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Kilcoy Cemetery
Kilcoy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26°56'60"S, Lon: 152°32'34"E

Cemetery is situated on the D'guilar Highway, on the left side of the highway heading west. It is a large cemetery set on the side of a hill, and is opposite the showgrounds.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 54.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Archer, Emily Linda Olive, d. 20 Jun 1971, age: 74yr, wife of Thomas McNevin Archer, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Archer, Mary, d. 26 May 1920, age: yr, baby, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Archer, Thomas McNevin, d. 8 Feb 1976, age: 91yr, husvand of Emily Linda Olive Archer, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Arnold, Alexander McPherson, d. 9 Jul 1964, age: 70yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Arnold, Cedric James, d. 23 Sep 1913, age: 8y 4myr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Arnold, Eliza, b. 28 Jan 1864, d. 17 Oct 1957, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Arnold, Stella Margaret, d. 24 May 1996, age: 86yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Browning, Annie E, d. 28 Mar 1957, age: 77yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Browning, Annie, d. 18 Oct 1918, age: 76yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Browning, Edward G K, d. 20 Aug 1974, age: 60yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Browning, Theodore J K, d. 4 Jul 1938, age: 67yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Bundy, Eva, d. 15 May 1978, age: 84yr, wife of George Francis Bundy, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Bundy, George Francis, d. ?? ??? 1978, age: 88?yr, husband of Eva Bundy, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Carseldine, Ellen, d. 21 Feb 1943, age: 61yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Carseldine, Herbert, d. 27 Feb 1965, age: 87yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Christensen, Mads Pater, d. 27 Dec 1938, age: 89y 11myr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Cockell, Teesdale William, d. 27 Jan 1924, age: 54yr, priest, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Conroy, Francis, d. 11 Jan 1917, age: 73yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Cumner, James Leslie, d. 26 Aug 1975, age: 62yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Cumner, Margaret Dulcie, d. 29 Oct 1941, age: yr, daughter of James Leslie Cumner, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Davidson, Williamina Forsythe, d. 16 May 1921, age: 38yr, "beloved wife of Frank Leslie Davidson", bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Denman, Ada May Isabella, b. 26 Oct 1876, d. 2 Mar 1924, age: yr, "Beloved wife of Philip Metravis Denman", bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Gulliford, Emily, d. 20 Dec 1936, age: 79yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Gulliford, Frederick Maynard?, d. 20 Dec 196?, age: 81yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Heise, Anna Albertina, d. 4 Jan 1983, age: 85yr, wife of Herbert Frank Heise, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Heise, Herbert Frank, d. 24 Jul 1966, age: 73yr, husband of Anna Albertina Heise, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Knight, John Henry, b. 18??, d. 1923, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Knight, Mary, b. 18?7, d. 1827, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Knight, Teri Ann, d. 14 Aug 1959, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Kunde, Albertina C W, d. 29 May 1945, age: 79yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Kunde, Carl Heinrich August, b. 1841, d. 1933, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Kunde, Friedrich F, d. 20 Mar 1932, age: 67yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Kunde, Henrietta, d. 11 Jul 1920, age: 74y 4myr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Maher, Ellen B, d. 23 Nov 1968, age: 77yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
McPherson, Theresa, d. 28 Mar 1904, age: 48yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Morrow, Lucinda, d. , bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Porter, Henry, d. 24 Jun 1905 Kilcoy, age: 72yr, husband of Mary Ann Chapman Porter, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Porter, Mary Ann Chapman, d. 1 Jun 1908 Kilcoy, age: 66yr, wife of Henry Porter, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Raleigh, Amelia Janet, d. 22 Jan 1964, age: 96yr, wife of Patrick Thomas Raleigh, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Raleigh, John Patrick, b. 1 Jan 1900, d. 15 Aug 1982, age: yr, (Jack), bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Raleigh, Patrick Thomas, d. 20 Feb 1926, age: 62yr, husband of Amelia Janet Raleigh, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Schmidt, Herbert, b. 30 Nov 1929, d. 28 Aug 1998, age: yr, (Bertie) Korea 1/400321 3 R.A.R. Private, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Smith, Ada, d. 10 Dec 1957, age: 85yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Smith, David, d. 7 Dec 1920, age: 65yr, "beloved husband of Sarah Smith", bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Smith, William Taylor, d. 28 Mar 1957, age: 74yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Stanton, Arthur Harold, d. 21 Apr 1920, age: 11y 3m, (Mick) "beloved son of D and C P Stanton", bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Stanton, Edward John, d. 16 Jan 1940, age: 32yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Taylor, Henry, b. 30 Apr 1926, d. 16 Dec 1999, (Harry) "The Ven", bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Thurecht, Ma?????, d. 20 ??? 1923, age: ??myr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Tweedle, Elizabeth, d. 7 Jan 1945, age: 87yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Tweedle, John N, d. 24 Dec 1929, age: 71yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Walker, Duncan Beattie, b. 1895, d. 1924, age: yr, "accidentally killed", bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Walker, Thomas, b. 1860, d. 1938, age: yr, (Da), bur. Sec. 8, [JN]
Young, Eliza, d. 19 Oct 1922, age: 82yr, bur. Sec. 8, [JN]

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