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Polson Cemetery
Pt. Vernon, Hervey Bay Shire, Queensland, Australia

The cemetery is situated in Pt. Vernon, at the northern end of Hervey Bay, "The Whale Watch Capital of the World", from August to October. It takes its name from a pioneer, who initially owned the land. Mr Polson, a retired bank manager had spent his last days on the beach observing the activity at the rafting grounds. Mr. Polson died there, and was initially buried on the beach, but was transferred to this site in 1887. The cemetery reserve is quite large.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Oct 20, 2007. Total records = 58.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Armit, Martha, d. 17 Dec 1962, b. 17 May 1892, BRm, Polson, [JB]
Birt, Albert E, d. 9 Jul 1947, 74yr, BR, Polson, [JB]
Birt, Anna M, d. 15 Jan 1946, 71yr, BR, Polson, [JB]
Bromiley, Agnes Eveline, d. 1 Jul 1976, 92yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Bromiley, Alfred Ernest, d. 31 Jul 1968, 88yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Carlson, Colin Bruce, d. 31 Jul 1983, 72yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Christensen, Andreas (Andrew), d. 24 Aug 1981, b. 15 Jul 1888, [JB]
Christensen, Ettie Amelia, d. 12 Mar 1992, b. 6 Sep 1900, BRm, Polson, [JB]
Collings, Charles, b. 17 Apr 1912, d. 31 Jul 1996, [JC]
Collings, Iris Irene Sarah (Cattach), b. 6 Nov 1914, d. 28 Jul 1983, [JC]
Crowe, Charles William, b. 11 Mar 1894, d. 28 Jul 1986, born in Gayndah Qld, died Harvey Bay, wife Laura May, [BB]
Crowe, Laura May, b. 24 Dec 1889, d. 6 Feb 1981, nee Trott, died Harvey Bay Qld, children:Charles Thomas Crowe, George Arthur Crowe, Mervyn John Crowe, Alice Crowe, Arnold William Crowe, Ernest James Crowe, [BB]
Dillon, Edna Joyce, d. 16 Apr 1994, 76yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Dillon, Samuel Edward, d. 20 May 1979, 69yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Evans, Sidney Albert, d. 23 Apr 1953, 64yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Forster, Florence Mary, d. 25 Jul 1957, 53yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Forster, James Braidwood, d. 6 Jun 1956, 20yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Forster, Joseph Thomas, d. 18 Jan 1973, 66yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Gant, George William, d. 21 Jul 1991 aged 78 years, [JC]
Hansen, Dorothea Kirstine, d. 8 Dec 1953, 75yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Hansen, George Christian, d. 15 Aug 1954, 77yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Hansen, Harold Christie, d. 12 Dec 1965, b. 27 Dec 1910, I, Polson, [JB]
Hansen, Margaret T, d. 12 Dec 1975, 89yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Hansen, Thomas, d. 17 Sep 1958, 75yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Hansen, Vera Gladys, d. 3-2-1999, aged 89, wife of Harold Christie Hansen, mother of Joyce, [JB]
Hill, Ada Ernestina, d. 27 Sep 1968, 82yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Hill, George, d. 5 Sep 1957, 75yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Kopp, Annie Augusta Louise, d. 7 Dec 1964, b. 20 May 1893, Im, Polson, [JB]
Kopp, D. Henry Herman Otto, d. 25 Jun 1981, b. 26 Jun 1892, Im, Polson, [JB]
Kruger, Charles Henry John, d. 4 Jan 1935, 60yr, I, Polson, [JB]
McKenzie, Henriette Annie, d. 26 Aug 1989, 85yr, I, Polson, [JB]
McLiver, Keturah Edith "Kit", d. 21 Jan 2000, 83yr, BN, Polson, [JB]
Mortensen, Eva, b. 10 May 1885, Qld, d. 24 Dec 1954, age 69yr, d/o Lars Mortensen & Anne Jones, [DR]
Mundt, Charles, d. 24 Nov 1985, 89yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Mundt, Mabel, d. 3 Aug 1986, 90yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Nielsen, Alma Hester [Warne], b. 29 Aug 1920, d. 26 Mar 1990 (RSL Wall), [JC]
Nielsen, Ethel Mary, d. 25 Feb 1961, I, Polson, [JB]
Nielsen, Graham John, d. 4 Apr 1950, 22dys, I, Polson, [JB]
Nielsen, Jens Marius, d. 3 Jan 1967, I, Polson, [JB]
Nielsen, Loftus Jens Harry, b. 24 Sep 1919, d. 26 Jan 1998 (RSL Wall), [JC]
Nielsen, Ronald Victor, d. 8 May 1984, 59yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Noakes, James Rowland, d. 25 Apr 1991, b. 18 Jun 1900, I, Polson, [JB]
Oakley, Elizabeth DeCew, d. 1905, w/o Sylvester D. Oakley, [EB]
Oakley, Sylvester D., d. 1928 at the age of 95, [EB]
Parker, Gwenda May, d. 13 Aug 1999, 73yr, BN, Polson, [JB]
Petersen, Lorna Mary, d. 1953, b. 1919, I, Polson, [JB]
Pioch, Jane Elizabeth, d. 1962, b. 1876, I, Polson, [JB]
Pioch, Wilhelm Carl, d. 1952, b. 1870, I, Polson, [JB]
Schloss, Joan, d. 4 Oct 1999, BN, Polson, [JB]
Sempf, Frederick, d. 14 May 1948, 79yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Sempf, Johanne, d. 18 Jul 1938, 70yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Singho, Innes Alfred, b. 6 Aug 1911, d. 24 Jul 1979 age 77yr, s/o Barmis and Poddy Singho, [MS]
Smith, Leonard Gordon, d. 26 Feb 1966, 65yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Smith, Lorna Esme, d. 8 Jun 1976, 68yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Thomsen, Donald John, d. 1994, b. 1936, I, Polson, [JB]
Vidler, Shirley, d. 17 Jun 1999, 69yr, BN, Polson, [JB]
Waldock, Charles W, d. 31 Oct 1932, 73yr, I, Polson, [JB]
Waldock, Rose Ann, d. 4 Aug 1943, 78yr, I, Polson, [JB]

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