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Emu Creek Cemetery
Crows Nest Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Janice Nightingale, Jan 06, 2002, last edited Aug 25, 2011 [nightingalejanice@hotmail.com]. Total records = 52.

The cemetery is situated on the New England Highway between Crows Nest and Yarraman, from Crows Nest about 50k out of town, on the right. If you pass the Emu Creek Road you've gone too far!

The Emu Creek district was originally part of the Emu Creek Run held by the Archer brothers. As the leases expired the land was gradually offerred for closer settlement. Many former Emu Creek station hands selected land in the area in the 1890s. Their names are prominent in this index.I assume this cemetery is administerd by the Crows Nest Shire as you travel some distance further before you encounter a sign welcoming you to Rosalie Shire- but I could be wrong.

Future growth obviously far from exceeded expectation. The cemetery grounds are large with a group of graves in the centre, a group at the front right corner and another group right in the left back corner. Although the grass directly surrounding the graves was mowed the rest was not, the last time I was there.

This index encompasses all marked and decipherable graves as of Dec 2001.

- Janice Nightingale

Cemetery Records

Arndt, August Frederich, d. 8/7/1934, age: 65yr, husb of Augusta agnes Arndt
Arndt, Augusta Agnes, d. 27/11/1952, age: 84yr, wife of August Frederich Arndt
Arndt, Charles August, d. 7/9/1928, age: 22y 11m, My dear son and our brother
Breydon, John, d. 5/2/1932, age: 58yr, Husband of Ruby Breydon
Breydon, Ruby, d. 10/7/1968, age: 85yr, Wife of John Breydon
Briskey, Fredrich August Otto, d. 15/4/1899, age: 13y5m, beloved son of Otto and Mary Briskey
Castle, Charles, d. 8/8/1944, age: 79yr
Castle, Florence Isabel, b. 1905, d. 1941, (Florrie)
Castle, Frances Ada, d. 21/11/1971, age: 95yr
Dioth, Arthur, d. 11/12/1923, age: 1m
Doyle, Annie, d. 14/4/1939, age: 68yr
Doyle, Bernard Joseph, d. 18/9/1961, age: 60yr
Doyle, John Joseph, d. 27/1/1927, age: 56yr
Doyle, Lawrence, d. 1/4/1965, age: 62yr
Duff, Michael P, d. 3/3/1925, age: 6yr, My dear son
Emmert, Alwin, b. 10/10/1856, d. 7/5/1940, age:
Emmert, Emily, d. 31/7/1964, age: 88yr
Emmert, Heinrich, b. 25/9/1854,Zelasen, d. 21/2/1921, age: 66yr
Emmert, Henry W J, d. 25/3/1942, age: 58yr
Emmert, Otto W, d. 28/4/1938, age: 58yr
Genrich, Augusta Maria, d. 12/12/1961, age: 78yr, Wife of ???Genrich
Genrich, Carl, d. 7/8/1954, age: 73yr, Husband of Augusta Maria Genrich
Genrich, Gustav, d. 19/2/1943, age: 71yr, Husband of Julianna Genrich
Genrich, Julianna, d. 22/9/1959, age: 82yr, Wife of Gustav Genrich
Genrich, Mary, d. 14/10/1943, age: 95yr, Wife of Theodore Genrich
Genrich, Theodore, d. 12/12/1948, age: 72yr, (Ted) Husband of Mary Genrich
Graham, Henry, d. 25/5/1919, age: 81yr, Husband of Jane Graham
Graham, Jane, d. 4/3/1919, age: 82yr, Wife of Henry Graham
Graving, Alice, d. 24/6/1924, age: 48yr, Wife of August Graving
Graving, Arthur, d. 18/3/1905, age: 5m, Son of Alice And August Graving
Graving, August, d. 12/11/1947, age: 78yr, Husband of Alice Graving
Graving, Gennifer Gertrude, d. 30/10/1959, age: 19yr, Daughter of Guss and Lillie Graving
Kajewski, Julie, d. 4/10/1933, age: 94yr
McCall, Jane, d. 25/8/1945, age: 88yr
Moran, Hugh Thomas, d. 19/12/1951, age: 66yr
Morganstern, Doreen, d. 12/7/1937, age: 7yr
O'Connor, Bridget Margaret, d. 23/5/1966, age: 69yr, Our dear sister
O'Connor, Catherine, d. 14/12/1969, age: 69yr, Our dear sister
O'Connor, Con, d. 5/8/1922, age: 31yr, husband of Mary O'Connor
O'Connor, John Wilson, d. 10/11/1969, age: 80yr
O'Connor, Kathleen, d. 22/3/1979, age: 76y 11m
O'Connor, Mary, d. 12/11/1936, age: 79yr
Oscheidle, Jacob Albert, d. 22/3/1945, age: 45yr, Accidentally killed
Parton, Amelia, d. 13/6/1950, age: 80yr, Wife of George Parton
Parton, George, d. 24/1/1927, age: 65yr, Husband of Amelia Parton
Parton, Thomas, b. 1904, d. 1942
Perbin, Thomas, d. 3/1/, age: 80yr
Thies, Emelie, b. 20/1/1882,Toowoomba, d. 20/12/1915, age: 33yr, Beloved wife of W Thies
Trost, Alma Joyce, d. 14/7/1938, age: 25yr
Trost, Norman Wilhelm, d. 16/6/1922, age: 18yr, "Accidentally killed, Son of H and M Trost"
Vandersee, Justina, d. 4/3/1921, age: 79yr, wife of Wilhelm Vandersee
Vandersee, Wilhelm, d. 16/9/1932, age: 84yr, husband of Justina Vandersee

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