. 14-5-1954, Age:74
Kinghorn, Margery Minnie, d. 18-10-1976, b. 19-10-1914
Klumpp, Esther, d. 23-7-1963, Age:88
Klumpp, Frederick, d. 31-10-1928, Age:82
Klumpp, George William John, d. 6-12-1969, Age:64
Klumpp, Maggie Gladys, d. 6-12-1976, Age:74
Klumpp, Marie, d. 18-8-1938, Age:84
Koffal, Alice M, d. 16-8-1970, Age:82
Koffal, George August, d. 28-01-1978, Age:82
Kunde, Gregory John Izaac, d. 5-01-1998, Age:21
Labudda, Alfred Charles, d. 13-2-1992, Age:71
Lamont, Frances Lilla, d. 16-10-1955
Lamperd, David, d. 3-09-1994, b. 1-01-1929
Lamperd, Kenneth John, d. 30-8-1993, b. 1-11-1956
Lane, Aubrey Albert, d. 1-01-1989, Age:67
Lane, Mary, d. 24-01-1949, Age:69y11m
Lane, William Patrick, d. 10-08-1961, Age:75
Lange, Charles Frederick, d. 6-11-1945, Age:71
Lange, Mary Elizabeth, d. 9-03-1946, Age:72
Langford, John Walter, d. 6-06-1944, Age:56
Lawless, Burnett Rhys, d. 1-12-1995, Age:87
Lawless, Enid Douglas, d. 31-8-1994, Age:77
Lindley, Anthony H, d. 18-11-1983, b. 13-12-1922
Litfin, Glenice June, d. 7-05-1997, Age:53y11m
Lobegeier, Annie, d. 12-11-1958, Age:82
Lobegeier, William Charles, d. 9-02-1963, Age:86
Lock, Mary Jane, d. 18-4-1924, Age:55
Locke, Reta , d. 1-10-1932, Age:7
Logan, Dulcie Jean, d. 27-3-1996, Age:75
Logan, James Arthur, d. 24-12-1990, Age:81
Logan, James William, d. 5-12-1950, b. 2-4-1875
Logan, Mary, d. 24-3-1949, b. 4-6-1877
Louis, Gertrude May, d. 24-10-1993, b. 12-06-1927
Louis, Herbert Alexander, d. 5-05-1978, b. 3-11-1915
Love, Judith, d. 27-2-1955, Age:5m
Lower, Kevin Alfred Ernest, d. 12-09-1934, Age:6y5m
Lupton, Harvey Albert, d. 8-03-1998, b. 19-4-1911
Lurton, Raymond Frederick, d. 25-2-1998, Age:56
Mackaway, Margaret Ann, d. 4-03-1978, Age:84
Macleod, Alfred, d. 17-11-1929, Age:9
Malone, Alice Josephine, d. 9-12-1955
Malone, Thomas Joseph, d. 19-3-1962, Age:73
Mann, Andrew T, d. 24-2-1956, Age:69
Mann, Frances Elizabeth, d. 13-9-1959, Age:67
Markey, Amy, no dates
Marlan, John Scott, d. 4-12-1983, Age:64
Maudsley, Colin, d. 29-5-1918, Age:3y4m
Maudsley, Edith Evelyn, d. 19-9-1935, Age:37
Maudsley, Garnet, d. 26-3-1974, Age:86
Maudsley, George Booker, d. 21-9-1931, Age:43
Maudsley, Hazel Harriett, d. 5-12-1990, Age:90
Maudsley, Ivy, d. 28-10-1942, Age:52
Maudsley, James Walker, d. 11-08-1997, b. 2-02-1923
Maudsley, John Booker Harling, d. 20-12-1955, Age:59
Maudsley, Lily, d. 12-03-1971, Age:80
Maudsley, Maria Jane, d. 24-2-1934, Age:68
Maudsley, Martha, d. 4-05-1950, Age:84
Maudsley, Olive May Eva, d. 21-9-1949, Age:53
Maudsley, Percival Joseph, d. 12-09-1973, Age:78
Maudsley, Richard, d. 10-01-1928, Age:67
Maudsley, Roger, d. 2-05-1943, Age:78
Maudsley, Roy, d. 22-6-1970, Age:79
Maudsley, V.W.K. (Win), d. 16-7-1970, Age:80
Maudsley, William Josiah, d. 10-02-1969, Age:77
Mavromatis, John, d. 18-2-1947, Age:72
McDonald, Joseph Charles, d. 25-9-1969, Age:69
McGeorge, Arthur, d. 29-7-1947
McGrath, Ida A, d. 26-8-1956, Age:72
McGrath, John Joseph (Jack), d. 10-11-1996, b. 20-9-1917
McGrath, Michael J, d. 24-7-1956, Age:80
McGrath, Violet May, d. 17-01-1990, Age:59
McIntosh, Ethel, d. 23-01-1919, Age:19
McIntosh, Steven Mark, d. 23-8-1971, Age:11
McRobb, Annie Eliza, d. 8-10-1949, Age:72
McRobb, James Milne, d. 6-06-1968, Age:91
Mitchell, James Mortimer, d. 9-03-1977, Age:68
Murphey, Hannah, d. 11-04-1928, Age:67
Nayler, Caroline Isabel, d. 1985, b. 1905
Nayler, Cecelia Fay, d. 1-12-1967, Age:21
Nayler, Cedric Benjamin, d. 3-04-1973, Age:54
Nayler, James William, d. 5-03-1998, Age:93
Nethercote, Eric, d. 1994, b. 1912
Neucom, Martin Henry, d. 5-03-1951, Age:65
Nissen, Annie, d. 9-10-1938, Age:57
Nissen, Carl Ludwig, d. 7-07-1933, Age:87
Nissen, Hans C, d. 20-9-1954, Age:75
Norris, Robert Radcliff, d. 11-06-1986, Age:79
O'Connor, Terence James, d. 21-2-1994, Age:48
Owens, Minnie, d. 24-8-1960, Age:89
Owens, Samuel Arthur Wellington, d. 16-3-1914, Age:60
Owens, William C, d. 1935, b. 1898
Pahlow, John Henry, d. 10-07-1952, Age:82
Palmer, Colin, d. 3-09-1970, b. 50
Palmer, George Andrew, d. 9-10-1996, b. 83
Palmer, Stanley Gordon, d. 13-10-1982, b. 22-6-1922
Parker, James Graham, d. 16-3-1937, Age:6y10m
Patterson, Richard Eyre, d. 31-3-1943, Age:54
Pearce, Emma, d. 31-3-1969, Age:87
Pearce, Percy William, d. 30-10-1974, b. 15-3-1907
Pearce, Peter Bruce, d. 4-11-1982, Age:26y11m
Pearce, William, d. 12-10-1972, Age:73
Perrett, Arthur, d. 9-12-1949, Age:80
Perrett, Ethel May, d. 4-09-1930, Age:39
Perrett, George, d. 1974, b. 1921
Perrett, Oscar John, d. 12-09-1995, , 20-10-1926
Perrett, Robert Sealy, d. 16-01-1978, Age:54
Perrett, Sealy Albert, d. 21-12-1963, Age:79
Perrett, Sealy Lloyd, d. 10-03-1978, Age:48
Pieper, August, d. 10-07-1968, Age:88
Pieper, Helena, d. 11-05-1955, Age:71
Pieper, Norman Theodore, d. 12-06-1978, b. 16-2-1907
Plant, Christina Kay, d. 5-06-1973, Age:1
Plant, James William, d. 17-12-1959, Age:76
Plant, Reginald John, d. 17-11-1957, Age:18
Platt, Alice Maud, d. 18-2-1988, b. 8-01-1916
Pratt, Basil David, d. 21-5-1977, Age:63
Pratt, Desma Maud (Bid), d. 31-7-1984, Age:69
Pratt, Kay Ethel Mona, d. 11-06-1945, Age:3y6m
Raddatz, Henry Fedrick, d. 30-5-1995, Age:90
Reck, Wayne Gregory, d. 5-09-1976, Age:17
Riley, Amos Joseph, d. 28-9-1947, Age:80
Riley, Darryl Gordon, d. 18-2-1958, Age:inf
Riley, Dorsay, d. 13-10-1950, Age:61
Riley, Gladys Mary, d. 27-8-1987, Age:86
Riley, Gregory John, d. 15-12-1959, Age:inf
Riley, Mona, d. 29-8-1972, Age:73
Riley, Reuben, d. 18-2-1943, Age:80
Riley, Sarah Ann, d. 18-5-1938, Age:69
Riley, Sidney, d. 14-01-1960, Age:62
Roberts, Donald Allen, d. 1-07-1998, Age:59
Robson, Herbert Henry, d. 10-05-1976, Age:67
Robson, Irene Elizabeth, d. 9-01-1989, Age:83
Robson, Lillian G, d. 22-4-1957, b. 24-12-1878
Robson, S.T., d. 13-8-1953, b. 29-4-1881
Rogash, John Henry, d. 23-4-1972, Age:78
Rogash, John Martin, d. 13-11-1947, Age:15
Rogash, Lesley Anne, d. 22-7-1963, Age:7
Rogash, Lillian Grace, d. 18-9-1991, Age:95
Ross, Amelia, d. 17-7-1933, Age:70
Ross, William, d. 3-03-1940, Age:82
Sadler, A.W., d. 26-5-1960, Age:80
Sadler, Ida Ivy, d. 27-2-1968, Age:71
Sanderson, Daisy Elizabeth, d. 19-11-1983, Age:81
Sanderson, George, d. 16-6-1970, Age:75
Schultz, Josephine, d. 10-08-1924, Age:54
Scott, David J, d. 22-10-1949, Age:23
Seccombe, Blanche G, d. 16-4-1935, Age:52
Seccombe, Harry Falcon, d. 27-4-1936, Age:58
Seccombe, Lurline, d. 18-9-1941, Age:10dys
Seears, Florence Louise, d. 5-11-1958, Age:79
Seears, John Henry, d. 20-8-1955, Age:75
Shaw, Donald Lawrence (Tony), d. 18-4-1983, Age:60
Shepherd, Douglas James, d. 23-5-1990, Age:66
Shorten, Lynn Maree, d. 14-12-1952, Age:7m
Silburn, Horace Henry, d. 2-04-1977, Age:92
Silburn, Isabella Louisa, d. 30-9-1967, Age:77
Smith, Ernest Frank, d. 1-06-1965, Age:50
Smith, Kyle James, d. 28-11-1997, Age:SB
Smith, Nancy McAnalane, d. 1-08-1996, Age:62
Smith, Ronald Desmond, d. 19-5-1994, b. 18-01-1931
Smith, Sarah Isabel, d. 1-10-1971, Age:85
Smyth, David George, d. 14-01-1995, b. 19-10-1936
Spence, Archibald, d. 26-10-1955, Age:69
Spencer, John Williamson, d. 5-08-1933, Age:75
Stanton, Emma, d. 12-02-1950, Age:64
Stanton, Geoffrey Alexander, d. 19-10-1997, b. 14-12-1931
Stanton, Harold Percival, d. 19-10-1965, Age:78
Stanton, Ivy Alice, d. 31-5-1975, Age:84
Stanton, John E, d. 16-6-1945, Age:66
Staples, George Albert, d. 13-12-1932, Age:70
Teague, Elaine Margaret, d. 20-8-1952, Age:10y10m
Teitzel, Charles Henry, d. 2-01-1943, Age:49
Teitzel, Millicent Mary, d. 10-07-1993, Age:94
Tierney, Ruby Elizabeth Jane, d. 4-07-1989, Age:81
Tierney, William Henry Martin, d. 4-04-1997, Age:100
Tilney, Agnes, d. 5-06-1966, Age:82
Tobler, Robert, d. 4-02-1977, Age:64
Toop, Emily May, d. 10-02-1965, Age:78
Toop, Emily, d. 26-6-1946, Age:82
Toop, Herbert Henry, d. 10-07-1943, Age:57
Toop, John Henry, d. 25-5-1975, Age:68
Turner, Gilbert William, d. 18-3-1998, Age:54
Turner, Joseph John, d. 22-01-1983, b. 25-10-1913
Walthall, Peter Glasgow, d. 13-9-1997, b. 6-11-1937
Webb, Barbara May, d. 23-7-1997, Age:90
Webb, Noel, d. 15-5-1985, Age:77
Weier, Vicki Ann, d. 9-11-1956, Age:3hrs
Whatnall, Maud Annie, d. 8-12-1985, b. 29-4-1900
Wright, Mary Ann, d. 5-08-1923, Age:72
Wright, Mildred, d. 5-11-1946, Age:59
Wright, Peel, d. 30-8-1925, Age:72
Young, Colin Clifton, d. 29-11-1997, Age:73
Young, Yvonne Winifred, d. 16-2-1999, Age:67

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