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Pimpama Island Cemetery
Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Behms Road, Jacob's Well, Queensland

This historic cemetery is still in use, broadly serving the area between the Pimpama River and the Logan River, which was once known as 'Pimpama Island'. Ash interments in the columbarium wall are indicated by (Col).

The cemetery is managed and maintained by the Pimpama Island Trust. Enquires should be directed to the Caretaker at 07-38073859.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jan 26, 2007. Total records = 82.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Bahrs, David, d. 14 Dec 1986, aged 79yrs 5mths, (Col), [JD]
Bartlett, Ruth, d. 9 Jan 1980, aged 84yrs, (Col), [JD]
Bates, Dawn Marie, b. 15 Dec 1927, d. 10 Jan 1995, s/w Herbert Frederick Bates (Col), [JD]
Bates, Herbert Frederick, b. 15 Dec 1917, d. 4 Jun 1989, s/w Dawn Marie Bates (Col), [JD]
Billiau, Trevor John, d. 12 Dec 1990, aged 34yrs, (Col), [JD]
Boulton, Russell George, b. 26 Sep 1967, d. 17 Jan 2000, (Col), [JD]
Brandt, Emma Matilde B., gest 9 Sep 1922, aged 36yrs, [JD]
Bressow, Julie Anne, b. 9 May 1954, d. 29 Mar 1995, (Col), [JD]
Brumm, Carl, d. 17 Jul 1953, aged 78yrs, (Col), [JD]
Brumm, Charles, d. 26 Aug 2001, aged 88yrs, (Col), [JD]
Brumm, Jennifer Mavis, d. 15 Aug 1962, aged 16yrs, (Col), [JD]
Brumm, Louisa Wilhelmine, d. 27 Jun 1966, aged 80yrs, (Col), [JD]
Brumm, Ruby Ruth, d. 5 Aug 1971, aged 57yrs, (Col), [JD]
Caesar, Gordon, d. 19 Apr 1989, aged 59yrs, (Col), [JD]
Clarke, Warwick George, b. 5 Apr 1940, d. 10 Mar 1997, (Col), [JD]
Collin, Elizabeth, d. 7 Jul 1988, aged 87yrs, (Col), [JD]
Dalgliesh, Elizabeth Matilda, b. 7 Sep 1896, d. 30 Jul 1990, (Col), [JD]
Drescher, Albertine Friederike, d. 3 Jan 1987, aged 93 yrs, s/w Carl Drescher, (Col), [JD]
Drescher, Carl, d. 27 Apr 1965, aged 77yrs, s/w Albertine Friederike Drescher, (Col), [JD]
Drescher, Herbert Charles, d. 22 Feb 2004, aged 83yrs, (Col), [JD]
Ernest, Cecil Noel, b. 6 May 1922, d. 26 Feb 2000, (Col), [JD]
Ernst, Benjamin Adolph, d. 7 Jul 1968, aged 79yrs, s/w Minnie Martha Ernst (Col), [JD]
Ernst, Minnie Martha, d. 12 May 1974, aged 82yrs, s/w Benjamin Adolph Ernst (Col), [JD]
Fischer, Nancy May, d. 26 Mar 1984, aged 53yrs, (Col), [JD]
Genter, Ellen Ida (Miers), b. 22 Oct 1903, d. 3 Jul 2001, (Col), [JD]
Gross, Elsie Elenora, b. 5 Apr 1908, d. 3 May 1979, (Col), [JD]
Gross, Herbert Edward, b. 15 Mar 1903, d. 13 Sep 1975, h/o Elsie (Col), [JD]
Heck, Ernest Edward (Ernie), b. 23 Jan 1904, d. 1 Jan 1996, (Col), [JD]
Heck, Minnie, d. 19 Jan 1976, aged 73yrs, (Col), [JD]
Herbst, Daphne Joy, d. 20 Feb 1988, aged 55yrs, (Col), [JD]
Herbst, Edward, d. 15 Jun 1998, aged 92yrs, (Col), [JD]
Herbst, Gladys Violet, d. 18 Aug 1991, aged 85yrs, (Col), [JD]
Herbst, Terrence Edward, d. 21 May 2001, aged 67yrs, (Col), [JD]
Herman, Harvey Harden, d. 12 Mar 1977, aged 39yrs, (Col), [JD]
Hornberg, Gustav, b. 1912, d. 2003, (Col), [JD]
Huth, Peter David, d. 21 Mar 1987, aged 32yrs (Col), [JD]
Huth, Wilfred Maurice, d. 11 Jan 1993, aged 75yrs, (Col), [JD]
Jell, Alfred Victor, b. 26 Jan 1911, d. 4 Jul 1979, s/w Mavis Fanny Jell, (Col), [JD]
Jell, Mavis Fanny (Cullen), b. 20 Jan 1920, d. 29 Jan 1995, s/w Alfred Victor Jell, (Col), [JD]
Kleinschmidt, Herbert Leslie, d. 8 Jun 1998, aged 91yrs, (Col), [JD]
Kleinschmidt, John Frederick, d. 21 Feb 1990, aged 56yrs, (Col), [JD]
Kuhl, Ella, b. 26 Feb 1906, d. 14 Nov 1992, aged 86yrs, (Col), [JD]
Kuhl, Juanita, b. 24 Jun 1931, d. 28 Jun 1997, (Col), [JD]
Kuhl, Paul Herman Hans, b. 6 Oct 1899, d. 21 Aug 1982, aged 82yrs, (Col), [JD]
Langfeldt, Henry George, d. 27 Aug 1984, aged 79yrs, 11and a half mths, (Col), [JD]
Maas, Wilhelm Frederick, d. 20 Jan 1988, aged 78yrs 11mths, (Col), [JD]
Mellor, Harry, d. 10 Apr 1984, aged 68yrs, h/o Jean (Col), [JD]
Miers, Albert Wilhelm, d. 6 Mar 1975 (Col), [JD]
Olm, Percy, b. 6 Nov 1917, d. 1 Jul 1992, (Col), [JD]
Opperman, Alfred, b.13 Sep 1920, d. 22 Jan 2003, aged 82yrs 4mths, (photo), (Col), [JD]
Opperman, Lennard, b. 27 Oct 1902, d. 19 Mar 1985, (Col), [JD]
Pahlke, Johanna C., d. 5 Mar 1949, aged 91yrs, s/w Rudolf Pahlke (husband), [JD]
Pahlke, Rudolf, gest 14 Sep 1924, aged 71yrs, s/w Johanna C. Pahlke (wife), [JD]
Riesenweber, Laurence, b. 5 Dec 1910, d. 19 Jul 2000, (Col), [JD]
Russell, Albert (Mick), d. 25 Mar 1988, aged 74yrs 11 mths, (Col), [JD]
Shurte, James Wesley, b. 26 Mar 1920, d. 15 Oct 1997, "US Marine Corp", (Col), [JD]
Silver, Lona Elizabeth, b. 7 Jul 1924, d. 6 Nov 1996, s/w Scholast Standly Silver (husband), (Col), [JD]
Silver, Scholast Stanley, b. 27 Jun 1925, d. 23 Apr 2000, s/w Lona Elizabeth Silver (wife), (Col), [JD]
Spann, Evelyn Dorothy (Ernst), b. 13 Feb 1919, d. 7 Jun 2001, (Col), [JD]
Spann, Leslie, b. 19 Feb 1912, d. 2 May 1997, s/w Evelyn Dorothy Spann (Col), [JD]
Starkey, Walter Samuel, d. 19 Feb 1971, aged 81yrs, (Col), [JD]
Stewart, Karyn Margaret, d. 10 Dec 1990, aged 28yrs, (Col), [JD]
Thomson, Jean Gloria, d. 22 Feb 2005, aged 75yrs, (Col), [JD]
Thomson, Keven, d. 30 May 2000, aged 68yrs, (Col), [JD]
Wilton, Daisy Weymouth, b. 1915, d. 1999, s/w William Wilton (husband), (Col), [JD]
Wilton, William, b. 1902, d. 1978, s/w Daisy Weymouth Wilton (wife), (Col), [JD]
Wohlsen, Albert Henry, b. 1908, d. 1979, s/w Olga Wohlsen (wife), (Col), [JD]
Wohlsen, George Edward, d. 3 Aug 1979, aged 65yrs, s/w Ruth Wohlsen (Col), [JD]
Wohlsen, Olga, b. 1919, d. 2000, s/w Albert Henry Wohlsen, (Col), [JD]
Wohlsen, Ruth, d. 19 Mar 2001, aged 78yrs, s/w George Edward Wohlsen (Col), [JD]
Wolff, Arthur Harold, d. 5 Dec 1983, aged 35yrs, (Col), [JD]
Wonders, Helena Maria (Miers), b. 23 Sep 1890, d. 7 Mar 1989, (Col), [JD]
Zipf, Barbetha, d. 8 Mar 1928, aged 63yrs, s/w Johannes Georg Zipf (husband), "monument erected by their 10 sons", [JD]
Zipf, Ernst T., d. 24 Feb 1954, aged 58yrs, s/w Ida Zipf (wife), [JD]
Zipf, Gustav Herman, d. 25 Mar 1974, aged 84yrs, s/w Helena Zipf, [JD]
Zipf, Helena, d. 1 Mar 1954, aged 54yrs, s/w Gustav Herman Zipf, [JD]
Zipf, Ida (nee Marks), d. 14 Nov 1978, aged 78yrs, s/w Ernst T. Zipf, [JD]
Zipf, Johannes Georg, d. 23 Nov 1928, aged 72yrs, s/w Barbetha Zipf (wife), "monument erected by their 10 sons", [JD]
Zipf, Kevin, b. 16 Nov 1928, d. 12 Sep 1982, (Col), [JD]
Zipf, Reuben Victor, d. 4 Nov 1945, aged 42yrs, s/w Winifred Mona Zipf (wife), [JD]
Zipf, Shelley-Rae, b. 10 Oct 1952, d. 11 Feb 2000, (photo), (Col), [JD]
Zipf, Winifred Mona, d. 21 Mar 1993, aged 84yrs, s/w Reuben Victor Zipf (husband), [JD]

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