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Appletree Creek Cemetery
Isis Shire, Queensland, Australia

Appletree Creek Cemetery is situated just off the Bruce Highway on Apple Tree Creek road, north of Maryborough. It was once an important staging post for Cobb & Co. Its modern counterpart, the service station, is the only real sign of life.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Apr 07, 2009. Total records = 285.

Letters appearing in brackets [ ] at the end of each record refer to the person who submitted the record to this website. Please visit the Submitter's Index Page to view the submitter details.

Cemetery Records

Adie, Alexander, d. 18 Jul 1940, age: 79y, h/o Ellen, [RH]
Adie, Ellen, d. 25 Aug 1981, age: 88y, [RH]
Adie, Ellen, d. 7 Dec 1948, age: 80y, w/o Alexander, [RH]
Adie, George, d. 14 Jan 1937, age: 45y, [RH]
Adie, William, d. 22 May 1954, age: 57y, [RH]
Barrett, Edith, d. 11 Aug 1967, age: 83y, [JB]
Barrett, Thomas, d. 4 Jan 1943, age: 66y, [JB]
Bertheau, Adeline Muriel, d. 19 Aug 1940, age: 39y, [RH]
Bertheau, Charles Zacherie, d. 23 Jan 1957, age: 75y, [RH]
Bertheau, Edmund James, d. 13 Sep 1948, Age: 66y, [RH]
Bertheau, George Manus, d. 21 Jun 1923, Age: 36y, [RH]
Bertheau, J H E, d. 28 Dec 1903, age: 52y, h/o Mary Anne, [RH]
Bertheau, Mary Anne, d.22 Jul 1919, age: 66y, w/o J H E, [RH]
Bertheau, Walter Henry Edma, d. 5 Dec 1948, age: 68y, [RH]
Black, John, d. 16 Nov 1965, age: 79y, [RH]
Black, Margaret, d. 12 May 1947, age: 86y, w/o Robert, [RH]
Black, Robert, d. 28 Nov 1953, age: 94y, h/o Margaret, [RH]
Blanchard, Elizabeth Caroline, d. 4 Jan 1992, Age: 20y, w/o Shane Eric and d/o Robert & Margaret Jones and sister of Sandra Lear Jones, [RH]
Blanchard, Shane Eric, d. 4 Jan 1992, age: 22y, h/o Elizabeth Caroline, [RH]
Boge, Marcus, d. 24 Nov 1900, s/o Fritz and Annie, [RH]
Bonanno, Caterine, d. 30 Mar 1973, age: 64y, w/o Peter, [RH]
Bonanno, Peter, d. 5 Jun 1987, age: 86y, h/o Caterine, [RH]
Bowe, Richard Yetman, d. 8 Apr 1958, Age: 72y, [RH]
Brand, Alfred, d. 25 Mar 1923, age: 53y, [JB]
Brand, Elliot, d. 17 May 1919, b. 8 Apr 1855, [JB]
Brand, Isabella, d. 12 Dec 1948, age: 82y, [JB]
Brand, Lady Myrtle Maud, d. 18 Nov 1984, age: 93y, [JB]
Brand, Nugent Robert, d. 3 Jan 1917, age: 25y 9m, [JB]
Brand, Sir William Alfred, d. 26 Oct 1979, age: 91y, [JB]
Brand, Stanley, d. 31 Oct 1976, age: 73y, [JB]
Brand, William, d. 1 Feb 1933, b. 14 Apr 1857, [JB]
Brandt, Anna Maria, d. 5 Jan 1974, age: 88y, [JB]
Brandt, Annie, d. 24 Nov 1941, age: 83y, [JB]
Brandt, John Christian, d. 11 May 1923, age: 75y, [JB]
Brandt, Thomas Henry, d. 19 Mar 1951, age: 63, [JB]
Brandt, Thomas Henry, d. 4 Jul 1921, age: 4y, [JB]
Brandt, William George, d. 23 Jul 1930, age: 10y, [JB]
Broom, Mary, d. 19 Mar 1927, age: 70y, w/o William, [RH]
Broom, William, d. 10 May 1905, age: 54y, h/o Mary, [RH]
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 20 Feb 1945, age: 57y 8m, [JB]
Brown, Elsie Maud, d. 31 Dec 1929, age: 35y, [JB]
Brown, James Arthur, d. 28 Nov 1952, age: 71y 9m, [JB]
Brudell, Vona, d. 21 Apr 1926, age: 6m, [JB]
Bryce, Ethel May, d. 12 Sep 1946, age: 60y, [JB]
Bryce, R. Ernest, d. 12 Jul 1952, age: 61y, [JB]
Buettel, Alexander Charles, d. 7 Feb 1970, age: 74y, [JB]
Bull, Jane, d. 26 Aug 1898, age: 26y4m, [JB]
Bunn, Albert Leslie, d. 18 Feb 1949, [JB]
Bunn, Alexander Edward, d. 29 Apr 1941, age: 38y, [JB]
Bunn, Clifford Handel, d. 24 Oct 1965, age: 75y, [JB]
Bunn, Florence Theresa, d. 16 Dec 1987, age: 87y, [JB]
Bunn, Fred, d. 16 Feb 1924, age: 55y, [JB]
Bunn, Handel, d. 17 Jan 1946, age: 93y, [JB]
Bunn, Hazel, d. 23 Jul 1963, age: 44y, [JB]
Bunn, Hester Ann, d. 10 Jun 1956, age: 69y, [JB]
Bunn, Ivy Margaret, d. 10 May 1983, age: 81y, [JB]
Bunn, Leonard Arthur, d. 9 Feb 1987, age: 52y, [JB]
Bunn, Lizzie, d. 9 Aug 1939, age: 79y, [JB]
Bunn, Margaret Mary, d. 14 Dec 1977, age: 74y, [JB]
Bunn, May Evelyne, d. 27 Apr 1969, age: 73y, [JB]
Bunn, Norman, d. 2 Aug 1980, age: 87, [JB]
Bunn, Philip Ernest, d. 21 May 1988, age: 90y, [JB]
Bunn, Phyllis, d. 3 Mar 1930, age: 56y, [JB]
Bunn, Robert, d. 24 Apr 1949, [JB]
Bunn, Stanley, d. 21 Feb 1932, age: inf, [JB]
Bunn, Sydney Roy, d. 28 May 1966, age: 91y, [JB]
Bunn, Thomas Frederick, d. 28 Jul 1961, age: 65y, [JB]
Bunn, Victor Reeve, d. 10 May 1973, age: 31y, [JB]
Bunn, Victor Reeve, d. 3 Jul 1989, age: 78, [JB]
Burmage:, Beatrice Anne, d. 7 Mar 1955, age: 69y, [JB]
Burnage:, Ernest Charles, d. 16 Jan 1969, age: 82y 9m, [JB]
Burnage:, Leslie Claude, d. 5 Jul 1980, age: 70y, [JB]
Burns, Robina Agnes, d. 17 Mar 1947, [JB]
Burtheau, George W, d. 25 Jun 1923, age: 35y, [JB]
Burtheau, John Henry Edna, d. 19 Dec 1903, age: 52y, [JB]
Buss, Arthur Albert, d. 10 May 1975, age: 89y, h/o Ethel May, [RH]
Buss, Ethel May, d. 30 Mar 1969, age: 77y 9m, w/o Arthur Albert, [RH]
Buss, Gordon Thorpe, d. 17 Aug 1928, age: 17y 5m, s/o William and Theresa, [RH]
Buss, Lorna Alice, d. 20 Feb 1982, age: 68y, d/o William and Theresa, [RH]
Buss, Theresa, d. 2 Aug 1971, age: 87y, w/o William, [RH]
Buss, William Thorpe, d. 12 Dec 1971, age: 92y h/o Theresa, [RH]
Campbell William John, b. 1862, d. 1930, [RH]
Carl, Martha, b. 17 Jun 1878, d. 30 May 1953, [JC]
Christensen, Charles, d. 2 Jun 1975, age: 87y, h/o Mary, [RH]
Christensen, Gordon, bur. 15 May 1979, age: 58y, s/o Charles and Mary, [RH]
Christensen, Gregory John, bur. 4 Mar 1978, age: 21y, [RH]
Christensen, Mary, d. 26 Nov 1976, age: 86y, w/o Charles, [RH]
Christensen, Walter (Wally), b. 6 Aug 1924, d. 27 Jun 2003, s/o Charles and Mary, [RH]
Coleman, Adelaide (Dot), d. 13 Dec 1958, age: 89y, [RH]
Coleman, Alice Elizabeth, d. 13 Dec 1928, age: 89y, [RH]
Coleman, Charlotte (Tottie) Elizabeth, b. 13 Aug 1911, d. 24 Sep 1999, w/o Wilfred, [RH]
Coleman, Harry, d. 16 Jul 1972, age: 82y, b/o Adelaide and Wilfred, [RH]
Coleman, Wilfred (Ted), b. 24 Jan 1896, d. 27 Apr 1978, h/o Charlotte, [RH]
Cox, Annie Ethel, d. 17 Oct 1974, d/o William & Auguste Wilhelmine Cox, [JF]
Cox, Arthur Thomas, d. 1942, age: 74, [JF]
Cox, Augusta, b. 1875, d. 1956, w/o William Cox, d/o Peter and Anna Bargenqust, [JF]
Cox, Daniel, d. 1967, age: 69, [JF]
Cox, Delys Merle, d. 1952, age: 9, [JF]
Cox, Delys Merle, d. 3 Oct 1952, age: 9y 1m, d/o Daniel & Edith, [RH]
Cox, Ermina Matilda, d. 1963, age: 75, [JF]
Cox, Eward John, d. 27 May 1946, s/o Eward John & Violet Maria Cox, [JF]
Cox, Eward John, d. 30 Apr 1951, h/o Violet Maria and s/o John & Mary Jane Cox, [JF]
Cox, Thomus John, d. 1958, age: 63y, [JF]
Cox, Violet Maria, d. 14 Apr 1966, w/o Edward John Cox & d/o Maria Margret & Mitchell Fraser, [JF]
Cox, William, b. 1862, d. 1928, h/o Augusta Cox, s/o John and Hannah Cox, [JF]
Dent, William George Edward, d. 18 Jan 1938, age: 5y 3m, [RH]
Dingwall, Roderick Douglas, d. 27 Oct 1899, age: 6m, [RH]
Dowling, Minnie Elizabeth, d. 10 Aug 1974, age: 95y, w/o Walter, [RH]
Dowling, Walter, d. 4 Jan 1945, age: 63y, h/o Minnie Elizabeth, [RH]
Dunnachie, William, d. 6 Sep 1917, age: 64y, [RH]
Elliott, James Roy, b. 1 Jun 1916, d. 11 Nov 1949, h/o Doreen Susannah, f/o Julia & Dennis, [RH]
Foster, John Benjamin Thomas, d. 26 Sep 19170, age: 39y, [JF]
Foster, Kathleen, d. 15 Aug 1948, age: 38y, [JF]
Francey, Rupert, d. 6 Jun 1947, age: 37y, [RH]
Gahnstrom, John Albert, d. 14 Apr 1900, s/o Oluf and Anna, [RH]
Gangemi, Venerando, d. 24 Oct 1915, age: 33y, [RH]
Ginn Andrew George, d. 3 Dec 1966, age: 59y, h/o Ellen Lavinia, [RH]
Ginn, Ellen Lavinia, d. 15 Nov 1954, age: 46y, w/o Andrew George, [RH]
Ginn, Frank George, d. 8 Sep 1955, age: 81y, h/o Florence, [RH]
Gordon, Alfred James, d. 24 Oct 1966, age: 81y, [JB]
Gordon, Harriet Florence, d. 21 May 1968, age: 72y, [JB]
Griffin, Ellen Jane, d. 6 Dec 1946, age: 89y, [JB]
Griffin, George, d. 12 May 1961, age: 64y, [JB]
Griffin, James, d. 6 Mar 1909, age: 59, [JB]
Griffin, Winifred, d. 8 Jan 1983, age: 88y, [JB]
Hamann, Charles Frederick William, d. 20 Jul 1946, age: 73y, h/o Matilda Martha, [RH]
Hamann, Donald William, d. 30 Apr 1966, age: 35y, 3m, h/o Bertha, [RH]
Hamann, Matilda Martha, d. 27 Oct 1946, age: 68y, w/o Charles F W, [RH]
Hansen, Alice Wilmot Passmore, d. 26 Aug 1940, age: 73y, [JF]
Hansen, Charles, d. 18 Aug 1976, age: 90y, [JF]
Hansen, Hans Peter, d. 21 Jan 1942, age: 93y, [JF]
Hansen, John Thomas, d. 20 Nov 1969, age: 69y, [JF]
Hansen, Terence Lock, d. 26 Nov 1973, age: 3d., [JF]
Harrett, Raymond, d. 13 Mar 1952, age: 30y, [RH]
Hawe, Bridget, d. 12 Dec 1931, [RH]
Hawe, Kathleen Jane, d. 30 May 1912, Age: 6y, [RH]
Hayhoe, Mervyn Francis, d. 5 Dec 1912, age: 4m, s/o William and Ellen, [RH]
Heaton, Olive May, b.17 Jan 1920, d. 23 Mar 1991, w/o Charles, [RH]
Hooper, Graham, d. 29 Apr 1982, age: 68y, h/o Isa, [RH]
Hooper, Isa (nee Todd), d. 19 Jul 2002, age" 91y, w/o Graham, [RH]
Howard, Edith, d. 9 Aug 1943, age: 75y, [RH]
Howard, Hannah, d.20 Aug 1916, age: 75y, [RH]
Howard, John Stanley, b. 1901, d. 1971, Father, [RH]
Howard, John Stanley, b. 1934, d. 1980, Son, [RH]
Howard, Myrtle, bur. 9 Jun 1897, age: 1d, d/o Stephen, [RH]
James, Martin, d. 6 Sep 1952, age: 85y, [RH]
Jamieson, Georgina Mary, d. 6 Sep 1977, age: 74, [JB]
Jamieson, James Donald, d. 6 Aug 1984, age: 81, [JB]
Jones, Margaret Ann (Peggy), d. 25 Jan 2002, age: 63y, w/o Robert, m/o Sandra Lear Jones and Elizabeth Caroline (Blanchard), [RH]
Jones, Sandra Lear, d. 4 Jan 1992, age: 16y, d/o Robert & Margaret Jones, and sister of Elizabeth Caroline Blanchard, [RH]
Kasse, Edward John, d. 23 Oct 1902, age: 6w, [RH]
Kelly, Eva Leah, d. 16 Aug 1949, age: 68y, w/o William, [RH]
Kelly, William, d. 10 Feb 1950, age: 74y, h/o Eva Leah, [RH]
Leonardi, Alfio, d. 6 Dec 1934, age: 33y, [RH]
Lockwood, Aileen Gloria, d. 21 Nov 1961, age: 34y, [JF]
Lockwood, Alice, d. 1 May 1965, age: 80y, [JF]
Lockwood, Frank Charles, d. 17 Jun 1978, age: 70y, [JF]
Lockwood, Freda Wilhelmine Ann, d. 4 Apr 1964, age: 60y, [JF]
Lockwood, Harold Frank, d. 29 Mar 1977, age: 46y, [JF]
Lockwood, Thomas Arthur, d. 8 Feb 1978, age: 63y, [JF]
Lockwood, Walter Chales, d. 22 Mar 1973, age: 85y, [JF]
Lockwood, Yvonne, d. 8 Feb 1940, age: 10h., [JF]
Mackenzie, Ian Joseph, d. 30 Sep 1973, age: 22y, Accidentally killed, [RH]
Mackenzie, John, d. 13 Dec 1898, age: 31y, h/o Annie Amelia, [RH]
Madsen, Jens, d. 4 Aug 1944, age: 85y, [JB]
Madsen, Olena K, d. 14 Aug 1943, age: 79y, [JB]
Marano, Filippo, d. 9 Sep 1951, age: 73y, h/o Orazia, [RH]
Marano, Orazia, d. 27 May 1944, age: 64y, w/o Filippo, [RH]
McAllister, Ellen , d. 16 Jul 1898 Childers, bur. 17 Jul 1898, age: 79yr, [GD]
McCabe, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1 Mar 1933, [RH]
McGibbon, Bessie Edith, d. 28 Sep 1944, age: 57y, w/o Thomas, [RH]
McGibbon, David James, d. 1Aug 1967, age: 80y, h/o Violet, [RH]
McGibbon, Edward, d 15 Apr 1937, age: 6m, s/o Edward and Gladys Elizabeth, [RH]
McGibbon, Edward, d. 17 Jan 1898. Age: 16y 7m, s/o Thomas and Jane, [RH]
McGibbon, Ellen Denholm, d. 24 Jun 1976, age: 97y 6m, w/o George, [RH]
McGibbon, George, d. 8 Mar 1956, age: 72y 11m, h/o Ellen, s/o Thomas and Jane, [RH]
McGibbon, Gladys Jean, d. 22 Dec 1970, age: 46y, [RH]
McGibbon, Ian James, d. 11 Jan 1981, age: 20y, [RH]
McGibbon, Jane, d. 19 Nov 1931, age: 77y, w/o Thomas, [RH]
McGibbon, Jane, d. 20 May 1955, age: 70y, d/o Thomas and Jane, [RH]
McGibbon, Thomas, d. 17 Jan 1926, age: 75y, h/o Jane, [RH]
McGibbon, Thomas, d. 5 Mar 1951, age: 75y, h/o Bessie Edith, [RH]
McGibbon, Violet May, d. Oct 1985, age: 92y, w/o David, [RH]
McGibbon, William, d. 29 May 1965, age: 87y, [RH]
McKenzie, Ethel, b. 1891, 20 May 1964, d/o George and Kathleen Davis, [MS]
Mickle, Elizabeth May, d. 4 Nov 1984, age: 86y, w/o Eric Henry, [RH]
Mickle, Elizabeth May, d. 4 Nov 1984, age: 86y, w/o Eric, [RH]
Mickle, Elvy Myrtle, b. 2 Dec 1929, d. 18 Nov 1992, [RH]
Mickle, Eric Henry Mervyn, d. 4 Sep 1948, age: 46y 6m, h/o Elizabeth, [RH]
Mickle, Eric Henry, d. 4 Sep 1948, age: 46y, h/o Elizabeth May, [RH]
Mickle, Mervyn Herbert, b. 19 Oct 1935, d. 12 Mar 2003, [RH]
Modrow, Johan, d. 24 Apr 1897 Central Mill, aged 51yr, bur. 29 Apr 1897, Certified by Peter Bergstrom, Witnesses to Burial- Earnest B. Freeman & D T Gleeson, no stone, [CS]
Neeshita, Olga, d. 24 Apr 1952, age: 77y, [RH]
Neeshita, Peter, d. 4 Nov 1934, age: 63y, [RH]
Neubauer, Bertha Alvina Henrietta, d. 29 Dec 1951, age: 81y, [RH]
Neubauer, Carl Henry William, d. 18 Apr 1967, age: 71y, h/o Elizabeth, [RH]
Neubauer, Elizabeth, d. 26 Apr 1967, age: 68y, w/o Carl H W, [RH]
Neubauer, Herbert James, d. 29 Jun 1973, age: 69y, [RH]
Newton, Robert, b. and d. 23 Nov 1953, [RH]
Noakes, Alison Gwenda, d. 14 Aug 1931, age: 22y, [JB]
Noakes, Edward Percival, d. 24 Jul 1962, age: 80y, [JB]
Noakes, Florence Mary, d. 7 Dec 1933, age: 52y, [JB]
Oakes, Diana Phillippa, d. 24 Feb 1933, b. 30 Dec 1864, [JB]
Oakes, William Montague, d. 26 Nov 1929, b. 5 Apr 1853, [JB]
Oliver, Ada Louise, b. 28 Feb 1875, d. 18 Apr 1904, w/ Thomas, [RH]
Oliver, Alice, d. 14 Jul 1910, age: 37y, [RH]
Parrack, Christina Alice (Marsden), d. 14 Jun 1940, age: 82y, [JB]
Parrack, Euphemia Margaret, d. 19 Nov 1922, age: 29y, [JB]
Parrack, Martha Ann Alice, d. 18 Aug 1966, age: 79y, [JB]
Parrack, William, d. 21 Nov 1925, age: 71y, [JB]
Pearce, James Charles, b. 3 Aug 1916, d. 31 Jul 1941, h/o Nellie, [RH]
Pearce, James Laynton, b. 9 Nov 1941, d. 10 Nov 1941, s/o James and Nellie, [RH]
Pearce, William Myles, b. 28 May 1912, d. 31 Jan 1988, [RH]
Quarrie, Annie Ivy, d. 19 Jul 1899, age: 1y 6m, d/o George and Minnie, [RH]
Redgwell, Emily, d. 23 May 1970, age: 89y, [JB]
Redgwell, George, d. 24 Jun 1941, age: 85y, [JB]
Redgwell, Herbert, d. 21 Oct 1974, age: 73y, [JB]
Redgwell, Jane, d. 3 Mar 1942, age: 83y, [JB]
Redgwell, Jessie, d. 30 Jan 1967, age: 75y 7m, [JB]
Redgwell, William James, d. 7 Dec 1959, age: 70y 5m, [JB]
Rollingson, Charles William, d. 7 Jul 1953, age: 74y, [JC]
Rosenstet, Annie Cecilia, d. 25 Aug 1895, age: 3y 6m, [RH]
Schibrowski, Anna Marie, d. 5 Jan 1982, age: 77y, [JB]
Schibrowski, August, d. 7 Nov 1933, age: 67y, [JB]
Schibrowski, Ella Eliza, d. 16 Jun 1935, [JB]
Schibrowski, Roy Barnett, d. 20 Nov 1960, age: 58y, [JB]
Schibrowski, Theresa W. J., d. 20 Sep 1949, age: 78y, [JB]
Schmidt, Gustav, d. 12 Jan 1929, age: 77y 6m, [JB]
Schmidt, Michelena, d. 29 Sep 1935, age: 82y, [JB]
Schultz, Adolf Rudolf Ferdinand, d. 23 Jun 1970, age: 79y, [JB]
Schultz, Hermine Louisa, d. 7 Mar 1980, age: 87y, [JB]
See, Eliza Jane, d. 1 Aug 1939, age: 76y, [JB]
See, Thomas, d. 18 Jan 1931, age: 76y, [JB]
Singho, Barmis, b. 1871, d. 14 Feb 1934, h/o Poddy, Hilda, [MS]
Singho, Poddy, b. 4 Jun 1886, d. 9 Apr 1920, [MS]
Skillington, Jane, d. 31 Jan 1928, age: 85y, w/o Thomas, [RH]
Skillington, Thomas, d. 25 May 1903, age: 63y, h/o Jane, [RH]
Smith, Andrea Mary, b. 2 Apr 1961, d. 4 Jun 1965, d/o Doug & Marj, [RH]
Smith, Anthony Joseph, d. 5 Sep 1982, age: 22y, s/o Doug & Marj, [RH]
Smith, Darryl Patrick, d. 15 May 1949, [RH]
Smith, Ivy Maud, d. 27 Nov 2002, age: 88y, w/o Rupert William, [RH]
Smith, Martin Douglas, b. 1 Jan 1963, d. 4 Jun 1965, s/o Doug & Marj, [RH]
Smith, Rupert William, d. 15 Dec 1960, age: 47y, h/o Ivy Maud, [RH]
Spence, Archibald, d. 29 Jul 1940, age: 62y, [JB]
Spence, Mary Jane, d. 1935, [JB]
Stallan, Beryl Joan, b. 26 May 1933, d. 30 Oct 1990, w/o Kevin, [RH]
Stallan, Kevin Thomas, d. 14 Mar 1966, age: 66y, h/o Beryl and Jeannie, [RH]
Steley, Jane, d. 23 Jan 1943, age: 82y, w/o Joseph Spencer, [RH]
Steley, Joseph Spencer, d. 7 May 1929, age: 78y, h/o Jane, [RH]
Stringer, Montague Baldwin, b. 1857, d. Aug. 11, 1922, s/o Charles and Julia Mulligan Stringer, [JA]
Tanna, Arthur, d. 14 Jun 1911, age: 10y, [RH]
Taylor, Alexander, d. 17 Jan 1959, age: 83y, h/o Emma, [RH]
Taylor, Emma, d. 8 Jan 1961, age: 80y, w/o Alexander, [RH]
Taylor, Minnie May, d. 1 Sep 1931, [RH]
Terkelsen, Joan Marcia, b. 19 Jul 1929, d. 8 Jun 2001, w/o Warren Neville, m/o Kay, Kerry, Ross, Gail & Corrine, [RH]
Terkelsen, Warren Neville, b. 22 Sep 1924, d. 6 Apr 2003, h/o Joan, f/o Kay, Kerry, Ross, Gail & Corrine, [RH]
Thomas, John, d. 1958, age: 63, [JF]
Thompson, Arthur, d. 21 May 1958, [RH]
Thompson, Colin Henry, d. 22 Aug 1974, age: 48y, h/o Joyce Isabel, [RH]
Thompson, George, d. 5 Jan 1982, age: 85y, [RH]
Thompson, Hilda Gladys, d. 19 Jun 1986, age: 84y, w/o Hubert William, [RH]
Thompson, Hubert William, d. 5 Jul 1977, age; 78y, h/o Hilda Gladys, [RH]
Thompson, James Henry, d. 24 Mar 1969, age: 77y, [RH]
Thompson, John, d. 29 Jun 1948, age: 96y, h/o Margaret, [RH]
Thompson, Joyce Isabel, d. 30 May 1976, age: 49y, w/o Colin Henry, [RH]
Thompson, Leonard E, d. 2 Dec 1959, age: 64y, f/o Leonard Edgar, [RH]
Thompson, Leonard Edgar, d. 26 Feb 1961, 23y, s/o Leonard E, [RH]
Thompson, Margaret, d. 5 May 1941, age: 77y, w/o John, [RH]
Thompson, Raymond Lance, d. 3 May 1959, age: 20y, [RH]
Thompson, Sadie Clarke, b. 3 Jan 1900, d. 20 Aug 1988, [RH]
Todd, Ann, d. 29 Apr 1982, [RH]
Tullipan, Lillian, b. 26 Mar 1921, d. 18 Jun 1999, w/o Norman Reginald, [RH]
Tullipan, Norman Reginald, b. 29 Nov 1907, d. 23 Aug 1992, h/o Lillian, [RH]
Vacher, Albert, d. 22 Nov 1908, age: 75y, h/o Mary Ann, [RH]
Vacher, Helen, d. 10 Dec 1908, age: 48y, w/o William Henry, [RH]
Vacher, Mary Ann, d. 5 Feb 1920, age: 84y, w/o Albert, [RH]
Vacher, William Henry, d. 25 Jul 1928, age: 73y, h/o Helen, [RH]
Walters, Evelyn, d. 12 Dec 1981, age: 77y, w/o Frederick William, [RH]
Walters, Frederick William, d. 30 Mar 1971, age: 70y, h/o Evelyn, [RH]
Wegert, Mary Jane, d. 16 May 1958, aged 72y, w/o William Edward, [RH]
Wegert, Merle Winifred, b. 1 Sep 1920, d. 17 Sep 2002, [RH]
Wegert, Robert George, d. 3 Mar 1952, age: 34y, accidentally killed, [RH]
Wegert, William Edward, d. 5 Nov 1953, age: 65y, h/o Mary Jane, [RH]
Wieckhorst, Lawrence Aubrey, d. 9 Dec 1954, age: 27y, [JB]
Woodman, Herbert, d. 28 Jun 1971, age: 35y, accidentally killed, [RH]
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