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Upper Coomera Cemetery
Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Saville Rd, Upper Coomera
Queensland, Australia

Submitted by Judy Dickson, Aug 28, 2006 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 183.

If you are coming from Brisbane, take Exit 54 (Dreamworld Exit) from the Pacific Motorway and follow the signs to Upper Coomera via Abraham Rd. Turn right into Reserve Rd and follow this around until you turn right into Stephens St. Follow this street around until you see the cemetery sign.

When I visited it was in a well presented and well maintained condition. A small number of inscriptions were worn away totally or partially. Some older graves had missing headstones.

The responsible Council is the Gold Coast City Council. For further information on the cemetery or burials you can contact them by phone from within Australia: 07 55816640 or from Overseas: +61 7 55816640.

When I visited and transcribed this cemetery in July 2006, which includes all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Judy Dickson

Cemetery Records

??, Ruby Mary, d. ??, aged 2yrs, child of David ?? (possibly Ruby Mary Watt who died 6 Jul 1897)
Acton, Alfred Harold, d. 3 Jan 1977, aged 88yrs, h/o Annis Acton
Acton, Alfred John, d. 26 Jul 1974, aged 44yrs, s/o Annis and Alfred Harold Acton
Acton, Annis Matilda, d. 6 Oct 1951, aged 57yrs
Austin, Patrick, d. 5 Jun 1917, aged 78yrs, s/w William Austin (brother)
Austin, William, d. 26 May 1921, aged 84 yrs, s/w Patrick Austin (brother)
B??, H.G., b. 1930, d. 1990, aged 59yrs
Baumann, Charles Francis, d. 27 Nov 1982, aged 66yrs
Bignell, Alfred Thomas, d. 7 Jan 1930, aged 61yrs, s/w Amy Alice Bignell (wife)
Bignell, Amy Alice, d. 17 Nov 1960, aged 85yrs, s/w Alfred Thomas Bignell
Bignell, Doris Muriel, d. 14 Nov 1948, aged 35yrs, w/o W.J. Bignall and mother of Brian
Bignell, G. K., d. 4 Nov 1993, aged 83yrs, QX721 Private
Bignell, James, d. 10 Mar 1917, aged 84yrs
Bignell, Mary Ann, d. 28 Jun 1933, aged 90yrs, s/w Samuel Bignell (husband) and Sydney Kingston Bignell (son)
Bignell, Rebecca A., d. 22 Aug 1961, aged ? 91 yrs, s/w Samuel Bignell (husband), and sons Sidney and Walter. (difficult to decipher)
Bignell, Samuel, d. 14 Sep 1898, aged 60yrs, s/w Mary Ann Bignell (wife) and Sydney Kingston Bignell
Bignell, Samuel, d. 29 Mar 1949, aged 84yrs, s/w Rebecca Bignall and sons Walter and Sidney (difficult to decipher)
Bignell, Sidney, d. 8 Oct 1943 Borneo, QX21930, s/w Samuel and Rebecca James Bignell and Sidney Bignell (difficult to decipher)
Bignell, Sydney Kingston, d. 10 Apr 1918, aged 25yrs, killed in action in France
Bignell, Walter, d. 9 Aug 1941, killed in action, ?? Tobruk, s/w Samuel and Rebecca James Bignell and Sidney Bignell (difficult to decipher)
Binstead, Annie, d. 18 Jul 1930, aged 87yrs, s/w William Binstead (husband)
Binstead, Aris, d. 4 Jul 1968, aged 69yrs, s/w Thomas Charles Binstead (husband)
Binstead, Arthur, d. 1 Oct 1926, aged 79yrs, s/w Harriet Ann Binstead
Binstead, Harriet Ann, d. 24 Jul 1927, aged 73 yrs, s/w Arthur Binstead
Binstead, Mary, d. 10 Nov 1894, aged 66yrs, s/w William Binstead (husband)
Binstead, Thomas Charles, d. 12 Oct 1952, aged 59yrs, s/w Aris Binstead (wife)
Binstead, William, d. 23 Jul 1903, aged 82yrs, s/w Mary Binstead (wife)
Binstead, William, d. 31 Jan 1920, aged 79yrs, s/w Annie Binstead (wife)
Bird, ? Mary, d. 8 Dec 1926, aged 30yrs, s/w J.T. Bird
Bird, Annie, b. 27 Jan 1886, d. 13 May 1963, aged 77yrs 4mths, s/w Frank Bird
Bird, Elenor A.C., d. 22 Oct 1947, aged 85yrs, s/w Jesse Bird (husband)
Bird, Elizabeth, d. 14 Apr 1965, aged 71yrs, s/w Roland C. Bird (husband)
Bird, Frank, b. 28 Nov 1879, d. 11 Jul 1963, aged 83yrs 8 mths
Bird, J. T, d. 17 Aug 1967, aged 77yrs, s/w ? Mary Bird
Bird, Jesse, d. 6 Jun 1919, aged 69yrs, s/w Elenor A.C.Bird (wife)
Bird, Roland C., d. 15 Mar 1959, aged 76yrs, s/w Elizabeth Bird (wife)
Bird, Sarah Grace, b. 30 Aug 1989, d. 1 Sep 1991, aged 2 yrs
Bird, William Bertram, d. 6 May 1932, aged 47yrs, h/o Mary Elizabeth Bird
Birley, Frances Sarah, d. 24 Aug 1890, aged 36yrs, w/o Septimus Birley, s/w John Shepherd Birley (son)
Birley, John Shepherd, d. 11 Feb 1892, aged 9yrs, youngest s/o Frances and Septimus Birley, s/w Frances Sarah Birley (mother)
Bowditch, Matthew John, 6 Feb 1990, (plaque on grave of Matthew John Williams)
Bryant, Benjamin Freeman, b. 25 Aug 1982, d. 16 May 2004, aged 21yrs, s/w Margaret Joy Freeman
Campbell, Sarah, d. 19 May 1911, aged 48yrs
Cumming, Bernard George, b. 1938, d. 1996
Currey, Alice Isobel, d. 13 Apr 1982, aged 82yrs, next to Robert Walter Currey
Currey, Isabella, d. 20 Jun 1959, aged 86yrs, s/w Robert Currey
Currey, Robert Walter, d. 7 Nov 1993, aged 96yrs, QX2284 1st AIF, next to Alice Isobel Currey
Currey, Robert, d. 6 Dec 1948, aged 81yrs, s/w Isabella Currey
Faulkner, Pearl, d. 14 Aug 1976, aged 63yrs
Ferricks, Vincent, d. 8 Sep 1967, aged 69yrs
Filip, Jozef, b. 9 Dec 1934, d. 27 Oct 1991
Flynn, Mary, d. 6 Aug 1915, aged 88yrs, m/o Catherine Hession, s/w Thomas Henry Hession
Freeman, Margaret Joy, b. 26 Oct 1926, d. 31 Dec 2000, aged 74yrs
Gannon, Ellen, d. 16 Nov 1938, aged 81yrs, s/w John Gannon (husband)
Gannon, Emma, d. 15 Mar 1970, aged 86yrs, s/w Henry Gannon
Gannon, Henry, d. 12 Mar 1929, aged 48yrs, s/w Emma Gannon
Gannon, John, d. 27 Aug 1894, aged 43yrs, s/w Ellen Gannon
Garrard, Jessie, d. 17 Sep 1958, aged 59yrs, w/o C.E Garrard
Gash, Jude Dorothy Pauline, b. 28 Sep 1934, d. 8 Sep 2000
Gilpin, Mary Jane, d. 11 Apr 1915, aged 71yrs, s/w William Gilpin (husband)
Gilpin, William, d. 16 Jul 1923, aged 83yrs, s/w Mary Jane Gilpin (wife)
Gray, Isaac, d. 1904, "accidentally drowned"
Hampson, Thomas Sidney Lee, b. 23 May 1927 in Eidsvold, d. 13 Jul 1998
Hardgraves, Catherine Isabella, d. 26 Mar 1885, aged 4mths, d/o Richard and Mary Ann Hardgraves
Hardgraves, Leslie Oxenford, d. 16 Dec 1987, aged 82yrs
Harms, Barbara, d. 24 Sep 1935, aged 76yrs, s/w William Carl Harms
Harms, William Carl, d. 10 Jul 1948, aged 89yrs, s/w Barbara Harms
Hart, Annie, d. 15 Jun 1954, aged 81yrs, s/w John Francis Hart
Hart, John Francis, d. 12 May 1951, aged 78yrs, s/w Annie Hart
Hart, John Michael, d. 19 Mar 1962, aged 51yrs
Hart, Lorna Edith, d. 15 May 1995, aged 95yrs, s/w William Francis Hart
Hart, Mary, d. 18 Sep 1893, aged 50yrs, s/w Michael Hart (husband)
Hart, Michael, d. 7 Nov 1921, aged 77yrs, s/w Mary Hart
Hart, William Francis, d. 22 Dec 1971, aged 70yrs, s/w Lorna Edith Hart
Hellyer, Harry Raymond, b. 5 May 1924, d. 5 Jan 1993, s/w Marjorie Mary Hellyer
Hellyer, Marjorie Mary, b. 4 Aug 1925, d. 9 Jul 2002, s/w Harry Raymond Hellyer
Hession, John, d. 12 Jan 1943, aged 85yrs
Hession, Thomas, d. 7 Aug 1915, aged 55yrs, h/o Catherine Hession, s/w Mary Flynn
Hollindale, Daisy (Binstead), b. 7 Mar 1890, d. 4 Dec 1977, s/w William Henry Hollindale (husband)
Hollindale, Troy William, b. 18 Jan 1914, d. 24 Mar 1987
Hollindale, William Henry, d. 4 Jan 1934, aged 56yrs, s/w Daisy Hollindale (wife)
Howard, Alice Maud, d. 6 Oct 1890, aged 22yrs, "drowned in the Coomera River", s/w Maria Howard (mother), John W.C. Howard (father) and Robert Howard
Howard, Charles H., d. 16 Aug 1941, aged 69yrs, s/w Harriet Howard (wife)
Howard, Harriet, d. 22 Nov 1953, aged 75yrs, s/w Charles H. Howard
Howard, John W. C., d. 15 Feb 1908, aged 77yrs, s/w Maria Howard, Alice Maud Howard and Robert Howard.
Howard, Maria (Binstead), d. 7 Feb 1899, aged 55yrs, s/w John W.C. Howard (husband),Alice Maud Howard (daughter) and Robert Howard
Howard, Robert, d. 8 Aug 1915, aged 39yrs, killed in action, "who died for King and Country", s/w Maria and John W. C. Howard and Alice Maud Howard
Jackson, Rex Raynor, d. 21 Mar 1988, aged 66yrs
Keath, Geoffrey Darrall, b. 7 Feb 1952, d. 26 Sep 2004
Kelly, Eileen Mary, d. 29 Nov 1992, aged 77yrs
Kropp, Charlotte, d. 4 Dec 1914, aged 36yrs
Lane, Anne Elizabeth, b. 4 Apr 1876, d. 17 May 1966, aged 90yrs
Lane, Eliza, b. 11 Nov 1833, d. 1 Apr 1912, aged 78yrs, w/o Soloman Lane
Lane, Esther Dorothy (Dor), b. 22 Jul 1907, d. 6 Aug 1957, aged 50yrs
Lane, Soloman, b. 22 Dec 1834, d. 29 Mar 1907, aged 72yrs, "a stalwart pioneer of Wonga Wallen"
Lane, William Hellier, b. 5 Oct 1868, d. 13 Apr 1958, aged 89yrs
Levey, Walter, d. 17 Sep 1928, h/o Ada Levey
Macklan, Kenneth James, b. 25 Jun 1923, d. 4 Mar 1983, "husband and father"
Mathewson, Effie Nerida, b. 22 Apr 1884, d. 5 Sep 1968, s/w William Mathewson
Mathewson, John (Junr), d. 24 Sep 1910, aged 42yrs, "accidentally killed"
Mathewson, John (Senr), d. 7 Mar 1915, aged 73yrs, s/w Mary Mathewson (wife)
Mathewson, Mary, d. 6 Sep 1916, aged 72yrs, s/w John Mathewson (husband)
Mathewson, Matthew Thomas, b. 7 Aug 1874, d. 9 Feb 1956
Mathewson, William John Matthew, b. 19 Mar 1920, d. 22 Aug 1952
Mathewson, William, b. 7 Mar 1873, d. 7 May 1956, s/w Effie Nerida Mathewson
Mayer, Maria Magdelena, b. 31 Mar 1909, d. 27 Apr 1991
Mayer, Wilfred Peter, b. 18 Aug 1921, d. 17 Mar 1999
McMahon-Flanagan, Seth Lucas, no dates (child's grave)
McMillan, Doris Pearl, d. 12 Mar 1978, aged 68yrs, s/w Leslie James McMillan
McMillan, Leslie James, d. 24 Mar 1968, aged 71yrs, s/w Doris Pearl McMillan
Moran, Ann, d. 5 Feb 1905, aged 73yrs, "our dear mother"
Murray, Eileen, d. 28 Jun 1973, aged 76yrs
Murray, Margaret, d. 9 Dec 1935, aged 74yrs, s/w Michael Murray (husband)
Murray, Michael, d. 9 Jul 1911, aged 82yrs, s/w Margaret Murray (wife)
Murray, Patrick Thomas, d. 25 Jul 1974, aged 86yrs
Mynors, Audley Baskerville, d. 8 Dec 1892, aged 51yrs, "accidentally drowned in the Coomera River", son of the late Robert Baskerville Mynors of Evancoyd Radnorshire and of Ellen Gray Higgins
Pagel, Margaret, d. 13 Dec 1994, aged 82yrs
Pawski, Edmund B., b. 18 Apr 1916, d. 10 May 1999
Pettifer, George, d. 13 Sep 1927, aged 32yrs, s/w Ivan Pettifer (brother)
Pettifer, George, d. 5 Aug 1912, aged 46yrs, s/w John and Lawrence Pettifer (sons)
Pettifer, Ivan, d. 7 Sep 1928, aged 17 yrs, s/w George Pettifer (brother)
Pettifer, John, d. aged 14yrs, s/w George Pettifer (father) and Lawrence Pettifer (brother)
Pettifer, Lawrence, d. aged 4yrs, s/w John Pettifer (brother) and George Pettifer (father)
Pickering, Carmel Margaret, b. 11 Mar 1942, d. 28 Aug 1999
Pigott, Florence May (Dowden), b. 15 Feb 1898, d. 21 Sep 1996, aged 98yrs
Rubeck, Marjorie Jean, d. 3 Feb 1945, aged 27yrs
Sheehan, Bridget, d. 19 Jan 1963, aged 75yrs, s/w William Sheehan
Sheehan, James Francis, d. 23 Aug 1970, aged 74yrs
Sheehan, John Joseph, d. 12 Nov 193? (Probably 1935), aged 58yrs
Sheehan, John Joseph, d. 2 Sep 1973, aged 63yrs
Sheehan, Katherine Carvin, d. 30 Mar 1944, aged 75yrs
Sheehan, Mary, d. 16 May 1953, aged 52yrs
Sheehan, William, d. 18 May 1944, aged 58yrs, s/w Bridget Sheehan
Sieverts, Colin Johannes, b. 1944, d. 2004
Siganto, Amelia Josephine, d. 28 Feb 1962, aged 64yrs, s/w William Alexander Siganto
Siganto, Colin Lewis, d. 20 Dec 1937, aged 28yrs
Siganto, Dion Noel, d. 23 Oct 1987, aged 43 yrs, "beloved only child of Jesse and Muriel Siganto – Dec'd "
Siganto, Elizabeth Fanny, d. 19 Mar 1928, aged 69yrs, s/w John Siganto
Siganto, Jesse Walter, d. 3 Jan 1949, aged 71yrs, s/w Sarah Siganto
Siganto, John Nicholas, d. 8 Jan 1958, s/w Olive Beatrice Siganto
Siganto, John Walter, d. 22 Mar 1977, aged 71yrs, s/w Mabel Ellen Siganto
Siganto, John, d. 30 Sep 1933, aged 81 yrs, s/w Elizabeth Fanny Siganto
Siganto, Leslie, d. 1 Apr 1939, (baby), s/w Sarah Louise (Sadie) Siganto
Siganto, Mabel Ellen, d. 26 Dec 1992, aged 82yrs, s/w John Walter Siganto
Siganto, Olive Beatrice, d. 8 Feb 1980, s/w John Nicholas Siganto
Siganto, Robert Charles, d. 21 Nov 1952, aged 55yrs
Siganto, Sarah Louise (Sadie), d. 4 Apr 1939, aged 42yrs, s/w Leslie Siganto
Siganto, Sarah, d. 16 May 1950, aged 67yrs, s/w Jesse Walter Siganto
Siganto, Thelma Louise, d. 3 Apr 1940, aged 20yrs
Siganto, William Alexander, d. 11 Dec 1960, aged 69yrs, s/w Amelia Josephine Siganto
Sim, Pamela (Doris) Joy, b. 29 Sep 1959, d. 25 Feb 2005
Smith, Catherine, d. 28 Feb 1918, aged 76yrs, s/w James Smith (husband) and Elizabeth Smith (daughter)
Smith, Dudley Newburn, d. 17 Jun 1976, aged 63yrs, h/o Cecil May Smith (deceased)
Smith, Elizabeth Margaret, d. 13 Jun 1962, aged 63yrs, s/w William Smith
Smith, Elizabeth, d. 4 Sep 1888, aged 11yrs, s/w James and Catherine Smith (parents)
Smith, James, d. 4 Feb 1892, aged 59yrs, s/w Catherine Smith (wife) and Elizabeth Smith (daughter)
Smith, Kathleen Evelyn, d. 7 Jul 2004, aged 79yrs, w/o Russell Smith
Smith, Kevin William Newburn, d. 16 Jan 2002, aged 84yrs
Smith, Russell Francis, d. 11 Jun 2002, aged 83yrs
Smith, William, d. 13 Jun 1951, aged 74yrs, s/w Elizabeth Margaret Smith
Sneddon, Alfred, d. 27 May 1986, aged 72yrs
Stanfield, Sarah, d. 16 May 1929, aged 83yrs
Strongman, James Havelock, b. 15 Sep 1923 at Auckland New Zealand, d. 27 Aug 2005 at Robina, 615630 Sgt. A. Troop 31st Bty, 7th A/Tk Regt 2 N.Z.E.F., s/w Shirley Dolores Strongman, photo on grave
Strongman, Shirley Dolores (Holden), b. 20 Aug 1925 at Auckland New Zealand, d. 18 Mar 2003 at Brisbane, s/w James Havelock Strongman, photo on grave
Thomson, Joan Alice (Hardgraves), b. 19 Mar 1936, d. 7 Jan 2003, married 25 Jun 1960
Wade-Cooper, Kenneth Hambling, d. 2 Mar 2003, aged 74yrs
Wade-Cooper, Sarah Ellen (Ruffles), b. 17 Nov 1894, d. 22 Oct 1964
Wade-Cooper, Arthur Hamilton, b. 26 Aug 1898, d. 5 Oct 1967
Walker, Emily, no dates, s/w Samuel Walker, "our dear parents"
Walker, Frederick George, d. 21 Mar 1922, aged 82yrs, s/w Mary Stuart Douglas Walker
Walker, Margaret Ellen, d. 25 May 1927, aged 54yrs, w/o G.R.Walker and mother of Stuart
Walker, Mary Stuart Douglas, d. 8 Feb 1922, aged 74yrs, s/w Frederick George Walker
Walker, Samuel, no dates, s/w Emily Walker, "our dear parents"
Watson, Bert Clifford, b. 22 Oct 1928, d. 27 Oct 1998
Watt, Kathleen Mary, d. 2 Aug 1916, aged 11yrs and 7mths, "accidentally killed" , d/o Mary Ann Watt and John Stevenson Watt
Welsh, Alfred, d. 18 May 1970, aged 78yrs, s/w Violet May Welsh
Welsh, Annie Edgar, d. 18 Feb 1935, aged 70yrs, s/w John Welsh (husband)
Welsh, John, d. 2 Feb 1955, aged 93yrs, s/w Annie Edgar Welsh (wife)
Welsh, Violet May (Dell), d. 6 Mar 1986, aged 92yrs, s/w Alfred Welsh
Williams, Henry Benjamin, d. 5 Feb 1897, aged 49yrs
Williams, Matthew John, b. 6 Feb 1990, d. 8 Oct 1998, (NB also plaque on this grave to Matthew John Bowditch)
Young, George Cameron, d. 12 Nov 1975, next to Mary Rebecca Young
Young, Mary Rebecca "Billie", d. 11 Aug 1972, aged 72yrs, next to George Cameron Young

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