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Nikenbah Cemetery
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 22, 2000, last edited Sep 19, 2006.
Total records = 39.

A former Danish settlement, (Nikenbah (Aarlsborg)) situated on the Hervey Bay Road, about halfway between Maryborough and Pialba. The first christian church in the area was built by Danish settlers, and opened in 1875.

Jons Johnson, a timbergetter, killed by a falling limb, was buried in the churchyard 15th September, 1877. The cemetery ground was surrendered to the Burrum Shire Council in 1918. A commemorative cairn now marks the site of the early church. The early settlers were subsistence farmers, working in the timber, or on the roads, for the income to enhance their productivity. e.g. horse & dray, livestock. Later, these holdings became sugar cane farms.

Cemetery Records

Andersen, Mr, 8-10-1879, aged 59
Bate, Richard Granville, 29-11-1948, aged 44
Bell, James, October 1935, aged 69
Bengston, Lars, 26-8-1920
Berthelsen, Jens Peter, 13-5-1915, aged 61
Berthelsen, Rasmine Eline, 27-8-1932, aged 73
Bundersen, Peter P, 9-1-1915
Carlson, A.K., 23-10-1910, aged 58
Christiansen, Katherine Henrietta, 1-7-1931
Curtis, Anna Mary, 18-4-1942, aged 68
Curtis, James, 22-11-1924, aged 52
Deutschmann, Amalie, 29-9-1909, aged 69
Deutschmann, August C, 18-7-1921, aged 46
Deutschmann, Gottfried, 2-8-1926, aged 80
Hansen, Christian Tostensen, 10-5-1925, aged 81
Hansen, Matilda, 15-11-1883, aged 20mths
Jensen, Madeline, 24-7-1906, aged 57
Jorgensen, Catherine, 24-2-1909, aged 85
Jorgensen, Oluf, 1913, aged 87
Lindholdt, Hans Peter, 23-11-1920, aged 79
Lindholdt, Maria, 30-8-1896, aged 43
Lowe, Anna Christina, 4-9-1905, aged 88
Lowe, Hans Andreas, 9-7-1905, aged 83
Moes, Christian P, 28-6-1924, aged 88
Moes, Kjerston P, 12-10-1927, aged 90
Pedersen, Anna Margretha, 10-6-1966, aged 74
Rasmussen, Jacob, 8-11-1912, aged 58
Rasmussen, K. M., 7-11-1935, aged 67
Rasmussen, P., 10-6-1917, aged 29
Sanders, Allan, 20-8-1937, aged 53
Sanders, Isabella, 16-6-1944
Taylor, Bertha B.F., 26-1-1960, aged 79
Taylor, William Henry, 27-8-1942, aged 64
Tench, John, 27-8-1931, aged 79
Tench, Mary, 16-1-1927, aged 72
Tweed, Elizabeth Jane, 29-3-1935, aged 64
Wood, Robert, 4-3-1931
Wright, Eliza, 13-3-1934
Wright, George W, 18-11-1934
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